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  • Micah Morris
    Micah Morris

    im so excited for the Sunday Matches to be back!

    • Die Nasty
      Die Nasty

      You need to get some tougher competition.. Garrett isn’t cutting it anymore, you’re leveling ⬆️

    • Gimme Golf
      Gimme Golf

      So glad these are back!... Sunday’s are back to normal. Thanks for inspiring us in the U.K. lads

    • Nathan Jenkins
      Nathan Jenkins

      If u guys don't add shot tracers by week 5 I'm unsubscribing from both of your channels , and making my life mission to track u down and beat u both at golf

    • Ryan Sanders
      Ryan Sanders

      💯k nice tig

    • NiceGuyLuke 1991
      NiceGuyLuke 1991

      What is your playing handicap?

  • Vahith Baliram
    Vahith Baliram

    Best golf course vlogs on SVsoft!! Give us more🤩 well done on the amazing work guys

  • Jacob Pacheco
    Jacob Pacheco

    I love that Garrett laughed when Tigg said “This hole is just extremely tight” 🤣🤣

  • Ivan Schoeman
    Ivan Schoeman

    Yall need a ball tracker for these vids. Would be ideal

  • BurnedSpace

    isnt this tigs one year anniversary of golfing with garret. i think he started playing with them right around the start of covid last year

  • TheMexicanPro

    Where do you Buy those shirts

  • Robert Santimauro
    Robert Santimauro

    Micah , Did you play on your high school team ? Did you play in college ?

  • Ronald Codner
    Ronald Codner

    Y’all mean to tell me you guys can’t at least put a shot tracer on tee shots? It’s not like you guys are dropping a ton of videos. It’s just laziness for real. Shot trace half the holes or something, I mean cmon now. That type of stuff is why none of your channels are really growing tbh. This is for everybody, not just Tig.

    • Ronald Codner
      Ronald Codner

      @Micah Morris 😂😂😂. I was wondering when one of y’all were gonna say something. Lmao. You handled it way better than I would have. Love your game bro.

    • Micah Morris
      Micah Morris

      Gosh. It’s always somethin lol

  • Hayden Lampert
    Hayden Lampert

    we need shot tracers

  • Dominate Me
    Dominate Me

    Kyle Berkshire at 3:25

    • Dominate Me
      Dominate Me

      And btw did you celebrate hard after winning again?

  • Jo o
    Jo o

    Need shot tracers and watch the camera contrast in bright light. Love you’re videos - take them to the next level

  • Learning golf for free using YouTube and free apps
    Learning golf for free using YouTube and free apps

    Put shot tracer on and I’ll watch every one

  • Roger Kight
    Roger Kight

    Yes you guys should play more matches in travel

  • Sean Nichols
    Sean Nichols

    I love watching these but Garrett makes too many excuses, it gets old pretty quick

  • Alex Parkinson
    Alex Parkinson

    G-rat had a great idea at 10:40 - 2 matches/week would be sick! And shot tracers!

  • Sandpidgeon


  • Tristan Windle
    Tristan Windle

    We need those shot tracers baby. Makes the videos 100 times better. I know y’all are working on it

  • gustavo moraza
    gustavo moraza

    How could someone leave a thumbs down?? 🤧

  • Spencer MacGregor
    Spencer MacGregor

    Shot tracers make content for entertaining. Can’t see ball ever

  • Prayers

    Gave it a thumbs up but didn’t even watch because the intro literally told me the match got extended to extra holes so I didn’t bother. I’m with everyone else on hopefully finding a standing intro for these matches on both channels.

  • xPhil


  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith

    What if...hear me out...garret gives Micah half the revenue from the matches and they all go on his channel🤔

  • Slade Parker
    Slade Parker

    Yo who makes that shirt??

  • Pickles_ Gage_
    Pickles_ Gage_

    What does pin high mean?

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson

    Thats why he missed those puts

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson

    Tigs got the right grip just not the right putter

  • NEZY

    Is this ocean reef club?

  • BathingApe

    I have a serious question. Why do you guys give each other a ‘gimmie’ why do you guys not finish it? Micah gave Garret a 3 footer that could well have gone both ways. We want to see you guys finish every hole!

  • Nolan Moon
    Nolan Moon

    Not gonna lie ball tracers make all of your guys videos so much better, wish they were on every video

  • Fishing With Nick
    Fishing With Nick

    no one gonna say anything when he said that hole is really tight??? I was laughing so hard when he said that.

  • Matt NorthernMN
    Matt NorthernMN

    Can you guys add the shot tracers to at least your tee and mid range shots?

  • Joseph Ohm
    Joseph Ohm

    12:21 Garrett's reaction is great.. can only imagine what goes on off camera

  • Corey

    i just skip the intros at this point i hate when it gets spoiled

  • scott clark
    scott clark

    G- I've been watching since the beginning and I have to say that it is so frustrating watching you play golf. If you had any sense of course management you would be a much more consistent player and save yourself 3-5 shots a round. Take it from someone who played the same way at your age, it's a waste of your time and talent. Consistency is everything in golf, learn to make sure that your misses aren't that bad. Pars are easy, birdies are fun but not giving yourself a chance at either by making a poor choice before you pick a club is self defeating.

  • a bugs ball sack
    a bugs ball sack

    You guys know there was a black guy following you with a camera all day right? Watch yourselves

  • Augie de Ryk
    Augie de Ryk

    Let’s go Tig!

  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson

    Micah, your going to have to play some matches against Zac and Jerge!

  • Mitch Osmond
    Mitch Osmond

    I dont get why Garrett is so obsessed with fighting everything so hard

  • Michael Polansky
    Michael Polansky

    "Feeling good about my putting!" Golf Gods..... You did not just say that!....3 putt OTW!

  • PureImpact

    Whats name of this course? Very nice.

  • Volker Petersen
    Volker Petersen

    Love these matches! Micah was a beast with 2 driving training from Kyle...he is gonna be unstoppable!

  • simon stratman
    simon stratman

    Welcome back Sunday matches. You love to see it. 👍

  • Mark K
    Mark K

    "Kyle just chipped in from 35 feet" wish we would have seen in since I'm started to believe he only plays good golf on his own channel.

  • Kevin Roach
    Kevin Roach

    Garrett: Imagine if we played multiple matches a week... Me: IMAGINE..!😳 How sick that would be. By far best content you guys out out. Excluding Good Good, and with that be said all content is great!!😊

  • Kevin Roach
    Kevin Roach

    Oh my STRIPE SHOWS..!

  • Timo S
    Timo S

    congrats 🎉 100k BR from Germany you got me Into Golf Last year, after 11 years of competitive Baseball in Germany ✌️

  • Riley Lubetich
    Riley Lubetich

    That course is so nice. It's like what you see watching the guys on the tour on tv. You guys played as well as the pga guys too!

  • Jig97

    Don’t know how many times my eye caught the blob on the left side of my screen lol

  • itsChalk ™
    itsChalk ™

    need the top tracer on these vids. love it

  • Oran Linehan 2003
    Oran Linehan 2003

    Am I the only one that is reminded by Micah of John the wrestler from season 37 of Survivor?

  • Doug Weldon
    Doug Weldon

    Why haven’t you guys got fitted for the tsi4? Low spin more distance add another 20 yards on the drivers

  • Saad Ur-Rehman
    Saad Ur-Rehman

    Shot Tracer Please

  • Bradley Canerday
    Bradley Canerday

    what’s name of the course?

  • Mason White
    Mason White

    holy darkness

  • Tony Danza
    Tony Danza

    Dude in the background won't shut up...hate playing with people like that... annoying AF

  • Joey urban
    Joey urban

    Which Rhoback is GM wearing?

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young

    What a shot! What an athlete!

  • Josh Lay
    Josh Lay

    You guys should come play at Atlantic Beach Country Club! it’s in Atlantic Beach Florida near Jacksonville. It’s a private course but I might be able to get you guys on because I work there. It’s a very nice course in that’s in good shape with many risk/reward shots!

  • Austin Reeves
    Austin Reeves

    Aight it ain't fair how Tig gets to wear the golf apparel. That shirt looks so dang gum good man

  • Jake Linhart
    Jake Linhart

    If Sunday matches have shot tracers 🌝

  • Shawn Woods
    Shawn Woods

    great golf

  • Darryl Lewis
    Darryl Lewis

    Awesome video! golfyg perfect swing golf app

  • Gene Kerr
    Gene Kerr

    Garrett is a great entertainer. And he will make a great living being a great entertainer. Tig truly cares more about his game than being an entertainer... both have great futures.

  • Jack Bell
    Jack Bell

    what are their handicaps?

  • Roukkia

    Ever thought about making a compilation of best shots??

  • Gabe Tanner
    Gabe Tanner


  • Mark Silvia
    Mark Silvia

    congratulations Tig! I enjoy watching these competitive matches a lot. Great content!

  • Mark McGee
    Mark McGee

    You guys should for sure get a squad and play in one of the Barstool Classic locations. Would be awesome content and a cool opportunity

  • Dee Ward
    Dee Ward

    Can you put some shot tracers on them because I can never see the ball.

  • Dee Ward
    Dee Ward

    Did you do that match on the same day as the first match?

  • Charlie Bender
    Charlie Bender

    Schedule a match against fore play from barstool

  • The In-Sink Life
    The In-Sink Life

    Garrett is a master of NOT taking advantage of Tig's mistakes...

  • Donnacha Walsh
    Donnacha Walsh

    Can u make some good good golf pants?

  • adam gray
    adam gray

    Garrett cleaning clubs?!?! Whaaaaat. He's not playin this season folks.

  • John Julian
    John Julian

    I absolutely love the Sunday matches!!!!

  • Dillan Ryan
    Dillan Ryan

    Sunday match #2 that I'm saying you should come play a couple rounds in Bella Vista, AR


    114k views and 102k subs, click the button folks!

  • Jimmy Thorpe
    Jimmy Thorpe

    Congrats on the 100k brother, love your content

  • Joseph Schmoe
    Joseph Schmoe

    100k lets goooo

  • Duane Smith
    Duane Smith

    Bring Good Good to Myrtle Beach S.C./Calabash NC area and I'll put you on some ty ough courses.

  • paul adams
    paul adams

    Tig's game has definitely shown progress, hard work pays off. Looking forward to match #3 to see if Garrett's course management improves.

  • Rhys Jones
    Rhys Jones

    You guys need to get shot tracers coz we can’t see shit when you hit your shots 😂

  • Mil Sneler
    Mil Sneler

    188 to the pin, into the wind 8 iron? That’s 6 or 5 all the way. I don’t understand the club selection in these videos. It’s like some parallel universe.

  • Enema Bucket
    Enema Bucket

    what an unbelievably beautiful course, good for y'all! P.S.: I going to need those GG head covers, like now.

  • Omar Abu-Hantash
    Omar Abu-Hantash

    I’m rolling with Micah this season... I’ve seen enough lol

  • Tristan Young
    Tristan Young

    @9:10 no better feeling saying that was big 😂

  • Jake Valencic
    Jake Valencic

    Is this course nicer than TPC Danzante Bay? I think not 😂

  • Samuel Carden
    Samuel Carden

    I’m loving the split channel vibes! Good luck this season y’all!

  • Braden Shultz
    Braden Shultz


  • Jorge Rodrigues
    Jorge Rodrigues

    What course? Anyone know?

  • Julio Rodriguez
    Julio Rodriguez

    this is more intense than watching the masters

  • Malachi Erdmanczyk
    Malachi Erdmanczyk

    Congrats on 100K!

  • Bradley Phelps
    Bradley Phelps

    Congrats on 100k subs

  • Shawn Mazurek
    Shawn Mazurek

    My big question is who are the idiots giving thumbs down?

  • Josh Sanford
    Josh Sanford

    I want so badly to be dispassionate and just enjoy good golf, but it never happens. I just want Micah to win. Can't explain it, can't justify it. I'm on Team Micah, apparently.

  • Dbacks444

    Too many ads brotha. Tone it down.

  • Anthony Randi
    Anthony Randi

    Garrett should not have hit driver on that 4th hole especially after Tig hit a poor drive. Hole was short and had a narrow shoot to go through off the tee box... Also Garrett has to stop letting go with one hand on his follow through. Even if he feels like he miss hit it he should still follow all the way through.

  • Nick Mattia Golf
    Nick Mattia Golf


  • T F
    T F

    Need sound FX back

  • Travis Long
    Travis Long

    Can we get a video of how you do your hair with the hat