Last Arsenal XI To ACTUALLY Finish 4th: Where Are They Now?
From French international turned environmental businessman Mathieu Flamini to 2018 World Cup winning centre-forward Olivier Giroud, HITC Sevens takes a look at the last Arsenal team to actually finish 4th in the Premier League, under Arsene Wenger in the 2013-14 season, and where those players are now.
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  • Michael Pang
    Michael Pang

    not gonna front i took these guys and wenger for granted big time

  • Cmon jB
    Cmon jB

    K6, very underrated. A pity.

  • Ruweida M
    Ruweida M

    Seriously nowadays I'd give a thousand pounds to actually finish 4th

  • Jonathan Chow
    Jonathan Chow

    Always remember how Arsenal fans cried so much about finishing 4th and that it was all doom and gloom. I never got it finishing 4th in the prem is actually ridiculously hard especially as consistentantly as wenger done it. Guess you never know what you have till you miss it, Arsenal fans would give anything to finish top 4 these days.

  • Brian Ssendagire
    Brian Ssendagire

    They did a good job keeping us in the UCL although the title ambitions were dead

  • Mem Zepper
    Mem Zepper

    Poor yaya.. Leave him alone !!😊.. I think forest took him in the last window Til end of season ... ARSÉNE WENGER 22 LEST WE FORGET

  • Asen Zhelev
    Asen Zhelev

    Actually Sanogo is at Huddersfield, just saw him yesterday :D

  • Kazii _
    Kazii _

    Underrated team

  • leoBCM

    I saw the title and I said "interesting" I saw the preview and I said "SACARY BAGNA"

  • Techi Accessories
    Techi Accessories

    The fact that half of these players are retired is concerning 👀

  • Anirudh Ramprasad
    Anirudh Ramprasad

    Arsenal will finish 14 th this season

  • StylingandFitnessing with Tyson Jack
    StylingandFitnessing with Tyson Jack

    Why would Cazorla continue to play?😅😅

  • Dan Lewis
    Dan Lewis

    All we need is for flamini to buy a majority share in us and save us

  • Chris Michael
    Chris Michael

    great idea but what a BORING commentary

  • Komic Klepto
    Komic Klepto

    Sanogo is at Huddersfield Town now, he signed for them literally 3 days after this video was uploaded.


    Bendtner doesn’t play with Taarnby anymore, he has started his coaching education, and has oficially retired from football.

  • Jacob

    Sanogo signed for Huddersfield 3 days after this video hahaha

  • Hooch

    11 seconds into the video, unwatchable. This guy really needs to start saying the last words of his sentences.

    • jay m.
      jay m.

      Then don't watch his content, arsehole.

  • Bima Natawilaga
    Bima Natawilaga

    Arsenal fans and AFTV: We should finish 4th! Arsene Wenger: Did I not doing enough for you?

  • CyberShiroGX

    Honestly thought majority of these guys retired especially Santi Cazorla...

  • Fiso Banda
    Fiso Banda

    Nobody cares about Arsenal...

  • steve irungu
    steve irungu

    Arsenal from the unbeatable to fourth place seasons by Steve Irungu Jermaine

  • Bryan Liu
    Bryan Liu


  • ThatRedHairedDude

    Flamini is a millionaire due to off the field investments

  • kenduzouir adeniyi
    kenduzouir adeniyi

    Arsenal came second in 2016 the year that Leicester won the Premiership

  • Peeper

    Last Arsenal XI to win La Liga let’s go

  • Neil NZ
    Neil NZ

    Arsenal back in the 80s could string it together. They did have some good players, mostly traded and stolen. It's the arsenal way. All they do now is exchange and trade in flops, mostly between Utd.

  • Elaine Kerslake
    Elaine Kerslake

    All Hail the Lord Bentner

  • Elaine Kerslake
    Elaine Kerslake

    I think the standard of the prem is higher now , making it harder for get top four.

  • KayPEff

    Why does every sentence sound the same?

  • Balham

    Yaya sonogo is now at a club in championship

  • NT Mundemba
    NT Mundemba

    The last AC Milan team to win UEFA champions league where are they now?

  • mat payne
    mat payne

    Flamoney 🤑

  • Hachi Riko
    Hachi Riko

    im sorry but the FA cup wasnt artetas doing, the team was on auto pilot at that point. hes the reason they are where they are this season.

  • Chantal Lol
    Chantal Lol

    Just saying no flex mertersaker son plays for my team

  • Prenolin Linsei Naidoo
    Prenolin Linsei Naidoo

    Day 25 : 7 greatest substitions made in the history of football

  • Prenolin Linsei Naidoo
    Prenolin Linsei Naidoo

    Day 25 : 7 of the greatest players who started their career as an injury replacement

  • EI8HT Esports
    EI8HT Esports

    How about last Tottenham team to win a trophy(except the Audi cup) and where are they now


    Who is here after Girouds bicycle kick va Athletico Madrid

  • Luukeyyx

    Unfortunately Yaya Sanogo is no longer a free agent as he has just signed for my team, Huddersfield Town :(

  • SEML Wakil
    SEML Wakil

    Fabregas? clichy? hleb? eboue? ah that was way before those guys in the video

  • Kamran Ahmed
    Kamran Ahmed

    Aaron Ramsey was our best player that season

  • Matthew Norzan
    Matthew Norzan

    The irony is Giroud is finding himself in the same position at Chelsea as he did with arsenal before. Highly underappreciated. I'm not sure why we sold him for Laca. His holding and passing capabilities are what made France so successful. Also Flamini, when he first came into the fray was ridiculously good as make shift left back.

  • MICheeHL


  • Shannon Sharpe
    Shannon Sharpe

    Wenger overachieved with what he was given

  • thom kros
    thom kros

    banyak omong,kek denger radio,,boring ring..

  • Mr182airwaves

    9:58 who the hell is "jabi" its xavi "tchavi" english love to murder names 😂 like chelsea's manager tuchel its "tukhel" like khabib

  • bryan

    yaya sanogo has recently signed for huddersfield town

  • Vigzy 77
    Vigzy 77

    You left out Ramsey for Wilshere but I always remember the 2013-14 as the Aaron Ramsey season ! Scored goals regularly in the league and the cup winner which ended the trophy drought.

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia

    This is misleading Arsenal finished 2nd during 2015-16 the disrespect is absurd

  • Timbone

    It is a trend how Arsenal treat player so badly

  • tomworrier

    Arsenal been rebuilding for the last 15 years

  • Alex Pegler
    Alex Pegler

    Christ this seems like a team of world beaters now compared to today.

  • Sean-E-Boy


  • TrawlrZ

    The fact you have to make this

  • Nightwing

    Gibbs was our number 1 left-back for ages before Monreal came to the club. Hardly a fringe player

  • Aarshabh Raj Adhikari
    Aarshabh Raj Adhikari

    *Sacary Bagna

  • EthanJubin

    Isn't Theo Walcotts boyhood club not Liverpool?

  • smoceskreen

    Interesting, but I don't know the point of this video... since 2 seasons later (14-15) they finished 2nd, their best position since 05-06. Also still under Wenger.

  • Ben

    Carzola would be a great coach

  • Mizo Zial
    Mizo Zial

    We are looking to _sponsor local football clubs_ and we are also willing to offer _free player management_ for non league players. We can be contacted anytime.

  • NiallTMG

    How does this guy still not know how to pronounce Cazorla? Just read the word, it's CA-ZOR-LA not CAR-ZO-LA

  • amazin2point0

    You got a dislike. Only reason I clicked it was to find out how he was a billionaire just for you to say he isn’t. It was literally the only interesting point to me and it’s not even true. This video has been a complete waste of my time

  • The Tedstar Winners
    The Tedstar Winners

    The England squad who beat San Marino 8-0 where are they now?

    • The Tedstar Winners
      The Tedstar Winners

      Please do this video it could also be a build up to England’s clash with them soon

    • The Tedstar Winners
      The Tedstar Winners

      Or the earlier 5-0

  • Aksels Suksis
    Aksels Suksis

    You should do combined Barcelona XI. 2009 and 2015

  • ExoDizePancake

    Next time do The last Manchester United team to win the title. Where are they now?


    All Hail Lord Bendtner who is still playing

  • Joseph Youll
    Joseph Youll

    You’re always making mistakes in your videos, even simple ones. Rosicky was at Arsenal for 10 years, 2006-2016.


    Love the honourable shoutout to sanogo 😂😭 #legend

  • RueIsBlue

    Wenger deserves so much credit in hindsight, for keeping Arsenal afloat

  • The Home of Football
    The Home of Football

    Y’all remember in 2015-2016, when the 4th place jokes for Arsenal peaked on social media?😂😭😭😭😭

    • Dwayne k27ism
      Dwayne k27ism


  • Mailiam8

    do last spurs team to win a trophy

  • Alex Chalmers
    Alex Chalmers

    get his name right, it's Cazorla not Carzola...

  • Briazoo

    Day 1 best player at every Euros 2021 squad where we they 20 years ago

  • Conorpa123

    Don't know if it's a video you have already done, but maybe one about changes you'd like to see implemented into the game. Examples would be things like kick ins instead of throw ins and a changing up of penalty shootouts

  • Fjern Boom
    Fjern Boom

    Sanogo was at loan at my club ajax and he was sooo badd

  • Joshua G
    Joshua G

    Suggestion: All-time premier league relegated XI

  • Paul M
    Paul M

    Rosicky was a baller!!!

  • JMDubz

    video idea: predict the future of the best footballers right now. Sounds strange but oh well

  • Ahmed Al-Tayy
    Ahmed Al-Tayy

    Giroud did not have a single shot on target at the 2018 world cup.

  • Runedinho

    Video idea: A video about players who could have played for another country. Examples: - Filipe Luis plays for Brazil, but could have played for Poland and Italy - Lionel Messi plays for Argentina, but have roots from Italy - Riccardo Montolivo played for Italy, but could have played for Germany - Pierre Emile Højbjerg play for Denmark, but could have played for France - Declan Rice played for Ireland, but now play for England Video could be named something like: “The best players that could have played for another country” Come around why the players chose the country they play for and not their other options :-)

  • СМ !
    СМ !

    Subs have better careers now than the first team

  • Mike Sutton
    Mike Sutton

    Should have done one for the last time Everton won at Anfield...If any are still alive

    • jay m.
      jay m.

      They're all alive. They won this season. Tard.

  • Jodee Brown
    Jodee Brown

    Would love to see you do an all-time CONCACAF XI for the best players ever from the region.

  • Jodee Brown
    Jodee Brown

    Day 2: Top 7 surprise runs ever in the UEFA Champions League

  • Nabil Akhtar
    Nabil Akhtar

    Please make steve bruce's last relegated xi

  • chucknutbraker

    Wenger in!

  • Sam Field
    Sam Field

    Video idea: in your opinion, 7 best teams to be relegated from the premier league

  • Mufasa

    Had to give this a like for that Sonogo joke 🤣 good one

  • Kyxul

    This team we once thought was shit was actually good, compared to this team we have now who we thought is amazing xD

    • Nilothpol Bose
      Nilothpol Bose

      And the manager!that is the biggest difference

  • Stoyan Stoykov
    Stoyan Stoykov

    The thumbnail is pure gold.

  • Sam Hills
    Sam Hills

    Do a video on the best 100 teams of all times or most historic clubs in history

  • Lasse Kjærgaard
    Lasse Kjærgaard

    Oh now do, last time Tottenham won a major trohpy

  • Mika Frolich
    Mika Frolich

    You forget Jeremy lynch.. The best on the ball player to have ever been at arsenal

    • Juliette Barasch
      Juliette Barasch


  • Mika Frolich
    Mika Frolich

    The only time they'll ever finish fourth now is in a group stage. Then again they'll never make it to the europa league for another ten years

    • G

      @Mika Frolich ? i looked and? has it been 10 years? lmao

    • Mika Frolich
      Mika Frolich

      @G look at them

    • G

      How u know?

  • Markus

    Cool video!

  • YukioRzkI

    They actually did it

  • Masakis Wrath
    Masakis Wrath



    What has gone wrong at Istanbul basksehir from champions to relegation zone

  • Adam Wiggin
    Adam Wiggin

    You should a video about the the Wolves XI in their first game in League One in the 2013/14 season, and where they are now.