How we made this MASSIVE MOLD! - Episode 96
In this episode we show you how we made this huge mold on from a donor Fountain Pajot Helia 44, to fix a hurricane damaged sister ship. She was baldy damaged during hurricane dorian but was salvaged and we drove her to Florida to do the repairs..
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Edited by Colin

  • brizzle86

    Awesome job! Fiberglass and resin is hard work!

  • Terry Larkin
    Terry Larkin

    Your in Florida and the scammers are a dime a dozen. I ran my Mac Tools business for 20yrs so I know also I had several boat yards like St Augustine Marine where they are a magnet for would be workers. And the boat yards are one of the worst places for these slime balls. The boat yards will hire any living breathing body to do this work

  • wayneuk

    i use filler fibers on all tight corners to eliminate that issue

  • bobdhitman

    These types of videos are what attracted me to your channel. Awesome job!!

  • Edward Allen
    Edward Allen

    Why did they make that mould

  • Richard Denson
    Richard Denson

    Got that Patrick Stewart head lol great job fellas!

  • Sue Porter
    Sue Porter

    Learning a lot from your videos

  • James McGowan
    James McGowan

    Didn’t know Johnny Sins had a brother!

  • doug konersman
    doug konersman

    Very professional work. Always time intensive. Take your time now, reap the benefits in the outcome

  • Bryan Jeanfreau
    Bryan Jeanfreau

    What number video shows you actually using the mold to rebuild the hull? Has it even been made yet?

  • aserta

    Having a boat to lift a mold off of is such a boat load of worries gone for you. Imagine having to scratch build that because there's no options. :)

  • Dale Sather
    Dale Sather

    I w old have put in air fittings all over your mold and let it set up with the fittings that way when complete you could have just put the air to it to make it a breeze to separate from doner and allowing you yo have much bigger mold sections especially around complicated sections.

  • david berry
    david berry

    Rybovich yard?

  • NC Farmer
    NC Farmer

    Thank you for the video.

  • pedopars

    Glad you found this contractor, he seems to actually like and know what he's doing. Explains it perfectly and eloquently

    • aserta

      He does know. That trick with tearing the edge alone, shows he knows what he's talking about. I've seen a lot of molds where that wasn't done and the end result was a seam that had to be corrected on the part.

  • Jose Carrillo
    Jose Carrillo

    I just suscribe to you channel,so impress, Gracias,buen trabajo!

  • Kashiel Pursad
    Kashiel Pursad

    Use cotton flocks for tight radiuses and a bit of chopped glass, flocks are structural and they'll give a cleaners better edge finish with a less chance of air pockets

  • Matthew Henderson
    Matthew Henderson

    Very cool guys!

  • bob beck
    bob beck

    Where the hell does this guy get all the money to do that? It has to cost a fortune, not to mention the cost of the boat!

  • Adam Chapman
    Adam Chapman

    I never seen this kind of repair before. Thanks for the post keep up the great work from Canada.

  • Saleem Durrani
    Saleem Durrani

    And amazing finishing on the "Massive Mold"

  • Gary Norden
    Gary Norden

    How did you find a boat to make the mold from. Hay can I fiberglass on your boat promise I won't hurt it?

  • Terry

    Great work crew love the content very interesting by all peace to all.

  • Jon Garner
    Jon Garner

    Should have taken up the Mississippi to Missouri. You can find good ol' boys' that say what they mean.

  • californiakayaker N6GRG
    californiakayaker N6GRG

    So one thing you mentioned quite a bit after it was done, the mold wax. The thing I find interesting is it looked like you put construction orange Gell coat right on top of the wax ?

  • Bob Bull
    Bob Bull

    No matter how much you put into a boat, one thing that is a fact of boating. A boat is nothing more than a hole in the water that you pour your money into. The bigger the boat, the bigger that hole is, hence the more money you spend on it.

  • Shane Reimroc
    Shane Reimroc

    what savages, just tearing fiberglass with bare hands!? Also, buying hurricane damaged boats?

  • Sal Vastola
    Sal Vastola

    Omg Colin so true, that's the states for you. I've had no less then 100 different skilled guys come for home repairs jobs over the last 5 years in Charlotte, NC and their professionalism is a joke. Then the expensive ones act like they're doing you a favor. Stay strong, Viva Parlay.

  • Jef Damen
    Jef Damen

    Nice job

  • Mr Positive TPR
    Mr Positive TPR

    Florida is totally known for poor contractors. You need to go further north. Florida contractors don’t pay a living wage so you end up with poor workmanship or they don’t even show.

  • David Cooper
    David Cooper

    I think you said you hadn’t done glass work before, I do composite repairs on planes so I’m familiar with what your doing and it looks very good especially for working outside

  • Kurt Adams
    Kurt Adams

    Hell,I have a hard enough time getting the bubbles out of my phone screen protector. This was awesome!!! Cheers from Louisville, Ky., guys!

  • Aussie Mick
    Aussie Mick

    Kinda puts me off buying used boats, im sure this one is being done right though.

  • Luke Dormer
    Luke Dormer

    Get me a plane ticket and I’ll be over. I’ll get it done

  • Nick Twaddell
    Nick Twaddell

    That mold is beautiful!

  • Andre Marais
    Andre Marais

    Contractors ran from you and your ego based reputation. The whole of NZ knows that.

  • craig me
    craig me

    Ha ha welcome to the world of dealing with bloody tradesman. Everyone's nightmare like they must teach them to be criminally inconsiderate. I hate dealing with them from any trade. Cant belive no gloves or masks. Fibreglass, it sais it all in the name. May as well be asbestos. I can smell the epoxy. Beautiful work .

  • coco Boo
    coco Boo

    Yall dont worry about fiberglass shards I always get scared working with fiberglass ever since I did a roof

  • AdventureVenture

    Looks like you got Jack Johnson to help you pop that mold

  • John Shanly
    John Shanly

    How did you guys find Orion / someone that would allow you to take a mould off of their boat? Obviously, a bit of a risk that they were willing to take on their end..

  • Nicolas Rodriguez
    Nicolas Rodriguez

    Jay Greenbaum with RESPONDER MARINE in st Augustine FL. BRILLIANT fiberglass man.

  • Jr9887 R
    Jr9887 R

    That was interesting and informative. I’ve learned a lot from this video...

  • brian groom
    brian groom

    How much resin did you use total?

  • Sailing Foxy Lady
    Sailing Foxy Lady

    Hi guys, i learn so much about glassing and repairs in general but you just changed my life with this episode Colin. The several pairs of gloves at a time for a quick change when get sticky is amazing😁😁. I'm like a child with resin and get it everwhere with more strands on my hands than the boat!🤣. If you fancy a laugh here is a link to my 1973 old classic British catamaran restoration.😁🤙🤙

  • Kevin Phillips
    Kevin Phillips

    Florida is also one of the biggest flim flam havens in the world. There are people just looking for non-locals to screw over. There are plenty of good contractors but you need to get references.

  • OB Wan
    OB Wan

    Your video content is slipping...I love you guys but you need to step it up...Yes I missed the music..

  • warp21drive

    Nice mold but why not use coring to add ridigity to this tempoary mold, much quicker to build up the required stiffness than using woven roving. ?

  • Illest J
    Illest J

    Forrest (Forest?) is fine as hell

  • GAV W
    GAV W

    youve been such an inspiration.. just got my yacht yesterday...another kiwi on the water Thanks colin and crew...maybe see you out there

  • David Bolduc
    David Bolduc

    I was surprised that you didn't stiffen the mold more with some wood framing, but then I thought maybe you left it more flexible so that it would mate easier to the stern of the hull you are repairing. Excellent video btw explaining all the steps clearly.

  • Rich Cook
    Rich Cook

    Thanks Colin. Great episode. This one linked me to you channel and i've been binging since. Can you please explain the "donor" boat a bit more. How did you happen to come across another boat of the same type in the same marina and convince someone to let you take a mold from their boat? Also after you make a new section for your boat how will you slice it onto your boat so that it is strong enough? Thanks. Got me hooked

  • Hans Schweikert
    Hans Schweikert

    Forrest seems like the real deal. I'd love to learn more about fiberglass work under his wing.

  • ianthegreatt

    Colin what the heck! I just saw you on the preview for the below deck/sailing yacht... was that you!?

  • Nicholas Vanosdel
    Nicholas Vanosdel

    I love your videos, watching these is really making me confident in wanting to pull the trigger myself in getting a boat with hurricane videos. I love learning from you

  • Tom Watt
    Tom Watt

    this is sick! good job guys, keep it up! yeeewww

  • Bryan Bowser
    Bryan Bowser

    Spraying PVA would have been faster than waxing but there's always more than one way to skin a cat!

  • H-J. K.
    H-J. K.

    Lots of good tips on Fiberglasing in this Vid. Thanks.

  • Chris McEvoy
    Chris McEvoy

    Great video as usual Colin.

  • Sailing The Space Between
    Sailing The Space Between

    Nice job man you never cease to amaze brother....

  • Jason mc cormack
    Jason mc cormack

    Fantastic glasswork guys cant wait for the next episode to see how the new mold lays up. Keep up the good work. Jason.

  • Stephen

    Great to watch the fantastic progress

  • Wally Waldorf
    Wally Waldorf

    Well done Boris! Legendary.

  • pangrac1

    Interesting. Good work. 👍

  • Mark wuttke
    Mark wuttke

    Are going to start seeing you on the bigger screen starting 1 March?

  • Atlantis Atlantidas
    Atlantis Atlantidas

    Colin I just saw you in BELOW DECK SAILING at the BRAVO Channel. When did you film the series??? Apparently this was just film in CROATIA. It is supposed to be coming out in MARCH 2021.

  • c coskery
    c coskery

    Could you sell that mold for anyone that needs the same piece?

  • californiakayaker N6GRG
    californiakayaker N6GRG

    First for a mold construction. Cool.

  • costafortia

    Love this kind of work

  • Mike Fabian
    Mike Fabian

    Looks like we finally figured out where you were for those few months and no wonder why it was such a secret! The new commercial for below deck sailing yacht just aired with Colin in it! Awesome job dude can't wait to see the drama!! Hahaha

  • Edward Tilley
    Edward Tilley

    Good video; haven't seen a mold created before ... I can see how an entire hull mold could be made this way easily.

  • R Nunez C.
    R Nunez C.

    Grrrreat job boys..bests

  • Paul

    Looking forward to watching you on Below Deck.

  • FixItInPost

    quality work.

  • Kris Imms
    Kris Imms

    Did I just see you on the commercial for the upcoming season of below deck !? 🤣

  • Salty Soul
    Salty Soul

    No music is fine, but Jamie's lack of laughter is not!

  • Boating Journey
    Boating Journey

    That was so cool!! Never knew you could create a mold that way! Can't wait to see the outcome! Great video guys!

  • Curt Thompson
    Curt Thompson

    Get er done.

  • Terry Pendergrass
    Terry Pendergrass

    7:55 Five very awkward seconds! Before it registers what he just said! LOL And all the girls just thought he was cute!

  • Brad Focht
    Brad Focht

    Nice, Yuenglings to cap off the excellent work!

  • Paolo Tomassini
    Paolo Tomassini

    that's Florida!! the boat capital of the world I do not know.. surly the most stupid one!!

  • belledetector

    interesting episode

  • Christopher Keeler
    Christopher Keeler

    Great content Colin. Love the mix of how-to, as well as the cruising.

  • Dean S
    Dean S

    That was immensely cool.

  • Icie Flake
    Icie Flake

    big need on a counter for how many times he said Yeah when someone is explaining something x'D

  • John Benoit
    John Benoit

    I live in Florida that’s the biggest problem down here finding people to work. Or they say they are qualified and they do the worst work. I own a business here and I run into the same problems.

  • Tim Anderson
    Tim Anderson

    outstanding! well done.

  • D Jeffrey
    D Jeffrey

    Such a good video. From a diy boat builder, you all are rocking it.keep those videos coming

  • Thomas Brasse
    Thomas Brasse

    F-Yeah!!!!! Really interesting process. This guy is a champ. So, what will this boat sell for when finished?

  • Dustin

    Forest is also an awesome Free Dive instructor too.

  • Charlly Bertoldi
    Charlly Bertoldi

    15 min episodes some are even smaller, once a week !! discourages to follow the channel, good luck as a channel!

  • Sailing Citrine Sunset
    Sailing Citrine Sunset

    Nice video and good luck with it all.


    Great episode!! That guys experience is amazing and you all did a great job. Can’t wait to see the next step on this amazing boat.

  • Sausage

    Very cool guys!

  • cookster155

    How bout an update of Parlay? Still in Panama? Are repairs happening? TYVM

  • xcitemex 6
    xcitemex 6

    Didn't see any mold at all.............Saw you make a mould though

    • Sailing Parlay Revival
      Sailing Parlay Revival

  • Mark Trollope
    Mark Trollope

    Thoroughly enjoyed the video, thank you as always! Could you give us some more info on the 'donor' boat? I was taught one should ideally add some wood stringers into the mould for strength and rigidity when laying it up against the damaged hull - but perhaps the stairs and back end will provide that support (as will the existing hull shape I presume). Would love longer video's - these are epic!

  • Keith Brinch
    Keith Brinch

    Fascinating, Great Team-Work .... Thanks for sharing .... Cheers from ChCh, NZ

  • Ray Seddon
    Ray Seddon

    Finished binge watching all episodes a week ago, so was pleased to see #96. I like your approach to safety on the water, but would like to see you and team use safety glasses when handling MEKP. I did a FRP hobby course in Oz many years ago & this was drilled into us. Take care ...

  • MIck Rundell
    MIck Rundell

    wow top job man. was a very impressive piece of work, love the video

  • Human Interfaces
    Human Interfaces

    Im watching these religiously now. Heaps of new tricks to learn. I did what you are doing 26 years ago when a big boat was 60 feet. Great that another Kiwi is out there, Smashing it. In somě ways would love to get on a pláně and do it all again. Keep doing what your doing. Looking forward to the next episodě.

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