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  • Pig

    Best outro in youtube

  • Alifian Asha
    Alifian Asha

    Durant just step out of bounds👣

  • Alifian Asha
    Alifian Asha


  • Rafhorn Ambroise
    Rafhorn Ambroise

    6:18 from this moment I already knew what they were gonna play next

  • Rafhorn Ambroise
    Rafhorn Ambroise

    4:03 look at the Houston fan surrounded by warriors fans😂😂😂

  • Paulo Jr
    Paulo Jr

    I have a feeling Flight doesn't fw Lebron

  • Karlee Fishman
    Karlee Fishman

    Flight right in front of the bulls bench me its the timberwolves bench

  • MadCash

    It should be called revenge moments

  • Peter Lopez
    Peter Lopez

    Young wasn't saying "its over" he was saying "we not scoring NO MORE"

  • Lejohndary World favorite retard
    Lejohndary World favorite retard

    3:43 read the sign the persons holding

  • Zachary Cornejo
    Zachary Cornejo

    bobby portis was trying to take the ball from kyrie not the barrett

  • Tetsurō Kuroo
    Tetsurō Kuroo

    3:36 i wonder if flight saw that lmao

  • yahya kassim
    yahya kassim

    10:09 4 milli he didn't say it

  • Keegan Airgood
    Keegan Airgood

    The one where Lebron got blocked then scored a bunch how is that karma, the guy got a nice clean block

  • New EKT
    New EKT

    4:18 did he just say that

  • helo how u do
    helo how u do

    no one gonna talk about the clip in 3:39 the indian man holding a sign

  • Dylan Barba
    Dylan Barba

    1:27 no it wasn't rj Barrett it was number 1

  • Adi Maslan
    Adi Maslan

    At start you didnt say amen

  • young homie
    young homie

    My favorite part: 10:07

  • Toxic OTG
    Toxic OTG

    Flight you clearly don’t watch basketball if you think Rj Barrett is trash

  • Ballout Neseha
    Ballout Neseha

    The fans are toxic 3:35

  • Corey M Cockrell
    Corey M Cockrell

    when is that 1v1 coming flight vs lebron im waiting

  • lmaster

    3:37 flight wont be very happy with the guy in the background

  • T.T.K Ace
    T.T.K Ace

    Ong gsw would have won the finals if kd and Klay not injured

  • Lil Bobby
    Lil Bobby

    3:29. Flight not paying attention instead he's looking for curry

  • Kyle Simpson
    Kyle Simpson

    Blake Griffin deserved that

  • Its_Omar _x
    Its_Omar _x

    5:42 u know flight is a real gsw fan when he didn’t even react to that kd out of bounds that wasn’t called

  • e j
    e j

    3:37 yo sign killed ke😂😂

  • Nolan Pugh
    Nolan Pugh

    I seriously lose brain cells when I watch flight

  • 尺乇乃ㄖ尺几ツ

    1:27 that’s not even the same guy flight 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • jacob wheeler
    jacob wheeler

    3:40 that sign in the background tho 😂 "I'm Indian and even I dont like curry" nvm just read the comments and I clearly wasn't the only one who saw that I dont feel special no more :(

  • Des_ Terminus
    Des_ Terminus

    Flight ignoring the sign at the back😂😂 3:37

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast

    Flight you look hella gánster

  • MNZBoys

    0:34 what was that

  • Zion


  • hussle for love
    hussle for love

    Got jacked 10k for the whip and still cant find him when he been in here all along lmao

  • Dermyne French
    Dermyne French

    if fight was in the nba when randoms Shoots three like curry he’s going to love them

  • Killer Bean
    Killer Bean

    The medical cormorant concurringly suffer because ash previously shiver notwithstanding a condemned ox. tired, grandiose waste

  • Sami Schmidt
    Sami Schmidt

    Yo flight when are storytimes coming back

  • Christian Neo Orito
    Christian Neo Orito

    Who ya 1v1 irl flight?? It’s march

  • Adrian Espinoza
    Adrian Espinoza

    @7:29 that was funny as heck that made me laugh to Death!

  • Jeremiah Brown
    Jeremiah Brown

    Look at curry man

  • Zion Cleare
    Zion Cleare

    Look at curry man so inspirational

  • Erric Yang
    Erric Yang

    bruh the james

  • Ben Brown
    Ben Brown

    Kawhi travelled against the sixers.

  • Eliiion

    Please when you say „flight team stand UP“ scream louder

  • Joey beanbags
    Joey beanbags

    Portis didn’t do anything wrong in that play tho, he made a play on the ball

  • Lars Gau
    Lars Gau

    That Lowry and Gordon mini fight was actually funny

  • Turks

    0:06 i thing its march

  • iStageMadeKai

    3:36 where not gonna talk about the sign

  • Ryan Dawson
    Ryan Dawson

    Flight bandwagoning to embiid so hard💀💀

  • Demigod Status
    Demigod Status

    The white boys + jimmy on the heat cooking lol

  • Justin Tham
    Justin Tham

    Goated video

  • Synxzzon60fps YT
    Synxzzon60fps YT

    7:23 “big time from outside big time from outside and it’s 110 to 89” 🤣😭

  • drosethegoat99

    i’d be so pissed if a nigga shat on all my highlights cuz of the time i wake up in the morning

  • Marsales P
    Marsales P

    Y does it look like flight chewing the drink lmao

  • Cute boy 69
    Cute boy 69

    Who ever made that video doesn’t know what karma means

  • Anthony Varela
    Anthony Varela

    4:53 you mean “iggins wiggins of Andrew”?

  • jimmy wilson
    jimmy wilson

    this man flight just saying the title of the vid after every play at this point

  • claw247

    Half these wasn’t even karma 😂

  • harps

    That Kawai shot was so lucky bruh

  • Matthew Vlogs
    Matthew Vlogs

    Okc had some hard ass Jersey

  • Alex Hong
    Alex Hong

    its not karma to defend

  • Björn the goat
    Björn the goat

    @kobebjoern einfach dich kopiert 😂


    One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🔻

  • Nova Red
    Nova Red

    NOVA RED will be one of the big names in the music industry, God has a plan 🔮😈💯🌎

  • ricky salas
    ricky salas

    I still wanna know what crack the refs were on when they didn’t call KD out of bounds like come on even my kids in my ball sacks seen that shit...

  • SavanaBlox


  • AG

    What did KAT do to get boogie all in his face? I don’t get it

  • kj2 24
    kj2 24

    3:40 im indian even i dont like curry lmfao

  • CJ

    React to best nba fights

  • LOLImGreen

    *flight sees warrior clip* *flights first thought* "Where's Curry?"

  • Champion

    i liked you gave embiid credit one day maybe you like him

  • D&S Productions
    D&S Productions

    Honestly, Embiid just having fun playing basketball

  • DSAW_999

    “This dudes gonna be a 97 in 2k if he keeps playing like that” this was literally 2 years ago😭

  • nysom

    bro if yall knew joel embiids backstory bro yall would be sad for him. not even a 76ers fan or an embiid fan but ik his journy to the nba and if that was me id be crying too

  • Apple Dispenser
    Apple Dispenser

    Bruh at first I thought he was reviewing some game

  • Jacion Bryant
    Jacion Bryant

    Bulls nation

  • Nesim Durmus
    Nesim Durmus

    i was at that brooklyn game lol

  • dsdhf

    3:35 it says " I'm Indian and i don't even like curry

  • KAEP

    Where’s the time when Jimmy trucked out CP?

  • buzz triger
    buzz triger

    Stop crying joel little baby. Next thing you know flight is crying because of a 2k game


    The second one made no sense at all

  • thiccalodeon

    tell me why this nigga flight wearing a white and black shirt in two different vids LMAO

  • Alex Tjia
    Alex Tjia

    Lol after Joel Embid's moment, Cracheadjoel has just subscribed

  • ABG30 Shotz
    ABG30 Shotz

    So inspirational flight love you for the ways you thought me to think

  • Kade Hustad
    Kade Hustad

    I don't see what rj did wrong against kyrie

  • Thanos Chungas
    Thanos Chungas

    It’s almost March 2021 guys!

  • waylon sandy
    waylon sandy

    Who else was waiting for flight to say cashnasty for beverly

  • Presley Lee
    Presley Lee

    kuzma begging to not get traded with that sus shit 😂

  • ExTrEaMe LT
    ExTrEaMe LT

    4:19 That timing with the subs name XD

  • Ash Blitz HD
    Ash Blitz HD

    “Dennis Scrotum” 🤣😭😭

  • Tracy McSwain
    Tracy McSwain

    That is a good video to do in life right know today okay.

  • Raffi

    3:36 I’m Indian.. Even I don’t like Curry😂

  • Trstn edits
    Trstn edits

    “I’m Indian and I don’t even like curry” 😂😂

  • Miguelito Baez
    Miguelito Baez

    Might have to start waking up ⏰ at 5 am to put 🆙 my shots 💪🏼🏀🔥💯‼️

  • Lonzo Ball
    Lonzo Ball

    Dude it's not February anymore. You even uploaded it March 1 lol you really are dumb

  • hypeaz gaming
    hypeaz gaming

    3:34 "I'm Indian even I don't like curry"

  • Exchijn Ngstiin
    Exchijn Ngstiin

    It’s already March. You know a nikka gotta fart 😋

  • DaintyNut

    As a sixers fan I get PTSD every time I see that kawhi gamewinner when I saw all those embiid highlights my blood was boiling I was crying with embiid that night😞