UFC 259: Post-fight Press Conference
Watch the UFC 259: Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.
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  • Kevin Adair
    Kevin Adair

    They don't call Nunez 'the Lioness' for nothing, I've seen most of her fights and I think she is devastating to her opponents. When they feel the power of her strikes you see their eyes go wide like WTF WAS THAT? Then they break mentally and she destroys them.

  • Kevin Adair
    Kevin Adair

    Dare to be great, Izzy might not have achieved it but at least he tried. Big Yan the Polish powerhouse deserved it. Izzy took his defeat like a champion too, he tasted something he never experienced but you've got to credit his humility (maybe this loss will bring out the best in him, adding a further hunger never to be beaten again)

  • shaik munwar ahmed
    shaik munwar ahmed

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  • Brother Derek
    Brother Derek

    Israel showed a lot in defeat. This will make him even better. Kudos to Jan for fighting a great fight! All good in my book.

  • Tyson Johnson
    Tyson Johnson

    idk why but i forgot how stacked this card was, I am glad I watched it live.

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

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  • Jack Ford
    Jack Ford

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  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez

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  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    Izzy is showing more happiness and respect for Jan than the whole mma media community

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    I am on the Jan wagon. He is respectful and classy. The UFC wants a cocky shit talking guy so they are upset Jan won.



  • Aha80

    Hmmm so just like the twin towers, once izzy hit the ground he couldn’t get back up 🐸🐸

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Jan looks like a light heavyweight...Izzy does not. This was a case of feeling the difference of the heavier division for Izzy. A case of the good big man beating the very good little


    I kno it's the fighters responsibility to kno these rules but I feel like maybe when the oppentant is down like the ref can say no knees just to remind them while in the moment


      @kolim jone it was a closer fight then people are saying but I agree Jan wins 7/10 times I think

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      Jan looks like a light heavyweight...Izzy does not. This was a case of feeling the difference of the heavier division for Izzy. A case of the good big man beating the very good little

  • John lacey
    John lacey

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    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      Ян чемпион.!

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    Ian and Sterling kept their words Ian: I will knock him out Sterling: I'll take the belt

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      window here!

  • Jerry Wielo
    Jerry Wielo

    Polska kiełbasa, pierogi, schabowy kotlet and makowiec is the key to Jan’s victory!

    • Jerry Wielo
      Jerry Wielo

      @Rock girl yeap - he's my man! he lost only to Magomed Magomedov and that was split decision years ago... Aljamain Sterling looks week last fight - DQ and illegal knee was unfortunate mistake but there is no one can really threat Yan in his division - he should be a poster boy of UFC but he doesn't speak English ;)

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Ян чемпион.!

  • Jay Miller
    Jay Miller

    Sterling laying down the whole time would of frustrated me too. He's a great actor tho.

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      window here!

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    Such a classy champion. Props to Blachowicz, the man is a true warrior.

  • Joe Angel
    Joe Angel

    Ye izzy ful dat nika

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu


  • Jordan

    I thought it was 4-1 for Jan. Those cowards are actually afraid to raise their hands lol. His stand up and wrestling was better.

  • Jambreezy !
    Jambreezy !

    Judges would make mistakes in scoring if Jan fight with stipe

  • A K
    A K

    dude interviewing izzy has an annoyingly anxious voice

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    You can tell Dana is pissed. Jan just ruined his plans for a potential Jones Adesanya megafight.

  • Oli Martino
    Oli Martino

    aljo went to the hospital and there was nothing wrong with him what a surprise it was a dq or nc but he milked it no doubt about it

  • Meltedjax

    Jan changed ufc forever in this fight

  • Meltedjax

    Imagine having so much love that the miracle of the night was your baby staying awake. So wholesome

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

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  • Steve Levee
    Steve Levee

    Jan looks like a light heavyweight...Izzy does not. This was a case of feeling the difference of the heavier division for Izzy. A case of the good big man beating the very good little man. If he stays at the lower weight class he'll continue to dominate...if he doesn't he can start aquainting himself with losing. I love the way Izzy fights, but...that went out the window here!

  • Сергей Десятников
    Сергей Десятников

    Ян чемпион.!

  • god damit 2020
    god damit 2020

    56:37 Izzy did the thing which dana couldn't done in 5 years

  • friend

    1:30:26HAHHAHAHA just because the dumbass Journalist couldn’t pronounce rakics name correctly Jan didn’t answer the question properly

  • kard sufur
    kard sufur

    Aljamain is a fu##in acting coward. I never seen such a flop job in my life.

  • Кузьменко Андрей
    Кузьменко Андрей

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  • Marek Zakrzewski
    Marek Zakrzewski


  • Gaming

    Here's my take on the illegal knee thrown by Yan. Before they even come out of the back the official's along with Dana and other people go over the rules so they know what they can and cannot do. As for the the way that Jan is still being over looked is just insane.

  • Jns Brt
    Jns Brt

    Dana is more upset about the judging on jan/izzy than the knee from petr against sterling 😂

  • Dan Getmoney
    Dan Getmoney

    Wtf it was 4-1

  • Dennis Tafeltennis
    Dennis Tafeltennis

    up the sound level please

  • Jason Kimball
    Jason Kimball

    IS IT just me or does Jan look a lot like stipe miocic ha especially in the thumbnail picture

  • Ben Setov
    Ben Setov

    Well, I try to watch this interviews but in 9 minutes of video there are 6 commercials, too much for me.

  • Adam hufz
    Adam hufz

    i love how izzy take down those bottle and can of sh*t monster digusting energy drink.. ahhaha

  • Jones Tee
    Jones Tee

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  • BK Maxine 771 Hilger 77
    BK Maxine 771 Hilger 77

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  • Monang Siringoringo
    Monang Siringoringo

    So is this win make Jan double champ? It should have, right? Champ vs champ.. the winner should get both belt, that's a fair rule

  • Macy Walker
    Macy Walker

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  • forlorn

    “It is not a question. I am the best you know. I am best in the world not in the Poland. Simple answer.“ - Jan

  • Ramses Linan
    Ramses Linan

    So happy for Jan that he won was rooting for him but wasnt sure if he could pull it off. It's a shame the media still doesnt give him more attention he got asked like 6 minutes of questions. Unfortunately gonna have to root against him his next fight I'm a huge Glover fan

  • Cozy Papa
    Cozy Papa

    Lol tbh the only person who really lost this UFC was Alja Sterling. It's an ugly ass way to win but it's not on him, he got hit. Sterling should have gotten the win, Yan should have lost the fight and rightful the belt , but Sterling getting the belt off a DQ win, ugly. The ref should have stopped it as soon as Alja got hit and not wait for Alja to act (Oscar worthy) on and decide if he wanna get up. Mind you I like Alja. But fuck it. We'll take it and run it back.

  • tin and gonic
    tin and gonic

    Dana looks like one of those cartoon villians with unproportionally big torsos.

  • Bit2Brain

    39:15 - Good point.

  • talicni_tom

    i didn't like izzy but after this fight i'm a fan

  • Dave Matthews
    Dave Matthews

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  • DaFilthyAnimals Productions
    DaFilthyAnimals Productions

    I respect izzy more for how he takes a loss


    You beat up a 185 in guy you so bad ass.

  • Pheaktra Chim
    Pheaktra Chim

    420th dislike thumbs up to the video though

  • andrewslayer9

    nice behaviour from adesanya after the fight. i think that this lose will improve him in future. i wanted to jan to win but big respect for adesanya for humble behaviour after fight.

  • James Dowling
    James Dowling


  • Michael Brownstains
    Michael Brownstains

    Jan should be charged with a hate crime beating a brother down like that, I heard Israel saying he couldn't breathe when Jan was on top.

  • comment wisely
    comment wisely

    Amanda Nunes vs sterling next.. Let Amanda take that belt too from that B!#s!

  • comment wisely
    comment wisely

    I can't stand dumb Cormier commentating, sounds like he just criticizes and says what everyone is doing wrong like he's the one in the cage. Where was his cheat sheet when he was tossed around like a rubber ducky by Jones, or eating shins like if were a big rib, or when Miocic sat him on the fence like humpy dumpy. He's like forks across a chalk board.

  • peter zwegert Schuldenberater
    peter zwegert Schuldenberater

    And big respect for the lion Mama amanda nunes great Performance. This women can Beat men in the lightweightdivision hahahaha

  • Markus Hernlind
    Markus Hernlind

    how the actual f*** could Jan be an underdog in this fight?

    • Martina Srna
      Martina Srna

      Tell me bout it.

  • Justin Franks
    Justin Franks

    Aljamain's belt is about as real as his gold necklace. I can't believe some of the shit that happens in MMA. Wayyyyy more drama than shows like "Days of Our Lives."

  • Funny Movie Backgrounds
    Funny Movie Backgrounds

    The volume is way too low!! And I'm disliking for all the ads

  • Victor Charlie
    Victor Charlie

    China created the Virus intentionally and deliberately

  • Lexvem

    Petr Yan`s translator is awful.

  • Shondarian Nelson
    Shondarian Nelson

    Never considered the fighters knowing the score clearly each round. I'm on board as it makes all the sense in the world. In Literally every sport, the athletes know the score and the stakes the entire way through and that plays a huge factor in how adjustments are made throughout the rest of the match. It let's you know if you can or should relax and hold on to the lead and or if you need to turn it up. Basketball, football, hockey, baseball, Tennis, Golf, Bowling etc even in point sparring etc the scores are clearly in the open to see for all. I'm legit down for this.

  • Peter Teal
    Peter Teal


  • Alan Saunders
    Alan Saunders

    Sterling the scumbag type o guy ,,,,,,,,,

  • W1ll P0w3R
    W1ll P0w3R

    I’m gonna sit here and wait for the outrage of the race police bc he said nigger”...

  • Vladimir Paliy
    Vladimir Paliy

    This press conference is corrupted)) So many prepaid questions! Am i the only one who sees this?

  • mr Russian guyERza 2020
    mr Russian guyERza 2020

    Speaking of the UFC, I have nothing against that channel of the UFC. Despite that there are some ignorant and hateful people here, I still will enjoy watching fights. I'm definitely serious, even when it comes to talking about certain fights. It's not even my fault that some people love to take what they say seriously, except for fighters in that video. I'm gladly serious, rather than see some wrong people over a common thing. I wanted to make sure I was right, rather than look wrong for no reason. I will just ignore certain people, rather than see them talk for no good reason. I'd hardly knew much about the UFC before I started watching it a lot. I don't have to keep watching UFC main events, just like I don't have to keep complaining about everything. It's definitely good to watch the video, from time to time. Quite frankly, I don't have to respect certain ignorant people, who even pretend to not be ignorant. If anything, there are reasons why fighters fight. It's one thing to forcefully pretend to be serious, but it's another to forcefully pretend to be arrogant. I'm clearly talking because I just have to say all this. Whether I get some criticism certainly doesn't concern me. I don't want to worry usual aspects of fighting, even when it comes to arguing about them. I'm just fed up of how some people take a few usual things seriously. I do take what I say seriously, even in regards to fighters. It's pathetic and annoying to see random people trying to get attention from an opinion. It's one thing to respect an idiot, but it's another to ignore that person. Anyway, I'm not trying to look very bad here. I can get distracted by an unnecessary amount of opinions, but at least I got a reason to ignore it all. Of course, it's a little pathetic that some people only want to be convincing about what they say. I'm pretty sure that most people are not perfectly clear about everything they say here. I'm pretty sure some fighters will keep fighting regardless. It's a little surprising that a long video has been gaining more and more attention. However, there should be a reason for that alone. If anything, I should get some people's attention even more. The fact that some people have limited knowledge about whatever they say is clear. I know I understand what I say, for some people's seriousness should affect them more. If I have to repeat myself, I'll gladly do it. So, I can't see certain people who are not even fighters themselves. It looks like some people are hardly ever aware of the importance of fighting. I hardly see a reason to be this serious every time. At the end of the day, there are people here who should be ashamed of themselves. If I was wrong, then I'd be wrong a little differently. If some fighters are wrong, then they'd be wrong a little different. There are such fighters who know how to talk, yet this is a good point. I can hardly ever judge some people, just like they can hardly ever judge me. I can hardly ever judge a few fights, let alone watch it all the time. The fact that I'm supposed to argue about what I say should be an example already. The fact that fighters are tough should be an example already. Whether or not fighters like to keep fighting is their own responsibilities. If some random people decided to be interested in a press conference, then I can't imagine how I should deal with that. Just because I've randomly decided to appreciate a video, doesn't mean some people know everything about fighting. There were a few reasons to distinguish irrelevant opinions from fact over here.

  • DEfan

    Israel can say "F" that "N*g'r" (svsoft.info/award/dnrNmZ9-tqnOp30/video.html) and it is ok, but if a normal person of any color said it...well the cancel culture would be all over it. BUT how refreshing that Israel takes defeat like a real man too. He praises his opponent, talks about his skills (as well as his own...as he should) but how nice was that? So I too will point out his mistakes but I will always give him credit too, but in both cases, only when it needs to be pointed out.

  • peter zwegert Schuldenberater
    peter zwegert Schuldenberater

    Respect for izzy and Yan time comes back champions

  • mr Russian guyERza 2020
    mr Russian guyERza 2020

    I'm going to be clear anyway, even if you want to talk to me. I don't think a song should keep getting attention, depending on the specific song it is.

  • mr Russian guyERza 2020
    mr Russian guyERza 2020

    I don't even understand why certain people are desperate to show interest in that video. At the end of the day, I can be serious without wrongly being influenced by sone random people. It's just a video anyway, regardless of how it's relatively perceived.

  • Zombie

    1:15:55 get that back? you never had that belt!

  • Piotr Pekala
    Piotr Pekala

    Both fighters showed great class, unlike JR, DC. Separating their personal preferences, from objective reality is that one thing you would expect from professional commentators.

  • Nieumieralny

    Israel, You got my hearth after this interviev. I like when you are pure sportsman, not trash talker. Thanks for great fight! Greetings from Poland :)

  • Anthony Peck
    Anthony Peck

    Could you fit a few more ad breaks in this video? I think it could use a few more.

  • lNer0xl D.O.N
    lNer0xl D.O.N

    Lets be honest, a technical and calculated Jan is even more dangerous than everybody imagined.

  • Mahmoud Talaat
    Mahmoud Talaat

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  • loco mixer
    loco mixer

    the more i see dana talk the more im conviced he is just winging it... doesnt even know his fighters names

  • DEfan

    @DanaWhite Have some of us "mature" viewers who have judge boxing, and other sports ghost judge these fights in the next year. If you keep having problems with your current pool of judges, give US a chance to do it.

  • lisa joy
    lisa joy

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  • Kyle Hernandez
    Kyle Hernandez

    Izzy salty knowing jbj would own him in there 😂

  • loco mixer
    loco mixer

    dana, the word you are looking for is "right".... he was right about you not believeing in him

  • DEfan

    Amazing how one-sided the announcer are during most fights. I don't know why they can't just act like a normal person and just report what they are seeing. My favorite in MMA or Boxing is hearing go on and on about how much better Person X is, dominating, better, outclassing, and then Person Y wins...love it.

  • Ronny Panesar
    Ronny Panesar

    The shiny weed multivariately perform because star fourthly please unto a spiffy cell. common, breezy john

  • Prog Metal
    Prog Metal

    audio is quiet as shit on this. get a real audio tech ffs. ads blasting the fuck out of my ears and then you can barely hear the actual presser

  • Ricky Patel
    Ricky Patel

    Nunes Shevchenko 3 please

  • OmniFox Aerial
    OmniFox Aerial

    3 ad breaks in the first 8 minutes of this video? Jesus Christ...

  • Apartamenty Mazowiecka Wspólnota Mieszkaniowa
    Apartamenty Mazowiecka Wspólnota Mieszkaniowa

    Rogan should be ashamed for biased commentary

  • Ronny Panesar
    Ronny Panesar

    The wide toe willy afford because plough immunocytochemically ban following a rampant samurai. weak, unknown competitor


    they gotta change the rules. petr was dominating that fight and yes the knee was illegal but he thought it was legal and he didn't want to cheat or end the fight like that especially when he was most likely gonna finish sterling. sterling was gone and completely broke and gassed. it should be whatever but u shouldn't win the belt off that.

  • Jacek Steciak
    Jacek Steciak

    Israel, you are a great warrior. Poles respect you.

    • Richard Harris
      Richard Harris

      FACTS!! I'm a Polish American and I will say..... Israel IS a great warrior....and a classy guy!

  • Rafsan Rahman
    Rafsan Rahman

    DC was not biased during the khabib gathje fight...but he was biased for izzy today

  • skyhawk747

    Pre-flight press conference none of you media wankers wanted to speak to Jan. Now he won, you all wanna piece of him. Tossers!


    worst commentating by rogan and cormier for LH fight. it was so bad i muted my television to stop polluting my ears with their bullshit. my eyes were telling me jan is winning but these dopes are telling me israel is picking jan apart. horrible. petr yan is a beast man and totally dominated sterling.

  • J. P.
    J. P.

    Looking at the scorecard Yan vs Sterling. Yan won leading up to the illegal knee. So, shouldn't the contests have been ruled a disqualification only? Sterling shouldn't have be a crowned as a champ in my opinion.

  • Dont Follow %143%
    Dont Follow %143%

    Jan blachowicz fan?? Hit the like button to show dana, media and commentators.