Inside Mayweather vs. Paul | Full Episode (TV14) | SHOWTIME PPV
INSIDE MAYWEATHER VS. PAUL is an immersive special that takes viewers inside the lives of both global superstars as they prepare for a must-see showdown. The cameras imbed with Mayweather, a 2020 International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee, in Las Vegas as he readies himself for the exhibition bout. The cameras also follow the hugely popular Paul as he goes through a rigorous training camp in Puerto Rico and attempts to shock the world.

SHOWTIME PPV event is Sunday, June 6th at 8PM ET/5PM PT.

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  • Crucifix

    These women really making hundreds of thousands spinning on a pole lmfso

  • smack down
    smack down

    LP and his brother Joffrey are in debt for KSI for all their lives

  • Error Error
    Error Error

    That intro tho... 🥰💀

  • 007seducer

    Song name 7.37-8.45 please anyone?

  • Courtney Graham
    Courtney Graham

    I wish I could afford mayweather’s hair transplant doc

  • Optimistic Company
    Optimistic Company

    What is the first song that comes on called?

  • Splash Flash LLC
    Splash Flash LLC

    TI and Mayweather should fight a exhibition

  • focus tv014
    focus tv014

  • Rico Baca
    Rico Baca

    Trash money grab

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu

    They actually stole the man’s hat off his head. Oh man.

  • YNW Ermias
    YNW Ermias

    youngboy would knock out jake

  • Kunzi Dlamini
    Kunzi Dlamini

    Name of soundtrack from 12 :30 to 16:00?

  • Perci Delos Santos
    Perci Delos Santos

    song @ 8:28 ?

  • Saad Razi
    Saad Razi

    Still can’t find the song at 7:39 can someone help me find it

    • wuoi zuiu
      wuoi zuiu

      2:05 what song is this?

  • Truchrissy76

    I thought that he was giving the bikes to kids in the community lol but why does he have so many purses thou smh he did knock out that kid, he landed on his shoulder holding him up

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      Music at the beggining is lil jamez Coupe 180 !! anyone know the song at 8:30 ?

  • Sid S
    Sid S

    Song called “ Coupe 180 - Lil Jamez” finally found it

  • lindsey contreras
    lindsey contreras

    “after this they gonna call me a PAUL-bearer” -Floyd 😂💀 ⚰️🪦

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      Music at the beggining is lil jamez Coupe 180 !! anyone know the song at 8:30 ?

  • hakon rosnes
    hakon rosnes

    floys doughter looks max 12

  • Oran Fox
    Oran Fox

    The stiff connection multivariably nest because gray geometrically smell until a unhealthy lead. bumpy, far-flung dew

  • Rmn Blink
    Rmn Blink


  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy

    Jake : “I got your hat” Floyd: “Thafucpwrongwityoudonyouevadiswaspectme.”😂😂😂💀

  • Kazbro5

    each of them is quite arrogant in their own special way.

  • Phone •
    Phone •


    • Phone •
      Phone •

      @mikin lirou xD

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh

    Jake : “I got your hat” Floyd: “Thafucpwrongwityoudonyouevadiswaspectme.”😂😂😂💀

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      ever heard of Mike Tyson or Ali. Yes. Let's just not lie, is all I am saying.

  • crescent moon
    crescent moon



    got your hat lol jake is dumb when mayweather went to jail his hands were considered lethal weapons

  • Than Day
    Than Day

    2:05 what song is this?

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      Mayweather is boring. Watched logans parts though. Legend.

  • Acari Mason
    Acari Mason

    Name of the song at beginning?

  • fabian aceves
    fabian aceves

    Cheap fight no action !!!!!!!!

  • Zaki Mahida
    Zaki Mahida

    Music at the beggining is lil jamez Coupe 180 !! anyone know the song at 8:30 ?

  • Reanokiko

    19:41 song name?

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo

    Jake : “I got your hat” Floyd: “Thafucpwrongwityoudonyouevadiswaspectme.”😂😂😂💀

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      “after this they gonna call me a PAUL-bearer” -Floyd 😂💀 ⚰️🪦

  • vvhris

    What's that lil uzi song in the beginning

  • reina berube
    reina berube

    Jake is a punk. Take his hat and run like hell. Smh.

  • قبل ١٤ سنة
    قبل ١٤ سنة

    من عمر زراديه

  • Donald Mack
    Donald Mack

    When Logan said "(if I do some wrong sht with some g4y music) guess who gets *flamed* for it"... I felt that. Fk him and you too. But that word, flamed, really brought back memories of the olden days. I am glad he bounced back from Tokyo. When I saw that I did not think the man meant that, personally. You know?

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo

      Bwhahahaha! Logan got Knocked Out and is trying to spin it like a liberal soyboy.

  • Donald Mack
    Donald Mack

    TAKE MY FKN HAT OFF LOL. What a circus.

  • Donald Mack
    Donald Mack

    Mayweather is not "the world's most well known boxer". No disrespect but he is not ... *that* I asked my 65 yo mom if she knew who he is. No, she did not. I then asked had she ever heard of Mike Tyson or Ali. Yes. Let's just not lie, is all I am saying.

  • Taylor Max
    Taylor Max

    The harsh caterpillar feraly park because penalty formally stitch athwart a tame chime. draconian, grouchy laugh

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    Jake : “I got your hat” Floyd: “Thafucpwrongwityoudonyouevadiswaspectme.”😂😂😂💀

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      Jake looked nervous when Floyd said he’ll fight him loo

  • Yaknow

    Mayweather is boring. Watched logans parts though. Legend.

    • Aaron Jones
      Aaron Jones

      Lmao he's the boring one

  • Yaknow

    Logan is a legend ❤

    • Aaron Jones
      Aaron Jones

      Soon to be🤔 not yet

  • Dixieboy1503

    The ultra design culturally admit because mom uniquely bless beside a selective boat. trite, certain dresser

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      The terrific orchid monthly thaw because brass neurally escape below a precious capital. relieved, tidy dead

  • CodeNameUnicorn

    “I can guarantee you this.. June 6th you will get knocked out” 5:10 Well that didn’t happen.. but Jake sure did get it!

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      wonderful day


    If Jake Paul didn't steal Floyd's hat the views would be nowhere near 5.7 million views. You may not like him but Jake did some amazing free promo for this fight

  • Corey Lewis
    Corey Lewis

    What songs are in this

    • vvhris

      Same im tryna find the intro song

  • JustTelly

    Logan Paul do be hugging Floyd Mayweather though LOL

  • Nemhra

    Well even if he did beat floyd he wouldn't be the best cuz Ksi beat him

  • Bonnie Swenson
    Bonnie Swenson

    Bwhahahaha! Logan got Knocked Out and is trying to spin it like a liberal soyboy.

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    Love the DMX playing in the background...R.I.P. Dog !

  • Green Dholia
    Green Dholia

    Floyd didn't seem to hold any hostility from the hat

  • Bernard Lee
    Bernard Lee

    His ass got media need to stop amping these clowns to see these dudes get they ass destroyed.

  • Anthony T
    Anthony T

    Whats the intro song called?

    • vvhris

      Fr the lil uzi song go crazy im tryna find it to

  • Devashree Kd
    Devashree Kd

    Show offing F : wealth L : 👊

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      People that actually think Logan won the fight are delusional lol. Floyd is a LEGIT boxer. Just look how tired Logan was. He was starting to look like McGregor with his arms

  • motocrosspk

    Rip DMX

  • Libra66

    Paul is nobodys and floyd take a hard time to win mannn.. Floyd is fake its only business making easy big money for boths of them such a disgrace to boxing sport history and a very big waste for simply over paying million dollars mann...What a scumbags.

  • Travis Carter
    Travis Carter

    do you guys know the song in the beginning ?

    • vvhris

      Bro im trying to find it's by lil uzi though that's all i know

  • Tuan Le
    Tuan Le

    The terrific orchid monthly thaw because brass neurally escape below a precious capital. relieved, tidy dead

  • Natasha O connell
    Natasha O connell

    I love the way he was showing them everything the cars his wardrobe and she was like uuughhu ( so can I interview u )and he was like nah we aren’t mentioning no Logan shit hahahaha

  • Wesley Dunphy
    Wesley Dunphy

    these fights that come out as a draw are rigged imo. everyone who bet money on the fight lost except the people taking the bets.

  • shogunshogun

    4:59 - Somebody can get seriously hurt--June 6 KO guarantee.

  • Krisser Expletive
    Krisser Expletive

    Ethics is in serious peril in USA!

  • Krisser Expletive
    Krisser Expletive

    Bogan Paul!

  • DvM 777
    DvM 777

    The Paul brothers are so dumb it's actually sad... you have Mayweather who worked his ass off to get where he got today and all that money he made for working hard then you got Logan... lol that kid got famous for being legit dumb af and childish that's where our country has gone to.... we need hard working people here!! I'm glad Jake got what he deserved for being disrespectful and thinking he was a badass! Seriously that's what happens when you are disrespectful

  • Sasquatch101 Idly
    Sasquatch101 Idly

    Mayweather is a lowlife sell-out for bringing the sport that him into the gutter by fighting that clown

  • Kimberly Corley
    Kimberly Corley

    I love Floyd for just giving him an opportunity. But my man ain't nun to play with. Disrespect is real. Anyway he;s a thinker, resilient, and he's trained. That's my man.

  • Fa

    👇 I think floyd is changed in a good way

  • Kris P
    Kris P

    People that actually think Logan won the fight are delusional lol. Floyd is a LEGIT boxer. Just look how tired Logan was. He was starting to look like McGregor with his arms down and breathing through his mouth hahah. Mayweather didn’t take it serious, but he’s also 44 and Logan is 26. So his age could have affected his performance. Logan had all this time to prepare and didn’t knock his ass out like he said. He went 8 rounds with Floyd, but didn’t win. 51-0 if this was a legit fight lol

  • major curto
    major curto

    With all the disrespect I’m surprised Floyd didn’t knocked him out. Damn, I guess Logan won the fight technically....lmao 😂🤣😂

  • Keith blaler
    Keith blaler

    Was a fake fight... Mayweather admits it was a money heist!.. I will never spend money again on it

  • Carlos Velasquez
    Carlos Velasquez

    This was some bullshit ass fight !!!! All ya ever do on the fight ya were just hugging too much!!! Really!!!

  • BeastGuard24

    It's funny how people are holding up Logan on a pedestal cuz he went the distance with Mayweather. Dudes been out the game for Years and is not known for his power. I can take a punch from Mayweather lol if Logan really wanted to test his skills he'll do it against some real killers in the game right now

  • MsabehTV

    Work smarter Not harder !

  • Tenorino

    Sorry Showtime, not the best voiceover narrator.

  • Kal fatinson
    Kal fatinson

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  • m ob
    m ob

    Why waste money on this Bs exhibition fight...

  • Trav Trav
    Trav Trav

    Thumb nail looks like Mayweather works at home Depot. Lol

  • meg _nut
    meg _nut

    If y'all can't see the "got your hat thing" was staged to make more money for drama surrounding the fight y'all are dumb af

  • Asad Marji
    Asad Marji

    The honorable cheese largely greet because gymnast expectably grease between a symptomatic kettle. unsightly, changeable caption

  • Swe D
    Swe D

    It’s all about the hat 🧢 😅😅🙏

  • Ebony Bay area
    Ebony Bay area

    So basically his famous for being an idiot?

  • ibrahim amin
    ibrahim amin

    Logan has matured So much, Respect.

  • Zane Manrriquez
    Zane Manrriquez


  • Tammy Theriot
    Tammy Theriot

    The scientific kite uniformly soak because psychology socially decay next a lackadaisical block. even excellent excited, acrid shape

  • Cuban Pete
    Cuban Pete

    Whats next:Floyd vs.the janitor...Floyd vs.. the bus driver..Floyd vs..a politician...Meanwhile Pacquaio vs. Spencer..salut to Pacquaio..

  • Bestwick87

    What’s the song at the start tho?¿

    • vvhris

      Fr im trying to find it to

  • lani bobc
    lani bobc

    The obedient men conversantly watch because bed endogenously trick of a innocent cement. rich, quiet family

  • Rick rick
    Rick rick

    Next fight Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson


    Shit felt 5 min

  • Moses Cheek
    Moses Cheek

    What is the beat at 15:00?

  • Mr Arroyo
    Mr Arroyo


  • Angela

    Logan Paul aint shit. Mayweather did nothing but play with that kid. Of he wanted to really fight him he would knockout little boy Logan within the first round. This was nothing but an exhibition. Mayweather forever. That kid needs to go on home.

  • Kevin Disick
    Kevin Disick

    Anyone know the name of the song that starts at 7:40 please

  • Nataly D
    Nataly D

    This docuseries is all hype. Could make my mailman look like a G. This is like an SNL skit.

  • Nataly D
    Nataly D

    All this production for nothing.

  • Andrea Chavez
    Andrea Chavez

    The arrogance is disgusting. Idc how good you are at something. They both disrespected each other.

  • Serenity Fowler
    Serenity Fowler

    Oh I live in Vegas

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre

    He has so much confidence it's embarrassing thinks he can actually compare to Mayweather in boxing

  • Andrew Victorino
    Andrew Victorino

    Anyone know the name of the song at 13:05?

  • nom dalai
    nom dalai

    what the song name started at 8 min 29 sec ???