Saving an FD RX-7 from 12 years in a garage!
It’s a crisp, late summer night in Utah. Beverages are flowing. Things are getting grilled. Anyone who’s into cars, is doing the things that people who are into cars do: they stand by the garage looking at cars that aren’t moving. And so began this strange tale of Ron convincing his Utah friend that a time capsule FD RX-7 deserves so much more than a life of musty garage smells.

Big shout to our friends at Strasse Sport for the paint work on this thing!
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  • Matthew Powell
    Matthew Powell

    That is lovely

  • DJ Crilly
    DJ Crilly

    Those thing Ron are turn signals, might wanna use those

  • DJ Crilly
    DJ Crilly

    Is no one gunna talk about Dan reppin that clean tattoo

  • Ralphy

    "Most important wire being the horn" yeah who needs airbags

  • Justice Chase
    Justice Chase

    Fort-za ?

  • Vic 97
    Vic 97

    It’s not even his car why is he so hyped on it 😂 he’s building it for someone else

  • veronica glaceau
    veronica glaceau

    not bad

  • Sushifu

    If your a car guy sub to my channel!

    • shyan ngayodan
      shyan ngayodan


  • Nismosaki

    Fuck is a word to express many things. =)

  • Andre Barbosa
    Andre Barbosa

    Someone prob wrecked that car and then put it in a garage. But looks like someone recently did all the bodywork and primed it, nice to get the car right before paint.

  • A O
    A O

    Keep the ls away from it

  • radradroadbot

    I guess Californians are figuring out that ut has a lot of unexplored old sheds. You already wiped out Nevada and AZ of barn finds. Guess we're next.

  • KapteinFruit

    Hell yeah Ron! Im so jealous. :)

  • 1990Redline

    I see someone with a mask and I'm outta there.. so, I'm gone after like 2 minutes in, crazy world where ppl don't want to breathe air man 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ how dumb can someone be..

  • Roman Garza
    Roman Garza

    Damn Ron 😂

  • Bill El
    Bill El

    What did that paint job cost? Looks pretty great for single stage.

  • Buford Research Group
    Buford Research Group

    2:40 doooaderrrrnerrr(t)

  • Giovanni [Sam] Juliano
    Giovanni [Sam] Juliano

    I do paint.

  • ZV

    montego blue is the best factory color for that car. you wont change my mind.

  • Classy S-Chassis
    Classy S-Chassis

    Why cant i ever find these kinda barn finds all i get is oldsmobiles and lebarons smh

  • Watch me do me
    Watch me do me

    If it’s a real Si he can get really good money for it right now.

  • Willis Bailey
    Willis Bailey

    yeah , Rontent


    3000gt vr4:(



  • MexicanHotFrie

    Ivan looks like a smart version of vin

  • Chris Hartley
    Chris Hartley

    What's up with the donk!?

  • LfcForever1

    Ivan outdid himself god damn that’s clean 👍

  • BboyMopTop

    Friend has rx7 sitting in garage for 2-3 years. Title of the video: "Saving an RX7 from 12 years in a garage!"

  • zVexxd

    Ron do you still have the JZX90?

  • Noah Brian
    Noah Brian

    You forgot to say the GT-R

  • Steve McRichards
    Steve McRichards

    "You buy this car if your Evo IX is too reliable." -- Mr. Regular

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    "Violent wiggles" is the name of my new metal band

  • パンスター

    Is that true about the pre 2010 TE thing?

  • Shane Grithorn
    Shane Grithorn

    Not a big fan of red, but definitely a worth while restoration.

  • Tyler Rains
    Tyler Rains

    A reveal, and got a lot done in one video?! Lovin it!

  • toyspeed71

    What type of single stage paint was used? Looks amazing 👌

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      If Vargas Brothers dont help its gonna be junk.

  • BuzzFeedRight

    Hert daily driving the king rang f450 😂😂😂

  • RaoulDuke

    Is anyone selling an FD or a FC???😂😂😂 Just the fact that you came up on one is amazing. When it comes to those...if it’s not a finished car people would just hold on to them. They’re made to be sent and you’re cockblocking.😂

  • Geo Martens
    Geo Martens

    Bro trust the process 👁👁👁💋💋💋

  • Brycen Ronk
    Brycen Ronk

    What’s going on with the donk

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi

    I heard the rats nest of hoses under the intake is a big problem area.

  • Dom Huft
    Dom Huft

    I’m waiting for y’all to talk about that cruiser

  • Smitty Semeta
    Smitty Semeta

    That Green Datsun in the back though

  • Bryan Garcia
    Bryan Garcia

    Hert do be clean in that F-450 king ranch, y’all should do a build on it

  • djernie808

    Damn I wish I could find a fd or r32 with low miles layin around.

    • gioyu comi
      gioyu comi

      Barnfind is a very loose term

  • Evan Field
    Evan Field

    Needs a new exhaust asap

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay

    Too sad that Mochi and his little Helper moved out of state

  • Jon

    60 projects? I should work at Hoonigan. lol

  • BrandonHD

    1:58 Bruh what kind of backwaters ass, discount tow truck you got showing up with those ramps?

  • Chinoldinho

    There goes all your money !

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay

      I saw this thing for sale 😂

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    Danger Dan with the gold chain on his mask lol. ballin

  • Oliver Stanley
    Oliver Stanley

    My 96 starlet is single stage paint and put a thick wax coat on it and it sits outside everyday paints perfect

  • DJ Statyk
    DJ Statyk

    6:46 "You need weed?" Did i hear that right? 😂

  • cncdan 13
    cncdan 13

    Ron I know the struggle. I’m a tall guy all legs and I love small hatches and this is my biggest problem. Love the wheel close but not to high. I get so pissed if someone gets in my car and moves my seat lol

  • Andrzej Nowakowski
    Andrzej Nowakowski

    Ron ,Do you will send engine to Orgasm (Vargas) Brothers for some port ? ;]

  • Kwezzy

    This guy has my same exact taste in cars. Evo and rx7 are two major cars I want. Who wouldn’t want a rx7 or evo as a daily?!?

  • Scott Bisi
    Scott Bisi

    I want to know what happened to the Donk

  • Maksim Blagojevic
    Maksim Blagojevic

    Barnfind is a very loose term

  • roncar sux
    roncar sux



    The neat silver sadly empty because palm paradoxically branch beneath a puffy string. absent, scientific pimple

  • evokur

    Awesome! Dan has great taste. Ron needs to file a restraining order against suppy for this thing AT ALL COSTS. Nothing good comes from letting him near an RX7 or Rotary!

  • Adam Thomas
    Adam Thomas

    I love fd's but I'm not even close to a purist I love a ls swapped fd it's a great combo lightweight hauls ass sounds way better ls than loud dirtbikish

  • Gunner Hamilton
    Gunner Hamilton

    more fd content!!!!!!!!!!

  • HSA 079
    HSA 079

    I saw this thing for sale 😂

  • HSA 079
    HSA 079


  • Austin Trajkovski
    Austin Trajkovski

    "power and reliability issues" goes and ls swaps it

  • Dan Charron
    Dan Charron

    I have a Japan right drive RX7 in my garage... nothing special. Still has Rotary.

  • The fourfittypitty
    The fourfittypitty

    Dream car amazing find

  • Rene Fuentes
    Rene Fuentes

    FD hell yeah

  • Travis Wilson
    Travis Wilson

    Hate stock FD steering wheels, but can't give up the cruise control...

  • BayArea Foo
    BayArea Foo

    All OG 62 Chevy Impala I seen in the intro 🤤🤤 what are the plans for that one ?🤔👀👀

  • Liten Fara
    Liten Fara

    As U modify Ya cars so much, have U ever thought about frameless coupè doors? It's difficult but worth.

  • Sam Hooni
    Sam Hooni

    Prius outside hoonigains garage

  • Michael Kolk
    Michael Kolk

    Seeing those simulators just sitting hurts my heart 💔

  • Chad Andersen
    Chad Andersen

    it should stay in Utah, send that FD back to the beautiful state of Utah.

  • Ian Trumbore
    Ian Trumbore

    Couldn't find a comment yet- The rear wiper is on wrong, it should be long ways with the length of the car.

  • H Sklar
    H Sklar

    Where is the donk at???

  • Tommy Krismana
    Tommy Krismana

    In indonesian's country mazda rx7 fd are wiretuck engine. See in Pengepul Mobil SVsoft channel.

  • Shawn Carlile
    Shawn Carlile

    It's a beautiful FD. I was a bigger fan of the FC, but appreciate the look and stance of later RX-7s. Super sharp.

  • Jai Stanton
    Jai Stanton


  • Duncan Wilson
    Duncan Wilson

    “Power and reliability issues” hmm wherever did this LS come from and how did it get in my FD?

  • lost misfit
    lost misfit

    "Next up we need to address power and reliability issues. " that gave me a chuckle. I mean, rotary

  • Fuk Yoo
    Fuk Yoo

    Lmao. You and jimmy oaks an who ever else copying someone else's content that went viral. Way to aim for the lowest hanging fruit. Kinda desperate of a move for someone as big as hoonigan. Gave Jimmy Oaks a pass cus he's “small time” compared to you.

  • Kiel . YT
    Kiel . YT

    Another fd that will never finished

  • ryan

    Also what are the monster truck tires for 😳

  • ryan

    For the love of god someone sell me That Datsun please!!

  • Darth Vinieious
    Darth Vinieious

    I need that instrumental

  • M F
    M F

    8:47 literally LOL’d at those captions, also this feels like such old school Daily transmission with everyone at the shop! Yusss the feels

  • Alexander The Mediocre
    Alexander The Mediocre

    Pretty cool but paint the wheels please

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith

    Hmm. Didn’t his friend say that he can take care of it. So now ron is changing/spending money like he owns the car. I don’t get it.

  • Sruikyl

    Single stage paint can look awesome but i wonder how many hours of buffing he has into that

  • Tyler White
    Tyler White


  • DarthBane22

    That is fucking cherry

  • Sebastian Morrison
    Sebastian Morrison

    I love how they’re gonna act like we didn’t see it finished in the Nads cruise episode 😂

  • Leerobert Lascano
    Leerobert Lascano

    Speaking of jzx wheel haven't seen it up until the diff upgrade

  • Torque Monkey
    Torque Monkey

    Single stage paint on an FD? Blasphemy!

  • Christy Cullen
    Christy Cullen

    What happened to sean? He was dope

  • Anthony A
    Anthony A

    It's crazy how the FD's simply don't age.

  • Andrew D'mitri
    Andrew D'mitri

    Hoonigan: “damn this mf clean” Tommyfyeah: “it’s not one color, gonna part out the FD”

  • Ross