Grimes & i_o - Violence (Official Video)
New album 'Miss Anthropocene' out now:

'Violence' by Grimes \u0026 i_o, out now:

Director: Grimes
Producer: Mac Boucher
Dop: Neil Hansen
Edit: Grimes and Mac Boucher
Production Coordinator: Luke Arreguin
Creative Consultant: Alexandra Parker

Choreo!: Natsuki Miya!
Alyson Van
Charissa Kroeger
Isis Woodruff
Symone Holliday
Tina Jackson

Nude Corpse: Hana

Title Card Image: Popovy Sisters
Animation: Chiara Feriani
Graphic: Mac Boucher
Globe girl: Ryder Ripps

Styling: Turner Turner
Hair: Chanel Croker
Makeup: Natasha Severino
Art Assistant: Blake Hilton

1st AC: Jay Janocko
2nd AC: Michael Carrino

Gaffer: Drew Valenti
Key Grip: Tyler Johnson Williams
LCP: Zane Blanchar
Grip: Stuart Lock
Grip: Andrew Petroski
Grip: Daniel Vasquez
BBG: Thomas Platt
Grip Driver: Aram

SLT: Garret Williams
SLT: Josh Day
SLT: Noah Cruz

Truck PA: Aaron Harper
PA. Kevin Wilson
PA. Alex Aaronson
PA. Jacob Adams


I'm, like, begging for it baby

makes u wanna party, wanna wake up
baby its violence

but u cant see what I see-
Cuz u, haha,
U feed off hurting me, love - hurting me, like,

u wanna make me bad

and i like it like that !

u wanna pay me back?

pay me back..

said i like it like that.

~🖤 In Memory of Lauren Valencia 🖤 ~

  • Luna

    3:26 those toy dogs lol

  • Sarai

    this song is soo good

  • Miku 182
    Miku 182

    Quentin tarantino's favorite song

  • Guillermo Aguirre
    Guillermo Aguirre

    Iris van herpen is always the move

  • H2oJames93

    why did she blur the book like isnt the book copyright free loll

  • I watched this video on a Chinese music app,and the book she holds in hands called the art of war ,so why can’t I see this book on SVsoft

  • Kauê Vampire
    Kauê Vampire

    no final ela vem com o salto e manda um beijo.

  • Victoria

    Wtf was that. Music... No.. propoganda yes.. god that was crap

  • dachshunds channel
    dachshunds channel

    mugler prada fashion show?

  • Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee


  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    Why was the title of the book censored?

  • djef ardeur
    djef ardeur

    This song embodies the age of aquarius really well.

  • chickletmonstah

    Hmm I wonder if that censored book is twilight? 🤔

  • L R
    L R

    I absolutely love the way she dances!!

  • Time Lapse
    Time Lapse

    RIP i_o

  • MigglesTheGidget

    Fav part 3:31

  • alexandria juarez
    alexandria juarez

    Does anyone know who the dancer in all black, blue hair, cherry blossom going from leg to stomach, is??

  • Weaboo Avatar
    Weaboo Avatar

    Why is Hana on the floor?

  • RudeVol

    This reminds me of Bjork.

  • Евгений Сундиков
    Евгений Сундиков

    Почему книгу зацензурили? Там ведь ничего страшного не было написано.

  • DJ Micaiah
    DJ Micaiah

    The Rezz remix is bangin

  • oisin rochford
    oisin rochford

    Pov: the book from the start was an ancient script of spaghetti recipes

  • byrdy

    Sellout, gross

  • Dustin Tacohands
    Dustin Tacohands

    Why was that book blurred??

  • Andrew Whitlatch
    Andrew Whitlatch

    This is an extremely underrated song. Shit like this brings people together, this needs to be blasted over loud speakers in every city.

  • Kristina Cvetković
    Kristina Cvetković

    She is an alien.

  • Aleksander Klimek
    Aleksander Klimek

    Im a metalhead, and this is awsome!!!

  • 1133

    PLANDEMIC ECOLOGIC AGENDA 21 2030-2077 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂⬛👁️

  • 1133

    FACE 🐸

  • 1133

    11+11+11=33 Masonic total PLANDEMIC

  • 1133

    Es el libro del arte de la guerra.. Lo difumina por qué se le fue la pinza puesto que es un video dedicado ocultamente a la plandemia.

  • 1133

    Cara rana comunista plandemica

    • Karla Estrada
      Karla Estrada

      No mames

  • Flegmatika

    why did they censor the book?

    • 1133

      Es el libro del arte de la guerra. Lo difumina por qué se le fue la pinza puesto que es un video dedicado ocultamente a la plandemia.

  • banana bread
    banana bread

    I'm completely obsessed with this choreogaphy!

  • The Universe
    The Universe

    Predictive programming. They knew of the agenda before it happened and helped push the conditioning.

    • Pelendralaar94

      @Karla Estrada I believe this 100% no doubts about it

    • Karla Estrada
      Karla Estrada

      Do y'all actually believe this, or just posting for shits and giggles?

    • Pelendralaar94

      yeah and the blurred out book "Art of War" is about waging wars secretly...which fits perfectly when you think about what they are planning and how they are achieving their goals.

    • Workshop With Tory
      Workshop With Tory

      @thatsnotagoodidea She's a communist, feminist, pro-Biden, progressive, vegan, ecostupid, etc.

    • thatsnotagoodidea

      Or they were trying to warn folk. Not all of the elite are on board. Trump tried to help.

  • Samantha 89.
    Samantha 89.

    Gets me every time 🔥

  • Hyder Shariff
    Hyder Shariff

    its alright, but its sort of hard to make out what shes saying

  • BobbyeLee Turnbough
    BobbyeLee Turnbough

    Grimes sound has a wicked affect on in & thru me...I'm instantly thrust N 2 an Out of Body Experience ~ astral projection!

  • Alejandra Rodriguez Gaviria
    Alejandra Rodriguez Gaviria

    2019 and Masks :O

  • Aleydé Lopehandía
    Aleydé Lopehandía

    Este sonido es tan galáctico

  • Rodrigo Coelho
    Rodrigo Coelho

    i miss anti imperialist grimes

  • Pavni Th
    Pavni Th

    I’ve listened to this on repeat for 7 days straight and I do not plan on stopping soon :D

  • Elizabeth Nguyen
    Elizabeth Nguyen

    I wanna hear her real voice without the autotune.

  • sakke grönqvist
    sakke grönqvist


  • SERGEI Dolgachov
    SERGEI Dolgachov

    Продала душу дьяволу

  • EddyGraphic

    Way ahead of its time, they were wearing masks in 2019

  • Khloe Sandoval
    Khloe Sandoval

    I had not realized this song was about abuse in a relationship until now until it becomes relatable unfortunately.

  • Дарья Козменкова
    Дарья Козменкова

    так странно что в начале по русским написано «насилие»

    • Miss Bond
      Miss Bond

      У нее бабка русскаЯ и сама она знает русский и много читала

  • Higor Mayk
    Higor Mayk


    • 1133


  • Marta Amat
    Marta Amat

    The dress is amazing!

  • Aryan Singh
    Aryan Singh

    Who's here after doja new song.?

  • xxxx vitor ◇◇
    xxxx vitor ◇◇

    eai diegor

    • Diego Leme
      Diego Leme

      Eai juliar

  • Thiagø Souza
    Thiagø Souza

    Nunca enjoo dessa obra de arte. Sempre tenho que repetir o vídeo pelo menos umas 3 vezes.

  • YaWaRa UcKeh
    YaWaRa UcKeh

    Cl.air.e ma mer. Y watching U

  • Robert Koopman
    Robert Koopman

    Double art. Blurred out, thanks to moister.

  • Kika Soran
    Kika Soran

    Maybe she knew what is coming and it was a crypto message;)

  • Anderson Luis
    Anderson Luis

    Wanessa Wolf me trouxe aqui! kkkk

  • Nayeli Hernandez
    Nayeli Hernandez

    🖤rip i_o 🖤444🖤

  • Bruno Fernandez
    Bruno Fernandez

    and this kids its how i met the pandemic

  • Don't Trip
    Don't Trip

    This whole album is great but it makes a few strange nods to later events

  • regina mountaincross
    regina mountaincross

    Im not gay but after this video i might be


    2021 anyone

  • Charana

    The video, for me, feels like that is her castle, her kingdom, and she is the war lord and her people/warriors who help her run it. I really like it. a goddess warlord xD (。♥‿♥。)

  • Electro Spot
    Electro Spot

    i_o the producer of this song committed suicide shortly after making this song. He is seen for a second in the video @3:19. RIP i_o, we love you.

    • Electro Spot
      Electro Spot

      @Wu Tango yes, I was a big fan of i_o and have a couple mixes I made of his music on my channel. Wouldn't joke about it. He was on Mau5trap record label, had everything going for him.

    • Wu Tango
      Wu Tango

      Omg are you serious

  • MiKe Gallardo
    MiKe Gallardo

    when I feel bad, I return to this video to listen it, it is relaxing, i love it

  • Andy J
    Andy J

    grimes is nostradamus confirmed 0:52

  • Ed Davis
    Ed Davis

    50k of the views for this video came from my phone/pc/tablet this week alone. I'm obsessed with this right now.

  • Son Of Death
    Son Of Death

    Muy bueno. El vídeo además genial.

  • baby pink youngjae agenda
    baby pink youngjae agenda

    People dreaming of going to mars but the humanity is crumbling beneath their feet.

  • Keefer

    A genius Canadian.

  • First Name
    First Name

    She seems so pure, who wouldn't be jealous of her.

  • Conan Gusmão
    Conan Gusmão

    Why does it cover the book that we all know what it is ? '-'

    • Don't Trip
      Don't Trip

      The Book is an edition of - The Art of War by Sun Tzu

  • Glicine

    What is this book?

    • Don't Trip
      Don't Trip

      An Edition of - The Art of War by Sun Tzu

  • Axel Örn
    Axel Örn

    I wonder why youtube tries to hide the book she is holding, The Art Of War. It is a bit peculiar.

    • Don't Trip
      Don't Trip

      It is not SVsoft that Blurring is from the original Video was to make people guess what it is

  • Mr Right
    Mr Right

    She played the game well. Get pregnant by the world's richest man. Well played Grimes, you'll never have to work another day in your life!

  • saber

    Guess we know the date the virus was actually released.......

    • Don't Trip
      Don't Trip

      Around Sep/Oct 2019

  • B Cullen
    B Cullen

    She knew

  • Maria Del Castillo Tapiador Paredes
    Maria Del Castillo Tapiador Paredes

    Una pena que sea satánica y comunista.

  • Shadman

    wooooow 😍😍Great

  • Lisa Ancel
    Lisa Ancel

    Needs more cow bell.

  • twizatch

    Department store music

  • Lil Fxckwad
    Lil Fxckwad


  • C

    I love the intro to this song. Does anyone know of any songs with this style?

    • C

      @Don't Trip thanks!

    • Don't Trip
      Don't Trip

      Just look around Hyper Pop Genre

  • Heather Ford
    Heather Ford

    Community Guidelines

  • BloodyR3ap3r

    How the hell was this made in September 2019 but a whole year passed and we’re in june

  • Юра Смирнов
    Юра Смирнов

    Ахаха, книгу уже замылили

  • Heather Anderson
    Heather Anderson

    My favorite song & music video of hers. She's like a little fairy. Super adorable.

    • Humberto Maldonado
      Humberto Maldonado

      You are also

  • steven flores
    steven flores

    this song is something else

  • E MAZE33
    E MAZE33


  • Princeley Fernandes
    Princeley Fernandes

    Loona Stan's where you at

  • grahamyodude

    This sounds like something you would hear at an intergalactic alien fashion show.

  • Faded Fay
    Faded Fay

    I love grimes, once saw her at a coffee shop like a decade n a half NYC, was my stomping grounds at the time. I listened to grimes since genesis, realiti ,I rocked to this before she was cool lol! Kidding tho they've always been cool

  • Helloo Karen
    Helloo Karen

    Ethereal Pisces Queen! We Stan!!!

  • ʟᴏɴᴇᴠᴇɴᴛʜᴏʀɪᴢᴏɴ

    This is fuckin sick!

  • La lune Le diable
    La lune Le diable

    listen in space😼

  • Joshua MacNeil-Gordon
    Joshua MacNeil-Gordon

    this song is awful, anyone who likes this deserves nothing but pain and suffering.

  • Fernandho Pérez
    Fernandho Pérez

    - V I O L E N C E -

  • Liam Skinner
    Liam Skinner

    Hardest song 🎧 too harder

  • Dead Explorer
    Dead Explorer

    This reminds me of a 90s track One by One by Robert Miles, but their theme is almost the exact opposite.

  • Benjamin Washington
    Benjamin Washington

    Why is the art of war censored

    • Don't Trip
      Don't Trip

      A clue