Lil Tjay - Calling My Phone (ft. 6LACK) [1 Hour Loop] (Lyrics)
Official loop of ''Calling My Phone" by Lil Tjay & 6LACK

  • T_T

    LINEKawasakiuser-183966fhjk kidsjimmy

  • MEZ.mittro Mitro
    MEZ.mittro Mitro

    Hey I love this song but the part we’re it goes I can’t get u off my mind me and my friends shout it in class literally bruh

  • Papi_ Zac
    Papi_ Zac

    Bro I luv u man this song going over and over again without adds is amazing this songs putts me in my feels and i cant stop crying😥😖 Thank you man you i hope the best of you and ur career🤗

  • Sean jr Jr
    Sean jr Jr

    Love the song🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • CassDoesStuff

    I can't.. And I try.

    • 1 Hour Loops
      1 Hour Loops

      You will be okay, the darkest nights make the brightest stars. Head up.

  • Jessica Moton
    Jessica Moton

    Get you off my mind I can't get you off my mind

  • Ironkid367

    There was 888 coments

  • Ahmyiah Griffin
    Ahmyiah Griffin

    I love the song

  • Day-Day


  • Youtube omega
    Youtube omega

    Kids are so use this as montage music

  • Journee Ridgeway
    Journee Ridgeway

    Me:who wanna sing with me Everyone:leave me lone

  • Journee Ridgeway
    Journee Ridgeway

    Me:who else is like this song fire Everyone: steady callin my phone

  • Janisha Alexander
    Janisha Alexander

    He did that 💯🎯🤝

  • Ahmyiah Griffin
    Ahmyiah Griffin

    Me to

  • Ahmyiah Griffin
    Ahmyiah Griffin

    I like it

  • Epic undertale Bro’s
    Epic undertale Bro’s

    Thank you for the 1 hour this is so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Faith Ramos
    Faith Ramos

    I’m so addicted to the song.



  • Dylan Hickox
    Dylan Hickox

    I like little tj calling my phone

  • Jayden Foster
    Jayden Foster

    Lil tjay are you in your feelings?

  • 23tashtash

    im gonna sing this to ma girl if we break up

  • Mano Sorg
    Mano Sorg

    This Song is a legend.


    Lls maaaane who made this 💓🙌💪

  • visaual tv
    visaual tv

    I can't get you off my mind now

  • visaual tv
    visaual tv

    I can't get off my mind

  • Gamer Kwt
    Gamer Kwt


  • Rocco Kyurkchyan
    Rocco Kyurkchyan

    i love this song i get starbucks and listen to this

  • liron steinmetz
    liron steinmetz

    I can always do a song with one hour while reading a book or something but this song I just sang for one hour straight nothing, laying in my bed, full blast and it just felt good. Edit: I just can’t with This song. Now it is my favorite loop been 4 hours and I am still listening. Ps. I just looped the loop. That is how

  • Ahmyiah Griffin
    Ahmyiah Griffin


  • itsskullz YT
    itsskullz YT

    I can get u out of my mind i can get u out my mind is fire *up*

  • Iker H. Cruz
    Iker H. Cruz

    when your gf broke up with you one second ago then you listen to this 😑

  • Gamer_ Bro_
    Gamer_ Bro_

    love this song

  • Dyversity Music
    Dyversity Music


  • Stacey Rivers
    Stacey Rivers

    The Hold that part hit different yall

  • Khadeedra Smith
    Khadeedra Smith

    1000 liltjay calln my phone hi defrent

  • Makhi Bunyon
    Makhi Bunyon

    the songs i like are babies comopared to this song.

  • Litia Carver
    Litia Carver

    It’s bangles I hate you yeah just get the feels good no joke

  • Team gungod
    Team gungod

    No cap u should make 1 hour loop of Mickey mouse version of this that be bussin

  • Jamarion Crawford
    Jamarion Crawford

    On god

  • Colex

    This song hits so good it’s just crazy bro like this so prob my fav song

  • charles bridges
    charles bridges

    Yeah I know like it's so good

  • Greg Murphy
    Greg Murphy


  • Wicks Candles & Co.
    Wicks Candles & Co.


  • Lavon Holt
    Lavon Holt

    this song make me cry

  • Dino Slavicek
    Dino Slavicek

    Song is in my head!

  • Sin Dawg of LNMS
    Sin Dawg of LNMS

    He’s actually saying “I CAN get you off my mind now “ js world love ✌🏽

  • Ng Terence
    Ng Terence

    keep it on dude nice music dont bother your viewer only people who watch will deserve it

  • Son Arey Paige
    Son Arey Paige

    I felt this 🔥🔥i cant get u out my mind

  • Estela Corral
    Estela Corral

    Love this song

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez

    stedy calling my pphone i told u before thats its over leave me alone.... i wont go back but trust me u gon hold that...

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez

    i wont go back but trust me u gon hold that

  • Jace Starcher
    Jace Starcher

    The song you say your ex to listen to when she wants you back

  • OliwciaX X
    OliwciaX X

    Revelation!! 💕

  • Huzaifa Javed
    Huzaifa Javed


  • Riley Scholes
    Riley Scholes

    My fave part is “get you off my mind now I can’t get you off my mind now I can’t get you off my mind now I can’t get you off my mind now I can’t get you off my mind now I can’t get you off my mind now I can’t get you off my mind now I can’t get you off my mind

  • MD - 04DL 836392 Homestead PS
    MD - 04DL 836392 Homestead PS


  • Azan Raja
    Azan Raja

    There is a girl at my school I kinda like her the school year is about to end plus she said she likes 2 boys in my class. Should I just tell her ? I will keep u updated plus the part I can’t get u off my mind hits me HARD.

  • Hoàng Tên Hoàng
    Hoàng Tên Hoàng

    I cant get you off my mind

  • savage 2k158
    savage 2k158

    Can u nle choppa beat box next

  • Alex Neufeldt
    Alex Neufeldt

    Hello i sup and Like :)

  • Jamie Rogers
    Jamie Rogers

    I ant tryna no games my love im one of a kind coudnt fake my love earthquake make something shake my love most of them cant even relate my love

  • Ebonee Griffin
    Ebonee Griffin


  • Ebonee Griffin
    Ebonee Griffin

    Earphones CEOs ( do something!..)

  • Ebonee Griffin
    Ebonee Griffin


  • Ebonee Griffin
    Ebonee Griffin

    Lemon.. Samsung while your speakers in my face

  • Ebonee Griffin
    Ebonee Griffin

    You got that Norway eye clinic while I'm on dis Russian eye clinic... Play on

  • Ebonee Griffin
    Ebonee Griffin

    Easy babe easy...

  • Ebonee Griffin
    Ebonee Griffin

    Easiest way to control somebody take away what they love oh be gentle with me

  • Ebonee Griffin
    Ebonee Griffin

    The words out my man

    • Ebonee Griffin
      Ebonee Griffin

      Liljay.. BLACK..why u doin this to it!heeey💯

  • mason gaming
    mason gaming

    This song is so good

  • Concetta Robinson
    Concetta Robinson

    100 likes for me

  • fares zumot
    fares zumot

    This song is fire. No CAP

  • Concetta Robinson
    Concetta Robinson


  • garraff yt
    garraff yt

    who disliked this

  • Addie Evans
    Addie Evans

    I listen to it on all my devices 3 times a piece I’m hooked

  • BZ Fearce
    BZ Fearce

    This song hit different when you activate

  • Alethea Hall
    Alethea Hall

    and i love the part that says stody calling my phone

  • Alethea Hall
    Alethea Hall

    i love your song by the way i play it all the time

  • Edward De La Rosa
    Edward De La Rosa

    Ok we need to text are crush saying i cant get u off my mind


    Can you make a 1hour of 6lacks verse only?

  • Francoise Assaf
    Francoise Assaf

    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Oliver Blackmore
    Oliver Blackmore

    Love it my fav song

  • Farish Aiman
    Farish Aiman

    I hope this song will never gets old

  • Ruben Antunes
    Ruben Antunes

    I CAN GET YOU OFF MY MIND ❤ 🧡 ❤ 💛 💚 💚

  • Itz Fantasy
    Itz Fantasy

    pov: your too addicted to the song

  • Teddy_ bxiii
    Teddy_ bxiii

    Ik someone said this already but isn't funny how we all love we the song but are favorite part is " I can't get you out my mind" also how many of y'all exactly listened to the whole video?

    • Teddy_ bxiii
      Teddy_ bxiii

      @Khloe assasin IKR LOL 😂😂😂🤣

    • Khloe assasin
      Khloe assasin

      @Teddy_ bxiii me😂

    • Teddy_ bxiii
      Teddy_ bxiii

      Also who listened to this while cleaning it room?

  • Alex Shipsey
    Alex Shipsey

    I love it too , its like the best

  • Easton Freeman
    Easton Freeman

    Best song

  • David Bickers
    David Bickers

    This is such a good song


    "earth quake make sum shake my love,Most of 'em can't even relate, my love" hits different

  • Lyssa Jones
    Lyssa Jones

    That "i Can't Get You Out Of Mind" Part It Got All The Fame No Cap!!

  • Crazy Man
    Crazy Man

    It’s only when your single

  • Cennn Cityyy
    Cennn Cityyy

    i cant get u out of my mind part hits different ngl

  • Gillian Murphy
    Gillian Murphy


  • Sophia Brown
    Sophia Brown


  • Romell Owens
    Romell Owens

    But trust me gone hold dat@$

  • Silent Yohan
    Silent Yohan

    the perrrrr is my favourite lol

  • Kymani Sheard
    Kymani Sheard

    Perfect song for drawing

  • Cristopher Asencion
    Cristopher Asencion


  • Slick Marius
    Slick Marius

    The part I can't get you out my mind makes me burst into tears 😭😭