I BOUGHT EVERY DRIVER To Find The Best of 2021
I got custom fit for every driver to find out if there is one that is actually the best in 2021. The Titleist TSi3, Cobra Rad Speed, Ping G425 LST, TaylorMade SIM 2, Callaway Epic Speed.
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My Gear List
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54 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 12 Degree D Grind
50 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 8 Degree F Grind
46 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 10 Degree F Grind
Titleist t200 4 - 9 Iron - LAGP AXS Shafts
Titleist TSi 3 LAGP Trono Shaft - Driver 9.0
Titleist TS 3 - 3 Metal - LAGP Trono Shaft
Scotty Cameron 2018 Newport 2 - Putter 34"
Ball - Titleist ProV1x

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  • Marty Spallone
    Marty Spallone

    Love your channel and videos! I compared the similar clubs to my 20 yr old Tiitleist 975J and the J was better and less dispersion. I would love to see you follow it up with that video.

  • Neil Cowen
    Neil Cowen

    Send me the ones your not happy with 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Enrique Guillen
    Enrique Guillen

    Taylormade is the favorite for many so far.

  • Leo Griffin
    Leo Griffin

    Hey Mr SG ..what about M6 Driver...

  • CadPro

    This clown needs to get a job.. What a snake oil salesman he is.. creepy stuff..

  • MarkTheLostTraveler

    After having a taylormade r11 for like 10yrs. Today i bought the taylorMade SIM 2 MAX D Driver so I guess im good for now.

  • Shark

    Very cool video , thanks for the work

  • 394 493
    394 493

    I got fit a few days ago. Was dead set on getting the Sim2 but after trying all of those 5 also I walked away with the Tsi 3. Performed the best for me.

  • Bill Coulter
    Bill Coulter

    Where would the Hogan driver you reviewed rank?

  • Clay Evins
    Clay Evins

    Love the video, but everything is so analytical these days. I'm 58....6'1" and have played with 1" over standard irons for 20+ yrs. Started playing at 9 yrs old in 1972. Father worked as a public golf course pro for many years. I can hold a driver in hand and swing it without hitting a golfball to know it will work for me. The Sim2 Max driver was what I wanted, but not for $500. I chose well. 6 weeks ago(May..2021) I bought the Cobra Speedzone direct from Cobra for $299 and Im loving it. Ball jumps off the face and the feel is great!! I havent changed driver since 2005. Mizuno T-zoid forged titanium still goes 320 yrds max and I still enjoy the sound and feel of titanium. I have popped this Cobra 335 yrds. Not bad for a 58 yr old man...😁

  • Robert Meyers
    Robert Meyers

    Just as there is no one swing for every golfer but every golfer has a perfect swing. The same for equip.. There is no one driver for every golfer, but every golfer has a perfect driver. Just go get fit, and be sure to try as many different clubs as you can.


    Thank you for this wonderful review. Helped me in selecting the best new driver for myself. I appreciate the effort you put in to your videos!

  • Griffin Kimbrell
    Griffin Kimbrell

    I have the cobra rad speed I cannot hit the sim 2 because I hate the look

  • MasZakrY

    No Mizuno love? 🥲

  • Chris England
    Chris England

    What a dream thing to do 👏

  • JohnnyL REACTS
    JohnnyL REACTS

    What I question about the fitting is this. Is there any point is getting a fit if you are still working on your swing and not set with one swing type yet? Or basically work on swing and then eventually go for fitting..

  • Clifford Hamilton
    Clifford Hamilton

    Guessed Taylor made.

  • Jeremy durflinger
    Jeremy durflinger

    Great video, great idea for the test

  • marsha cooper
    marsha cooper

    Very helpful and informative. Wish I could afford to purchase five or six drivers😂! Great video!

  • Mike Rodrick
    Mike Rodrick

    Many people will by the newest driver because they believe, because they are told by manufacturers, that they'll cure your swing ills. Usually slicers who will believe it. They'll spend $500 on a driver rather than for lessons that would make it unnecessary to replace their current driver, unless it's in really bad shape, or not made for weekend players. This is the biggest moneymaking scam in golf history. If you MUST by the latest & greatest, get fit for it rather than buying off the shelf. Any seller worth anything will fit the driver to your swing. If not, go elsewhere.

  • Reavx

    One thing people never ask themselves is the most prudent question of all when it comes to fitting - Will my swing stay the same, the answer is no. It won't people always tinker with their swing, therefor what's good for you one year, won't be good for you next year, First thing you gotta do is build your swing - THEN you get fitted.

  • Bill Schlosser
    Bill Schlosser

    When it comes to Driver's I've heard that Tour players will try several of their Sponsor's Model until they find one that "Clicks" - Usually meaning that perhaps during manufacture the face is a hair thinner than it should be, giving more distance.

  • bitario723

    I could get fit for a driver every single day, and come home with a different setup every single day. Seems like too many options, like having 400 channels and picking something to watch on TV. Plus, what if you are having a good day vs bad day when getting fit? I think if you can narrow it down to swing speed and loft, that's a great start. Attack angle will change depending on your attempted shot shape. Also, feel, looks, and intuition may play a part. If you are on a limited budget like most people, it ultimately comes down to picking the best one you think works best and learning to swing that driver the best you can. Also, which NFL are you going to use? The configurations and options are almost innumerable.

  • T Warren
    T Warren

    no mizuno... smh

  • Dervon462

    You should’ve brought in the Mizuno ST as well. I’ve heard that performs just as well at the lowest cost

  • Ray Baker
    Ray Baker

    I just got fitted for a driver. The G425 was the winner pretty easily to be honest.

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones

    I have a PXG 0311X head with an Accra shaft. I can't hit it to save my life. My neighbor has a Titleist 917D2 head with Fujikura Speeder Pro 74 shaft, I can hit his driver straight every time. I just acquired the same Fujikura shaft for my PXG for a case of beer. I am hoping I can hit it as well as the Titleist. If not, I am going to be in the market for a new driver head to go with the Fujikura Speeder Pro 74 shaft. Golf is such a frustrating game.

  • treadmenot

    When was callaway maverick vs epic released

  • Cierra isiah
    Cierra isiah

    The thick vase uncommonly scorch because geometry acceptably dry save a discreet armchair. statuesque, third governor

  • Logan Kelch
    Logan Kelch

    I think the TSI4 would have had the spin down a little more compared to the TSI 3 and might have pushed a little more distance but, good content! Hoping to see more course vlogs. Maybe talking through some course management too. Probably the largest problem with golf. Not having a good day hitting driver, put it away. Why hit a driver on a 325 yard par 4, hit an iron 150-200 yards. Good stuff, keep it coming!

  • Đông Tà
    Đông Tà

    OMG. I decided to get fitted at Club Champion a week ago after sixteen years of golf with a 5 hdcp, before seeing this video. I brought my gamer TM M5 10.5* with a fujikura motore speeder vc 6.2 stiff and thought that I would end up with the SIM2. Low and behold, I ended up with the Callaway Epic MAX 9.0* with a Mitsubishi Diamana TB series 50S. With the Diamana 50S + Epic Max combo, my club head speed jumped from 93-97 to 104.5-105.2 consistently. More carry, more distance and spin rate down from 2800-3000 to 2500. Due to COVID it would take 5-7 weeks for my new weapon to be ready, and I can't wait to put it to the test. I totally trust the new club would help me tremendously distance wise. I didn't mind spending $1k for the EpicMax+Diamana driver, I could confidently rip that club faster than ever, 104 club head speed and higher. Even though I am a 5 hdcp, I am quite short off the tee and this new driver will definitely down to 2 or even scratch. I wasted a lot of money in the past buying off the rack and wished that I got fitted sooner, so, I highly recommend golfer to get fitted, especially the shaft. Cheers!

  • Nick Marcucci
    Nick Marcucci

    Great channel , Best on U tube

  • Steven Harris
    Steven Harris

    Great vlog, but what length are the drivers, are they the same or different?

  • Like a complete unknown / Like a rolling stone
    Like a complete unknown / Like a rolling stone

    I’m a Titliest kind of guy

  • TX Kevin
    TX Kevin

    Love Club Champion and I don't think you get much better for fitting. They will however fit you in a top of the line shaft ....with a very large price tag. If you want a great fitting specific to you....Club Champion. Also ...if you want a $900 driver.....Club Champion.

  • Samuel Meisner
    Samuel Meisner

    Are we not gonna talk about how he did this at 6am

  • sharkhark

    Need to see on course... It's been a month... I'll Subscribe if you do it soon... Don't and I'll have to move on lol

  • Jmastives

    So you basically judged this on distance although you were all over the place with the TM. Great video 🙄

  • werfz

    thanks for doing this video. can you do one on best value drivers, or best driver for the money? I'd love to put a sim2 or g25 in my bag but the price with a custom shaft is out of my price range

  • Paul Cornish
    Paul Cornish

    Awww, gutted, no Mizuno STZ :( lol... I know, you really can't test them all but I play Mizuno so invested *grin*

  • Greg Garcia
    Greg Garcia

    Just subscribed. Thank you for reassuring me why I bought this awesome driver, except I bought the 10.5 degree loft. Can you do a video on different lofts? Thanks!

  • Ro Bo
    Ro Bo

    Mr ShortGame have you tried the new autoflex shaft yet

  • John Crary
    John Crary

    6 months ago I was fitted for a taylormade R11 (was on a budget) I don’t think I get the distance I should be though...... any recommendations?

  • Jake Kovac
    Jake Kovac

    But how was the dispersion of each club ? I hear the sim 2 can be kinda spontaneous. I’m looking at the sim 2 or the ping g425

  • AK49 VT14
    AK49 VT14

    I’d like to see you grab the new JBeam KZ-5 head And have that fitted

  • Mike W
    Mike W

    You should have added PXG to this.

  • Fish Gaming
    Fish Gaming

    Always wanted to get fitted but don’t hit a ball consistently enough to do that yet. But club champions is who I wanted to go with to try. Is their fitting really as in depth and as good as they say? I know they aren’t cheap for a fitting. It would be cool if you did a video showing a total fitting from inside the shop and recorded what they say and how they go through the fittibg

  • Alex Beesley
    Alex Beesley

    Pitty the Sim2 is so ugly

  • Alex Landsberger
    Alex Landsberger

    Which one had the tightest dispersion tho

  • Gigity1107

    All over the planet with some of them though. Callaway looked the tightest. I'd trade a few yards off the tee to spend more time in the fairway, any day.

  • Tyler Grender
    Tyler Grender

    Those new Titleist drivers have a crazy hot face!

  • Marc-Antoine Morin
    Marc-Antoine Morin

    I also bought EVERY Driver and I would say... At least this was a good idea until I checked my bank account I would love to have this sim2 driver tho :)

  • Jimmy Culp
    Jimmy Culp

    TS4 with Dismana D+ driver shaft all DAY!

  • Southern Ontario Palms and Tropicals
    Southern Ontario Palms and Tropicals

    Great video as always

  • Stuart Holmes
    Stuart Holmes

    Would be great to see what you think of each driver after you’ve played them.

  • Mrbigolnuts

    Never thought I's say this about Mr ShortGame, no Mizuno = FAIL.

  • vroomgc

    Looks like his results are based a lot on distance and a lot of that was rolling distance especially which is more because the spin was less. I actually don't want a massive roll, it just means it probably will go further into the woods. :(

  • John Brown
    John Brown

    No Mizuno?

  • Dovey14

    Aren't all the drivers made to the same standard? The USGA sets the standards and they all follow them. One cannot be better!

  • Snake Pliskin
    Snake Pliskin

    Each club is an individual. You could have two clubs with same head, grip and shaft and they will perform differently, mostly due to the variances in shaft spine locations of the finished club. Sometimes by chance, the spine gets glued into a perfect position and the sweetspot is more stable at impact and easier to hit. If you hit a particular demo club well, insist on buying the demo. I use an 11 year-old Adams/Accra driver for that reason - more center hits.

  • Seve Sellors
    Seve Sellors

    Great video and great advice!

  • Jack Morphew
    Jack Morphew

    Same CC location I went to last August! Wonder who the fitter was.

  • Dallas Time Bandits
    Dallas Time Bandits

    I’m really into 425 with tour 65 stiff shaft

    • vroomgc

      Which model 425 ?

  • Anthony Raineri
    Anthony Raineri

    What no Mizuno drivers? I have the Mizuno mx-19 Irons and love them. Just wondering if you have used Mizuno drivers and what you think.

  • arvin062076

    Can I have one sir? Beginner golfer here

  • Luigi

    “Merry Christmas” 🤣

  • phukit

    Taylor made sim 2. 530.00 dollars. Looks like I need to make some you tube videos!

  • Evan Hawkes
    Evan Hawkes

    I use the cobra speedback from 2019, very solid driver.

  • Kenneth Dias
    Kenneth Dias

    So $ 500 drivers now become $700 my local cheep course is 25 to walk on weekdays 700 is 3 months of green fees at 2 times a week

  • 1DCCX

    Are these drivers longer than a 2010 driver? Or just more forgiving? Or the same? Or virtually identical? I’m playing a 910d3 and not noticing any difference with playing partners wielding new sticks

  • Jacques du Plessis
    Jacques du Plessis

    Awesome Video, great info !!

  • TChudoba

    Good video but would have liked to have seen dispersion taken into account. Length is great but I would gladly give up a couple of yards for more fairways!

  • John Brinkley
    John Brinkley

    Taylormade is the best driver period ! No matter what year or model they have it down pat !

    • On The Fringe Golf
      On The Fringe Golf

      Preach my brotha, preach

  • Steven Whiting
    Steven Whiting

    This was very good of all the popular brands. But there are a few that are missing, Srixon, Mizuno, Wilson, Hogan, Tour Edge to name a few left out. I know drivers are very expensive but as a that watches and learns from your videos, this review is incomplete. I assume those brands might be willing to provide the missing drivers at a discount.

  • Daniel Adams
    Daniel Adams

    Interesting, I just got fit for TSi 3 and the Sim2 was my worst performing driver head.

  • Ron Seipold
    Ron Seipold

    Thanks. I have a set of Sim 2’s coming.

  • NEIL B
    NEIL B

    Your "winner" hits 96R! You're hitting it longer, but OB! The Callaway wins this test surely?

  • 3&1 Golf
    3&1 Golf

    shafts makes more then the clubheads :)

  • Jeff Boxx
    Jeff Boxx

    Not a valid test since you didn't bother testing the new Tour Edge Exotics

  • Mark Benn
    Mark Benn

    SIM is the goat.

  • Mark Benn
    Mark Benn

    The word “best” is such an odd word ESPECIALLY w/ super premium gear

  • Hair Farmer
    Hair Farmer

    Not testing a Tour Edge EXE Pro is a crime. It's a low spinning beast. Plus, on a personal not, I do not prefer monster 460cc drivers. So it really fits the eye.

  • dannon G
    dannon G

    I'm using the rad speed regular shat. And I have to say I wish I would've went with the ping

  • Travis Wiebe
    Travis Wiebe

    I'd be interested to see the numbers for stock vs fit. We know it's better, but how much?

  • Chet LovesMer
    Chet LovesMer

    Hey brother, really interesting video. Since you got the blue shaft in the Radspeed, I think you should have got the Radspeed Blue and Red head. Would have looked sweet.

  • Travis Craven
    Travis Craven

    That’s the Ventus VELOCORE? Not Ventus stock?

  • Zack Carey
    Zack Carey

    I play that Ventus Blue 6s velecore and it simply is the most stable shaft I have ever touched

  • Marc Krikke
    Marc Krikke

    All de drivers 2021 ..... You are missing a very important one ... Wilson D9

  • joshua maes
    joshua maes

    Was the Ventus in your SIM the velacore version?

  • Austin Lindstrom
    Austin Lindstrom

    Much better production and quality versus the last time I checked out your channel about a year ago. Was some hacky "cheating" video. This was excellent.

  • daddyrooster88

    I bought an old RBZ driver off ebay. I learned to swing better and starting hitting some of the best drives of life. 240 average. I later found out it had a 45 gram stock shaft. This for ME made all the difference in the world. My swing speed is 90-100. I use regular flex. My swing was now pretty consistent and i wanted to try the newest technology so I had a driver fitting and came home with a Callaway Mavrik with the 50gram evenflow shaft. I now average 260 yards with the same swing and effort. Wow! TECHNOLOGY!

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez

    where's the mizuno bruh???

  • Thomas Kerrigan
    Thomas Kerrigan

    What about Bombtech ???

  • Bbandy

    Ummm no the Ventura blue 6s is that standard stuff shaft for the sim2 and has no extra cost

  • Joaquin Ü
    Joaquin Ü

    What a test! I wish more reviews would be this fair 👌

    • Mike Rodrick
      Mike Rodrick

      Fair, but not necessarily accurate due to human variables in swing speed & quality of strike. AI should be used for equipment testing.

  • K Harris
    K Harris

    Club Champion fits you into a 2993 spin and 120 peak? (Ping). As apposed to the Sim at 2119 spin and 99 peak? It don't look like apples to apples to me no?

  • Troy Hall
    Troy Hall

    Love to see it

  • Blake Allard
    Blake Allard

    When the stimmy hits lol

  • K Chill
    K Chill

    Golf equipment for men is like fashion shoes for women. 5 yards carry and few more yards of roll out,,,,, lol. Definitely going to outspend the old lady ,,,,,,,

  • J B
    J B

    The SIM2 with a Fuji Ventus is a ball speed monster (For everyone). Good combo.

    • Đông Tà
      Đông Tà

      Not in my case, no shaft with SIM2 would help me at all (5 hdcp) but the Mitsubishi Diamana TB series 50S + Epic Max. I guess each golfer is different, can't wait to use my new weapon on the course.