Grace Kinstler's Powerful Voice Brought Luke Bryan To Tears - American Idol 2021
Grace Kinstler reflects on losing her dad unexpectedly and shares how he motivates her to keep going when things get tough. In the American Idol audition room, Grace blows the judges away with her rendition of “Natural Woman” by Arthea Franklin. Luke Bryan even tells Grace her audition is right up there with the Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson auditions! Watch here to see Grace’s performance that gave Katy Perry chills!
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

  • Jeremy JDFinsFan Hagen
    Jeremy JDFinsFan Hagen

    Wow! ⭐️

  • Pieces of April Rose
    Pieces of April Rose

    Ryan is starting to look like his own dad

  • B Reagan
    B Reagan

    Holy crap, listen to her next song. Girl you rock !!! Flawless

  • B Reagan
    B Reagan

    She's is amazing. Precious too 🙏🏻🙏🏻😍

  • DoctorPretorious616

    I'm primarily a metalhead who isn't a regular American Idol and doesn't listen to modern pop, but Grace Kinstler floored me here, she is a talented and gorgeous young lady with a powerful voice; and a beautiful pear shape and stunning Earth Goddess hips!!! She absolutely nailed her rendition of "Natural Woman", her father would be proud of the woman she has become.

  • Savaiianteine

    Wow!!! She's so talented.

  • mrs law-ly
    mrs law-ly

    and we have the next winner !!! amazing voice !!!

  • amanda naasko
    amanda naasko

    Perfect audition

  • Jeff Murphy
    Jeff Murphy

    Grace, first and foremost I'm sorry for the loss of your dad. May the Lord bless you and keep you. I know he is the proudest dad in heaven. I have enjoyed following you because you are incredibly talented. Wow. Chills everytime you sing. Just promise yourself one thing, not me, yourself. That you'll keep your eyes on Jesus and stay humble and grateful throughout your career. God Bless you on your journey. Sincerely in Christ Love, Jeff Murphy of Fieldale Va.

  • tammy welch
    tammy welch

    I just love Grace so talented and beautiful inside and out!!!

  • corrine alexander
    corrine alexander

    still don't understand why they even asked for a second song. but dang im glad they did. loveeee her

  • Kittie Kellie
    Kittie Kellie

    That’s a medical condition she’s got and I hope she can fix it. Her health is at risk.

  • the love witch
    the love witch

    Why is Katy being such a bitter bitch this season? Who the hell is this washed up pop star to critique this perfect woman and her even more perfect voice????

  • Yuvaan Ibanez
    Yuvaan Ibanez

    Bruh my brother and I were friends with her at Berklee music camp when she was 16, she’s just as good as I remember my god

  • Tricia Williams
    Tricia Williams


  • Brad Crawford
    Brad Crawford

    Wow, am I the ONLY one that comes back to watch this over, probably 10+ times now for me. Ya need a pick me up, just watch this SPECIAL Grace Kinstler American Idol moment. I LOVE these judges 😉

  • Deborah Blake
    Deborah Blake

    She is so talented!

  • B B
    B B

    If she doesnt sing over on some part, she will be a perfect singer.

  • Paulina _Grubyte
    Paulina _Grubyte

    I can’t listen to stories like these because I have a dad who had a really bad year, they found a tumour on his kidney which they removed from surgery and close after that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer stage 4. I sat through every appointment of many other medical reasons and radiotherapy with him and it just really hard sometimes.

  • Melissa Jamroz
    Melissa Jamroz

    Lovely person.

  • sigfried caban
    sigfried caban

    If she doesn't win American idol is rigged

  • babyboylovesmusic

    I think she's great. She is probably my favorite voice this season. I will say the contestants are much better this year.

  • Juan Cruz
    Juan Cruz

    I'm so sorry for you and your family ur so beautiful he's there with you now u gonna win the whole show

  • My My
    My My

    So someone singing a song brought tears to Luke Bryan's eyes. But I'll bet locked up, forced labor Uyghurs in China don't do a damn thing to his emotions!

  • Nata Gos
    Nata Gos

    the IDOL 2021 is WAVING

  • Madison Halla
    Madison Halla

    Ok Kelly Clarkson audition was amazing but this one was ten times better!

  • Brave New Me
    Brave New Me

    I need more of this woman's voice in my life!

  • Irene C.
    Irene C.

    Wow. 😱

  • Michael Loder
    Michael Loder

    this goes out to the Judges and the executive producer, Simon Fuller. I started watching idol season 4, and you have done a great job with judges, but the past 4 seasons have been a goldmine especially this season, Lionel, Katy and Luke, the BEST judges by far, do not change them, unless they are legends, you see in my eyes right now your are beating the VOICE as far as competition is concerned.... but this seasons singers Grace, Alyssa and cast are up there with Carrie and Kelly. this is the best season ever.....GO GRACE....

  • Cindy Southern
    Cindy Southern

    Made me cry too. She’s so amazing. My fav.

  • Marian Yulo
    Marian Yulo

    My condolences to you may he Rest In Peace . You’re voice is awesome girl you can sing !!!!

  • Lewis Edwards
    Lewis Edwards

    I dont even know what to say. American Idol hasn’t had anything CLOSE to this kind of talent in years.

  • Ambient Soul
    Ambient Soul

    I really love everything about Grace. ❤️She’s un-afraid. Embodies her name. Her voice! Bring it home woman!!

  • Vickie Stegall
    Vickie Stegall

    That baby can't sing she can SANGGGGGGGGGGG🥺😍❤

  • Kay G
    Kay G

    How can she not win? She is perfection. I am in love with her.

  • Julie Victoria
    Julie Victoria

    FAT ALL OVER1111111111111111111111WEIGHT WATCHERS......

  • Shirley Bread
    Shirley Bread

    I still can't stop watching this amazing audition.

  • Aridia Martin
    Aridia Martin

    The second song was WOW 💯💯💯

  • Jonathan 'Vijon' Garth
    Jonathan 'Vijon' Garth

    She's incredible and reminds me of Jessica Simpson for some reason.

  • Janette ettenaj
    Janette ettenaj

    Pretty with a beautiful voice just wow....

  • damaxpowerway

    "Sing Aretha Franklin like her better than I've ever heard it, like I've never heard Aretha Franklin before." Grace Kinstler: easy peesy. : Breaks the Sound Barrier, shatters expectations, owns the entire history of voice talent competitions at age 20..

  • damaxpowerway

    When the judge grills the astonishing singer to give her the singing challenge of all singing challenges and you slay it. Game over. They should've made her the winner right there.

  • Velinda Hedges
    Velinda Hedges

    What an amazing performance and your dad was with you sweetheart all the way xx

  • Nicholas Bogosian
    Nicholas Bogosian

    Wow, she really did sing natural woman like it was her own.

  • Silvia Walbon
    Silvia Walbon

    I love her art America’s Adele. Naturally

  • Tommy Bad
    Tommy Bad

    How an earth she SO curvy and big in the bottom half and normal in the top half? 👀 Anyway best female singer in the competition by a mile

    • R B
      R B

      Pear shape. Beautiful lady

  • kainoam031

    This is beyond incredible beyond words. I would be speechless if I was graced by her voice.

  • Brenda Johnson
    Brenda Johnson

    Gorgeous girl with such an amazing voice.

  • Yolanda Young
    Yolanda Young

    Hey voice is like wow

  • Gretchen G
    Gretchen G

    Dear god she is STUNNING! Utterly incredible.

  • Faithdestinyhope Gonzalez
    Faithdestinyhope Gonzalez

    Phenomenal and truly amazing may she be blessed in her journey.

  • Siobhán Pretty
    Siobhán Pretty

    she got me crying on the toilet 😭

  • Herry Golu
    Herry Golu

    She was hard to sing the high part this part in 4:34 minutes

  • Herry Golu
    Herry Golu

    She became more stunning when she sing this again duet with

  • I AM Jovan Jones 12-8
    I AM Jovan Jones 12-8

    Girl, your father is SOOOO PROUD and so is Chicago! I am HONORED that a BEAUTIFUL girl like this is from my home town! We had to bury our AMAZING 28 yr of age “ SUN” Sha’Quille on his father’s birthday Feb 8, 2020, so our CONDOLENCES to you regarding your father! 🌹

  • Jimmy Dykes
    Jimmy Dykes

    If that s what you like to listen too far as Im thank you

  • Bare Foot Fishing
    Bare Foot Fishing

    I think my couch turned around

  • Zach

    Oddly enough I had a dream about Aretha Franklin last night and discovered this video today! I'm blown away by this woman's voice. She's beyond American Idol... this is a once in a generation level talent. Win or lose I can't wait to hear more.

  • TheE4kid


  • Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnson

    I keep repeating this. I’m so obsessed with her and singing

  • Joshua Wesley
    Joshua Wesley

    She has one of the best voices on American Idol ever!!

  • Step Alfonso
    Step Alfonso

    Idk why but she reminds me of Ella Henderson

  • me shycasc
    me shycasc

    such smart choices, oh damn

  • Julia Ng
    Julia Ng

    shes gotta shine!

  • Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnson

    My favorite

  • Dixon Gomez
    Dixon Gomez

    Its going to be between Alyssa Wray, Willie Spence & Grace Kinstler. There's your top 3 with ( unless she fucks up royally or if America is completely retarded ) Alyssa Wray being the winner and Willie Spence being the runner up. And possibly vice versa. Which is not a bold statement, its very obvious those are the top 3.

  • krazy k
    krazy k

    wow how does she sit in those chairs .. shakira jealous

  • ManFrom Rome
    ManFrom Rome

    Is that the "Unbreakable" song in the background while the judges were giving their comments?

  • Pat Jones
    Pat Jones

    I was thinking I would vote for Alyssa however this gal has won me over....I believe she will be in the top 5.....if not win 💝

  • Dolphin 2121
    Dolphin 2121

    Wow! What a beautiful voice.

  • Katie Maggioli
    Katie Maggioli

    Team Leo 😎🙌🏼

  • Amanda

    Watched her audition in a compilation and had to listen to her again. Had my mum watch the whole audition and it brought her to tears. Absolutely amazing voice!! Her dad would be so proud of her!

  • S. E. C-R
    S. E. C-R

    After Carrie Underwood won (2005) I became less and less impressed with Idol contestants talent, the last full season I watched was Kris Allen (2009). Nobody has been able to match Carrie Underwood’s voice in my mind... Then this pops up in my SVsoft feed telling me I need to give it another chance. This girl just blew me away!!

  • Leah Miralles
    Leah Miralles

    Okay. She. Must. Win.

  • Devin Schroder
    Devin Schroder

    This performance touched with a piece of the sacred. It was THAT good.

  • Fede B
    Fede B

    Sheshhhhhh 🔥

  • James Bell
    James Bell

    #SoulisInvisible 👑🥲

  • Penny Gentry
    Penny Gentry


  • Charles Fuentes
    Charles Fuentes

    WOW! What an act...

  • john stevens
    john stevens


  • sean buckner
    sean buckner

    I have goosebumps right now

  • Carolyn Gaudet
    Carolyn Gaudet


  • B B
    B B

    3:10 Edit: I tag that time, so I will easy to find time when she started sang everytime I back

  • AV C
    AV C

    When she sang “Natural Woman” I had chills the whole time! This girl has pipes!

  • M Egal
    M Egal

    She must be next idol

  • Sas Ali
    Sas Ali

    She got cake and talent,the whole package.

  • Yvette Bernard
    Yvette Bernard

    What an incredible voice she has..🥰🥰🙏.Love from Namibia

  • Chad Henderson
    Chad Henderson

    Do yourself a favor and go look up her “poor unfortunate soul” video 🧜‍♀️

  • Groot


  • Shanny Roams
    Shanny Roams

    Katy: 👁👄👁

  • Ed Cabral
    Ed Cabral

    Jezaz sorry for your loss. But God damn she was good. Kelly Clarckson? Yes I remember the day and she sounds as 👍great

  • GreySox

    If they haven't casted Elphaba in the Wicked movie yet, the producers should really consider her. She would bring a lot of heart to the role (as well as that big ol' voice).

  • Roxy Van
    Roxy Van

    I think she just might win!! She is the best singer out of the females that’s for sure!

  • Roxy Van
    Roxy Van

    What a gorgeous voice!!- Society makes younger ladies beat themselves up bc they don’t look like the girl on the latest mag & it makes most young ladies feel insecure. I hope she can truly see how beautiful she really is!!

  • Toki Kinimi
    Toki Kinimi

    She is the winner.

  • Rotten In Denmark
    Rotten In Denmark

    What set of pipes!!

  • Speedy Swartz
    Speedy Swartz

    She is so Great, Right up there with Kelly, Carrie, Catty, They need to do singing with her, she can definitely put alot of singers to shame, Be very proud Grace, your Beautiful 💗💞,

  • Sunday Daodu
    Sunday Daodu

    beautiful voice

  • Christopher Waldrop
    Christopher Waldrop

    The first note of Natural Woman caused the tears to release

  • Christopher Waldrop
    Christopher Waldrop

    She's kinda different, if you listen closely.