SM vocalists High Notes battle:(F4-G5)EXO,SHINee, TVXQ and SUPER JUNIOR
TVXQ‘s Changmin.Jaejoong.Junsu Super Junior's Yesung.Kyuhyun.Ryeowook,SHINee's Jonghyun.and EXO's Chen.Baekhyun.D.O

  • Dimas hun
    Dimas hun

    Yg dislike pasti gc sebelah 😆

  • Dimas hun
    Dimas hun

    D.O Baekhyun and Chen ❤️

  • Dimas hun
    Dimas hun

    All sm vocal the best 👍but Exo my heart

  • KimJongdaeSupremacy

    I just wanna know what range xiumins Vocal was lmao

  • Narges Msv
    Narges Msv

    Imagine Exo sang F5 in song which was predebut song and singing it live in their debut showcase!! Real vocal kings.

  • Narges Msv
    Narges Msv

    Exo’s vocals are the best The other groups are good too but Exo’s voice colors are different from other sm groups and in my opinion they got the best voice colors in kpop cause if you’ll listen to a song they singing it without watching them you’ll recognize them easily

  • Mercy Julygreen
    Mercy Julygreen

    Exo Chen😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Lavender Blue
    Lavender Blue

    I love Changmin's vocals it's so clear and strong and powerful but he also can sing such sweet ballads

  • Ram875

    All great vocalists with different and wonderful characteristics :)


    The traits of high vocals are passed only in SM Town artists to reach your heart ( From TVXQ ---> Super Junior ---> Shinee ---> EXO then it continues) Only SM artists can beat it.... Wohooo.... Even if others can do it the part where it hits your heart is the most important point according to me....

  • Vero (vava vava)
    Vero (vava vava)

    Miss TVXQ when still with JJ,JS, YC

  • Faza

    12:44 23:46 and 15:32 what song?

    • Faza

      @doraezzz thank you. I know, SuJu have a lot of good songs. I can't handle it

    • doraezzz

      Superman, the more i love (ss4) n its you. All suju

  • hirah 13
    hirah 13

    Yesung ❤️🙂

  • Мария Петрова
    Мария Петрова

    Don't fight, kiddos, Yoo young jin is SM's best

  • saxophone520

    SM seriously has all the best vocalists

  • kiara carolina sanchez guerra
    kiara carolina sanchez guerra

    Sm tiene vocalistas de oro no podría compararlos ni evaluar no se de música solo aprecio que sus voces en vivo o en un Mv son igual de preciosas

  • Aida Z
    Aida Z

    Not me thinking there's an actual SM group named F4 until I realized- ✋😭

  • Alejandra Ch.
    Alejandra Ch.

    Changmin, kyunhyun, jondae, baekhyun, jonghyun my favorites 😋💓

  • Özlem Çiftçi
    Özlem Çiftçi

    SHINee Onew !!!

  • Samah Abuqdais
    Samah Abuqdais

    Changmin has been my favourite in kpop since 2008 and will forever be

  • Gabriela Morales
    Gabriela Morales

    someone could tell me what is this shinee song in the minute 21:45

  • I'll kidnap Jk someday
    I'll kidnap Jk someday

    SHINee are kings vocals..Where is Onew and taemin? U look that you don't know them at all..this list is incomplete 🙂👎

  • Just Saram
    Just Saram


  • Meenu Rose
    Meenu Rose

    XIA Always At The Top. Sweet aswell powerful voice XIA always touches the soul of the song when singing.Specially expressing emotions through singing is the greatest quality of a singer. And he has all the range. Actually through this video its not possible to understand singer's voice in clarity. But as an outsider I hv listened to all of them. My fav is XIA 👌 He has always something in special while singing,that other singers lack.

  • Thasorn Kutchasuwanmanee
    Thasorn Kutchasuwanmanee

    EXO vocalsㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Aimee Austria
    Aimee Austria

    ONEW too ♥️ One of the most unique vocals I've heard with a wide range. SHINee themselves are very stable

  • Qtzi U
    Qtzi U

    From my first moment in KPop I Learned that SM have the best vocalists. Not only because of their high notes. But I was amazed at how many KPop groups cannot do basic harmony. SM could have an impromptu choir within SM singers. Without fail they could do it. Every singer you mentioned come from my favorite groups.

  • Mycoh Lacaulan
    Mycoh Lacaulan

    Changmin's high notes are legendary.

  • Tori Céline
    Tori Céline


  • baby Olman
    baby Olman

    Jonghyun and khunyu hit the f5 note

  • baby Olman
    baby Olman

    An F4 note is the sound of Celine Dion in a song All By Myself of the difficult song to sing ...These guys didnt reach an F5 note

  • scabiosa25

    may i ask what is the title of the song in the beginning of video clip?.. its sound familiar but i cant seem to recall the song

  • Shalma Debbarma
    Shalma Debbarma

    6:33 what's the title of the song??

    • JeonJK6002동방탄

      @Shalma Debbarma no problem 😊👍🏼

    • Shalma Debbarma
      Shalma Debbarma

      @JeonJK6002동방탄 thanks 🙏

    • JeonJK6002동방탄

      'JYJ - SO SO' if im not mistaken

  • Christine Müller
    Christine Müller

    Bling bling 💙

  • Taekookie Monster
    Taekookie Monster

    Ok but where is Luna? She had maybe the best female vocal in sm

  • Taekookie Monster
    Taekookie Monster

    Chenle was born rich so his parents bought him his own concert and he was like 8 or smth and he had such a beautiful voice I couldn’t believe it

  • Taekookie Monster
    Taekookie Monster

    Onew is an underrated vocal. He made a high note that was like 30 seconds I got a heart attack

  • what's my name?
    what's my name?

    Lmao I'm so lost what does this all mean with f g 4 etc :') i can only hear stuff but I don't know the technical stuff 💀🤣🤣

  • Harry Choy
    Harry Choy

    I am ELF…but Jonghyun is the best. Kyuhyun second, then Ryeowook, and then Yesung. Third tier Chen, then D.O. Baekhyun is not stable… Personally I don’t know much about TVXQ, I can’t comment.

  • Miguel Navarro
    Miguel Navarro

    for me it's always gonna be TVXQ's Changmin Jaejoong and Junsu.


    Junsu voice wow

  • imani

    :53 what song is this?

    • JeonJK6002동방탄

      Hug - TVXQ (around 3:20)

  • Shindong Lover
    Shindong Lover

    I only have one word......iloveshindong🥰🥰🥰🥰


      good for u

  • Pamela Gutiérrez
    Pamela Gutiérrez

    7:08 What a master voice!!! 😳


      Xia junsu of jyj Ex tvxq

  • nila akhidatul nisa
    nila akhidatul nisa


  • anamuti micky
    anamuti micky

    Yoochun bukan main Vokalis di TVXQ tapi bisa High Note tinggi bnget di lagu Bolero & love in the ice. Teknik yg di pake GK main" njir.. make whistle-voice & Super head-voice Jaejoong di lagu Tonight jga make teknik whistle-voice Make

    • anamuti micky
      anamuti micky

      @JeonJK6002동방탄 iya itu lagu tinggi bnget ya tapi dia bisa nyanyiin dengan ciri khasnya

    • JeonJK6002동방탄

      Masa dia nyanyi lagu One Last Cry pon not bad 🥰🥰

  • ikfina farika
    ikfina farika

    tetep suju di hati ap lgi yesung ma ryeowook klau lagu nada tinggi penuh emosi bnget...

  • Sapphire Blue
    Sapphire Blue

    SM vocalist are the best.. but SUJU KRY always leaves me breathless Everytime they sing together! This trio is SM real treasure! 💙

  • unanida88

    Changmin is the best in my opinion 😍😍

  • Cannis Y
    Cannis Y

    Best TVXQ!! Full vocal team~ No doubt~

  • Nicole


  • SP T
    SP T

    I’m glad you added DB5K!

  • aurolaf

    you should've added their name because the higher they go the harder it is to recognize who's who

  • Bella

    Changmin, Jonghyun, D.O. have so much soul into their singing🥺😭😢 IT'S JUST BEAUTIFUL

  • astrid halena
    astrid halena

    KRY 😍

  • breakthesilence 8008
    breakthesilence 8008

    I love all SM's male main vocalist don't get me wrong..i'm also a fan of suju & shinee bf . As time goes by, now it's 2021 this vid is 3 years back. Some vocalists are improving. For me Chen, Beakhyun & D.O are the game changer. Esp when they can finally show their true colors through solos. Every single one of them are different but if they're combined together it makes something even bigget in a best/unique way possible. From the day i first listened to exo's vocals, i knew, there was something special about them that makes them stand out the most from many other talented vocalists up there. They somewhat open the door for me & make me realize how a singer can impress people even without doing crazy high notes everytime. (Im not saying exo cant' do high notes, in fact in their recent albums proved it... even more higher than before) As long as you know your range, potential, specialities & teqnique you can be as good as other singers. In the term 'diversity', 'uniqness' , 'bold' in SM's dictionary it belongs to them.

  • ljmae strong
    ljmae strong


  • malak nasr
    malak nasr


  • Brenchiamilanima


  • Sky King
    Sky King

    Suju having KRY really makes them unbeatable, but SM just has so many talented powerhouse vocalists it's insane Jonghyun's breath control is godlike. Baekhyun has improved so much.

  • Aracelys Mendoza
    Aracelys Mendoza

    Esta lista no está completa sin los demás integrantes de SHINee!!! Faltan ONEW, KEY y TaeMin.

  • Oh!SONE

    Changmin won

  • sNeakysPider _buttons
    sNeakysPider _buttons

    11:17, song name please. I know it is tvxq but cannot find the song. 😭

    • sNeakysPider _buttons
      sNeakysPider _buttons


    • Olga Panassyouk
      Olga Panassyouk

      JYJ' s song

    • Olga Panassyouk
      Olga Panassyouk


  • Anne

    Where is Onew tho

  • Ace Haley
    Ace Haley

    People sleep on ONEW like he doesn’t hold the longest note in Kpop history. And Constantly gave jonghyun a run for his money

  • Suzana Samaar
    Suzana Samaar


  • Laras Pradina
    Laras Pradina

    Miss my beloved TVXQ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Haven Sohn
    Haven Sohn

    Yesung usually is very underrated but when the man sings its like emotions of a thousand broken hearts are just embedded onto that voice.

  • Sara Kim Jonghyun
    Sara Kim Jonghyun

    TVXQ- Changmin, jaejoong, Junsu SUJU- kyuhyun, ryewook, yesung SHINee- Jonghyun, Onew( I'm not included TAEMIN, because He said, He is not a natural born singer, He is a natural born dancer) EXO- Chen, Baekhyun, D.O NCT- Taeyeong The best vocals in SMTOWN but don't compare anyone to JONGHYUN because is voice is very² unique for me Can you see his performance PICASSO STRANGER BURNING UP EXCUSE ME MISS EVERYBODY PLEASE DON'T GO CLUE+NOTE+SHERLOCK BREAKING NEWS DREAM GIRL DxDxD YI SI FUERA ELLA CRAZY His voice so unique and power Many idols recognize him🙏

    • Sara Kim Jonghyun
      Sara Kim Jonghyun

      @FORATRA LEPAI wow Thankyou🤗


      @Sara Kim Jonghyun yeah,i'm multi and i love Shinee

    • Sara Kim Jonghyun
      Sara Kim Jonghyun

      @FORATRA LEPAI agree Are you shawol?


      Btw Jonghyun highnote on "stranger" are so amazing

    • Sara Kim Jonghyun
      Sara Kim Jonghyun

      @FORATRA LEPAI yes thankyou

  • zeinab s1992
    zeinab s1992


  • Joyce

    SM better treat their idols right because they're all awesome!!!!!

  • georgia xo
    georgia xo

    Tbh jonghyun the bestie killed it so good!

  • Fiey Kecikcinonet
    Fiey Kecikcinonet

    Lol..Ryeowook singing Bb4 while sitting on the moon.. Thats superior..

  • jhengchie

    Now this will need an update since NCT's vocalists are nailing their high notes too especially Xiaojun 😊

  • jhengchie

    What sets KRY apart is that they are a unit and the way they harmonize, compliment and support each others' voices. all of them (SM vocalists) are amazing vocalists not just for belting high notes but with how they utilize their vocal techniques. And a lot of them had ventured as musical/theater actors and that takes skills too since it's a different technique as well

  • baek.urmylight

    All are god tier but Baekhyun & Kyuhyun are the two who can leave me in tears with just their vocals.

  • Candik Ayunikmah
    Candik Ayunikmah

    kry's harmony still gave me goosebumps

  • Rita Barra
    Rita Barra

    Popular opinion: SM have the best vocals.

  • J* B.I. love 6v6
    J* B.I. love 6v6

    I have to admit that sm vocal isn't a joke but SHINee, SJ, Tvxq is just masterpiece 🔥

    • Sara Kim Jonghyun
      Sara Kim Jonghyun


  • durarara

    Kyuhyun's high notes don't 'look' high. Does he even know how to strain his voice? His technique is so good.

  • dxdxd kino
    dxdxd kino

    It's not just about technique and hitting high notes. Especially SHINee 5 & TVXQ 5 has really great voices. Touching people's heart is the most important for me

    • JeonJK6002동방탄

      Yup.. indeed exactly perfectly correct *chef kiss* 😁

  • FRC

    For me : 1st Yesung💙 2nd Kyuhyun 3rd Ryeowook Conclusion: KRY is the best among them (for me) But I admit, there is no bad voice in SM. Proud to be a SM stand ❤️

  • ltm_

    I'm waiting for Onew 💕💕💕💕💕


    People usually forget Shinee Onew and he remains unnoticed because of his effortless and calm aura.. and Taemin gets overshadowed because of his dancing skills.. SM vocals are power vocals but this list according to me remains incomplete without Onew and Taemin.

  • Andrea

    K.R.Y 💙😌💙 Yesung's voice still amazes me to this day. To have such deep, cool, raspy voice reaching such hight notes that do not sound pitchy at all is simply a masterpiece 💕 When he sings ballads it really sounds heartbreaking, when he sings pop-rock it's so powerful and strong it will blow you away, and when he sings bubbly retro pop it magically sounds warm and cute despite his natural cool tone ☁️🥰

  • Filosofía2020

    Yesung ❤️

  • my A tiny Shawol
    my A tiny Shawol

    For me the most powerful voices in SM is our JONGHYUN..


      Jonghyun voice are beautiful

    • Sara Kim Jonghyun
      Sara Kim Jonghyun


  • nezha el ghazi
    nezha el ghazi

    Exo men vocals and Shine jenghyun are special

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique

    Jonghyun and Chen still manage to mix up to G#5 Baek, and Key from SHINee who didn't appear in the video, can also mix up to Bb5

  • Song Shen
    Song Shen

    Jae Joong is my bias of all time. You forgot he can do whistle register ( song: tonight).

  • The EXO Universe
    The EXO Universe

    All these artist would not be in sm if they weren't talented, tvxq's vocals always impress me

  • Yadira Mena Pérez
    Yadira Mena Pérez

    Now the higest note is from exo Baekhyun c6!!!!

  • mbr708

    I think they are all so extraordinary that there is no point in comparing. All kings.

  • Chelle Kim
    Chelle Kim

    They are all great when it comes to singing but I think you forgot SHINee Onew. His voice is very distinct.

  • Leninha Martins
    Leninha Martins

    Shinee bling bling

  • 샴페인델라크루즈

    Aw hell nah you did not just exclude Jonghyun's and Key's high notes from their Like A Fire performance. Check it out and think about what you missed.

  • Natsu

    changmin~♡amazing voice😍😍😍😍

  • x33Joycelyn

    kyuhyun best technique wise

  • Weird Noise
    Weird Noise

    They are all powerful. They all stand out. I can't think with a bias.

  • edie-darling Yang
    edie-darling Yang

    SM artists are so talented. I love them ♥️