NBA Moments That Turned Into Memes
These Are The NBA Moments That Turned Into Memes
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  • Keer Jok
    Keer Jok

    are you gay?

  • AnDrO1422

    12:09 who realised flight’s face on gobert 😂😂😂

  • Nexract

    he called a alligator a giraffe tf

  • 30PM

    I with the one that the basketball player almost got blind would get banned

  • Syme Automatic
    Syme Automatic

    What made you think that thumb nail was cool

  • Ansley 2k
    Ansley 2k

    2:54 hahaha i see flightreacts face on rudy gobert

  • Ayden Roachens
    Ayden Roachens

    Fun fact: I will never ever ever subscribe to ya Sike jk

  • The stupid crap we do Lol
    The stupid crap we do Lol

    “Is that a giraffe eating shaq!?” 14:20

  • Mink Vill
    Mink Vill

    "Is that shaq getting eaten by a giraffe?"

  • Radames Sanchez
    Radames Sanchez

    Dont know whats so funny about durant

  • NefariousDemøn

    Dababy is not on this video, and i took that personal...

  • Vijay Surya
    Vijay Surya

    Memes are overrated, many are committing suicide.

  • Miashka

    So y'all just not gonna talk about 2:50 where Rebound put flight's face on Rudy Gobert?

  • verfy

    The new meme rebound this sh*ts real

  • anselm wasinger
    anselm wasinger

    this guy is so funny

  • FlyZe

    2:54 notice something?

  • Asad Najajreh
    Asad Najajreh

    Shaq’s face 👁👄👁

  • Jay Williams
    Jay Williams

    @5:46 yo the real MVP 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yohanne Ludwig Quezon
    Yohanne Ludwig Quezon

    2:54 bruh why is flight over there on Gobert's face

  • Joseph Cerasuolo
    Joseph Cerasuolo

    Poor Harden.


    The first meme


    2:55 there's flight on rudy face

  • lexs forehead\ big head bus
    lexs forehead\ big head bus

    Just found this channel. Honestly sad I missed all this good content

  • furlonggg

    Happy Mother's Day Mrs Durant

  • ramses vega
    ramses vega

    I never understood people thoughts about the Westbrook meme, it’s a very clear question, did they lose as in they could have done better or the other team won as in Westbrook couldn’t do nothing else than lose

  • Mr Randolph
    Mr Randolph


  • The Daily Buckets
    The Daily Buckets

    Face reveal

  • DJ Muka GALLIS
    DJ Muka GALLIS

    7:32 LMFBAO

  • cynthia nuamah
    cynthia nuamah

    Jesus Christ is coming and Jesus loves you let’s you let’s turn to Jesus Christ

  • JaiKobe Lister
    JaiKobe Lister


  • Mburu best Gamer
    Mburu best Gamer

    Everyone who's watching subscribe to rebound

  • Tony playz
    Tony playz

    Shac made that water bottle so small


    I feel sad for denovan


    I don't like that they made mean comments on kd because that really was problem hard to tell every on things that really ment to him and they made him look like a fool for that 😢😢

  • Isaias Borrero
    Isaias Borrero

    im already a champion no reason to sub lol

  • J'Taiveon Porchia
    J'Taiveon Porchia

    hi love your vids get this man 2 2 mill

  • Abhishek M
    Abhishek M

    This guy is killing it when it comes to subscribe

  • J Bluntico
    J Bluntico

    The way you always sneak in the like & subscribe speech is absolutely hilarious 😂

  • Seth TV
    Seth TV


  • The King Of Jotunheim
    The King Of Jotunheim

    But.. atleast he didnt go to went and dat like this next guy... HE STEPPED ON POOP!

  • Larry Joseph Alfarero
    Larry Joseph Alfarero

    Hahha this voice is life Iferg!

  • Ankit Singh
    Ankit Singh

    I like the way he say chaaaaeeenal

  • manda palanga
    manda palanga

    next title: DRAMA BEHIND MEMES

  • Joshua Byente
    Joshua Byente

    kd meme your the real mvp most valuable perant

  • 223 Sig
    223 Sig

    You post the same video 3 times

  • ň3øň8ům h3łł3ř
    ň3øň8ům h3łł3ř

    ITS KD DUMB SUBTITLES (bet the creator isn’t reading this

  • Robby Morning
    Robby Morning

    And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27) I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not. (Isaiah 66:4) And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation 20:15) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5)

  • hxartlxss

    2:52 anyone else saw flight reacts?

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry

    12:41 stone cold Steve Austin

  • pure line pitbull game dogs and more
    pure line pitbull game dogs and more

    That’s me me’s stop making one word try to mean something else

  • Scuffedpro the Fatherhood
    Scuffedpro the Fatherhood


  • joshua crippen
    joshua crippen

    is that a girrafe ating shaq

  • Kai_10- -
    Kai_10- -

    Who else saw flights face on Rudy gobert

  • Tony Lawton
    Tony Lawton

    As far as he look down I'm pretty sure he was not looking at nobody ass that was shoe level

  • DBN HooliganZ
    DBN HooliganZ

    He almost went Blind 😂😂😂


    haha this man talks realy nice

  • Tine Zakotnik
    Tine Zakotnik

    I am from the same country as Luka!!! 💪

  • The Smart One
    The Smart One

    Imagine making this video and forgetting "stop it, get some help"

  • Anime Slayer
    Anime Slayer

    Lol I can't 1:10

  • Humble


  • Giovanni Romulus
    Giovanni Romulus

    I love 7:32

  • Frekkysany

    *look at draymond man so inspirational* lmaooooo

  • Chandra Landingham
    Chandra Landingham

    i wood chek owte rondo

  • Storm Clouds
    Storm Clouds

    Let's just be honest anyone who hasn't checked out luka is insane

  • Ace 7
    Ace 7

    Aight am i the only one who isn't a nba fan but still loving these vids

  • Kurt Marten
    Kurt Marten

    Is it just me our does this dude have the worlds best voice.

    • Larry Joseph Alfarero
      Larry Joseph Alfarero

      It's like ferg's voice

  • itzfrenchman

    7:29 I knew it Why is nobody talking about

  • Dawson 4L
    Dawson 4L

    Is no one gonna talk about Rudy Gobert being flight when they was talking about donavan Mitchell 😂

  • Myba721

    ah yess i remember when lamelo got his shorts pulled down

    • Alex Gamer
      Alex Gamer

      The numbnail is uhh...

  • Ultimate Challengers
    Ultimate Challengers

    Harden sucks

    • Kado Mauldin
      Kado Mauldin

      He's a professional NBA player and he makes millions a year you can't say he sucks when he has accomplished something very few have accomplished

  • Adrian Burke
    Adrian Burke

    6:38is it just me or did this man say the Lazers

  • Baltimore BigMan
    Baltimore BigMan

    My new favorite channel

  • Weakest

    14:20 Ayo Thas a pretty scary giraffe😳

  • Greg 612AB
    Greg 612AB

    It’s a good thing Michael Jordan was a basketball player. That sort of psychopathy doesn’t translate well in all professions. Can you imagine a nurse walking out of your hospital room whispering, “that’s all I needed. This is personal now.”

    • Jerry Kinion
      Jerry Kinion

      I disagree. And how can you say that? Knowing that there are a plethora of professions where Jordan’s mindset would have served him very well. Wall Street being the one that comes top of mind. The CIA, Special OPS in the military, a lawyer, fighter pilot, or almost any sales or sales management position.

  • Gio The Monkey
    Gio The Monkey

    Rebound try’s to act funny but he’s not funny but he is funny at the same time😹😹😹😹

  • AvxngeFreshy

    I’m the only one who saw flight reacts???

  • Jahleal Boyd
    Jahleal Boyd

    what the hell

  • Trick man
    Trick man

    2:54 look at that guys face to the right

  • Jesus Sandoval
    Jesus Sandoval

    i know i did not just saw flight at 2:54

  • Suhaib Suhaib
    Suhaib Suhaib

    Am my the only one who watch only rebound videos with this dude

  • pandabearmadness

    Lol the Shaq eating the chip had me rolling

  • Milton Johansson
    Milton Johansson

    Wow fligt be looking a bit high

  • JP Schlecht
    JP Schlecht

    😂😂😂😂that’s what u get Rondo

  • GG Sinl
    GG Sinl

    this guy makin me cry n laugh lmaoooooo

  • John Harris
    John Harris

    you're funny as hell

  • ForgiveMir

    Smoking rocks😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Fae ?
    Fae ?

    Dis man too funny I had to sub💀💀

  • Saosao TV
    Saosao TV

    Are you the guy who sang the Reggae Shark song? haha

  • Trace Anderson
    Trace Anderson

    Who else sees flight at 2:54

  • Zai Plays
    Zai Plays

    You sus rebound

  • Aaron Fregozo
    Aaron Fregozo

    one vid show your face pls

  • Insane Muffin
    Insane Muffin

    my man really made a potential meme by calling an alligator a giraffe

  • John Alonzo
    John Alonzo

    Bro you need to record yourself when you do that stupid ass voice " you gotta drop a like on da chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnel" that way I can cringe harder.

  • Demarcus Brown
    Demarcus Brown

    West brook call media niggaz. We shoot 🔫 not cams

  • Jowanni Elliott
    Jowanni Elliott

    How u got 1.17m subs?

  • ShearHorrorBlogger

    KD is the emotional beast

  • Clown2 CD
    Clown2 CD

    So nobody gonna talk about how he called the crocodile a giraffe? 14:19

  • kalem rhodriguez
    kalem rhodriguez

    Jordan crying Meme?

  • sznBoogie XD
    sznBoogie XD

    he lowkey reminds me of clutch df

  • KappaJulius

    12:11 shaqs hand to bottle is crazy