We get to work on a salvage boat after driving it over from the Bahamas to Florida. We haul her out in Riviera beach and start ripping yards and yards of rotten/wet balsa core out of her hulls. We leave no stone unturned as try to find good dry core throughout her hull. We also have 2 new videographers arrive who are eager to get started and seek a life on the ocean.
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  • John Butler
    John Butler

    How safe is the boat in the shipyard, no one is there to check that nothing is stolen, big risk I see.

  • Gladheateher Fruehauf
    Gladheateher Fruehauf

    Balsa wood, I never would of believed it. Is it for buoyancy? Has such little strength. Insulating value instead of foam?

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    Life Unwrapped

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  • Till

    Hi, Unfortunately, you made some serious mistakes in your repairs. especially with the large fiberglass parts, the transitions are too sharp-edged. You should have sanded the transitions much more gently so that a large-area connection is created between the old and the new laminate. This way, there are no weak points. In your approach, you built a predetermined breaking point into the boat. I am sending you a link that tells you how to do it right. The video is in German, but just in the pictures you can see very well what I mean. So it's done right. And above all, the hull retains its stability. Greetings from Germany.

  • Alex Engelbrecht
    Alex Engelbrecht

    Hey, this is a bit of a long shot! but if you guy's need anything, any help I would absolutely enjoy giving a helping hand. I have many tasks I am good at! Good at all master of none.... built a few houses never built a boat or even sailed. it's always been a dream to fix one up and sail. It would be absolutely insane to help with this journey

  • Buildin' Whatever
    Buildin' Whatever

    Ya know, just the fact that “quality” boat builders are still using wooden cores for their boats is a travesty. Considering their are viable options like king starboard and sea cast just reinforces that most f them are more concerned with profit over quality.

  • Vivian Bond
    Vivian Bond

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  • Allison Taylor
    Allison Taylor

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  • Paul Hellewell
    Paul Hellewell

    A trick you might already know, when using a straight edge over a high surface, rub a bit of graphite (lead pencil will do in a pinch) on the edge of the straight edge and the graphite will show the high spots until you get down to the level you want. Reapply the graphite as often as you need and try to keep it off the low areas.

  • j rain
    j rain

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  • Rusty Comer
    Rusty Comer

    Colin, isn't there some kind of light-weight, nonporous, synthetic material the boat builders could use for their cores, rather than that very absorbent balsa?

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    Pedro Cartagena

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    Marc René Yvon

    Thank you for your info on fiberglass repair. Coming Spring, I'll have to tackle the repair on my 2 smaller salvaged boats, one is badly hurt. 👍

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    Gina Caceres

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    What kind of fiberglass are you guys using to do this because every time I do a fiberglass it’s never been perfect for the last time I used it to repair my Jetske I couldn’t get a clean look out of it no matter how much I sanded I did three layers to right on the nose/bow

  • mofosamo

    After his experience with his own boat, U think he might open up some internal panels to look at the main structure. Especially after these boats have been slammed by waves up and down while they were half beached.

    • mofosamo

      But it is not like he is going to live on these boats. He said he is just fixing them up with his mate to flip.

    • j rain
      j rain

      Or have it surveyed? He killed me when the last boat came apart and he said he couldn't find anything on SVsoft covering that defect.

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      Sailing Parlay Revival


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      californiakayaker N6GRG

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      californiakayaker N6GRG

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    • Sailing Parlay Revival
      Sailing Parlay Revival

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    Sailing Catamaran Diving Adventures

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  • keith smith
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    Peel ply does an amazing job keeping the layups smooth and taking the gloss away, yet leaving a texture.. I've never used it with polyester resin but when I built my boat with epoxy resin, I discovered an interesting peel ply trait. I would pull the peel ply off in the dark and it would create a streak of light as it releases from the lay-up. I'm not sure if this was static electricity or whatever but it was pretty cool. Not sure if it will work with polyester.

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