Hurricane Hole, Paraquita Bay Tortola
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The passing of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria within the space of two (2) weeks have affect the Yacht/Marine Industry greatly.
The Losses are within Millions to Billions of Dollars.
Nevertheless, with support and assistance from persons within the British Virgin Islands and from all over the world, rebuilding have started, alot of tourists are once again re-entering the British Virgin Islands, and also Caribbean, Alot of Yacht Charter Companies have new and improved Yachts which can be chartered for a one in a lifetime tour within the British Virgin Islands.
The British Virgin Islands comprises of 60 small Islands, Alot of Cays, Caves, Marinelife E.T.C.
Visit the British Virgin Islands.
You're Always Welcome

  • Larry Barry
    Larry Barry

    I bet the natives are really pissed they allowed all those sailboats to stay there prior to the hurricanes, now their “views” of the ocean is littered with the detritus of the wealthy.

  • old and in the way
    old and in the way

    People didn't prepare very well

  • Jonathan Ronald Vander Schyff
    Jonathan Ronald Vander Schyff

    what happens to these boats

  • Tasman

    Wrecked marina has its own shitty theme music apparently!

  • Tim H
    Tim H

    Good place for an older boat to get an update. Lots of parts.

  • kaiser zozzet
    kaiser zozzet

    you know, if there are ships left, damaged for sale?, or where to see the companies, that sell them?, thank you very much

    • Mr Me
      Mr Me

      kaiser zozzet There are 1000s for sale. If you buy from outside the US beware. You can buy a boat from a seller that does not own it!!! I recommend licensed, bonded and insured dealers. Yes they charge more. It’s not that much more. It’s worth it.

    • Logan Czarnecki
      Logan Czarnecki

      im 4 months late but yes there where alot of damaged boats sold mainly through harbor shoppers

    • Aerial Photography
      Aerial Photography

      Most likely the insurance companies here

    • Aerial Photography
      Aerial Photography

      kaiser zozzet I’ll find out for you

  • Deborah Williams
    Deborah Williams

    Ours is at 3:09 right next to Lion-heart RIP Prairee Cat

    • Brian Strow
      Brian Strow

      Ouch what a shame I hope you get back on the water

  • 10susan10

    Too bad you didn't give more coverage to the recovery barge & tools to show what is needed to clear the waterway for safe recovery of the boating industry.

    • 10susan10

      Thank you

    • Aerial Photography
      Aerial Photography

      10susan10 the hurricane hole is clear now; a lot of hard work from the recovery barge; it’s clear now, hopefully the British Virgin Islands 🇻🇬 doesn’t get hit harder this time

  • Hello hello hello !!!!
    Hello hello hello !!!!