Kia e-niro real world driving test in Arctic Finland
Just a normal day in Lapland, Finland. I drive from Utsjoki to Ivalo then back to Kaamanen. Three and a half hours driving. There was lots of snow on the road and I was doing around 100km/h for most of it. Temps ranged from -16°C to -7°C. I didn't drive ECO. I drove this as I would drive a fossil car.
Results: 186 miles / 300km range in a 64kwh EV in the Arctic is outstanding.
*Note I do have a Webasto heater in the car, which I estimate saved me around 6kwh on this trip.

  • Robbie Fitzgerald
    Robbie Fitzgerald

    I wouldnt call 100km/hr in snow like that normal.

  • dakotabcn

    Wow! nice! You have heat pump? the download of range with heat is big! The Niro is very eficient EV car :) I hope to have my ENiro soon and be able to enjoy driving without a thermal motor, although here in Spain we don't have such a cold climate as in Finland :)

    • Marcus Biller
      Marcus Biller

      -8° there is barely any advantage to PTC

  • El patio 2003 Patio
    El patio 2003 Patio

    No garage with this kind of climate?

  • David

    A fascinating insight to extreme winter use and performance of the e-niro. Impressive performance. It's great to see the stunning scenery too. Thanks for sharing.

  • J

    What time of the day were you filming? It looks dark

    • J

      @FinlandTony that's awesome but I would be so pale!

    • FinlandTony

      Started the video at 1pm, so middle of the afternoon. But this was during polar night I think, where the sun doesn't rise for almost 2 months. We still get a few hours of daylight, but it always looks a bit like twilight.

  • Imagining Is True
    Imagining Is True

    Firstly, you need to clean the car of snow for safety and secondly for consumption.

  • Peter Williams
    Peter Williams

    Tony - Thoroughly enjoyed your video, could you tell me what brand/type of tyres you have fitted to the car, thanks.

    • FinlandTony

      Hi Peter, thank you. The tyres are Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 (studded). More info (in English) here:

  • FooBarCom1

    Thank you for showing realistic consumption during winter on a Kia eNiro. I get my new eNiro on thursday, and the week after I have to drive from Trondheim to Lillehammer, Norway, approx 330km. Timeconstrained, so I plan no charge stop. With similar conditions as you hav shown, it seems to be on the limit. Must be ECO driving and no heater :-). I probably should mount my 2kwh diesel heater before departure or put on warm socks.

    • Jogi B.
      Jogi B.

      I drive eNiro too. Last time it was close in range (and also winter) I used AC on in automatic mode (heater sign was on) with 21,5 degrees the whole drive and for the last few kilometers I switched off AC/heater and there was ~30 Km more range. No freezing needed ;-)

    • FinlandTony

      I think if the weather is ok Trondheim to Lillehammer is not too difficult in the e-niro. Today in -5°C I done 40km and still had 91% battery left. Which gives a 420km range. But even if it looks to close for comfort, then spend 10 mins on the 50kw CCS charger at Ringebu or Hafjell and you will be good.

  • KsiNixNie

    Nice video. And lots of snow... brrrr.... I see you got the new purply firmware. Apart from the colour which you may or may not like (I don't) are there any noticeable improvements?

    • Chris Litton
      Chris Litton

      mostly you get better connectivity with the uvo app with purple, and it opens up more options on the app as well

    • FinlandTony

      Thanks. This is my first e-niro since swapping the Jag I-Pace for it a couple months ago. So I don't know what was in earlier iterations of the Niro to compare. I'm not a fan of the purple colour scheme though. I think the infotainment is great in the e-niro, responsive and very functional, so it's just the aesthetics. I also love the screen, both size, quality and the angle. It makes it easy to look at for the driver on super long drives. So I'm really happy with it, but I do think of Prince everytime I look at the screen :)

  • Laika Travels
    Laika Travels

    Don’t think I could live with the range anxiety it would diesel for me I’m afraid.

    • Marcus Biller
      Marcus Biller

      @FinlandTony Get a Tesla, they have more chargers. I know there are a lot in Telemark maybe they will bring some over to Finnland

    • Robin Zheng
      Robin Zheng

      @FinlandTony Definitely. My Niro EV can run more than 520KM in the summer

    • FinlandTony

      Yeah, if you do big road trips in areas with no fast chargers, EV's are still for the diehards like me. Need battery technology to come on a bit so we have 500km range in winter. That'd be nice. I believe this EV does 500km (310 miles) in summer. So no range anxiety then.