The life of the super-rich in Central Africa | DW Documentary
Many millionaires live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the world's poorest countries. This film depicts some of those who have made fortunes amid the chaos, including musicians, mining bosses, entrepreneurs and preachers.
The DRC is rich in raw materials, but only a few profit from its natural resources. While 60% of Congo's inhabitants live on less than $1.25 per day, businessmen, artists, former rebel leaders and evangelists are reaping the rewards of economic growth. In the capital, Kinshasa, these new rich live in safe and luxurious enclaves, while children toil in coltan mines in the eastern part of the country.
Fally Ipupa has made his money with music. Others rely on their business acumen, like Patricia Nzolantima, who founded a taxi company and aims to give more opportunities to women.
With 3,000 mine workers, Cooperamma is the largest employer in North Kivu, in the east of the DRC. Managing director Robert Seninga says his coltan mines are extremely well-run, yet safety standards are poor. Coltan, a globally coveted mineral, is used in cell phones and other devices. It’s both a blessing and a curse for the Congo. It makes some rich, but for others it means death. The region still suffers from ethnic and factional conflicts, with money from illegal coltan smuggling financing new violence. It’s a vicious cycle.
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  • Kyzzle112718

    Who’s paying these armed rebel groups to go after these natural resources??

  • Prisca Maloya
    Prisca Maloya

    One of the best documentaries I have ever watched.....

  • Ali Blessed
    Ali Blessed

    I'm from Congo and this documentary was definitely made by a white man the undertones of racism is insane ...why did you fail to mention that the whole world would literally be nothing without Congo ..literally the material to make all our phones is only found there or that we have the most gold, diamonds , copper, silver than anywhere else in the whole WORLD or that more people have been killed here by Europeans than any other place in history ...!?

  • Melanie Van der bril
    Melanie Van der bril

    Why doesn t unicef protect these children as they know what is going on????

  • boomerang files
    boomerang files

    Unfair report. You don't say in kinshasa the roads are unpaved.

  • NIKA Angela
    NIKA Angela

    Wow the prophet become billionaire.this is sick😷

  • Chri S
    Chri S

    why does a rich African looks poor still for me lol

  • abdi abdullahi
    abdi abdullahi


  • Karen

    If I have Aids I'll drink the Jus👍🙌🙏👌


    The last two leaders took the countries wealth. No wonder it’s a failed state. It’s like the people of that country cant count to see him taking hundreds of millions a year

  • Rolando Arriazola
    Rolando Arriazola

    Did they really say that the juice contains gasoline? 😖 I’m no expert but would never drink anything with gasoline in it

  • Rujez rob
    Rujez rob

    I love whole story of congoh and especially the way they they speak french

  • Integer Consulting
    Integer Consulting

    Human stories are the same everywhere. Everyone is out to get the most they can for as little as they can, whenever they can. Even in the US there are crooked profiteers in abundance. Watch a documentary on the drug trade and you will realize our greed is universal, and it is limitless. Sad.

  • Cake A
    Cake A

    O. M. G. I cannot believe how ignorant I am. I never dreamed this could be happening on our planet, in these days. The unsafe mines, the miracle juice, those men should be in prison. Ide pay dude mine owner 18 euros to go in one of the graves/mines he allows poor desperate destitute people/children to go in. Maybe prophet dude should drink some of his own juice. I wonder if it cures GREED, the most insidious disease on the planet.

  • Mr Clark
    Mr Clark

    Truly disgusting

  • Blanc Ciarga
    Blanc Ciarga

    Blur intensity is not good. 🤔

  • cegil noram
    cegil noram


  • Chinsin Pasaje Delos Angeles
    Chinsin Pasaje Delos Angeles

    False prophets

  • Clifford Onwonga
    Clifford Onwonga

    Africans are blinded with so called self proclaimed prophets.they are enriching themselves and living more people in poverty.This is brainwash and it's so shameful

  • Alex

    The Coltan business man probably participated in some war crimes as a rebel leader and used child workers. Those miners were not 20, more like 14.

  • Sami Drif
    Sami Drif

    Ask France

  • Mopap Zayi
    Mopap Zayi

    "God doesn't give everything"

  • purple tree
    purple tree

    Its like India. I mean similar. I'm surprised.

  • Moubarak Halidou
    Moubarak Halidou

    Our generation believes in strong Africa. this is just the beginning God bless Africa, these pastors have no places in Africa. we are for you

  • monkE

    This made me remember of Outer Banks.

  • Stephen Dreessen
    Stephen Dreessen

    This was awesome to watch, thanks for your work! They said they wear helmets, masks, and boots in the mines; yet I saw no helmets or masks, not even gloves....?

  • Wong Chwin Yen
    Wong Chwin Yen

    I don't think you should drink the miracle don't even know what the "actual" ingredients in it. That's really sad that someone would "exploit" people trust and faith...

  • Bald Boss Media TV
    Bald Boss Media TV

    I don't know why so many people are surprised about the Prophet this hustle is as old as religion itself ,,, from the prophets juice to holy water to prayer cloths ordered off tv ...FACTS

  • Marcelle Roedolph
    Marcelle Roedolph

    Who's racist now

  • Korey Danilson
    Korey Danilson

    I uki

  • Linda Aya New
    Linda Aya New

    Honestly, this is sad because many of these men cannot get to this wealth. There are not enough fair and legal opportunities there because it is a dirty run country. The only way is through education there which I bet is not very possible because it costs money. Such an unstable country. Wealth does NOT equal happiness but the depth of poverty some of them live in is ridiculous. I LOVE THE PINK CARS IDEA. The wealthy here are dirty unless they do what this singer does. He became popular off his music and honestly, I feel he holds dirty money as well. There needs to be a change in their government.

  • SOMALIA 91
    SOMALIA 91

    Honestly these people dont have any heart. How can they have a view of their own brothers and sisters suffer while they relax. I would rather die than live like that!!

  • Philip Buckley
    Philip Buckley

    any good deal on diamonds....

  • Camelia D
    Camelia D

    Fally should teach poor how to sing so they can become rich too. That being said those people at 11:50 who have a view of poverty on the other side of the river bank-__-

  • Gustavo Corral
    Gustavo Corral

    Meanwhile Mia Khalifa on her anual trip the DRC 👀 09:14

  • Joe Doe
    Joe Doe

    Apparently the miracle juice can cure everything. Except stupidity.

  • Prim Rizvi
    Prim Rizvi

    Can't the Prophet vanish Corona Virus from the world!? Did any person from Congo ask him about it?

  • Pro Saint
    Pro Saint

    What does he make a bottle of juice from? Mayaans civilization ,eternal recipe? It cures liver cirrhosis? Holy scam.... He havent tried on AIDS. Quarter of congolese suffer from it and this scam barely works..

  • Ge Ta
    Ge Ta

    None of them (so called successful ones) spoke about how their business plan would help solve the community's economic & social problems and provide more opportunities for the less fortunate ones. All they talk about is how to make money and become millionaires. That prophet is a con artist deceiving those uneducated.

  • rubens herrera
    rubens herrera

    That juice looks like spicy 😂😂😂

  • Hi! Don vous speak!
    Hi! Don vous speak!

    "The juice that can bring the kids back from death... "

    • Dean Ggold
      Dean Ggold

      it's the gasoline that fires up the engine hell yeah baby

  • Cheryl Jane
    Cheryl Jane

    I am still thankful that I live in the Philippines. I hope these people will not be greedy of money and power, they must help those who are living in poverty.

  • dom taylor
    dom taylor

    Watching this on my phone feeling guilty people died

  • Nickesha Brown
    Nickesha Brown

    Maggot sellers, ewe!!!!! Whats the use of selling maggots?

  • Villanueva Ink
    Villanueva Ink

    smh ,you think usa is terrible 🥱🤔 gasoline wit lemon juice cures aids n cancer smfh

  • Jonash Pañas
    Jonash Pañas

    I've been watching DW for over 15 years. Still fascinates me.

  • acajudi100

    I will be 79 in October 2021, and happy I travelled on my own dime, from age 20-73. I was born, educated, and earned all my income from working.. I share most generously with non beggars. Acapulco and Singapore were the only places I wanted to retire, but the earthquakes and the expensive cost of living were the deal breakers. There is no reason for people living and dying on the streets. Replace the incomes, when you shut down incomes. My choice was to work, travel, and help where I could with both hands.

  • Emma L
    Emma L

    Are you kidding me? Juice?! Wtf! These people need another “prophet”, someone tells them the truth!

  • Hug Hug
    Hug Hug

    Got juice?



  • Fungus

    The science behind the juice is the Placebo effect. The pain subsides but the disease does not. Those patients are done for.

  • Renee Powell
    Renee Powell

    AS it relates to the prophet and the juice, “one fool makes many”

  • Sound I see
    Sound I see

    Why y’all lying

  • Renee Powell
    Renee Powell

    Damn! At 23:28 (the mining scene) is so Scary

  • suraj priya
    suraj priya

    Everyone belives prophet cured.. not god

  • Terrance Dixon
    Terrance Dixon

    All this for cell 🍜 phones no thanks

  • Terrance Dixon
    Terrance Dixon

    The rich is getting richer and the poor is getting you no the rest facts or fiction


    quack doctor, rebel leader , singer become rich on one of the poorest country. I am at lost.

  • Rachel Exhibit
    Rachel Exhibit

    This is so humbling 😇

  • Lovemycats

    This is the consequences of a nation, if the nation's leader is corrupted.

  • Rachel Exhibit
    Rachel Exhibit

    Very interesting

  • BobbyHill

    Lemon juice and GASOLINE LMAO🤯

  • Mark Naiman
    Mark Naiman

    Where the F... BLM?

  • leon ligan
    leon ligan

    Same sad fact all over Africa.Not just DRC. Bad governance.

  • Rulx Muller Malbranche
    Rulx Muller Malbranche

    Are you taking the juice? Yes; good keep taking it. Are you serious? The guy is full of shit, and people are desperate; that's a deadly combination smh

  • June ThaGemini
    June ThaGemini

    At least Fally Ipupa gives money to the people,I'm from Los Angeles,seen Black singers and movie stars out here for decades,not one ever handed out anything to Blacks just because

  • NA - DA
    NA - DA

    They all want to be millionaires and billionaires. Maggot sellers to lambo owners. LoL

  • Canucks988

    This would be America if BLM is in charged!!

    • Shaun Cameron
      Shaun Cameron

      What about Liberia, the OG BLM country?

  • Shizu

    "The gasoline it's the main ingredient" THAT SELF PROCLAIMED PROPHET IS A SCAMMER!

  • misha No
    misha No

    If you've got money like that why tf would you stay in a place like that when you dont have to!?! You were blessed enough to survive that long and miraculously acquire that much wealth you could go live just as comfortably anywhere else (moreso because you won't get killed , kidnapped or stick out like a sore thumb) i get the people who need to stay there because that's where they make thier money but someone like that singer could move anywhere and still continue to prosper . Its not like he'd loose his following there, go back and visit /play shows there sometimes but I dont get risking ur life to live there

  • sonia harrison
    sonia harrison

    I am hoping that the Prophet may have his own visit with Cancer, and his juice will cure him.

  • sonia harrison
    sonia harrison

    Drink the Juice and pray. It is sometimes hard to believe that God gave these people brains and commonsense, but then again maybe he didn't. Like lambs to the slaughter.


    People need to stop giving religion all their damn money... the magic juice thing blows my mind.. sickening

  • Love Life
    Love Life

    I wish people had the thought that there is enough for everyone. Corruption wouldn't be the issue

    • Shaun Cameron
      Shaun Cameron

      But many will squander it and then plot on the few who were wise enough to save and invest.

  • Savageviper

    hold up, maggot sellers -_-

  • mkinn1

    To think, my U.S. salary would have me living on millionaires row over there but I'm lower middle class here.

  • ChicagosM0stWanted

    9:42 eating a chicken wing with a knife and fork???

  • sonia harrison
    sonia harrison

    He should be ashamed of himself $50.00?

  • Sherice Brown
    Sherice Brown

    What can we do to help bring Civilization 😉❤️

  • Lanada Lanada
    Lanada Lanada

    im sad that the rich dont want to help the poor, though. No one really needs that much money really. He should actually buy land and build a neighborhood for the disadvantaged. $50...7 euros??? Wow...he has so much more money though...

  • Roobles Journey
    Roobles Journey

    Believe me there's no prophet alive in this era but a business man or a magician as this guy. I rather believe the pink taxi woman 🚖🚖🚖

  • djdrummernick

    crap water scammer loser god will make him pay in end

  • That's A Yeah
    That's A Yeah

    Love cost $0.

  • John Christian Barrion
    John Christian Barrion

    Thank you DW for making this documentary. It was very eye opening. Please continue making these types of films

  • M B
    M B

    A company that just employs women or favors women over men is very sexiest imagine it the other way around ffs

  • Barbara Lugo
    Barbara Lugo

    A multimillionaire? And driving a toyota??

  • Uranija Zeus
    Uranija Zeus

    That prophet is poisoning them! Damn.

  • Kalabuk

    It would be hard to find something more evil than that Prophet's "holy juice" business.

  • Dynamic T
    Dynamic T

    The maggots made me gag

  • Solid Rock
    Solid Rock

    Du Canada,,, Un système démocratique à valeurs sociales rajoutées pour le petit peuple leur est inconnue . Ce pays souffre du cancer de la corruption qui pue. Pourtant, les gens de couleur sont créatifs,,, mais qu’en est-il de leur dirigeants ?

  • Lena Ithier
    Lena Ithier

    The best way of unity is by...spreading the doors...invest in the communities needs...Unify&prosper...ur people...urselfs....Africa...

  • russell boyd
    russell boyd

    Why do poor people who have nothing, Have so many children,Perhaps they need to develop a hobby,

  • rocsteadii

    Man it’s unfortunate how corruption can destroy a place. Should be a self sustaining region. 🤦🏾‍♂️ OsHa has left the building. Wow extremely dangerous. No safety standards. And should they be handling that coltan barehanded. And there are definitely child workers there. SmH 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • George George
    George George

    we are burning our natural resources fast ... this wont end well .. greed has never been more dangerous in the history of the world ..

  • Derrick Ruffin
    Derrick Ruffin

    Juice? It's more like kool-aid

  • snappyturtle1

    Big pharma and the prophet have a lot in common.


    the pink cab lady,, well done

  • Ibrahim Garcia-Bengochea
    Ibrahim Garcia-Bengochea

    Only a white documentary team would talk about corruption and theft in Africa and forget to mention the colonizer's role in the destabilization of the country. What a predictable shame.

  • Garry Gemmell
    Garry Gemmell

    Juice lol what a travesty of dishonesty one thing is for sure he will be going downstairs to meet his maker!

  • FLux

    "Largest french speaking city" Literally larger than all the ones in France.