Richard drives a F1 car round Silverstone - Top Gear - BBC
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Richard takes the Renault R25 Formula 1 car for a spin round the legendary Silverstone track. Can he steel his nerves to complete 2 laps without destroying the very expensive vehicle?
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  • LazyEyedGuy

    I miss v10 f1 engine's

  • J 24
    J 24

    Me before: pfft how hard is it to drive an f1, honestly Me after: 😳 I’ll be quiet now.

  • The Authority!
    The Authority!

    Richard: "How hard can it be?"

  • Dominic Wyartt
    Dominic Wyartt

    Hammonds still better than Mazapin 😂😂😂

  • Harshith Reddy
    Harshith Reddy

    There is a grammar mistake in the thumbnail. It should be "an F1 car", not "a F1 car".

  • Martin CHATELAIN
    Martin CHATELAIN

    In 2021 i see 12 millions views and it's 12 yezrs the video has post

  • Paulo followtheredsohes
    Paulo followtheredsohes

    Richard conduiT une Renault

  • usman hameed
    usman hameed

    F1 in

  • cameron burke
    cameron burke

    It gives you a sense of how difficult these cars are to drive. Hammond is a brilliant driver, as is Clarkson and May, but he still struggled greatly with it.

  • Achik Physique
    Achik Physique

    Tom cruise make this look easy

  • Hachi

    To think that people have the balls to do 360km/h in these is insane.

  • Rok

    People don’t realise the pounds of pressure you need to break properly ,,,it takes a lot,,,it’s easier in other race cars cause you can break with two feet,,,all that locking up from Hammond lol the tires in a race wouldn’t last too long lol

  • Luqman AS
    Luqman AS

    V10 F1 is just legendary beast!

  • Fabian Quezada
    Fabian Quezada

    Hammond screaming omg mean while i cant help notice hes shifting early on that fist run😂

  • Umut İkizoğlu
    Umut İkizoğlu

    Renault has huge balls to give their car to Hammond

  • Titmouse Distribution YBGA // SkyCorp yes Spatza no
    Titmouse Distribution YBGA // SkyCorp yes Spatza no

    At 0:00, what song from The Nutcracker is playing?

  • david bleh
    david bleh

    An F1 car.

  • Graeme Cooper
    Graeme Cooper

    That's gotta be the only type of motor vehicle engine in the world that can also act as a musical instrument

  • Flower Pot
    Flower Pot

    Mad respect for Mazespin.👍🏻

  • maria redeblue79
    maria redeblue79

    Not F1 this is F3

  • Lord Demoncrusher
    Lord Demoncrusher

    Letting Richard at an F1 is like asking the local butcher if they'd like to have a go at open heart surgery.

  • Red bull F1 RB1 / RB22 Honda motor
    Red bull F1 RB1 / RB22 Honda motor

    Mi carro favorito de fórmula 1

  • Page Pk
    Page Pk

    : nice car, but can it sing?!! : yes.

  • Sagnik Debnath
    Sagnik Debnath

    Richard : oh god ! Oh god ! Oh god ! Kimi: bwoh

  • fabrizio viscardi
    fabrizio viscardi

    Fantastico semplicemente!!

  • Christian Hellberg
    Christian Hellberg

    Bla bla He screem like a girl

  • welshmaninasia

    An F1 car

  • Galerak

    2021 - Renault engine playes British national anthem... Macron throws a hissy fit lol

  • Hamza Chaudhry
    Hamza Chaudhry

    My respect for Alonso has increased so much

  • Woop

    ‘it’s absolutely the most glorious machine in the world’ ‘wait till you get into second’ lmao

  • swaggy

    formula 1 should promote more stuff like this. it gives me such a greater appreciation for the sport and makes the races infinitely more exciting when you actually comprehend just how difficult it is to drive these things. (they should also do more static camera angles, which show the speed of the car. f1, step up yalls game!)

  • Alfonso

    F1 V10s engines sound is music to my ears. I will always remember the first time I feel in person one of this V10, because in person you just don't only hear it, you could feel it, the sound surrounds you and the vibration invades your chest, is something everyone should experience once in a lifetime, addictive. I miss the V10 era so much...

  • akhil ss
    akhil ss

    12 years😌

  • Thiago Reis
    Thiago Reis

    And tom Cruise did it.... Think about it.

  • Vlad Alexandru
    Vlad Alexandru

    Have you had your teeth whitening?

  • troeteimarsch

    pit crew radio: "he should shut it and focus on driving"

  • No Hype Jizz Reviews
    No Hype Jizz Reviews

    Every eSports nerd that thinks they can actually drive

  • Mayo

    He crashed it didn't he?

  • Lankmonjo

    They programmed a French car to play the British national antem.... That an alpha move

  • Julián Hidalgo
    Julián Hidalgo

    I am haunted by the prospect that Hammond is a person who has driven countless cars as a way of life.

  • Plummet

    Back when F1 was actually a sport and not a load of crap

  • Thiago Villela
    Thiago Villela

    2021 and we´re still here.

  • Black Sabbath
    Black Sabbath

    Oh v10. The glorious v10. How did we go from this to 1.6liter vacuum cleaners

  • espro

    Well that aged bad

  • MistakenDawg

    I still remember when I came across a stupid youtube commenter who thought he could drive an F1 car.

  • Jigme Wangchuk
    Jigme Wangchuk

    Why is it so tricky to start an F1 car from a standstill? I'm a clueless enthusiast and just want to understand...

  • Danny

    5:07 He looks like charles leclerc

  • D D
    D D

    This series was epic and independently set an era.

  • ThePredator ITA
    ThePredator ITA

    6:39 8:04 8:26 Even if Hammond is screaming or music is kicking in, you can clearly hear the F1, its still as loud as it should be I absolutely love that sound

  • PrivateMak


  • CycoWarriorx

    When Top Gear was 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Haita

    Did they publish his lap time? I'm rather curious how he fares against the category's professionals... In all of those.

  • AstonMartinboy


  • James Wilkes
    James Wilkes

    Gp500 bike will RIP your face off.

  • 『Ogawa』

    “Oh my god I’m in a Formula 1 car”

  • All Torque
    All Torque

    Good job they put him on off road tyres 🤔

  • BYSB

    Like watching Mazepin drive

  • Rachel Purity
    Rachel Purity

    His raw emotions and how he had to scream to just get them out made this amazing.

  • TundeTheEpic

    The V8 engine is music to my ears.

    • Le Chain
      Le Chain

      R25 is a v10

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor

    RIP Williams

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor

    Ruined the tyres

  • Charles Gitonga
    Charles Gitonga

    a bat on a superbike

  • HemistReborn

    F1 represents the sheer power and technology that we have made. They push the envelope and defy all sense. The acceleration and observable speed is mind-blowing.

  • caffeinated.beverage

    “Whats an engine rebuild on a formula 1 car” Thats not the question they wanted to hear

  • papapapa16

    It doesn't matter how much of a good driver you are, never underestimate any machine that you never tried before, learned that the hard way with a quad bike. Can't imagine a F1 car.

  • papapapa16

    It's like being overwhelmed at Super Saiyan, then the car goes even further.

  • Treety1791

    I love how engineers goes "lets do 1500hp per tonne... and oh, lets make sure it can play a song as well with the engine"

  • Mung Daal
    Mung Daal

    The engine rpm base is so wide different injections of fuel sound like different notes. Favorite part of the video.

  • Peter Tran
    Peter Tran

    The foolish modem subcellularly retire because ease intraperitonally stare worth a numberless creature. quack, petite scorpion

  • Babbot Finklestein
    Babbot Finklestein

    Was awesome to see Alonso shredding this in 2020

  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan

    I miss the iconic Renault R25 car from Fernando Alonso.

  • Johan Jonsson
    Johan Jonsson


  • Callum C-J
    Callum C-J

    Why let hammond, of all people, drive an f1 car

    • qert v02
      qert v02

      just for a laugh init

  • Matt Bolt
    Matt Bolt

    To think that the V10 was barely clearing it's throat when it sang the national anthem. And that's all the range today's V6 can manage...pathetic.

  • Matt Bolt
    Matt Bolt

    While this is dramatised for TV, nothing can hide his reaction to that glorious V10. That's what I love about this video. It does a great job to convey to the average joe the absolutely beautiful savagery that is an F1 car.

  • Joel Lucas
    Joel Lucas

    I feel like if he actually just stopped talking and was serious he would of done so much better haha

  • wolfgangnz3

    I was worried for the car.

  • A R
    A R

    How are you supposed to warm the brakes

  • Gabriel Petrelli
    Gabriel Petrelli


  • Ivan Volf
    Ivan Volf

    Richard Hammond was probably the most happiest man on Earth that day. Driving a F1 car. He probably have or-CAR-gasm. So much fun he have And last but not least, it was honor to drive for F1 team for 1 day

  • Ramzi Juega
    Ramzi Juega

    dam that guy is trash lol

  • Charming Peasant
    Charming Peasant

    Back when F1 was worth watching solely for the cars, nowa days even those are shite.

  • Sam Harper
    Sam Harper

    This was Top Gear in its absolute prime

  • Nikhil Naik
    Nikhil Naik

    Watching this video in march 2021...why do I feel Richard was on a suicide mission???... my respect to the F1 drivers...🤟🤟🤟

  • Bernard the beast
    Bernard the beast

    When you realize that Hammond’s first lap in the f1 car was longer than Mazepin’s first race.

  • Hazel Henderson
    Hazel Henderson

    The broken edge supposedly measure because toothbrush uniquely suggest into a humdrum zephyr. ugliest, versed sword

  • Andrew 18
    Andrew 18

    9:40 LOL

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys

    Why not have May do this, he's only one that can actually drive on this show

  • Dynamic Solution
    Dynamic Solution

    My take away is Williams racing team isn't terrible

  • Duong Lien Huong
    Duong Lien Huong

    The yummy pentagon coronally agree because candle quickly poke pro a fast brain. sloppy, dazzling dock

  • Chan Chan
    Chan Chan

    Just behind Hammond at 7:15,what’s that spare R25 is for?

  • Shivanshu Srivastava
    Shivanshu Srivastava

    The real reason why Hammond was locking his brakes so much was that he was not trail braking That means he was turning the steering wheel and braking at the same time which leads to an enormous pressure on the brakes which cause The tyres to lock up For those of you who don’t know in F1 trail braking is the only way you can brake without locking up your tyres In trail braking a driver brakes in a straight line and as the apex approaches he leaves the brakes gently and turn the steering wheel proportionately

  • Elmo

    that V10 sound remembers me of childhood :/

  • Jacob _N_R_Z
    Jacob _N_R_Z

    Alonso did better than hamster

  • ben yannay
    ben yannay

    Who else needs to see james may driving a f1 car?

  • Hellwyck

    *AN F-1.

  • StoneXL

    This video showcases what I love about F1. It's in a totally different universe compared to us normal people. Sports like football (soccer) have some damn impressive stars, but an ordinary per can at least *play* it.

  • Eric Waterloo
    Eric Waterloo

    Hilarious they took the dial off the steering wheel, so he couldn't accidentally change any settings.

  • A-aron Kim
    A-aron Kim

    Wow strange looking at f1 wheels that aren't from pirelli

  • Ross Voorheis
    Ross Voorheis

    Redbull sat Tom Cruise down in one of these and in just a bit he was 3 seconds under Mark Webber.