The players are super tired after the huge victory! | Man City 1-2 Chelsea | Thomas Tuchel
00:00 Intro
00:15 We were lucky, that it did not take too much to come back, lucky we were not 2-0 down. It was not a tactical drama, just the one individual situation in the last four minutes. It can happen, then suddenly we were 1-0 down
It is a big win, a fantastic team performance. It was a huge impact mentally [Real Madrid] and a fantastic reaction from the boys.

2:55 In the dressing room, the boys are all super tired. But this is what you need, to feel this strong bond. These experiences, these wins, these big games. Like I said we need to be lucky but the group is doing everything to force the luck on our side.

4:30 The no penalty decision
I only saw it live, I was in fear that he would give it. I fdeel the first one was a 50-50 decision. If you don't whistle it live then I don't think VAR would overturn it. [First penalty] We were one man down through injury. I think Raheem Sterling was lucky to be on the field after he had a huge foul on Timo Werner.

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  • HaytersTV

    Who will win the Champions League Final then? 🤩 #ManCity or #Chelsea?

    • Onyx Core
      Onyx Core

      @Yair Nahum Almassi B and B

    • Onyx Core
      Onyx Core

      @sony 63361 Chelsea : NOTHING !

    • Onyx Core
      Onyx Core

      @HaytersTV please don't delete this comment , you will eat these words as all the people said Chelsea will win , Mark my words.

    • Onyx Core
      Onyx Core

      @Yousef AlOtaibi and Pep has Tuchel's number

    • Onyx Core
      Onyx Core

      @carlos Heaven too much for "definitely" and "win"

  • ChelseaExeter TV
    ChelseaExeter TV

    Great work Hayters! Very Nearly 300k, do you have twitter by any chance?

  • Homedog Gaming
    Homedog Gaming

    Even though I’m a Tottenham fan I respect the professionalism and intelligence of Thomas Tuchel

  • Tube

    I have never seen such a transformation in a team in my life, I am a Rangers fan but I absolutely love watching Chelsea and Tuchel now.

  • Abhinav SK
    Abhinav SK

    It's official, Mendy has won the champions league!!

  • LAMT

    its going to be a great champions league final

  • Bleu Sky
    Bleu Sky

    Ziyech such a world class player, Tuchel should start him more often.

  • M2M official
    M2M official


  • Rəhim İmanquluzadə
    Rəhim İmanquluzadə

    the speciel one

  • Yacine lampard
    Yacine lampard

    I think i raise the hat off for tuchel even if chelsea lost the final ucl .. as chelsea fans when he come we wanted him just to give us european footbal next year top 4 but he made us beat city twice .. took us to two finals and third place in premier League what a manager.

  • Mike EE
    Mike EE

    My anger is at Sterling! He has to stop cheating!!! Looking at the comments, people are sick of it!!!

  • Ian Evans
    Ian Evans

    A Gregarious animal if ever i saw one. Loving your English Boss💙

  • Siddhant BOHRA [10N]
    Siddhant BOHRA [10N]

    best birthday present 💙💙💙

  • Wei Liang
    Wei Liang

    The story of how Thomas Tuchel has developed himself into a top football

  • Don Ragnar
    Don Ragnar

    so much better than Lampard and his bald patch

  • Sam Wong
    Sam Wong

    im not a fan of both teams , hope keep this standard up at very high level n quality in the final of UEFA

  • Uzair Ansari
    Uzair Ansari

    Chelsea are Premier league title contenders next season

  • Redstarism

    I hope he will win the champions league final🔥🔥

    • HaytersTV

      Every chance

  • Ranko

    How smart he tells pep and sterling throw the flowers, they were lucky that cho was offside and sterling dont get the red card. so STF up!

    • HaytersTV


  • Johnny FreeSpeech
    Johnny FreeSpeech

    I’m actually beginning to believe. Yes City have been the best team in the league this season. However, they aren’t as good as they were in their last two title winning seasons or as good as Liverpool were last season AND on top of that Chelsea are probably the most in form team since Tuchels arrival. I think Chelsea might just do it...

    • Johnny FreeSpeech
      Johnny FreeSpeech

      @HaytersTV no score prediction for me just yet. There are many days and games between now and the final, we don’t know who may pickup injuries etc before then. I don’t think there will be many goals though.

    • Johnny FreeSpeech
      Johnny FreeSpeech

      @HaytersTV no score prediction for me just yet. There are many days and games between now and the final, we don’t know who may pickup injuries etc before then. I don’t think there will be many goals though.

    • HaytersTV


  • Abs Tewelde
    Abs Tewelde

    Is it only me or he sounds like Arsene Wenger.

  • Ruma Dey
    Ruma Dey

    Advance congratulations to hayters tv As 3 million subscribers are coming . Party🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Joel Teye
    Joel Teye

    Every game is a new game... And there is a difference between the league and champions league... Now let's play differently and bring the cup home.. Great comeback and good work done.

  • N K
    N K

    You lot dont get it next season he will be figured out by teams , he. Ouldnt even win the CL with the most expensive players in the world. This is pure luck and it also shows how the standard of football has dropped over the last few years. You all make like you beat a Madrid team that's on tok of there game they are crap. Cities only advantage this season has been their depth and if it wasnt for Augureo trying something silly you might be singing a different tune. Please keep this message and read it middle of next season when they about to fire Tuchel......

  • N K
    N K

    Roberto Di Matteo reload......


    I want to say to Tuchel, saving important player for the UCL final like Kante. However, i know that you focus in getting place in UCL for next season but the important is winning the UCL.

  • Pragyan Singh Parmar
    Pragyan Singh Parmar

    No kevin , stones .

  • Hryo Cyko
    Hryo Cyko

    I don't know what PSG thinking, but gladly that makes him come to chelsea But please keep away player from injury before final especially kante, please let him rest, it will be nightmare if some players get injured before final

  • The beard father
    The beard father

    I've seen many good teams over the years but this chelsea team is up there with peps Barcelona team🙌 we can even go beyond them and saying this after only 3 months in charge


    Man u forevermore

  • Matarr Kebbeh
    Matarr Kebbeh

    He has done well but he still need a full season or two for us to really know how good he is. Most of the time, players turn up when there is a change of manager and you can only judge him after a full season or two.

  • Tarun Venkatesh
    Tarun Venkatesh

    sooperb second half display from the boys....chelsea for sure deserved something in this game and they got 3 points😱🤩😊

  • Farrukh Rakhimov
    Farrukh Rakhimov

    Chelsea congratulations with champions league title,cuz I believe Chelsea gonna win again Man city it's will be hattrick for Tomas Tuchel,what a career love this

  • Ginkhanmuan Tonsing
    Ginkhanmuan Tonsing

    Chelsea really deserve this win.

  • Abdiweli Jama
    Abdiweli Jama

    Come on Chelsea we trust T.T we can win all those games to come

  • Chelsea4life

    No one is talking about werner if it wasnt for his pass it woukd have been 1 1


    I just realized we've played the front 3 we've been asking for all season.. big ups the blues! Lmao

  • Ayaya

    Hahahha yep you think we play the same lineup and formation in the final we play these players because we think you are easy for us and now we saw your formation you will get bettered in cl

  • Qaran Doon
    Qaran Doon

    Good to see my team with full of confidence. Big big win.

  • Wolf Fang Division
    Wolf Fang Division

    All the doubts. Chelsea have not changed under TT. Should now be silent. Super happy. No1 wants to play us.

  • My Self
    My Self

    Physchological Edge goes to Chelsea City beaten twice Shy!

  • naoufal el
    naoufal el

    Start ziyech in the final

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A

    City low-key would have preferred to face Madrid in the finals..

  • Yamato Naoe
    Yamato Naoe

    Hudson odoi is so lucky to get Chelsea 3rd goal

  • caleb ogbaje
    caleb ogbaje

    It just a dress rehearsal for the main day Chelsea hear go.

  • freehichamworld

    Just give the ball to ziyech .

  • Matumbo Bakongo
    Matumbo Bakongo

    For a guy that was sacked from a team that wanted 2 buy the Champions league is amazing ..Tanks TT... you came 2 do right place ...

  • Quabena Monster
    Quabena Monster

    I'm super happy for thomas tuchel .... this man is a serious coach

  • Aidan Gilhooly
    Aidan Gilhooly

    Fucking staple a pic of agueros failed chip in our locker room till the final, who does he think he is against us?

  • Kevin Tan
    Kevin Tan

    Someone pls get me Kante’s pockets hahahaha he has all the best attacking players in the world in them

  • sony 63361
    sony 63361

    MY MANAGER 😍🏆🏆

  • Jason Morgan
    Jason Morgan

    City needs to get rid of Sterling, Ferran Torres, Gabriel Jesus, Benjamin Mendy ASAP.

  • Allen Corrigan
    Allen Corrigan

    I just like listening to this guy talk about Football.

  • Bleu Traveller
    Bleu Traveller

    Zieych is the king

  • jon780249

    Brilliant Tuchel

  • W T
    W T

    Blue is the word It's got a groove, it's got a meaning Blue is the time, is the place, is the motion Blue is the way we are feeling B.G.

  • Yonas Nahom
    Yonas Nahom

    V AR A guero R eferee. All missed penalties.

  • Eugene Shuchi
    Eugene Shuchi

    Damn chelsea got a manager 🔥😂 Man City we gat jokes if we loose the champion league l won't be surprise l tell you 🤦🏿‍♂️😪

  • Just a man
    Just a man

    The TT 100% positivity ! 💙

  • Craigs List
    Craigs List

    Get rid of stupid Timo. Timo is total trash. Play mount, kai and pulisic up front

    • Wei Liang
      Wei Liang

      If without Timo’s runs and the final pass in the second half, do you think Chelsea could win?Only the stupid guys think other people are as stupid as they are, and that’s funny.

  • Hisham Abdo
    Hisham Abdo


    • HaytersTV

      We do we do 💪💪💪

  • Subash Gurung
    Subash Gurung

    London is blue again. Hats off TT😘

    • HaytersTV

      amazing 👏👏👏

  • Aj Wilkinson
    Aj Wilkinson

    Tuchell my German Manager

    • HaytersTV


  • Rishabh Sharma
    Rishabh Sharma

    Thomas Tuchel, living in Pep's head rent free.

    • HaytersTV

      Ho Ho

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson

    TT is a wizard can't wait to be back at the Bridge got some good times ahead chelsea family 💙

    • Ben Thompson
      Ben Thompson

      @HaytersTV 100% 💙💙💙💙

    • HaytersTV

      PL winners next season?

  • Tyrese Smith
    Tyrese Smith

    We’re on a impressive milestone as it is now...we just need to remain humble until the right time🤫...UP THE CHELS💙💙💙💙

    • HaytersTV

      well said

  • dude

    So proud of this man. Inshallah we’ll win in Istanbul too 🤞

    • HaytersTV


  • Shamsa Kiin
    Shamsa Kiin

    What a Coach

    • HaytersTV

      New contract time?

  • Senninha mcl
    Senninha mcl

    Tuchel has led Chelsea from 9th place to the Uefa CL final. He has taken Chelsea to another level. he's the first manager to reach the Uefa CL final in back-to-back seasons with different clubs.

    • Rodrigo B
      Rodrigo B

      He has taken chelsea from 9th to 3rd. To the UCL final And to the Fa cup final. He has made a team no one would want to face.

    • HaytersTV

      Yes. Time for a new contract?

  • Friend

    John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

  • SergiuS Paras
    SergiuS Paras

    HUGE WIN FOR TOP4! UP TO 3RD! Bring on Arsenal👊🤩🤩

    • HaytersTV


  • Shakir Choudhury
    Shakir Choudhury


    • HaytersTV


  • Ozy Mandias
    Ozy Mandias

    Pep surrendered to baldness early in the struggle. TT clearly displays a defiant, fighting spirit against his genetic fate.. I think their respective attiudes are reflected in that of their clubs.

    • HaytersTV

      Bad hair day, good results day 😂😂😂

  • Nayaga Official
    Nayaga Official

    PSG must regret this😁... what a stupid decision they made , lucky Chelsea😉👍

    • HaytersTV


  • Guru vythee
    Guru vythee

    He really does love the word super

    • HaytersTV

      Super keen on the word SUPER 😂😂😂

  • Yupp Dupp
    Yupp Dupp

    Massive💙 Alhamdulilah

    • Yupp Dupp
      Yupp Dupp

      @HaytersTV yee

    • HaytersTV


  • Fitry Hakim
    Fitry Hakim

    His tactical brain was just..pfft mind blown! He ain't lying bout building a team no one wants to play against!

    • HaytersTV

      for sure

  • Flyzr

    Chelsea buzzing with TT, if they lose any of the finals it will be #TuchelOut🤣🤣 fickel

    • HaytersTV

      ha ha - let's see

  • Chad

    Tuchel ELITE level manager

    • HaytersTV

      we know

  • DeBuDDi

    lucky win, wish in final ucl chelsea can improve the performance

  • dusty rhodes
    dusty rhodes

    I just feel bad for the City fans who spent their entire paychecks on flares...

    • HaytersTV

      ha ha 😂

  • Thiago Da Silver
    Thiago Da Silver

    Am I the only one who thinks sometimes Tuchel gives hints of his tactics and yet his opponents still can't cop.

    • HaytersTV


  • Yusuf I
    Yusuf I

    Still here

    • Yusuf I
      Yusuf I

      @HaytersTV Ey Rhyming dear

    • HaytersTV

      good to hear 👏

  • Raj K Kingsley
    Raj K Kingsley

    Respect To TT And The Boy's!! Fantastic game today super excited!! We Are Unstoppable... Champions league is coming home

    • HaytersTV

      Predicted score?

  • Hello Whatsup
    Hello Whatsup

    Ramadan Mubarak, for all my Muslim brothers and sisters Some dhikr to say- SUBHANALLAHI WA BIHAMDIHI SUBHANALLAHIL ADEEM Say this 100 times a day- SUBHANALLAHI WA BIHAMDIHI SUBHANALLAH ALHAMDULLILAH ALLAHU AKBAR LA ILAHA ILL ALLAH May ALLAH SUBHANAWATAALA Reward us with Goodness and grant us the Best in this life and the next, May ALLAH SUBHANAWATAALA Guide, Forgive, Bless, Protect, Help, Bless and Reward us and May He accept our efforts in Worshiping Him, Pleasing Him and asking Him For Good in this Ramadan as well as throughout our lives Ameen

    • Idk

      Random, but thank you brother/sister

  • Sen Sahir
    Sen Sahir

    City did not play their best team in FA Cup or today, Man City will beat chelsea to win UCL

  • Goldmind International
    Goldmind International

    In Tuchel we trust

    • HaytersTV

      so true

  • Ahmad Zahir
    Ahmad Zahir

    Tuchel was different,not only that so called caretaker like dimatteo back then who always play defense,this team performance was superb.we nearly create 2 or 3 more goals from an open play.such a massive transformation this is like chelsea attacking mode was turned on

    • HaytersTV

      This is not FIFA - it is the real thing!



    • p

      MC city lost 1-2 to 10 man Leeds United

  • Ilian Shamija
    Ilian Shamija

    We need the luck in the final, of course we need the luck , but at least i don't fear City anymore , and this is a good feeling as a fan , i v'got to thank Tuchel for this

    • HaytersTV

      Confidence flowing again

  • mark andrews
    mark andrews

    This team is just beginning so can you imagine what they will achieve when they actually start to gel properly especially the front players.

    • mark andrews
      mark andrews

      @HaytersTV I don't see why not we have closed the gap with City if we sign a quality striker and Utd and Liverpool need to spend big to overhaul their squads.

    • HaytersTV

      PL title next season?

  • Claude John
    Claude John

    Tuchel is superb

    • HaytersTV


  • Mohamed Atik
    Mohamed Atik

    Thank you Tuchel, thank you Ziyech and timo and all the warriors of Blues

    • HaytersTV

      Yes 🤞

  • Chiza Shungu
    Chiza Shungu

    The referree still can't believe we won.

  • Sibusiso Enock Cebekhulu
    Sibusiso Enock Cebekhulu

    Great match! Thank you HaytersTV 💙

    • HaytersTV

      you're welcome - 😍

  • its _arif
    its _arif

    Am in love with Chelsea Football Club

    • HaytersTV


  • Vignesh S
    Vignesh S

    If Chelsea win Champions league then we should declare PSG as the most unluckiest team in history of football...

    • HaytersTV

      unlucky - or stupid to sack him?

  • Think and act wisely
    Think and act wisely

    TT, please don't lose on the final. We definitely need to win the Champions League. Pep G will be doing everything to win the last game. Please please be prepared. 💙💙💙🔵🔵🔵💙💙💙👏👏👏👏

    • Nyan O'Brien
      Nyan O'Brien

      @Onyx Core a guy slipped and fell into two CL finals back to back with different clubs? Give us more of those accidents please.

    • Onyx Core
      Onyx Core

      @Nyan O'Brien i think it accident , and his history with PSG brings misfortunes.

    • Onyx Core
      Onyx Core

      @Deriza Putra oh , boy Pep is a snake

    • Onyx Core
      Onyx Core

      @HaytersTV so you're a Chelsea fan

    • Deriza Putra
      Deriza Putra

      @Nyan O'Brien Very soothing statement from you thank you 🔵🔵👊

  • Zac22

    I don't understand why pulisic use right side. he should play left side.

    • HaytersTV

      You want to change a winning team?

  • Ken Barber
    Ken Barber

    Really glad for the 3 points. COYB!

    • HaytersTV