Reactions to Ben Askren getting KO'd by Jake Paul, Ben APOLOGIZES, Daniel Cormier LIVE reaction
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Results for Ben Askren vs Jake Paul:
- Frank Mir was defeated by Steve Cunningham via unanimous decision
- Regis Prograis def. Ivan Redkach via technical decision
- Jake Paul def. Ben Askren via KO in the 1st round.
UFC Vegas 24 Results:
- Luis Pena def. Alex Munoz via split decision
- Tracy Cortez def. Justine Kish via split decision
- Jacob Malkoun def. Abdul Razak Alhassan via unanimous decision
- Andrei Arlovski def. Chase Sherman via uninimous decision
- Robert Whittaker def. Kelvin Gastelum via unanimous decision
00:00 - Askren Vs The SVsoftr Recap
04:52 - Marvin Vettori responds to backlash from MMA fans calling his performance boring
05:59 - Justin Gaethje's manager discusses Justin's current position in the lightweight division
07:39 - Top Comments
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#UFC #MMA #UFCVegas24

  • Matthew Arnold
    Matthew Arnold

    Askren is the king of easy pay days. Couple hits and hes out. Lol

  • Jimmy Lopez
    Jimmy Lopez

    Paul call Nick Diaz please please please please please please please please

  • Jimmy Lopez
    Jimmy Lopez

    Nick Diaz is a boxer

  • Jimmy Lopez
    Jimmy Lopez

    Next Nick Diaz 100/%

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann

    People say Askren is smart for just getting his money and getting out. I completely disagree. He let a youtuber punch him in the face and embarrass him in front of the whole world and he didn't do anything about it. In my book that makes him Jake Pauls bitch.

  • MrMasterarms

    Problem was that the ref also told Ben to step forward. And he stumbled, that is why i believe he stopped it. Was lame tough.

  • SneekySmurf

    Daniel C. Vs Jake P.@ 220 LB.

  • As-if If-as
    As-if If-as

    Everybody wants to see Jake Paul get beat and the pauls know it so drag it out like mortal kombat ladder fight 8 will be somebody with boxing history.

  • Kofi Amankwa
    Kofi Amankwa

    Lol I laugh every time my man says ‘The SVsoftr”

  • Controversial Hunter
    Controversial Hunter

    I wanna see white chocolate vs Jake . Now that's the fight to make .

  • Patrick Dietrich
    Patrick Dietrich

    I'm sorry when all these so called bad ass boxers fight in the cage and win then they can be considered as bad mofos!!! Calling yourself tough but only fighting at you advantage is a bitch move!

  • dads2006gt

    Askren lost as I expected. If he enters a ball sniffing contest he's a sure win.

  • Luigi Rnotyourbusiness
    Luigi Rnotyourbusiness

    Frank Mir always talks too much

  • Jeremiah Points
    Jeremiah Points

    Ben askren is a complete joke, he is not American maybe French or Canadian but American no. Maybe a French drag queen

  • Future UFC champion
    Future UFC champion

    aaaah shut up ali. nobody in the right mind believes that justin will ever be champion. hes just not good enough. understand? hes not an elite fighter. and thats why hes not the hardest, hes the easiest matchup for conor in the entire division.

    • CFH

      How is Justin not an elite fighter? He's only lost to Khabib, Poirier, and Alvarez.

  • Melroy Noronha
    Melroy Noronha

    I love your channel for all the content you always put out but what I've loved the most recently is that you keep calling logan's little brother the youtuber.

  • Sqaud Life
    Sqaud Life

    mma looks soft now lol #youcantplayboxing first McGregor gets bullied by Mayweather, then frank Mir gets out boxed by Steve Cunningham , now ben Askren ! lol be careful fighting a pro boxer there's dangerous hitters on this side !

  • D Man
    D Man

    His hip hirt

  • Ludy Guerrier
    Ludy Guerrier

    I’m firing on Jake Paul on site

  • KC Miller
    KC Miller


  • TheOriginalMakaaka

    Ben Askren....I used to support Ben Askren, but he wastes time. He claims to be of great work ethic - but other than the fight against Robbie Lawler, everything he does is so lackluster. I thought, ok, he has baby chub, but he was an olympian, surely the work ethic will allow him to accel - and he lost to that 1-2 punch that most boxers learn within their first week of technical training. And frame-by-frame Ben wasn't even looking like he expected it. Totally open. I like Ben, but I feel like he broke his hip and never recovered, just shows up to events to be KO'd so he can pay off his hip replacement bills. I dunno, maybe my speculations are inaccurate - but that's how I feel. Great guy, but broken goods - can't fight anymore.

  • Kiki Alexander
    Kiki Alexander

    Anyone who thought Ben would win is crazy or blinded by pure hate. I was railed for saying JP would win. I was so confident I put money on it. Ridiculous 🤣💰🤣

  • pnutbutta jelly
    pnutbutta jelly

    asscan was done along time ago this was the final nail at least he got paid looks rigged as fuck anyway

  • above average duck dong Dianna
    above average duck dong Dianna

    No where near his nuts

  • Ivan Pardo
    Ivan Pardo

    Mma fans are so uneducated. Most of them said Mcgregor would beat Floyd 🤣🤣 And now they thought that Ben who is pillow fisted and doesn't even know how to throw a punch would beat a guy with decent boxing skills and punching power just because MMA is the shit. I'm also a Big fan but stop talking so much bullshit because you're all making this community look stupid.

  • Nick Blazevski
    Nick Blazevski

    we all know that was rigged come on man how much did Jake or snoop rat pay off the ref so they didn't loose there bet? So now you gonna wrestle like you said Jake or you just talking shit

  • caleb moss
    caleb moss

    The commentary was great stfu hating ass bitches lol 😂😭

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman

    That was the dumbest stoppage ever.

  • Shopcash Cashshop
    Shopcash Cashshop

    Money at this lv with people that have none like ben make everything fake like hue hefner and his 18 y.o wifes hed have that wasent real love it was payments same thing im done watching this ill only watch wwe for fake and ufc for real

  • Shopcash Cashshop
    Shopcash Cashshop

    this is almost stomic turning ud let a man talk crap about ur kids and pay u off this is so sick ill never watch a fight a again everyone needs to just go back to WWE bc thats the reality behind it its becomeing all fake but ufc and belator just guys stop wasteing ur money at this point as much as i loved watching all the corruption i refuse to be tricked like maken a kid think santa is real im not dumb that much im sad now honestly i really enjoyed watching companion

  • Cheesey McCheese
    Cheesey McCheese

    Its all good Ben, shit happens


    Ben spent less than 3 minutes in the ring and walked away with 500k minus taxes. You did fine ben. You set your kids upfor college in 1 fight. You're good.

  • eleventen

    Overdosed ads

  • Change Lives Heroes
    Change Lives Heroes

    Fakest fight in boxing history people are blind to think that was real !!!! Ben and Paul made suckers out ya all

  • Donny Dizzle
    Donny Dizzle

    Looks like it was a work wtf, barley touched him..

  • Vincent Pieri
    Vincent Pieri

    Jake vs ngannou let's gooooooooooooo!

  • Donny Dizzle
    Donny Dizzle

    Didnt watch it but maybe DC should get buzzed from time to time to keep from being biased..

  • Matai James. Turner
    Matai James. Turner

    Jake is pretty quick gloves are a different to fists gotta have skills

  • Jean Lopez
    Jean Lopez

    Vettori fight was boring especially when he talked all that game n shit about he wasnt gunna do what Brunson did. A few weeks ago haha

  • Devon Nelson
    Devon Nelson

    That show was exactly what happens when you let a bunch of 16 year olds organize a massive event. They made their money, but now theyve ruined their credibility

  • Richard Jackson
    Richard Jackson

    For all you casuals asking “ why did they stop it?”, they did not want to see a repeat of Nate Robinson, point blank period! It’s not that hard to explain. Ben was on his way to the morgue!😆

  • Carlos Blank
    Carlos Blank

    Askren took the lost for the money it was rigged

  • Drudell Kelly
    Drudell Kelly

    We have to stop with the clips of Connor McGregor working out. It’s always way too long

  • Drudell Kelly
    Drudell Kelly

    Only reaction I wanna see is Dana Whites

  • Reuel Nampui
    Reuel Nampui

    When DC was laughing I was laughing so hard . Sooo hard😆


    Everyone out here forgetting that the GOAT Artem Lobov beat up Pauly Malignanggi in bare knuckle

  • brett geppi
    brett geppi

    thought askren can take a punch....tomato can...bum...sorry go out like that..

  • tinyGIRAFFE

    you’d think since ben has such horrible striking that they would have focused on defense just so he could survive and possibly take over in the later rounds. they basically trained him in hopes that he would go toe-to-toe until jake got tired...

  • Abram Porras
    Abram Porras

    Damn Ben is done for in life and in fights

  • GrowthZack

    Exactly - What non-boxer is he going to fight with boxing-only rules next?

  • habibbi alikafe
    habibbi alikafe

    You can call him a SVsoftr all you want, but when JJ became champion with three years of mma experience, everyone called him great. Jake Paul trains and boxes for three years and you still fail to recognize his skill and power

  • habibbi alikafe
    habibbi alikafe

    You can call him a SVsoftr all you want, but when JJ became champion with three years of mma experience, everyone called him great. Jake Paul trains and boxes for three years and you still fail to recognize his skill and power

  • cícero sincero
    cícero sincero

    The referee did Ben a favor, the guy had hip replacement few months ago another fall he could dislocate his femur. You can see the referee ask Ben to come to him, he couldn't walk straight.

  • DeadlyFredXXX

    Ben probably could have gotten up, what happened to standing 8 counts??

  • Bruce B
    Bruce B

    Loosing the fight stings for a couple days but jake is an moron and embarassement for life!

  • Tom Hawkinson
    Tom Hawkinson

    2:25. When he actually starts talking about the AskrenPaul fight.

  • Krøne

    Whoever thinking askren paul fight was, wake up. These two are for the money and they got it.

  • Roberton

    I think dobody is beating the diamond. Hands are cleans... The defense is clean.

  • Harrison Curran
    Harrison Curran

    This fight was so staged, just waiting until Jake fights a real boxer and it isn’t a script

  • Tony C
    Tony C

    SVsoftr manages to find a hack to seem like a great fighter by fighting "athletic" people with no boxing experience and knowing enough of the basics to land and knockout the non boxer... I will never respect that until he fights and defeats someone known for their standup skills. Or until he competes in an MMA matchup against a decent fighter.

  • Michael Sunday
    Michael Sunday

    Jesus christ himself was watching like "cmon man either that was rigged or my names not jesus!"

  • Mike Robinson
    Mike Robinson

    I mean with that block jaw and Jay Leno chin, what educated sports enthusiast thought it would end any different for Ben

  • abudujana13

    Thanks for the video, FULL MOUNT MMA

  • AJ Martin
    AJ Martin

    Glad I watched Whittaker v Gastelum instead. I would never pay for a Snake Paul fight lol 😆 you all got played if you did. The only way to get that lame off the stream is to not watch him ya know?

    • jeremy L. Freas
      jeremy L. Freas

      That’s exactly why I refused to watch ANY video, if Fake Paul’s name was in the title of or attached to, for the last couple of months.

  • Blake Runyon
    Blake Runyon

    If Ben showed up in shape and trained for more than a week at wild card ...I’d watch Askren vs the SVsoftr II

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure

    We all know what to book next.... Jake Paul vs Charlie Zelenoff

  • WaqMan VR
    WaqMan VR

    Why does he say the youtuber instead of his name?

  • bapadaboopee

    Absolutely love Robbert Whittaker, he’s a true all around champ and produced one of his greatest fights to date. The UFC once again put on amazing fights and should’ve the focus of last night instead of that horrendous boxing circus. If you know anything about boxing, you’ll know how much of a joke not only that stoppage was, but also the event in it’s entirety. Majority of it was a concert, the focus of it was the “entertainment” and “celebrities”, and really the only good parts of the entire thing were Regis having an amazing fight with getting the win and Snoop Dogg overall. RIP Boxing, it truly died today...

  • Frank Armilio
    Frank Armilio

    I wanna like vettori but I hate that excuse of..." I wanted to do more but it was this guy's fault" ridiculous man. Khabib wrestled every match and people love him, know why, because even wrestling he goes for the kill he tries to end it.

  • Shawn Morris
    Shawn Morris

    I love how the hundreds of casuals that supported ben faded into the darkness and everyone acting like they knew he would get knocked out 🤣

    • above average duck dong Dianna
      above average duck dong Dianna

      I'm here

  • Frank Armilio
    Frank Armilio

    Dc came across very trashy for that, imo

  • Frank Armilio
    Frank Armilio

    Completely agree... Oscar was definitely coked out.... The dude was screaming at fighters, talking trash on mma, said c'mon baby about a thousand times.... Shit was ridiculous. The whole show spent more time with music performance than they did on fights

  • Master Den
    Master Den

    Doesn't look real waste of my time

  • eldavieo

    Total fix of a fight 😂

  • 014

    Does anyone even care what DC has to say anymore? Did we ever? So glad I didn’t have to listen to him last night

  • Jonathan Yuen
    Jonathan Yuen

    Guy was out of shape.

  • lil'blaster22

    Bendover Askream is so effeminate Paul should feel terrible for knocking out a girl...

  • Big Chill Theater Presents
    Big Chill Theater Presents

    Worth mention that Paul is a SIGNIFICANTLY bigger guy than Askren. A Nick Diaz fight would be awesome.

  • Brandon Luther
    Brandon Luther

    Hey now gaethjie has a fight. Paul vs. Gaethjie

  • Kevin Knuckles
    Kevin Knuckles

    Ben Askren... paying for a lifetime of arrogance

  • Dooo Dooo
    Dooo Dooo

    Dc is such a flip flop bro dude changes his opinion every ten seconds

  • Live Free
    Live Free

    I am so glad I didn;t pay for that PPV. WTF did we watch? It was a total clown of a production. Also, why was everyone surprised that Ben was going to get KO'd?

  • ShadowFai20

    Dc's reaction was priceless 😂😂😂

  • 098tyiskool

    Just how good is Nate Robinson?

  • hardassteel

    Send in Ngannou

  • Xaeravoq

    you channel name is full mount MMA and you cover boxing. change you or name. are you going to cover ice skating next? i cant trust this channel. bye

  • Stephanie Gordon
    Stephanie Gordon

    I didn't even watch the fight for free but I did catch it the next day and it definitely looked like a joke, glad I didn't waste my time or money

  • Rinkachichirikumei 12345
    Rinkachichirikumei 12345

    Jake definetly paid off the ref. He will only take fights that are rigged or that he has no chance of losing.

  • MMA Talk
    MMA Talk

    Ben asscream "I should stay retired" I let down the world.

  • Berto

    That event was entertaining as fuck you guys take this shit way too seriously.

  • Runs Up Mountains
    Runs Up Mountains

    Fake Boxer vs Fake MMA bye bye AssCream

  • Omar Vargas
    Omar Vargas

    Bruh y’all expected too much from the guy that couldn’t strike against DEMIAN MAIA.

  • Humphrey

    Jake should take the fight with bisping next

  • Marcel Joel
    Marcel Joel

    Snopp said Askren squared up like a boxer from the 1930's 🤣

  • Cody Richardson
    Cody Richardson

    I’m sorry that was so damn fake and bought off what a damn joke fight a real boxer and dont fix the fight like this fight was fixed

  • Xaeravoq


  • Lyndon Amon
    Lyndon Amon

    "The SVsoftr" bruh thats so damn cheesy just say his name

  • ?

    D.C.,Josh Barnett vs Paul

  • Marquise goodwin
    Marquise goodwin

    Instead of sending people to fight a fake fighter to have a FAKE FIXED FIGHT.. how about just ignoring him and let him fight real boxers..

  • YouKnow

    To everyone who thought Ben stood a chance. Keep talking now lmao🤣🤣🤣