2020 Sakhir Grand Prix: Race Highlights
What a race! That was incredible! What started with a fast, frenetic, eventful start finished with Sergio Perez’s first win in a 1-3 for Racing Point, with Esteban Ocon lying in P2 for his first podium.
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  • Magic Mekko
    Magic Mekko

    Let's just take a minute to appreciate Ocon, he has struggled so much over the seasons with being overlooked and whatnot. He really proved himself in this race, I think.

  • Faheem Rahman
    Faheem Rahman

    Who's here after Russell and Bottas made contact at Imola?

  • mopslikvonstein

    the Lord smiled on Perez that day

  • Carlos R Perez Castellanos
    Carlos R Perez Castellanos

    Sergio Diff

  • Raditya Pramana Putra
    Raditya Pramana Putra

    Oh, What A Night! Sergio Pérez Wins The Formula 1® Therapisium Grand Prix 2020! 16/04/2021 14:23.

  • Pranay Jadhav
    Pranay Jadhav


  • David Quarells 4
    David Quarells 4

    This is like a Brazil 2008 type emotional rollercoaster


    decrease the volume of the anchor, its very loud unnecessarily.

  • Marina Cesana
    Marina Cesana


  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler

    This is how I feel when I ride a go kart

  • slipperys0ap

    i feel like bottas was holding everyone off to help george XD

  • Mat C
    Mat C

    To think Sergio Checo Perez almost didn't have a seat while bums like stroll do. Shows how much talent goes by because...money

  • Viktoria Vrskova
    Viktoria Vrskova


  • NL 1
    NL 1

    We really were denied those last few laps of racing between Perez & Russell 🙈 Hopefully 2022 will bring it

  • Danbeast007

    What a race this was

  • Rushil Raja
    Rushil Raja

    So when hamilton doesn’t race the team decides, Yk what, nah not today

  • Hello

    Bottas qas screwd

  • Frorer

    Bottas blocked everyone so Russell can go in first

  • coolfred28

    Who's here after Bottas's pit stop at Bahrain GP 2021

  • Raiza Machado
    Raiza Machado

    Hoy Conoces A Checo Perez El Piloto Mexicano

  • Donnie Cash
    Donnie Cash

    Woah, what an obvious selling out.

  • MrEntertainer89

    It's time for Hamilton to retire from F1 so it can be exciting again

  • Yoga Maruthi
    Yoga Maruthi

    5:02 I thought I was watch 2014 bahrain gp.

  • chepemovil santos
    chepemovil santos

    Cuanta alegría por ser mexicano, y lo que falta por venir , arriba Checo Perez , viva México ¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Miggle

    1:24 Foreshadowing at its finest

  • C J Parrott
    C J Parrott

    Netflix doesn’t even mention this great race... very disappointing

  • Will

    Amazing driving from Sergio. Loved it

  • Niels Leenknegt
    Niels Leenknegt

    Lap 70 of the Sakhir GP... Meanwhile in England: "GEOOOOOOOOOOORGEEEEEE"

  • Sindhu Sojan
    Sindhu Sojan

    No ones complaining about George having the best car in this race. I wonder why 🧐

  • Great British Countryball
    Great British Countryball

    This has to be one of the greatest drives in F1 history

  • Julian Potter Music
    Julian Potter Music

    4:56 I was so hyped watching this live

  • 魁塾


  • Cenon Saranguero
    Cenon Saranguero

    Born For This For The FORMULA 1

  • Alex Spiff
    Alex Spiff

    How awkward to see Perez, Ocon and Stroll sharing the podium after what happened at Force India

    • Raditya Pramana Putra
      Raditya Pramana Putra

      *Force India.

  • lakshmivallabh


  • Cenon Saranguero
    Cenon Saranguero

    Sing And Song For The Formula 1

  • Steven Hirsch
    Steven Hirsch

    Russell was robbed!

  • James Perkins
    James Perkins

    On its face, this was a terrible race for Russel, and your heart definitely aches for him, but it was actually an absolutely perfect audition for his future in F1: he demonstrated his excellence in every aspect of the race: he can start well, he can command the lead Lewis-style, he can fight through the midfield, he can beat his teammate in an unfamiliar car, and he can keep his head on straight through monumental stress and difficulties. It was terrible, but there is definitely a silver lining.

  • KarimIjjah

    A Race for the History of F1

  • Bìĺàļ Ŕámźèéñ
    Bìĺàļ Ŕámźèéñ

    George Russell takes the lead!?!!!! Never would we HV imagined this at Williams.... 😉

  • F1 SpeedTicket
    F1 SpeedTicket

    Cant believe Force India and Ferrari made a perfect gap for Verstappen to stroll on through and dodge them and the car gives up on him.

  • qinq2020

    Stroll had three chances of winning in 2020, but threw all of them out. Monza, Istambul and Sakhir.

    • qinq2020

      @Eulo GP well, the chance were there...

    • Eulo GP
      Eulo GP

      yeah, but two of them were sheer luck. And in Turkey he was just having a wet setup

  • Julio Vargas
    Julio Vargas

    Magnifico Perez! 💪🏼

  • picup 30296
    picup 30296

    0:30 Who have noticed that while Leclerc locked up and hitted Perez and Verstappen, the background screen showed up 'POWER IS NOTHING WITHOUT CONTROL'.

  • Marwan Adi Saputra
    Marwan Adi Saputra

    Best race on 2020

  • Keashin28

    It was weird seeing a Ferrari challenging for 2nd place at the start. Idk what leclerc pulled out of that car in quali but it was insane

  • Snowcone Guy
    Snowcone Guy

    Retire Crofty.

    • Great British Countryball
      Great British Countryball


  • LSMBA_Gaming

    "2 fancy runners into the barriers" Perez: And I took that personally

  • Melanie Bridges
    Melanie Bridges

    Max Chilton to win in Sakhir

  • Melanie Bridges
    Melanie Bridges

    Max C,hilton to win

  • BMW Performance
    BMW Performance

    And this race shows that Hamilton's championships are a joke.

    • BMW Performance
      BMW Performance

      Anyone would win 7 Championships with that car... even you! Hahahahaha. And hamilton lost one to Rosberg 😂😂😂

    • Jose Gomez
      Jose Gomez


    • Great British Countryball
      Great British Countryball


  • Isaiah Poindexter
    Isaiah Poindexter

    This was possibly one of the craziest races of 2020.

  • Yang Ming Cruz Villanueva
    Yang Ming Cruz Villanueva

    fantastic sergio 11 wineer

  • Ivan Rios
    Ivan Rios


  • Henk&Nel eastwood
    Henk&Nel eastwood

    Hamilton(the only female driver in F1) was not happy that Russell could win easy so Mercedes didnt let him win!!

  • Henk&Nel eastwood
    Henk&Nel eastwood

    LECLERC should be banned from F1

  • Zawabang

    Got goosebumps hearing, "AS GEORGE RUSSELL GOES INTO THE FIRST TURN, AND GEORGE RUSSELL TAKES THE LEAD". No doubt we're gonna hear that a lot more in the coming years. Future world champion for sure.

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    SERIGO perz won

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    I can’t look

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    oh no what happening

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    Well better find out

  • The Morning Fresh
    The Morning Fresh


  • João Vassolér
    João Vassolér

    Mercedes did Ferrari cosplay, i cant't believe George doesn't won the race. I was happy for the Checo, but i'm cried for George

    • Amy Williams
      Amy Williams

      George Russell's dramatic Mercedes day I wish he would win

  • Andre Rosario
    Andre Rosario

    Its cool seeing fittipaldi on the leaderboard again

  • Colin Pugh
    Colin Pugh

    Where's Max Chilton?

  • Nolan Zils
    Nolan Zils

    Bad luck aside Russell was still outstanding and proved that he's worthy of a Mercedes seat

  • Colin Pugh
    Colin Pugh

    Russel should have won. IF HE'D HAVE WON, I WOULD HAVE BEEN HAPPY!!!!!!

  • Colin Pugh
    Colin Pugh

    Russel should have won

  • Colin Pugh
    Colin Pugh


  • Behind the Wheel
    Behind the Wheel


  • Yvonne Kay
    Yvonne Kay

    The teeny-tiny patch nutritionally consist because thread consequently look failing a tiresome cloth. tame, female fertile competition

  • Kaan Yildirim
    Kaan Yildirim

    George deserved a better thing than a pit crew with Iq -9999

  • The Spectrum
    The Spectrum

    Russell showed its more car then driver.

  • Emiliano Guerrero
    Emiliano Guerrero

    Sigo viendo la carrera una y otra vez de verdad es una genialidad la de Checo, puede que la suerte ese día haya jugado de su lado, pero finalmente se premio el nunca rendirse, la experiencia y la garra del buen Checo. Toda Latinoamérica esta muy feliz por ti y en especial México, Viva México cabronessss! Y si, lloré cuando cuando paso la línea de meta, orgullo total.

  • Joshua Chambers
    Joshua Chambers

    I don't think I'm the only one who got flashbacks to Grosjean's crash when Kimi spun on the first lap

  • Arch Chapman
    Arch Chapman

    This race makes my heart sink

  • Ricardo romero
    Ricardo romero

    2:28 Momento exacto de cuando Albon perdió su asiento en Red Bull

  • example 2844
    example 2844

    One of the most heartbreaking races in recent history. While Perez has definitely deserved a victory by this point with an incredible drive in his own right, I still believe that the Russel never had a puncture

  • Hanz Blicks
    Hanz Blicks

    This GP was as much confusing as the year 2020.

  • TGTraining&Travels

    Litterally the most disappointing race of the season.i died inside for Russell

  • lmao it's phoebe
    lmao it's phoebe

    why am i watching this just to be heartbroken all over again?

    • lmao it's phoebe
      lmao it's phoebe

      well deserved podium for checo, esteban and lance!

  • Vega Guy702
    Vega Guy702

    2:01. Yikes. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • benprogamer

    Yep, stll hurts

  • Gameplaylike

    Still not over it!

  • AD


  • C6M F1
    C6M F1

    Me clicking on this video. “Do I really want to watch this again,” My ptsd from crying after George’s puncture... 👀

  • Alejandro Lugo
    Alejandro Lugo

    Checo vuela!

  • Jorge Butron Galindo
    Jorge Butron Galindo

    checo Pérez won, well this is just karma this ia what we live for

  • Colin Pugh
    Colin Pugh

    Who won the grand prix in Finland?

  • Colin Pugh
    Colin Pugh

    Heartbreak for George Russel

  • Colin Pugh
    Colin Pugh


  • Alessandro Barcio
    Alessandro Barcio

    Race results on sakhir grand prix 2020 1st Sergio perez 11 Racing point 2nd Esteban ocon 31 Renault 3rd lance stroll 18 Racing point 4th Carlos sainz 55 Mclaren 5th Daniel ricciardo 3 Renault 6th Alexander albon 23 red bull 7th Danil kvyat 26 alphatauri 8th Vatteri bottas 77 Mercedes 9th George russell 63 Mercedes 10th Lando norris 4 Mclaren 11th Pierre Gasly 10 alphatauri 12th Sebastian vettel 5 Ferrari 13th Antonio giovinazzi 99 alfa romeo 14th Kimi raikkonen 7 alfa romeo 15th Kevin magnussen 20 haas 16th Jack aitken 89 Williams 17th Pietro Fittipaldi 51 haas Dnf Nicholas Latifi 6 Williams Dnf max verstappen 33 red bull Dnf Charles leclerc 16 Ferrari

  • AA - 07BL 869159 Fairwind Sr PS
    AA - 07BL 869159 Fairwind Sr PS

    George looks suited in that Mercedes car and his tracksuit

  • AA - 07BL 869159 Fairwind Sr PS
    AA - 07BL 869159 Fairwind Sr PS

    He deserves it

  • Noah Boatright
    Noah Boatright

    Did anyone else’s heart drop when they saw the smoke in turn 3.

  • AA - 07BL 869159 Fairwind Sr PS
    AA - 07BL 869159 Fairwind Sr PS

    I wanted George Russel to win or at least be on one of the podium places

  • SkampyMAN

    One, just one time I want Mercedes to win, I´m cursed.

  • ng

    Did I actually only come here again to see Georges move on Valtteri, yes

  • Kuwalee Talukdar
    Kuwalee Talukdar

    I will be never over this heartbreak. But Perez did very well.


    Checo is the Best !