2020 Bahrain Grand Prix: Race Highlights
A day for relief rather than celebration after Romain Grosjean's gut-wrenching crash. The 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix put F1 drivers, teams and fans through every emotion.
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  • Josephine Burrows
    Josephine Burrows

    That looked very nasty indeed🇨🇵

  • Chocolatecake 2897
    Chocolatecake 2897

    That crash was so bad that nobody really mentioned albon getting a podium

  • Luca Serafinini
    Luca Serafinini

    It's a grpsjean's mistakes, because when he goes to the right inside, he don't see the mirrors

  • Star Kids
    Star Kids

    Daniil Kvyat was involved in 2 crashes in the same race

  • Neutral Warlord 2
    Neutral Warlord 2

    Grosjean's crash is terrifying but it was lucky for him to escape thanks to the Halo

  • TheThreeTwats


  • Giusy Parisi
    Giusy Parisi

    No fault of Kvyat

  • Alp C
    Alp C

    Perez is so unlucky in Bahrain.

  • Darius Edwin
    Darius Edwin

    Who is here after Nikita Mazepin spun out at the same corner in the Haas

  • TheGreatLoco

    The torpedo strikes twice, almost decapitated and burned alive Grosjean, then almost decapitated Stroll.

    • Lloyd Callaghan
      Lloyd Callaghan

      You can’t blame Kvyat for what happened to Grosjean.

  • Iramaia Santiago
    Iramaia Santiago

    o carro do perez pegou fogo do inferno

  • Iramaia Santiago
    Iramaia Santiago

    o kvyat trapaceou de novo

  • Iramaia Santiago
    Iramaia Santiago

    foi o kvyat

  • Iramaia Santiago
    Iramaia Santiago

    oh não o grosjean sofreu acidente


    INSSUPORTABLE ce type qui gueule comme çà !!

  • Aldo Flores
    Aldo Flores

    Can anybody tell me the narrator's name? Please

    • Aldo Flores
      Aldo Flores

      @Alec Hinshaw thank you very much!

    • Alec Hinshaw
      Alec Hinshaw

      David Croft And Martin Brundle. They call them sports commentators, my friend

  • S A
    S A

    They should never finish a race under yellows, just get the accident clear then add those laps back

  • Tom Harrowven
    Tom Harrowven

    I think Ericsson hit him...

  • Cenon Saranguero
    Cenon Saranguero

    Feel Invincible From The F1

    • Raditya Pramana Putra
      Raditya Pramana Putra

      Three times I saw your comment like that!😂

  • Cenon Saranguero
    Cenon Saranguero

    What Happened to Grosjean

    • yeet

      He retired

  • Stanley Lau
    Stanley Lau

    One more week to lights out in Bahrain.

  • Kevin O'Reilly
    Kevin O'Reilly

    A loose dog, an F1 employee running across the track right in front of cars, an exploding car, an upside down car, a car on fire...am i missing anything?

  • Ege Baran
    Ege Baran

    The race started wih fire and ended with fire.

  • Home History
    Home History

    Who will win the F1 championship in 2021 with the most attendances ??

  • Frosty Flakes
    Frosty Flakes

    Relieved about Grosjean but Kvyat must’ve been feeling real beat up after that race.. Two crashes he was involved in, one almost fatal.

  • Dhrutube

    So much happened in this race. Lewis still wins ._. I'm just glad all the drivers are okay.

  • xür

    in this situation somebody dont want that grojean died

  • Dream Squad
    Dream Squad

    The words that tramutized us all “and a big fire there at the exit of turn 3”

  • Freddie Webber
    Freddie Webber

    In the 90s it took Senna and Ratzenberger for the FIA to make the cars safer when it comes to high velocity crashes into something like a concrete wall. In 2010s it took Jules head hitting a crane at high velocity for them to realise that the head and neck are too vulnerable. Let's be thankful that they weren't forced into adding extra safety from demonstration but we shouldn't be happy that something like this can happen. The FIA need to act first before something or more likely someone forces their hand

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      And they magically know what the next incident will be.

  • Alfrado2712

    I never knew how mutch damage a could happen to an F1 car until I saw grosjeans crazy crash the car split in half iv enever seen anything like that in my 4 years of F1...

  • Simon Bell
    Simon Bell

    Hi to all my former friends and associates from Simba Enterprises motor sport ,Simonsteele Westmariner (Simon Bell)

  • Ricardo Aleman
    Ricardo Aleman

    Gra ias x los Subtitulos en Español.

  • hiyaaa

    is sakhir gp and bahrain gp the same? (sorry im a new f1 fan)

    • Lloyd Callaghan
      Lloyd Callaghan

      Bahrain GP was the normal layout; whereas Sakhir was the outer layout. The outer layout had fewer corners and much more of the lap was spent on the straights, meaning the times were much shorter.

    • yeet

      No Bahrain is the normal f1 track layout. Sakhir was only a one time thing

  • Сергей Лем
    Сергей Лем

    КВЯТ ,не виноват в обоих авариях !!!

  • يوميات ليدي
    يوميات ليدي

    bruh Mercedes always win it have taken over the f1 community they ruined the fairness of the race they have killed the mood of ferrari and redbull winners

  • Tianming Jiang
    Tianming Jiang

    Dani caused two crashes...

    • Kolec F1
      Kolec F1

      Bruh the first one was Romains fault. The 2nd one is imo racing incident

  • Riccardo Autelli
    Riccardo Autelli

    This race will be remembered for a very long time

  • Luu Duong Hy
    Luu Duong Hy

    This grand prix should been taked out of 2021 calendar because it was too dangerous

  • IAmPhos548

    We need more camera angles like that at 4:43... catching them braking into the corner was awesome

  • Sajid

    I am honest right now: I dont really cared about Romain. He was a normal driver like everyone else. But when i saw that there was a fire, i actually started crying. I couldnt belive that this just happend. When i saw that he was okay, i was so glad. This just proofs, how dangerous this sport is. Like if you agree.

    • Zechey

      nah it just proves how safe this sport is, being able to survive a wreck like that

  • Matt Prior
    Matt Prior

    As of watching this video again Romain grosjean has completed his first indycar test. Very very proud of him

  • Emonelo

    This is so much talking and SOO fast

  • Caiden Paul Channel
    Caiden Paul Channel

    When I saw this this was possibly the biggest accident I’ve seen out of all the years I’ve watched

  • Rusty Icepick
    Rusty Icepick

    DRS assisted?

  • ahmad al-harith
    ahmad al-harith

    0:27 you can see Grosjean try to get out on fire.

    • Michael Paq
      Michael Paq

      No, this is a Part of the car

    • Conal Mc Aleer
      Conal Mc Aleer


  • nitro stopmotions
    nitro stopmotions

    Kyviats trauma race

  • Tina Kovva
    Tina Kovva

    Did you know that it was only a little of the fuel.

  • Eric

    Grosjean was the luckiest guy alive

  • Alex Albon
    Alex Albon

    Im Hamilton Fan but Halo Wins

  • davidca96

    Lewis Lamelton wins, oh wow.

  • Luke Francis
    Luke Francis

    Even watching this now I cannot begin to fathom how miraculous it was he survived

  • Alex Felipe
    Alex Felipe

    Pq o título tá em português?

  • marukun_2525


  • Alessandro Barcio
    Alessandro Barcio

    Race results on bahrain grand prix 2020 1st Lewis Hamilton 44 Mercedes 2nd Max verstappen 33 red bull 3rd Alexander albon 23 red bull 4th Lando norris 4 Mclaren 5th Carlos sainz 55 Mclaren 6th Pierre Gasly 10 alphatauri 7th Daniel ricciardo 3 Renault 8th Vatteri bottas 77 Mercedes 9th esteban ocon 31 Renault 10th charles leclerc 16 Ferrari 11th danil kvyat 26 alphatauri 12th George russell 63 Williams 13th Sebastian vettel 5 Ferrari 14th Nicholas Latifi 6 Williams 15th kimi raikkonen 7 alfa romeo 16th Antonio giovinazzi 99 alfa romeo 17th Kevin magnussen 20 haas Dnf and 18th Sergio perez 11 Racing point Dnf Lance stroll 18 Racing point Dnf romain grosjean 8 haas (final race)

  • Billakos Papas
    Billakos Papas

    it has to be one of the worst accidents in the history of f1. So glad that the halo was on that car and so happy to see romain getting out of the car in time with minor injuries.

  • Xform Esports
    Xform Esports

    Grojeans car litrally exploded

  • Nasser LOUIZ
    Nasser LOUIZ

    The awake clave phytochemically identify because airplane critically groan like a abortive diploma. abject, mature push

  • I am stupid
    I am stupid

    wow they managed to make a car before sakhir

  • Ilyas zulkifli
    Ilyas zulkifli

    Both crashes was in contact with Kvyat

  • Ita G
    Ita G

    Rhetorical questions about how many are they doing for you and the only way

  • Ita G
    Ita G

    I’m happy 😃 I cannot is your birthday 🎁 toyo has come

  • Formula Montage
    Formula Montage

    1:49 why is it they restart on lap 3? I think that’s wrong, they obviously had a meeting and decided that the lap to the grid counts as a racing lap but I don’t think it should

  • Iqbal dobal balon Zahni maulana aal
    Iqbal dobal balon Zahni maulana aal

    Sergio Perez comes"go go

  • Penguin 27
    Penguin 27

    Did anyone notice those 2 big crashes both had Daniel Kvyat involved

    • Michael Paq
      Michael Paq

      Yeah, and it wasn't His fault at both accidents

  • 이현창

    halo saved his life

  • Magic Reverse
    Magic Reverse

    My dad race

  • KiyuTsu Kun
    KiyuTsu Kun


  • M. Fadhil Akbar
    M. Fadhil Akbar

    Can anyone tell me why Lando is just ahead of Gasly and Ocon at the restart?

  • Greatmate

    These highlights will never show you the agonising 2-3 minutes not knowing whether you've just seen an f1 driver get killed.

    • Michael Paq
      Michael Paq

      It was never 2-3 minutes, or? It felt Like Minimum 10

  • harielle jaden
    harielle jaden

    dude perzez and stroll and grojean there crash

  • S S
    S S

    Wow that was a bad crash and i heard it when i was taking some photos at the start of the race near the thank you our hero's sign if you were there you would know

  • DimiTube

    The halo saved his life from the miriculas crash

  • Jean-Aime MAVAR TAYEY
    Jean-Aime MAVAR TAYEY

    C. F1ma

  • Fabio Borcath
    Fabio Borcath

    0:22 MY BEST PART

  • Give me Da chipilin
    Give me Da chipilin

    Let’s take a moment to thank the halo and the fia for putting it there

  • Shirtless Banana
    Shirtless Banana

    Watching this live was so scary.. It’s not like a highlight where it looks bad but you knew he was alright, we had to wait it out for a while.. Glad he’s ok.

  • Tugay Terci
    Tugay Terci

    I like so much f1 my favorit is max verstappen netherland

  • Ñif Cosmic
    Ñif Cosmic

    I was really expecting Crofty to have a worse reaction after watching something so unbelievably scary.

  • Angelito de Jesus
    Angelito de Jesus

    Nc Gro Nc Str Nc Per

    • Angelito de Jesus
      Angelito de Jesus

      Lance Stroll 🚶‍♀️

  • Atharva mestry
    Atharva mestry

    Daniil Kvyat And Lance Stroll coming in middle And Stroll Gots Flip into Daniil Kvyat

  • Atharva mestry
    Atharva mestry

    After Lance Stroll Also Crash

  • Shab. B
    Shab. B

    So Dani Kvyat causes 2 incidents in the same night

  • Kerem Erdi
    Kerem Erdi

    But keep hating grosjean...

  • Zak Morgan
    Zak Morgan

    So Kvyat almost killed two people in this race

  • MMS Nafida Show
    MMS Nafida Show

    اخوكم المتواضع!! من فضلكم ادعموني على قناتي بالاشتراك ربي يجعلها لكم في ميزان حسناتكم... قناتي دات محتوى ممتع ويتضمن كل المجالات! بكل تأكيد ستعجبكم. شكرا لكم

  • Jordan 23
    Jordan 23

    If one word was to be given to this race it would be fire

  • Joep Kiewiet
    Joep Kiewiet

    Hamilton Verstappen Albon

  • Hanna Aryati
    Hanna Aryati

    grosjean in ok this big fire

  • Neil Burns
    Neil Burns

    I vote for this race......

  • Emma Cutforth
    Emma Cutforth

    Big crash

  • Emma Cutforth
    Emma Cutforth

    Roman groshon quit f1

  • The46jannik82

    it still makes me scared, when i see the clip again. and i remember the crash live. i had tears in my eyes, and was so afraid that he just died.

  • Davide Moretti
    Davide Moretti

    Grande Kvyat che era presente in entrambi gli incidenti

  • slinky

    I'm sorry guys, it was Grosjean's fault, let's hope he has a happy life with no incidents

  • мырое сасло
    мырое сасло

    Romain its gunter happy and huge crash groshean

  • Gary Shaw
    Gary Shaw


  • Valentijn Willems
    Valentijn Willems

    100K liker

  • Darius Edwin
    Darius Edwin


  • NewFaiq Haidar
    NewFaiq Haidar

    0:18 0:17 😀 Bottas 😁

  • Loosey Goosey
    Loosey Goosey

    Grosjean was so hated that he had to almost die for everyone to love him.

    • x R IE a IP E r
      x R IE a IP E r

      i still doesn’t like him but so happy that he survived this crash. This crash simply doesn’t change my opinion on him just glad he was ok

    • Sbinnala

      @Sbinn Alla Im the og lol

    • Hammer Bro 19
      Hammer Bro 19

      One quote I think about based on your comment @Loosy Goosey is this: "Nobody really cares until you die." A sad reality but that's mostly the truth unfortunately.

    • RandomGuy56

      @RcC will true

    • coconut tree
      coconut tree

      @Jose Lopez I mean hulkenberg deserved many podiums