We finally manage to leave the Bahamas on a hurricane damaged 2015 fountain pajot Helia 44. We go through a few of the things I did to prepare for this passage across the Gulf Stream to Florida, but get pulled over by the cops on arrival. We weren't breaking any laws so I wasn't too worried. We then go to the shipyard ready to haul out and begin the repairs!
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Filmed by Colin and @oceanomartina
Drone shot by @oceannomads
Edited by Colin


    10:07 kes the band reference " IYKYK"

  • Phill McRevis
    Phill McRevis

    Why are you IDing to the pigs? Unless you broke a law they have no authority to get that info.

  • living life
    living life

    So what infraction did you commit to lose your 4th amendment rights just curious 🤔

    • Ade Matthews
      Ade Matthews

      Where do they lose them in the video then? I must have missed that bit....

  • Andrew Harmon
    Andrew Harmon

    Wished i would of done that when i was younger.

  • Terry Larkin
    Terry Larkin

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  • Terry Larkin
    Terry Larkin

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  • Terry Larkin
    Terry Larkin

    It would of been funny if you yelled below Hey everyone KEEP QUIET. I'M AN old cop also and like excitement m

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    Terry Larkin

    No middle name oh my

  • Terry Larkin
    Terry Larkin

    Collin if I ever had to go out to sea your the guy I would want to go with.

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    I got hooked on your videos yesterday. But I just subscribed, why?.... you're a New Zealander, who moves between Panama, Bahamas, Florida and the Mediterranean... and know Soca music, well I too am ready, ready for this, greetings from Trinidad and Tobago. Love the videos.

  • R May
    R May

    Jesus Christ that cop is stupid

    • theBro55


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    Nancy Battaglia

    Colin good to see you not on Bravo

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  • My Vizn
    My Vizn

    Thanks for showing how dumb Cops are!!

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    Robert utley

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  • Daniel Read
    Daniel Read

    I think i have watched all of your videos. I am a real estate man working my ass off and you have inspired me to retire sooner. I will have no regrets and live a full life. I am starting to learn to sail. I have been a motor boater my entire life. Thank you for opening my mind! PS if you need a old man (59) on your crew hit me Up !!!

  • Tev J
    Tev J

    The utter heaven critically mix because bomb consequentially cough under a cumbersome swiss. smooth, selective narcissus

  • Ted Heavy
    Ted Heavy

    Barney is a little insulting isn't it? He seemed to be pretty polite.

  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson

    That cop was so dumb. Typical police.

    • theBro55


  • SOULTAKU 100%
    SOULTAKU 100%

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    Nicholas Pitts

    these FLAT EARTH expeditions are GREAT!

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    Desmond Abril

    your music selection is the best it goes perfectly if all fails you can be a DJ Ha ha as if. wow its a new game with the drone I think its really going to enhance your videos

  • Robert Pike
    Robert Pike

    Colin, You are sounding more like Brodi YBS every time I watch LOL

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case

    I love drone footage. :) As a pilot, however, I would ask that you be careful about the altitude. Pilots can, and often do fly at 500' AGL over other than congested areas and 1,000' AGL over congested areas. Even a small drone is enough to ruin a pilot's day, and as for "see and avoid," we've got maybe 0 to 5 seconds on an object that size, depending upon background contrast. Black drone against a dark ocean... We'd be lucky to get a second visual, not enough time to avoid it. Thanks!

  • Steven Kyler
    Steven Kyler

    Born on the same day

  • Kc English
    Kc English

    Pretty freakin cool ain’t gunna lie

  • Chris Lowe
    Chris Lowe

    I wish I knew how someone could afford this. I would love to take my family and wander the world.

    • Ade Matthews
      Ade Matthews

      You're watching how they afford it. SVsoft and Patreon income supplemented by occasional work while the channels grow. Loads of people doing it with boats and vans on SVsoft.

  • Theron Nelson
    Theron Nelson

    You guys are a bunch of weirdos

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales

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  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales

    Waooo debe de ser bien emocionante esas travesías...espero algún dia poder hacer un viaje asi en barco

  • John Cusick
    John Cusick

    i was googling prices of hurrican damaged boats, was surprised to see how costly they still were

  • Duck Landes
    Duck Landes

    I was never stopped by police, but was boarded by coast guard a few times. One time I was on the anchor a bit north of San Francisco because there were 45 knot winds so I couldn't get pack to port. They decided to board me. The boat registration number was down in the ice hold and had got some dry rot, so i chiselled the numbers into the opposite wall. But it turned out I got one number wrong. And when they asked me for my ID I had to reach over my loaded pistol to get it, which freaked them out. So for a few hours I was staring down the barrel of their 50 caliber till they were able to verify that the boat wasn't stolen. After that I fixed the registration number.

  • speedbuggy16v

    The intro cuts me to the bone, young people, get out there and make it happen, your only young once.

  • Eric D
    Eric D

    Where did the dogs go mc fly. U tube cut me off because of this covid bs

  • Kolton Paxson
    Kolton Paxson

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  • x x
    x x

    No twenty years from now when everyone you know is retiring with a nice pension and travelling you will be working still and wishing you had not spent so many years traveling when you were younger. That's what is happening to me.

  • Canned Nolan
    Canned Nolan

    Catamaran without a sale look weird to me cause I grew up around a tiki26.

  • wassup93

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    john gurney

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  • Ernie Groocock
    Ernie Groocock

    Looks like that babies coming right along. I’m like you I always look at something and go what could it be. Because all in all most things are a lot of elbow grease and labor of love. I like the fact that you’re not afraid to learn New skills to save yourself a ton of money

  • Karen Mata
    Karen Mata

    as a navy vet, federal service academy grad, and licensed ship master...I worked...if sailing around the globe 6 months a year with 6 months vacation can be called work....for 20 years private sector..this while living offshore since the a professional mariner you live where you like...THEN I retired

  • Subaru_ManFL

    Guy is just doing his job and he is very nice

    • Patriotic Emo Shark Questioning Politics
      Patriotic Emo Shark Questioning Politics

      Exactly, If they do a full inspection it’s even better because they get to admire all the work he’s done to his boat lmao. Not to mention in other situations, If they do a full inspection and there’s something wrong with your boat and you don’t know it, Them doing the inspection could save your life. He is also alone. I give him major props for doing this alone. I couldn’t do it lmao.

  • Jeff Roberts
    Jeff Roberts

    Please tell me where to find the song in the video montage!!! Please please

  • Andrew James
    Andrew James

    Wow guys great things going on over there, wish ya all great luck on the seas and happy sailing and repairing, i had to sell my boats because got poor haha...

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    J Delgado

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    Hugh Cutfield

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    Clean Freaks Automotive Detailing

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    Maine bear hunter

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    Lane Pulcini

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    Tim Farmer


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    Kurt Sumthinorother

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  • Comet the demon wolf Gaming
    Comet the demon wolf Gaming

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    Musty Taylor

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    • Sailing Parlay Revival
      Sailing Parlay Revival

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    JB Automotive and Marine

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    Mike Lla

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    Keith Doot

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  • Bob Mealing
    Bob Mealing

    Amazing!!!! How much did the salvage cost, and how much did you put into her, and what was the original price of your vessel and the value currently? Super find, like finding a diamond in the rough and making something fabulous out of it!!!!

  • Highway rambler
    Highway rambler

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    Richard Smith

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    Youtube Comments

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    Go Leafs Go

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