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  • Peter Finch Golf
    Peter Finch Golf

    Hey everyone, I just want to reinforce my deep felt gratitude to you for watching, subbing and liking this channel ❤️ I’m living the dream

    • Dom's Vibranium Bicep
      Dom's Vibranium Bicep

      Awesome setup.....a great picture would be if you could find the old Tom Morris hovering over the green everyone judging the putt!!!!

    • Kevin Rands
      Kevin Rands

      Thank you for your content over the lock down period , really has made me smile .

    • Charles River Survival
      Charles River Survival


    • Joe Stuart
      Joe Stuart

      Great golf man cave Peter, wish I was there to enjoy the benefits. Top 3 drivers, 1 Taylormade sim2. 2 Callaway Epic LS. 3 Cobra King Radspeed. Be a close thing depending on the shaft in each suiting you.

    • Camilo Gonzalez
      Camilo Gonzalez

      Thank you!!! I watched a video about chipping around 2 weeks ago (the one about keeping the "Y" through the swing), and that took 5 shots off my score. So It is me who is sincerely thanking you.

  • Andrew Mohr
    Andrew Mohr

    Can you post links for the hitting mat and turf?

  • cjcrook1


  • AndeC06

    Unreal all that man so cool!

  • M A
    M A

    THAT set up is Brilliantly COOL...That is an epic "Hold my pint and watch this" ...Is that space on your home property or is it something that you are leasing? Artwork...hmm a picture of the 3 stooges playing golf...brilliant

  • Luke Vandenberg
    Luke Vandenberg

    A little late to the party, but new subscriber. Checked out this video. This room right here is my version of a dream room....I love this set up!

  • Nicholas Haynes
    Nicholas Haynes

    Pete, what was that tune you put on the Bushnell Wingman speaker?? I liked it :)

  • Dan Golf
    Dan Golf

    Utter class Pete! I have put a clause in with the wife that the next time we move house I need a sim room like yours! Think she will go for it? 🤣 btw the noodle area is a fantastic piece of work 👌👌👌👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Well done you 👍

  • Christopher Bridge
    Christopher Bridge

    For the empty wall space....a picture of Rick

  • David Grieshaber
    David Grieshaber

    Thanks for all of the awesome videos! What hitting mat are you using in your Simulator? Thanks

  • Caleb Kilbreath
    Caleb Kilbreath

    A picture of the Swilcan Bridge with the Royal & Ancient clubhouse in the background

  • Tom Mason
    Tom Mason

    Longest drivers will be Taylormade SIM2, Callaway, and Cobra

  • C Davies
    C Davies

    Did you just have this space at home? Great looking area with the old brickwork and sills..very nice indeed 👍🏻

  • Frank Pieterse
    Frank Pieterse

    Hi Peter I'm working on a golfsimulator in my office space as well. I'm also using a GC Quad. How far is your tee from the screen, it looks like 1.5m?

  • chunky_nath

    instead of art work ... why not use it as a picture wall , anytime you have a guest turn up .. get a stupid/silly pic of them

  • maxxsee

    steven hawkings=fraud. don't trust nasa absolute bullshitters

  • Blake Sweeney
    Blake Sweeney

    I'm jealous. Nice setup man.

  • Kyle Ferguson
    Kyle Ferguson

    The triumphant arms in the air at @2:26 when the screen works get's me every time!

  • Otto Hofvergård
    Otto Hofvergård

    Wow mate what an Studio, always have been a dream too have a room like this when i get older.

  • Peter Mclennan
    Peter Mclennan

    That spot Needs like a small history of golf gear up on the wall

  • Josh Leverette
    Josh Leverette


  • Johan Backman
    Johan Backman

    For the artwork a huge photo of Tiger .

  • Liam stark
    Liam stark

    Looks amazing Pete congrats bro

  • Joe

    tiger irons on the wall? Online march vs rick?

  • Landon Marr
    Landon Marr

    You need some golf memorabilia on the walls other than that it is a great golf studio congrats!

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

    The cheerful anger chronically deserve because dungeon expectedly bare at a puzzled morning. plastic, godly custard

  • Albert Leopoldi- Nichols
    Albert Leopoldi- Nichols

    I think SIM2 in number one, Cobra number two, and TSI 2 or 3????

  • Colten’s cars
    Colten’s cars

    Sim2 sim m6

  • William Simmons
    William Simmons

    Or John Daly smoking a cigar, that’d be pretty rad too.

  • William Simmons
    William Simmons

    That open spot for the picture needs to be a cartoon drawing/picture of yourself on the course, or your logo

  • Arden Louchheim
    Arden Louchheim

    Amen Corner artwork

  • Simon Bailey
    Simon Bailey

    all that is missing is Ben Hogan 2 iron at Meridien , the greatest golf the studio. not long now chances are on the 29th it will rain all day lol

  • Jaycob Do
    Jaycob Do


  • John Detor
    John Detor

    What a great setup Pete! I look forward to all the future videos!

  • J0ller

    It's great to see your progress Pete! You deserve all the success for all the hard work you've done for the past years. Love your content and keep up the great work!

  • Will MacLellan
    Will MacLellan

    It’s not a studio it’s heaven and paradise combined hahah

  • Stephen Booth
    Stephen Booth

    You should have a golf memorabilia wall up there

  • Duncan Donuts
    Duncan Donuts

    Put up tiger holding the 2000 pga championship trophy or smth like that

  • Clueless

    This s absolutely insane

  • Joseph Torchia
    Joseph Torchia

    That spot needs either a portrait painting of Murphy wearing an old school golf hat, or a shrine to your swing crush Alex Noren.

  • Theresa NM
    Theresa NM

    A decal of your Peter Finch logo on the wall would be a tasty addition to your studio! 👍🏼

  • David Hickey
    David Hickey

    strong flex on Rick's setup

  • Mac Sultani
    Mac Sultani

    Awsome 👍👍 wot did you think of the net series Pete ?

  • David Hawkins
    David Hawkins

    Love your channel Pete

  • Adam Turnbull
    Adam Turnbull

    Pete, get some nets hung on the spare wall and let’s see a flop shot type of challenge with guests?? Loving the studio, especially the noodle shelf haha

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz

    Alcove... reminded me of In Bruges. Fantastic movie.

  • Bradley Phelps
    Bradley Phelps

    Hogan 1 iron on the wall for art work

  • Michael Peach
    Michael Peach

    That is one awesome golf/man cave. Definitely jealous, just start building my man cave so got some ideas now , Thanks Keep the Videos coming

  • Darren Smith
    Darren Smith

    Serious envy, what a fabulous space!! Could mess about in there all day long.

  • Jason Penley
    Jason Penley

    I can source you a signed TW Polo to put in a frame and toss up in that empty spot!

  • Philip Reeve
    Philip Reeve

    That space, picture of you and your dad at St. Andrews, it will be a happy space when things are not so good

  • Ian Crewe
    Ian Crewe

    Seve silhouette

  • Bryce Sparling
    Bryce Sparling

    Did I see a baseball glove on the shelf?

  • jared kaiser
    jared kaiser

    If I had this setup I would honestly never leave my house.

  • Alekap

    Woah! That looks amazing! Keep up the great work!

  • Mark Walker
    Mark Walker

    The "art space" should be a photo of Rick showing a putt lipping out 🤣

  • Adam Yasuda
    Adam Yasuda

    That spot needs the picture of Bryson after he hit that 370 drive

  • Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller

    Make the empty space a hole in board! Love the channel and thank you for all the helpful content! God bless

  • George Hong
    George Hong

    Power ranking top 3: 1. Epic Max LS 2. Cobra Rad 3. TM Sim2

  • Scott Renwick
    Scott Renwick

    Looks awesome, have fun and sort the snacks - couldn't even see a Bombay Bad Boy!!!

  • Vince McMahon
    Vince McMahon

    Happy for you Pete. You and Rick have each earned this new chapter. Love from the USA

  • Alex Melby
    Alex Melby

    The Jordan Spieth and Creation of Adam painting

  • Tanner Devlin
    Tanner Devlin

    Get a picture of your favorite golf hole!

  • J4MSEVU89

    Pete... I’m struggling to like this more than once! Awesome setup 😍

  • Michael Settle
    Michael Settle

    Definitely sorry not sorry.

  • Kyle Murray
    Kyle Murray

    The space for the art work..... a RS podcast logo 👌🏼

  • Spencer Bird
    Spencer Bird

    Portrait of Amen Corner @ Augusta on the Wall :)

  • Si Jones
    Si Jones

    A podcast as well?? Come on Pete, try and do something different to Rick! 😂😂😂

  • Si Jones
    Si Jones

    This channel is the same as Rick Shiels, only 6 months later. Rick must get so angry, like when your mates pick the same players you do in your Fantasy league.

  • otto hietanen
    otto hietanen

    great video!!! Jacob is the best editor! 1. sim2 2. epic 3. Tsi4 I think you should look into these!!!!

  • petra gazilova
    petra gazilova

    Down load photos of golf holes and print off or advertising of different brands merchandise would be a cheap option for your space

  • Bob Pegram
    Bob Pegram

    For the artwork: who is your favorite golfer - a painting? Either that or a painting of a great golf hole or golf course.

  • Bob Pegram
    Bob Pegram

    Number one distance driver: TaylorMade Sim Max.

  • David Garghan
    David Garghan

    Maybe get a collage of your top 5 favourite holes made and put up in that space on the wall??

  • Vikram Pitre
    Vikram Pitre

    Congrats ! So damn enjoyable viewing your videos. This is super useful, convincing my wife one room has to be my golf room🙈


    curious why you chose to go gcquad instead of the eye xo. Im gonna make the plunge soon but i feel like unikor has better stats

  • Trent Wettstain
    Trent Wettstain

    Fill that space with a simple piece of golf art, two old by drivers in an X formation, all you need is two conduit clamps mounted at the right angle, and the drivers would be interchangeable if you wanted, Then use a vinyl cutout of your logo inside!

  • Mark Kennedy
    Mark Kennedy

    The envy is real, what a set up! Great job

  • Hunt Kali
    Hunt Kali

    Callaway Epic Speed is amazing

  • Jeffrey Campbell
    Jeffrey Campbell

    Birds eye view of Augusta poster/painting for that space!

  • Juanma Álvarez
    Juanma Álvarez

    I love that "Top gear time ranking"!!!! haha Nice cave btw!

  • Max Caysey
    Max Caysey

    If I had that studio of yours, I would be a scratch player in 6 months... no doubt!

  • Flip da Whip
    Flip da Whip


  • ray oakes
    ray oakes

    me me me me me me!!!!

  • Usman Khan
    Usman Khan

    All it needs is some good bhangra music ....

  • jared kaiser
    jared kaiser

    Dude!! That is Living the dream!!!

  • dave martin
    dave martin

    hi Pete, check out Michael Breed for his back drop.

  • Drew Lance
    Drew Lance

    How far from where you ball is to the wall behind you? I am building a sim in my backyard and have not gotten the guts up yet to start test swings near a post that will be at my back. Thanks!

  • awsedr122

    Congrats Pete!

  • Raimon Esteve
    Raimon Esteve

    Amazing..Congrats, Great Job!!!

  • Mitchell Baack
    Mitchell Baack

    A tiger fist bump picture up there would be prestine

  • Jacob McCain
    Jacob McCain

    I dream of one day having that laser putting setup.

  • Mike Norton
    Mike Norton

    Blank Space Idea: competition with Rick Shiels. Winner gets to fill the space with image-of-choice. Could be hilarious.

  • Caleb Knowlton
    Caleb Knowlton

    You are using a standard ball, switch it to premium ball on the software. You will get more spin.

  • Jonny Lister
    Jonny Lister

    Well done sir! 👍 Keep up the good work

  • Ryan Plessinger
    Ryan Plessinger

    How is Pete not the #1 golfer on youtube yet???

  • RevVx0

    Use the blank space for a collage of pictures and memories that keep you motivated to play and enjoy golf. A sweet reminder while we're in isolation.

  • Steve Gillard
    Steve Gillard

    I think in the space on your wall you should have a picture of the 'Big Three'. With them looking down on you, you'll never go wrong and you can always look up at the golfing gods :)

  • Clark Angevine
    Clark Angevine

    got a painter friend??use your blank space and have a caricature of all your guests added over time, you start in the center!

  • Jarrad Maxwell
    Jarrad Maxwell

    That one spot needs to be a picture of tiger with his celebration after the 2019 Masters win.

    • Snomeen

      @BarryDennen12 😂😂😐

    • BarryDennen12

      or his flipped over car, haha