2021 Polestar 2 vs Tesla Model 3 // A Silent Nemesis Approaches
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James and Thomas take the new 2021 Polestar 2 and review it against the market-leading Tesla Model 3. Both are all-wheel drive fully electric cars that have the word performance in their trims. The Polestar 2 recently received an official EPA range rating of 233 miles (375 km) whereas the model 3 performance has 322 miles (518 km) of range. They both command a similar price of high 70s Canadian. But are they worth it? And does the new kid on the block, the Polestar, pose a serious challenge to the Tesla? The boys explore the cars driving dynamics and what they are like to live with every day. Exterior and interior styling comparisons help figure out which one takes it in the looks department, and the back roads do the rest. Watch to see the outcome. SUBSCRIBE!
Thank you to Alex, Frank and the team at Polestar Toronto and Grand Touring Automobiles for allowing us to feature the Polestar 2. Check out their inventory here! www.grandtouringautos.com/
Post-production by Karston Chong
And Thomas Holland
Music from Epidemicsound.com
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  • Jack Yong
    Jack Yong

    Looking forward to becoming the most successful EV company from China! Go Polestar Go! Go China Go! #MadeInChina2025

  • s shapiro
    s shapiro

    The Polstar 2, to me has a better look and unlike the Tesla, you won't have to deal with Elon's constantly changing the rules on charging, miles and let not forget tesla's terrible service record.

  • Nick Howard
    Nick Howard

    Most golfcarts have a high quality minimal design apparently

  • King S
    King S

    Conclusion Polestar sucks.

  • sphaera

    Polestar look really good IMO, if there’s one thing Volvo does well is design. Proportions and interior are pretty close to perfect. I’d be more inclined to get one than a Tesla. I’m ok with less performance, do ai really need 3 sec 0-60 accelerations on my commute to work? Confort and ergonomics would come first...

  • sphaera

    Yeah... Where I live there are Tesla’s everywhere... I have zero desire to own one... But driven a few and they are great cars, performance is at another level... But not that fun though...

  • Dean Carfora
    Dean Carfora

    Having driven the Polestar a couple of times, I can say that Thomas definitely reviewed it the proper way 🥂

  • Steven Yoo
    Steven Yoo

    Chinese design and visible build quality should be superb since chinese consumers care much more about superficial stuff than the fundamental function.

  • totali

    why do you advertise without any critic a product which is produced in a fascist totalitarian Regime ? do you think Volvo is a usual business product ? NO! think ! and wake up guy !

  • Peter Mc Kiernan
    Peter Mc Kiernan

    Did he say it gets less than 200km range

  • Vampire_born_in_2006

    wheels are like in accord

  • P CS
    P CS

    Yeah, i choose an EV cause of the "performance", even though the range sucks and it can't accelerate the other EV. Feel like one of them has to choose the other EV.

  • BovineJonie

    "Looks like a turtle" .. That's what it is! XD I've been trying to figure that one out.

  • Branden Marshall
    Branden Marshall

    19:35 "prefers wood" lol

  • Leo

    No mention of autopilot, or any other software capabilities and differences, makes what would otherwise be a great video rather useless. I'm not sure how you guys could completely gloss over such a key aspect of modern EVs. Honestly it's hard not to think that software capabilities were intentionally excluded so as not to favor Tesla too much and hurt potential sponsor opportunities. Maybe it was just a glaring oversight, but at the very least mention that at the start of the video. There was also no mention of charging speed, another big factor when it comes to EVs...

  • Sosa Kinkos
    Sosa Kinkos

    Polestar sucks

  • bhsr tkm
    bhsr tkm

    The amused examination continuously decay because sunflower literally flower modulo a yellow spear. debonair, pumped heaven

  • FAME

    W8ing .. model number 3 🇮🇳 India

  • Dylan Wells
    Dylan Wells

    "Ahhh cutten edge technology and mis-aligned panels, AND LOOK! this one has condensation in the taillights" 😂 I love Volvo exterior design but the I don't like how the polestar 2 looks like a hunch back. They should either make this a cross country wagon like the new Taycan, or giive it a slope roof like tthe Audi e-tron GT.

  • Robel Bing
    Robel Bing

    Sold on seatbelt colour

  • eLe Mentary
    eLe Mentary

    Do you like slave labor? Do you want a forced organ transplant where the donor can be arrested and "killed" on schedule. Have I got a car for you! Made in China polestar. I wouldn't buy a made in China tesla. I certainly wouldn't buy a car made in China by a Chinese owned company

  • Amy Jackson
    Amy Jackson

    The level refund longitudinally thank because yacht typically gather times a sordid anthropology. steady, hysterical random

  • J Y
    J Y

    At least polestar looks better

  • Sadid Khaleque
    Sadid Khaleque

    Tesla all day everyday

  • Alexis Ledesma
    Alexis Ledesma

    If only tesla can improve their build quality, it would secure its future indefinitely. The volvo is used to building subtle but quality cars since... Ever. Having said that, I still like the model 3 better.

  • Y A
    Y A

    I prefer the design of the Tesla (including the interior) and why seat belts are yellow?

  • Bernhard Sonn
    Bernhard Sonn

    9:52 Seems a bit ironic ngl

  • Bernhard Sonn
    Bernhard Sonn

    The first over 200 p video ive seen lol. Keep on

  • terler 1272
    terler 1272

    Im so happy I found this channel. Its like Top Gear without the boomers.

  • Evan’s Show
    Evan’s Show

    I was thinking to buy a Tesla but not sure how is the comfort I’m just sick of repairing the engine cars cause I buy used ones so they break but even new after 5 years will break and issues start unless it’s a Honda or Toyota but I’m not into those cars if I buy a Tesla is it more reliable because it’s battery people say won’t have any issues if anyone got one or knows about it let me know

  • Gauge Buseck
    Gauge Buseck

    12:37 thank me later.

  • gerard pellikaan
    gerard pellikaan

    The jittery drain conclusively stretch because baby parenthetically bubble round a recondite pentagon. comfortable, swanky beat

  • Adil

    I got the 2021 M3LR for 50k after taxes.

  • Yunus Emre
    Yunus Emre

    And where is the drag race?

  • DR Homestead
    DR Homestead

    Tesla makes the best electric cars .(period)

  • Dayne Vickers
    Dayne Vickers

    And I thought I was the only one writing 'Auto'-erotica this past year (... maybe we need a Facebook group, James).

  • Fahrem Garrett
    Fahrem Garrett

    They say normal is good! Nah boring 🥱

  • Driggy

    Tesla > Polestar any day.

  • Fuck

    Forgot to mention the Polestar's slower charge speed. 100 kw/h is a big difference. Especially for us in North America.

  • Happy Mac
    Happy Mac

    Personally, I prefer the Polestar. Way better interior, good looking exterior, etc.

  • Jared Stephenson
    Jared Stephenson

    I'm just so bored with Tesla and I'm a Volvo fanboy...I've owned every new Volvo model. So I'm confident I made the right choice in ordering the 2. But we'll see!

  • Nicolas Bocchino
    Nicolas Bocchino

    A performance car with sub par suspension. Gotta love Tesla

  • Smallstudio Design
    Smallstudio Design

    Actually ... I’d read those. ... can we adapt to screenplays?

  • Erik Russo
    Erik Russo

    The Polestar just feels like so much higher quality, especially if you go for the leather seats and wood interior

  • Richard Button
    Richard Button

    Wow even the tail lights are misaligned

  • Thomas Jacques
    Thomas Jacques

    MIC, no thanks. I've had enough of their gifts this year.

  • Rimmy Reddy
    Rimmy Reddy

    Thing is tesla has already cornered the market. Not sure why they put out a vehicle with same price point

  • bruintoo

    No EV owner uses the FRUNK on a daily basis!!!

  • Daytona 392
    Daytona 392

    If we had the Tesla drivetrain in the Polestar that would be really ideal. You would have looks and performance.

  • Broads Boater
    Broads Boater

    FYI the polestar Making a noise on opening the frunk is actually from opening the door as the clean air system tries to clean the air in the cabin. Air quality must of been a bit worse than normal, it’s the same as the Volvo system since 2009.

  • lfventes

    Approaching Clarkson, Hammond, and May levels of banter

  • Eugene K
    Eugene K

    No break pedal... what?

  • Big lad Stu
    Big lad Stu

    I can’t lie, i hate the tesla interior, it’s so bland

  • Alexander Maliy
    Alexander Maliy

    Polestar is great, I'd wish to have it, but it is quite expensive

  • Eyal Amran
    Eyal Amran

    I feel you really tried to prefer the Polestar, but you knew the Tesla is better

  • sammeo

    EV needs a good charging network to work.

  • Isak s
    Isak s

    and which one would i choose? neither... I have driven both and the polestar feels better to drive but i really dislike the crossover seating position whilst the seating position in the tesla is good but the fit and finish of the tesla is not even close to pretty much any other car on the planet. and the tesla looks like absolute dog shit compared to pretty much any other car on the planet and i couldn't get myself to wake up in the morning, look out the window and see that abomination just to remind me that i am going to drive that thing today. but if i got one for free would i choose the polestar without even thinking about it. I already have cars for long road trips with conventional combustion engines which gives me a less than 5 minute fill up time which grants me another 800km before i have to do another fuel stop so the polestar would just be a commuter car to drive from home to work and home again

  • John Fish
    John Fish

    I don't like the styling of the Model 3, so it ends there, it's a deal-breaker. Polestar 2, maybe, the biggest negative is the country of origin which I could live with. I'd only use a BEV for commuting with free charging at work so the charging advantage of Tesla doesn't help me.

  • Dennis Sumague
    Dennis Sumague

    The intros are temporarily normal it's not funny.

  • Epicscore Eu
    Epicscore Eu

    You can Drift with the new Tesla(putt all the power to back motors in settings and turn of correction control and drift), you can't drift with the pole star.

  • Epicscore Eu
    Epicscore Eu

    Polestar's biggest mistake, is having a gear box...only reason to putt a gear box into an EV is to milk money on repairs. Fils no function

    • Epicscore Eu
      Epicscore Eu

      @Peter Harrison Google Dose polestar2 have an automatic gearbox? "The answer is yes, but for most EVs, there is no need to have the multiple gears you find in a traditional petrol or diesel car." You dont have a gear stick in the polestar, you still have a gearbox that can break.

    • Peter Harrison
      Peter Harrison

      @Epicscore Eu - I don’t need Google. I’ve owned a Polestar 2 since October last year and I can tell you it doesn’t have a gearbox 💡⚡️👍🏻

    • Epicscore Eu
      Epicscore Eu

      ​@Peter Harrison well it has. Polestar 2 / 1-trins automtic ..google is your friend.

    • Peter Harrison
      Peter Harrison

      The Polestar doesn’t have a gearbox

  • bar1

    And that Tesla is most likely the blandest looking performance car ever.

  • bar1

    Why name it Polestar and still make it look like a Volvo

    • bar1

      And Volvo has electric car as well.

  • Fred Bot
    Fred Bot

    No mention of Tesla's Auto Pilot. I would pay so much more for that technology that is lacking in the Polestar. Either way, awesome channel and great video.

  • Alexander Simpson
    Alexander Simpson

    Most lights are designed to steam up, rather than hold the water, they will evaporate the water quite quickly... If they are supposedly sealed lights, we know they will ingress water, only it won’t clear in time and need replacing.. 👍 😜

  • Rhino

    What is good things about Tesla? I expect Tesla’s stock price could be 1/5 of current price since Electric BMW, Electric Merc, Electric Hyundai will be better than Tesla Models.


    The PoleCat too looks like a dodge

  • Kirill Gusev
    Kirill Gusev

    "oh, someone forgot to install the interior" - :D

  • Andreas Larsson
    Andreas Larsson

    I like the PS2 interior and exterior better. But the TM3 excels at everything else.

  • 360Tomahawk_obese_gorilla87

    you gotta remember Tesla is 8 years old

  • ed s.
    ed s.

    Ha ha ha I love the condensation comment

  • Poglant

    jelly bean vs Volvo lol

  • Trades46

    Love EV but don't want to deal with Tesla's shenanigans. No question I pick the Polestar

  • Richard Middleton
    Richard Middleton

    LOL. The called the leather in the Tesla "vegan". Back in my day, we called it FAKE(aka "vinyl").

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer

    The polestar is so much better looking. 😍

  • N Garci
    N Garci

    LMFAO @ 12:40 ....!

  • Mysterio467

    Not much of a comparison video as the polestar doesn’t compare really in any category

  • Ryan Tobias
    Ryan Tobias

    I have a Tesla 3P, but I respect Volvos effort in giving tesla completion. Reality is that Teslas charging network will be very difficult for other car manufacturers to compete against.

  • Tennis Replay
    Tennis Replay

    is that orangeville or something?

  • Sandy BoleYT
    Sandy BoleYT

    Go polestar

  • Costel Camburu
    Costel Camburu

    Refreshed look on ModelS. ibb.co/3srHVTV

  • mrPmj00

    I would NEVER buy a tesla, I dislike their owners. I DISLIKE the GIANT center screen like tesla It has my Apple Carplay requirement. Nice brembo brakes. With tesla, now you are competing for a charging station parking space with an addtional 500k cars in 2020.

  • TrailzRock

    Tesla has the range and supercharger network. That makes up for a lot of its faults. I'd pick just about any other electric car over a Tesla, but then I'm reminded of the superior range of a Tesla along with a supercharger network that has no equal.

  • Dieter Zerressen
    Dieter Zerressen

    Why would someone pick a "performance" car that is slower and shorter range and no charging network? I just don't get that. Nobody yells, "We're #2. We're #2" except this guy. Is it the fake grill?

  • J. K.
    J. K.

    Me: hey you can drop me off around the corner over there Uber driver: 12:37

  • ytmndan

    Starting at $59k. Not a Model 3 competitor.

  • Jordan Silvestri
    Jordan Silvestri

    Let's be honest, 0% chance you pick that Polestar over the Model 3 performance. Sounded like it was worse in almost every way lol. "I will take the slower one, with less range, worse tech, no supercharger network, and a shitty interior please."

  • Tanvir Ali
    Tanvir Ali

    These cars are great, Volvo all day long for me, or Polestar so to speak, but these guys are great, love the humour

  • Uwe Schroeder
    Uwe Schroeder

    Well, I know. Tesla fanboys will always point out acceleration. Actually when you look around acceleration seems to be the only thing anyone attributes to a Tesla. What if you live in the US, or even California where Teslas are made? The speed limit is a boring 65 and acceleration really accounts for nothing on roads that almost require you to drive a Jeep to be called "a road". There's more to vehicles than acceleration. I for one really loved the "this one looks like a turtle" and yes, the looks of any Tesla alone would prevent me from buying one. The Polestar looks good, not great, but good. I like Volvo and if the quality of a Polestar is similar to a Volvo it's definitely better than a Tesla. Charging is an issue and that's where Tesla has an advantage in the US. We'll see what the future brings. We're at the very beginning of EVs, despite what Tesla fans tell people, the vast majority of new vehicles sold on this planet are still ICE vehicles. Well, for my wife a EV would make sense since she commutes and only commutes with her Volvo. For me Teslas look a lot like Trabbies (Trabant - the only vehicle built in the former GDR/Eastern Germany. They all looked the same and not in a good way) and my wife will never buy a Tesla unless they come up with a more appealing design. For women acceleration means nothing, but comfort and looks do. She's much rather buy an Audi with HUD, great sound system and super comfy seats, left alone good looks. For me, I have no use for an EV as it is. My car has 2 tanks so I get the range I need and yes, I fill a whopping 44 gallons into the guzzler. For that I can go places EVs won't go in a while and it's a fun vehicle to drive with stick shift and without doors or roof. Not very environmentally friendly but frankly I don't care about that a lot anyways, plus I can tow my little camping trailer for a good 600 miles to the middle of nowhere without the need for a gas station (or a electrical outlet).

  • John Mansfield
    John Mansfield

    These guys are very entertaining and good. Love to see 2021 Guilia vs new M3 when available.

  • 2ndProtects1st


  • Lukas Mol
    Lukas Mol

    Omaze is a scam!

  • niceguy60

    That cracked me up 12:34

  • W B
    W B

    Every one with their me to cars. What do they think the specs of the competing Teslas are going to be by the time these hit the market?

  • Brian Daves
    Brian Daves

    Nothing like an electric car made in China with a premium manufacturer's name slapped on it to make the auto-press go crazy. This is propaganda simple as that.

  • Se Bastian
    Se Bastian

    polestar looks so much better...especially inside. the tesla has a very boring styling inside.

  • oilhaze

    You guys missed a chance to say “auto-erotica” instead of “car related erotica. #Jussayin 😂 ’

  • Cody Konior
    Cody Konior

    Nice video! The downside to Polestar 2 is its release in Australia was put forward from 2020 to some undisclosed date in 2021 and with undisclosed pricing and will sell from new undisclosed stores a lot like Tesla. So if you want something in Australia now it’s Tesla or nothing. And who wants to wait another year to compare?

  • Sergovich7 PS4
    Sergovich7 PS4

    Polestar is china and china could bring lot of crap in the us market to let peoples be confused,do you ever heard about this company yet,I doesn't,so we have one and more right decision wait to buy an electric car from experimented car manufacturer such as mercedes,bmw,subaru,etc...in about 15 years or so.

  • aps

    My father Made the batteri