We Bought A Cheap ABANDONED Supercar That Everyone FORGOT About
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Today, we buy an amazingly cheap forgotten and abandoned supercar, a 1990 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE. Does it handle like it's on rails? I'm sure we will find out.
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  • Wrench Every Day
    Wrench Every Day

    Hey everyone! CarTrek filming is going on, slowing the next few steps on the SC-F, so now some British content. Big things coming in 2021 for the channel!

    • El Shuwix
      El Shuwix

      Mentioning Lotus appearance in NFS2 and not mentioning it has it's own game series with really entertaining and competitive split-screen multiplayer really piss me off :) This was how you spend your weekends in early 90's: svsoft.info/award/moXcmKajp7nZonU/video.html

    • brian combs
      brian combs

      One of my dream cars my favorite from gran turismo games

    • Richard Green
      Richard Green

      Boys I love your vids and always look forward to them but please oh please don’t fall foul of the politeness police with your smutty innuendos when discussing the project . I fear Someone will take it to heart in today’s climate and we don’t want to lose your vids

    • Gamecock Mike
      Gamecock Mike

      When are you guys going to get this thing running. I really want to see that video. Good luck guys

    • sagar jadhav
      sagar jadhav

      What a lovely car 😍 with all its documentations available. You should keep it in museum.

  • Jamie Driscoll
    Jamie Driscoll

    Pop the CD into a playstation or XBOX it'll play

  • Russell Wells
    Russell Wells

    I'm pretty sure I have the electronic shop manual on file, not disk, somewhere

  • Film Slasher Bryan O'connell
    Film Slasher Bryan O'connell

    Pretty women I remember that movie when he was grinding the gears in the lotus

  • Ann Godiva
    Ann Godiva

    Bottom up or top down.......what are talking about again! LOL

  • Leif Karlsson
    Leif Karlsson

    How tall is Jared!!!

  • Azmovieprops Stunt Driver
    Azmovieprops Stunt Driver

    With the body and interior work I would say NO WAY. I can just how much more is wrong. But it's content and your clearly getting a lot of comments.

  • Homer bob
    Homer bob

    Lotus lots of trouble usually serious

  • Classic Frenzy
    Classic Frenzy

    Bet you it will, can buy a external usb cd rom that should work

  • Texas BEAST
    Texas BEAST

    There was a G1 Transformer Decepticon Battlecharger black Lotus Esprit Turbo car called Runabout. His car was cool but his robot was a brick. He had a very similar white brother called Runamuck who was supposed to be a Trans Am, but he was nearly a clone. They had the same personality as Beavis and Butthead. Maybe yours was beat up because some Autobot kicked its ass and left it for dead. So instead of repairing the Autobot leader like Marky Mark Wahlberg in that one movie, you're basically fixing up a Decepticon Butthead.

  • Bruce Goldy
    Bruce Goldy

    I love Jared, like the big brother I always wanted

  • cjhawk67

    I swear the tail lights on that are the same ones on 80s Toyota Corollas

  • AAI6718


  • Will Pittenger
    Will Pittenger

    Sure looks like the car from The Spy Who Loved Me even though that was 17 years earlier. Take it for a swim?

  • TheLegendaryt2

    Did they ever say what they paid for the car?

  • Brandon Miller
    Brandon Miller

    Over here talking about 0-60 times. I drive a 94 geo metro xfi, my 0-60 is... uhhh eventually

  • Glenn Oropeza
    Glenn Oropeza

    Do a LS V8 conversion! No you won't be the first because Renegade Hybrid already did the conversion and will sell you the kit to make it happen!

  • Bakuah

    oh shit i like this car since i was a kid, and now i realize i never fit inside because i have 1,95m oh dear god

  • Urban Weekend Warrior
    Urban Weekend Warrior

    I've seen jizz socks that look better than the body work on the front bumper..

  • Bruce Handlon
    Bruce Handlon

    holy crap! Look at the old hot rod tech!

  • Michael Venable
    Michael Venable

    The parts are going to be out of this world costly

  • SGT Tom Bailes
    SGT Tom Bailes

    If you guys get this response, I am watching all the videos on this Lotus rebuild. I had a '88 Lotus Turbo Esprit. I now have a '99 Porsche 996. I would love to introduce you guys to the GA version of the "Little Tail of the Dragon" Perfect Road for that Lotus~~. I know, I had one! You are welcome to come stay at my home, and we can do the "little tail of the dragon" thru N. Ga Mountains. Let me know, at (sgttom504@aol.com) We would have a huge fun time!!

  • D. Ariel Susana
    D. Ariel Susana

    Let’s talk about that MR-2 🤤

  • ededdynova

    that could be a conquore car with all the goodies, worth loads more with it all.

  • Scoobert Doo
    Scoobert Doo

    Just checked the new 2021 Toyota Sienna mini van goes 0-60 in like 8 seconds and a 16 second quarter mile time

  • Scoobert Doo
    Scoobert Doo

    That totally looks like a hopeful build


    Just as a quick note, the Esprit in NFS2 was a V8, and IT WAS THE FUCKING SLOWEST CAR IN THE GAME I still love it, and the showcase video with music by Rom di Prisco was Legendary

  • George Vargas
    George Vargas

    That shirt though! Gotta get me one

  • uzivatel56

    This was supposed to be the "budget" kinda YT channel, remember??? With relatable cars? Supercars belong to the other one.

  • Cody Henderson
    Cody Henderson

    Please let me have this car after you get it fixed and finished Tavares and Jared PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! LOL 😂😆😂

  • Jimmy Soto
    Jimmy Soto

    Yeah another super. SVsoft doesn't have enough of those.

  • John Honda
    John Honda

    Inside door handles are off a British Leyland Maxi, Allegro, Princess.

  • King Flippy Nips
    King Flippy Nips

    all dvd drives also read cd's, they are the same format

  • Hebu The Lone Wolf
    Hebu The Lone Wolf

    car coming with diagrams = mechanics wet dream something every car should still have but no, u have to take the car to its onw mechanic, no self repair/maintenance allowed

  • James Cook
    James Cook

    cd ROMs work with windows 10, you can use an external drive to read and vlc to play them.

  • Jack Little
    Jack Little

    What a total POS car🤢 Why would anyone have an interest in doing anything but having this towed to the nearest scrapyard🤔

  • Andre Lane
    Andre Lane

    I haven't read any of the previous posts what you paid for this gem nor do I think he will tell us what you paid but I'm going to make a guess at $7,500. I look forward to following your journey in getting it back in shape!


    This is a score all the paper work is a definite plus and this car is a sweet whip 😀 👌

  • Lucas Martínez Parra
    Lucas Martínez Parra

    Need For Speed II SE brought me here!

  • slenderman3682 /slimo
    slenderman3682 /slimo

    Looking at the rear lights they seemed familiar and I searched it up but apparently it has the same rear brake lights as a ae86

  • Darren Liggett
    Darren Liggett

    Check out the rear light clusters, if I remember correctly they are upside-down Toyota Celica ST162 lights :-)

  • Kero Angeloff
    Kero Angeloff

    I love these cars. All the lotuses that Roger Moore used in the James Bond movies are sick.

  • Erik Gustafson
    Erik Gustafson

    Noone forgets an Esprit. No. One.

  • Steve Henderson
    Steve Henderson

    Supercar??? LOL!!

  • Retired at 49
    Retired at 49

    This is the car in the movie "pretty woman" that she said "it corners like it's on rails"!

  • Chris Huntington
    Chris Huntington

    For The SSE you have to go to a 94 Pontiac Bonneville. But I’ll save you the time, it’s awful

  • David Cordes
    David Cordes

    Hope it’s not a bad timing belt. That’s an interference motor and belts have to be changed out every 20k!

  • Michael Joynt
    Michael Joynt

    Lotus owners are built different. I am impressed by the level of ownership materials you got. Its on a whole different level. Whatever you paid for it, totally worth it for those HotWheels by the way lol I love everything about this purchase of yours. and being 6'4" I know I would never fit into a Lotus, I want to see you both sit in a 2021 NSX just for that head room comparison

  • Dustin Poche
    Dustin Poche

    Well at least tavirsh is getting a car with some class lol

    • Dustin Poche
      Dustin Poche

      I was hoping for more cylinders but still a good condition cool car

  • Mackenzie McIntyre
    Mackenzie McIntyre

    Man i miss mg cheap as shit lotus

  • Jake G
    Jake G

    Put the twin turbo V8 esprit engine in it for maximum supercar ;)

  • Giant Pants
    Giant Pants

    That is my favorite car of all time, The Lotus Esprit is the finest in British Engineering, a complete car. I wonder how many still exist? I still hate those mirrors they were suppose to be integrated into the door, but no. and the door handles, my neighbor had the V8 twin turbo, that car was nice

  • Zed orda
    Zed orda

    Why can't wanna-be motor-headz at least get the lingo right? It is like they have no clue that there is difference between classifications. Or they are so fake they have to use the wrong descriptions so they feel better. This is not a supercar. It is barely an exotic class car. Here are some real car classes of the consumer level: Sport, Exotic, Super, and Hyper. In that order. You don't even get into the realm of Supercar till about $800 thousand USD. Not that cost is the classifier just an easy retail example. The Lotus are fun cars but not even close to a Supercar experience.

  • Danial Howe
    Danial Howe

    faaaaaat maaaaan in a liiiiitle caaaaar - faaaaaat maaaaan in a liiiiiitle caaaaar ( shut up richard lol )

  • MASS GASS 91
    MASS GASS 91

    this is epic

  • Rocko ca
    Rocko ca

    This was filmed before the TV and hood were put up in the seating area . But yet it was released on March 3 🤔

  • Adam Ski Harvey
    Adam Ski Harvey

    It's great to see a car built from my own local town. Hethel, the birth place for the lotus. Hand built by some really skilled guys. Epic.

  • Veikra

    freddy failed the challenge. Jared said open the bonnet, not the boot !

  • Veikra

    No Jared, we drove the v8 esprit in nfs2

  • colin vanlaanen
    colin vanlaanen

    If you need to know what a come a long is...

  • fromatic2

    k24 swap

  • arcanask

    "Everything is handbuilt, so nothing fits!" yet people will pay ten times more if it is as such.

  • David Stewart
    David Stewart

    Interior doorhandle from Morris Marina. Blimey!

  • Randal Anderson
    Randal Anderson

    I've got an idea. Take out the crap motor & transmission and convert the car to an electric motor. Even when new the drive train was junk and now you want to fix old junk. Either that or convert the car into a submarine like they did in an old James Bond movie.

  • ruben de wulf
    ruben de wulf

    My dad bought this new , always was something wrong with the gearbox... i give this one 10 / 10 for comedy haha

  • TacoMonsterNick

    I remember and prefer the V8 model of this epic piece of machinery.

  • Who's your mate?
    Who's your mate?

    I look forward to seeing this beautiful car brought back to life 👍👍

  • GrizzaVision

    Home made dashboard

  • GrizzaVision

    Lotus Esprit was before DMC mate

  • Nelson Ocasio
    Nelson Ocasio

    This car deserves a full restorations.

  • WilliamAslinger

    88&1/2 anniversary edition pearl white and wheels with corvette spoiler 4 cyl cosworth Ford with twin turbos...

  • Cameron Bowen
    Cameron Bowen

    Cheapest one in Australia is $52.000 aud. Brought a c3 corvette right hand drive for $26.600 alot cheaper

  • Hans Gustav Solberg
    Hans Gustav Solberg

    The lotus Esprit forgotten? Not at all. At least not here in Europe. Everyone with the slightest interest in cars know what it is. And I wouldn't exactly call it a supercar. But an awesome sports car none the less.

  • O.G.Moose

    watched more ad's then video, GG youtube.

  • Brent Richards
    Brent Richards

    Of all the cars done on this channel, this one is by far my favorite.

  • Brent Richards
    Brent Richards

    I've always liked the Lotus Espirit TT.

    • Brent Richards
      Brent Richards

      The v8 twin turbo model.


    wonder if it smells of julia roberts minge from 1990 pretty woman

  • Alice Kusanagi
    Alice Kusanagi

    3:20 Sometimes I have nightmares on not being able to sit straight in a car. This makes me anxious just to look at it.

  • Seth L
    Seth L

    Let’s walk through more leaves. That is 🔥🦻🏼🎧

  • MX after 30
    MX after 30

    It’s worth it’s weight in scrap, nothing more.

  • Ted Beckett
    Ted Beckett

    Take the engine out! Because when that engine is in a normal car the timing belt is at the front /

  • Ted Beckett
    Ted Beckett

    Lotus actually means Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious!

  • Ted Beckett
    Ted Beckett

    Basic engine design was GM used in the vauxhall Magnum and Chevette HSR. Was originally intended to be one half of a V8.

  • Ted Beckett
    Ted Beckett

    Those interior door handles probably came from the Morris Marina.

  • thomas hulse
    thomas hulse

    I'd put a rally clock in that space

  • Lee Henry
    Lee Henry

    One advantage to being 5’ 9” I can fit in the Lotus.

  • Jerry King
    Jerry King

    An iconic super-car! This deserves the full treatment!

  • Nick D.
    Nick D.


  • Lombi

    Turbo upgrade😉

  • Big J
    Big J

    I need this car

  • David Schnell
    David Schnell

    They said Porsche right

  • Mehul Morar
    Mehul Morar

    Pinellas Park Lotus was about 20 minutes from where I live. I think they also had a Toyota dealership connected to it.

  • John Stawicki
    John Stawicki

    Thats not a super car thats why it was forgot about

  • lloydrmc

    That's not the bonnet. That's the boot.

  • AdLP640

    Lotus - Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious

  • steve jette
    steve jette

    How tall are you ?

  • Juppi Disco
    Juppi Disco

    It's a James Bond car! Shure we know this!!

  • Beef Wellington
    Beef Wellington

    If you seen the movie taking care of business and you know what's up

  • Jonathan I. Ezor
    Jonathan I. Ezor

    No one who saw "The Spy Who Loved Me" ever forgot about the Lotus Esprit.

  • Jeremy Pilot
    Jeremy Pilot

    Reminds me of the Vector if anyone remembers that wild ride.