DDE Tire Slayer LIVES ON! 1,000hp Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan
The former Daily Driven Exotics Tire Slayer lives on with @458destroyer! It's one of the craziest Lamborghini tuning projects ever; a Huracan LP580-2 given Sheepey Race twin turbos, a Vorsteiner kit, chassis mounted wing, and around 1,000hp! So, let's go for a drive...
Appropriately named the Tire Slayer given its huge rear wheel drive power on the LP580-2 platform, Damon ran this car on the DDE channel from approximately 50k subscribers right through to 2.5 million and it certainly had quite the stories along the way from slayer rear tires to 'catching fire' at the Hoonigan Burnyard. When it went for sale, @458destroyer jumped at the opportunity to acquire this insane project.
The modifications list is extensive, from the twin turbos and ECU, to the carbon kit, Brixton Forged DDE wheels, Carbontastic steering wheel, and so much more throughout. Let's take a walkaround look at the car before it's out onto some twisty roads on a beautiful winter's day for a drive!
A huge thanks to @458destroyer for the epic driving experience in the former DDE Tire Slayer! Do check him out at instagram.com/458destroyer
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
01:08 Walkaround
03:59 First Drive
05:33 Fueled Up
10:04 Country Lanes
13:43 Extra Mods
14:31 The Fire
14:58 Wrap Up
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  • Shmee150

    This car is officially bonkers! The Tire Slayer twin turbo Huracan LP580 was built over 4 years on the DDE channel and now belongs to @458destroyer who let me take the crazy machine out for a drive. instagram.com/458destroyer

    • Ljade Jaropojop
      Ljade Jaropojop

      I have a 1000 hores power gtr

    • skizzlemane1

      You got that wrong it’s a ( -4 ) he just took out the driveshaft to the front wheels to make it rear wheel drive If I remember correctly

    • Zack Depalma
      Zack Depalma

      What’s he SVsoft channel

    • Smita

      The wrap livery is way better than all Damon's /DEE wraps. In my opinion, at least, and in general I find myself, not liking DDDE's wrap choices. I kind of like the 720GTR now, and after painting it it can come out even better. Back to the Huracan, this car has been through a lot, and still, it proves the modern day regular model Lambo (being the V10 huracans0 is as reliable as an old 1993 Opel Astra, or Toyota Camry.

    • Sean


  • Landon Gamer #DUCKSQAUD
    Landon Gamer #DUCKSQAUD

    Those twin turbos sound so good when you downshift the woosh sound you get this car sheepy racing huracan means business.


    The one car DDE should’ve kept

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    all those cool cars yet the bit that got me was "the 2 lfas".......

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    Joseph Cook


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    Mohammed Al sowayil

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    Ben Dover

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    Eossasin washington

    just spotted this car in downtown traverse city mi, what yall doing in town?? so glad I could finally get a bucket list item checked off by snagging a pic of a DDE car

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    336 x

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    Krishnan Sellamuthu

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    Jack Galizio

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    YUNG Bagged Accord

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  • Static Livin
    Static Livin

    i took my car off my trailer and towed the tire slayer after it caught fire after the hoonigan event, the best story i’ll ever be able to say😭🙏🏽 it’s on one of my first videos if anyone wants to see it too!

    • Static Livin
      Static Livin

      @David Shyer it’s one of my first 3 videos on my channel! idk how to copy and paste the link😩😭

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      David Shyer

      Link please

  • Static Livin
    Static Livin

    that calvo motorsport viper must be a fucking beast😳😳😦

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    Let's go tire slayer lives on🥺🥺😎😎

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    Raul cozma

    It’s a 610-4 which was converted to rwd

  • Raheem

    I just found out that they sold it.. that car carried that whole channel for a long time. They should've at least made it an artifact in a garage or something. Mad disrespectful

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    Mary Grace Nabbud

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    p.a.j. varma

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    Daan gamer

    Dde fam misses this car but lookin like this and on insta we all know its in the hands of the right guy that does what the car is suposed to do and thats drive and slay tires

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    yup zeus

    You sound like the typical daddy boy snob from England

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    Randy Osborne

    I hope you enjoyed driving around my home state Shmee!

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    Tyler Scharlow


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    never should have sold it

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    William Garcia

    How awesome would be to see a hot lap on the Nürburgring in this case

  • IB

    Any particular reason you film in 50fps?

  • Jokerpsyco

    Great video shmee, damn I miss the tire slayer! But looking forward to the new Ferrari build, and when they get Dave’s huracan and the F12...going to be insane

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    Jojo Sugoi

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    Sean Singleton

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    Why does it sound sooo much different from when dde owned it lmao i feel like dde faked the sound from the huracan lols

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    Natanael Nunez

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    Chill - Vibez

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    Paul Javier

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    The Gman

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      David Shyer

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  • [Bottom Text]
    [Bottom Text]

    That car is lucky. Most supercars get sold and end up garage queened for the rest of their life. This one is still being modified and driven. Respect

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    dcoog anml

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      David Shyer

      @AustinThegamer55 dont worry STO coming 💥

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    JohnQ Player

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