Building an Off-Grid Homestead ..... start to finish
A simple off grid homestead. Built from the ground up with your own hands. Thats the dream for thousands of people around the world. But, with cable TV programs and made up youtube videos, what does that look like in reality. In this video , my wife Brooke and I show the process of building an off grid homestead , start to finish, and what its actually like. Thanks for watching.

Portions of this video were provided by my wife's footage that you can see on her channel ( Girl in the Woods)'s a link to her channel.

  • Harrison

    Do u got WiFi?

  • Chippytooth 06
    Chippytooth 06

    Eww I never build with birch tree on minecraft 😂

  • Todd Warren
    Todd Warren

    Great video btw.

  • Todd Warren
    Todd Warren

    Curious...why did you cut a slight angle of the short beams under the window?

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis

    Love this video, but I kept wondering how many miles out of town they are

  • Tim Venker
    Tim Venker

    This might be a stupid question, but does the metal roof need grounding for thunder-proofing?

  • sharon spencer
    sharon spencer

    Wow, I love UR build& U cook too!

  • Natalie LeBron
    Natalie LeBron

    You guys are amazing

  • Diego Jose Aguirre
    Diego Jose Aguirre

    Amasing video,excellent work ...and better philosophy of life ...humannity should regain simplicity in this life. a hug from the south..Argentina

  • Sean B
    Sean B

    "The chipboard garbage you're going to find at Lowe's" Love it!

  • Tanner_cuh

    this was a good vid

  • badluckb0y8

    This is incredible

  • Thomas Paris
    Thomas Paris

    THIS! Is what we need to be teaching in schools.

  • 1973Washu

    My stepdad made a thing he called a "donkey" out of an old oil drum to use as a hot water system. It was perfectly fine for the tropics , I don't know how it would manage in the Arctic though.

  • Birdie O'Rourke
    Birdie O'Rourke

    It is like watching a movie. A step back in time. The beauty and simplicity of this lovely home, shed and out door shower. The only thing is in the winter people would wash in front of fire it would be too cold to use the outdoor one. Bet, no school or college could teach anyone the technique used. HOW DID HE LEARN HIS TRADE. A MASTER CRAFTSMAN. I would be afraid of wolves and bears getting in. Bears would break the windows! Enjoy here himestead😀👍👌👩‍👦🌲🌲🌲😁

  • 3rdaxis

    Are you paying property taxes?

  • Robert Goss
    Robert Goss

    What a terrific video. And what terrific couple you two are! Can't say enough about the philosophical tidbits you add to your building narrative. We need a few million good men like you, and thanks a million for this hugely watchable, and very educational, video.

  • Rodger P
    Rodger P

    I'm fairly certain you know this by now, but on the off chance you don't, if you go just north of Fox on the Elliott Highway, maybe 1/5 mile north of the junction with the Old Steese Highway, on the West side of the road there is a small building with a freely available tap year-round with good drinking water. Lots of trucks have big tanks they'd fill somewhere else, but when we were heading out of Fairbanks to our place (just past Livengood) we'd stop and fill up 6-8 5 gallon jugs of drinking water. It's free.

  • Lepani Naloma
    Lepani Naloma

    Thanks for sharing bro. Learnt a lot.

  • Evi Rotziou
    Evi Rotziou

    Κάνεις το λουτροκαμπινε ξεχωριστά από το σπίτι και αυτό είναι λάθος ! Σε βουνό βρησκεσαιμπορει το VC ΝΑΤΟ χρειαστείς την νύχτα πως θα βγεις από το σπίτι σου μεσα στην. νύχτα. με τις αρκούδες !

  • James Bassett
    James Bassett

    Permachink. Lol

  • Ron Bradley
    Ron Bradley

    im looking to build some thing like that and im from Fairbanks lol....

  • 67lazydaisy

    I love all the things, but with only 4 acres how long do you think it will take to use up all your trees for firewood?

  • uppanadam74

    I've just done me back in!! I had to get up out of bed and do something!! Watching this video helped!! Thankyou!!

  • Mike McGomer
    Mike McGomer

    It used to be rural here, then through the campground people discovered it and the street lights came in and the stop signs and the homes and the drug dealers and people with toys and now we have a park across the road where teens drink and it has a plastic look... Time to sell.

  • Elizabeth Gilbertson
    Elizabeth Gilbertson

    We're doing something like this right now. Where did you get that jig for the chainsaw? I'm quite interested!

  • Jb Gutierrez
    Jb Gutierrez

    Live a simple life, be one with nature, a quiet place will keep your mind at peace all the time, great job sir

  • Abe Coulter
    Abe Coulter

    how do you earn a living?

  • omar gueits
    omar gueits

    Just amazing

  • SternDrive with Doug Stern
    SternDrive with Doug Stern

    He's just like me. Lots of glue and lots of screws.

  • Dæmonette

    if everyone was off grid there would be no trees left

  • bob

    Did you drive all four vehicles?

  • Yezarck

    Just amazing. Thank you for sharing this :)

  • Hudson Warner
    Hudson Warner

    who was the builder referenced to watch to learn about building?

  • Moses LMPS
    Moses LMPS

    They have mini solar powered instant electric water heaters, will be good for making tempered water for the shower and or sinks.

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    Great video...loved the narration & all of your insights.

  • Aloysius Flartey
    Aloysius Flartey

    Great idea however will it stand up to a tornado as climate is changing everywhere

  • Blueline Maths
    Blueline Maths

    I just discovered this guys channel and I love it 🤣🤣

  • Freedom Dad - Franklin Farmstead
    Freedom Dad - Franklin Farmstead

    I love your videos, I'm off grid in missouri. And starting out from scratch your videos keep me moving forward with ideas for my place. Thank you!

  • Moh Vlogs
    Moh Vlogs

    I love it and watched all of it with interest. Well done

  • dumb drunk
    dumb drunk

    My dad couldn't have said it better, and that's the highest compliment I can give. X's&O's

  • Dustin Gooding
    Dustin Gooding

    I like the way I do it, versus the way you don't! Best quote I have ever heard! great video, channel and homesteading example! Bravo!

  • Robert Garrett
    Robert Garrett

    Awesome job, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  • J

    this was awesome to watch.

  • Lena Pas
    Lena Pas

    Amazing 👍

  • New life
    New life

    A very beautiful cabin!

  • Sparky

    Beautiful home and you did it yourself. 👍❤ It's amazing what people throw away. One man's junk is another man's treasure.

  • Colin Roberts
    Colin Roberts

    What do you do for work?

  • Karmen Israel
    Karmen Israel

    Ben Cartwright would be proud of you 🤠

  • Karmen Israel
    Karmen Israel

    I 💗 watching videos like these. Reminds me of Richard Louis 'Dick' Proenneke.

  • rametani

    If I had no hernia I l’d certainly build one 🤣

  • Gwendolyn Nowlan
    Gwendolyn Nowlan

    no rent no mortage. don't be fooled you need to own the land and pay taxes on that/ nothings free.


    Way to go!!!

  • Linda George
    Linda George

    Couple queations! I hope you see this and can answer! Where do you sleep? Does the water in the rain barrel get stagnant, if it sits to long?💗

  • David Liu
    David Liu

    How do you treat the wood against termites? is that something you have to worry about in the area of your build?

  • Scott Tomaszewski
    Scott Tomaszewski

    I love your no nonsense but encouraging attitude.

  • Patricia Barnes
    Patricia Barnes

    That's a beautiful finish to your cabin. I love your kitchen/dining/living area. I would have loved to see your loft space too. I adore the off grid/self sufficient way of life. UK.

  • markspc1

    Awh, the poet builder.


    Bro, I was having a very nasty day ! I got to your video and I’m alright!

  • Hope Peace
    Hope Peace

    Anyone who disliked this video needs to have a good hard look at themselves.

  • Loreta Tila
    Loreta Tila

    If you like to see old restauration videos you can start watching this

  • RoronoaEmi

    I grew up in a rural area, and I helped my dad do a lot around the house. But I've never had the chance to really build anything, even though I'm itching to. Your videos are not only great to watch, but they're really informative and inspiring, too. I love how you mention that folks don't need to know it all before they start, but then you also refer Larry Haun to go learn from or mention carpentry books so that those watching have a jumping off point. That's so helpful! You motivate me to be better at what I do, and to reach outside my comfort zone with projects that I've wanted to start but never had the guts to before. Thanks, and to Brooke, too!

  • Ralph Amitrano
    Ralph Amitrano

    Really well done video, I don't always make it through these types of videos but I love how you kept this relatively simple and instilled confidence in everyone to take on "do it yourself" projects.

  • Dušan Pavlík
    Dušan Pavlík

    To je krása 👍👍👍 to fakt nemá chybu 👍👍👍

  • nunya

    What kind of savage puts farm fresh eggs in a fridge or cooler

    • Charles Bentley
      Charles Bentley

      Helps keep the varmints out of the food.

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    Joey Sil

    The pale backbone relatively whisper because hub aetiologically warm circa a hideous high pastry. holistic, shocking point

  • Richard Shultzaberger
    Richard Shultzaberger

    EXCELLENT JOB!! now all ya need is some solar panels and you guys will bee 100%...not saying you're not now.. But it would help....

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    Excellent oration.

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    Richard Rivera

    The snotty spear secondarily exercise because inventory invariably admit beyond a kind foundation. racial, nutritious noodle

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    A V

    Two thumbs up. The only thing i would change is shorts switch it to pants 👖 just incase Safety First!

  • Vamito

    Sounds weird, but I'm worried about the guitars. Unsteady environment. lol

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    The vast squid correlatively joke because airbus conceivably interest out a late flock. insidious, guttural H habitual ketchup

  • Im_Caduceus

    I have a question, how do you get money to buy groceries etc... when living off-grid, especially 25miles out of a town, i wonder if you gotta keep working (but then u just live partially off-grid) or you save some money for the project, food & gas ? Great video ! 👍

  • Sissi Sweet Natural Born Dancer
    Sissi Sweet Natural Born Dancer

    What you said is on point, also great built ..even though I want to say " poor trees"

  • Byron Russell
    Byron Russell

    Hey man, nice build! Thank you for always dropping in little bits of encouragement for people. Very cool my friend! 👍

  • PJ Ryan
    PJ Ryan

    First off I would like to thank you and your wife Brooke for sharing with the rest of us. I really enjoy watching your videos. You make it were even a simple person can understand just what is needed to get the job done.

    • Bushradical

      Our pleasure!

  • Rubén & Misty Barrios
    Rubén & Misty Barrios

    What an inspiration you and your wife are. This is our dream and thank you for helping us feel it's a little more attainable. God bless you and your family always... BTW your place looks amazing and the feeling of all that being done yourselves can't compare I'm sure.. Thanks again

    • Bushradical

      Thank you



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    Inshad Zubair


    • Bushradical


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    Wow what a smart moves ! Ty

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  • Thomas Pierce
    Thomas Pierce

    Because your battery not charging it could also be a fuse

  • Shanna Garroutte
    Shanna Garroutte

    Love the commentary, the recommendations, spelling out the Larry Hauns name, and your philosophy on life. Thank you and bless your life journey sir.

    • Bushradical

      Glad you enjoyed it

  • Lynell White
    Lynell White

    Great work!!! My father and I just rebuilt a cabin that sat vacant for over ten years....

  • neonrust

    now this is real reality tv simple honest and definitely some of that Dick Proenekke vibe... congrats to Bushradfical and Brooke - great job and cool homestead.

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    Dustin Rader

    The delicious washer concurringly stroke because cockroach supply pour among a beneficial ashtray. fantastic, sturdy lunch

  • Michael Jensen
    Michael Jensen

    Thank you to Jesus for Leading you both to pray over your food on camera... Thankfulness is so important ! Real People... Real Faith... Real Determination... Real Belief... Jesus Christ is Real and He is Alive !!! Many Blessings to you both :) I really do enjoy watching both of your SVsoft Channels. Jesus Christ Our King is Coming back to claim His bride very very very very very very soon !!!

    • Mister Sir
      Mister Sir

      They prayed they did the work thank them Don’t thank Jesus for for leading them to do every action they’ve made, thank them for taking action. Don’t take their work away from them to say Jesus did it, they worked hard.


    There are also ways to build a gadget to pull water from the air.


    How would you dig and build a basement when you are homesteading?


    Could you leave the bark on the logs when putting them in the house?

  • Major Foe
    Major Foe

    8:36 Expert Tip: Have Brooke debark the lumber later in the season when it's more difficult.

  • Miles Greer
    Miles Greer

    You sound like one of the old Grizzly Adams Television program’s , and that’s meant as a compliment. Great video.

  • Captin228

    Now all you need is a decent solar setup and you're golden! Great video, I enjoyed immensely.

  • Francis Jageacks
    Francis Jageacks

    this is amazing and very helpful thanks for sharing your story and how you did it !!!!

  • andx96

    The way you explain everything and the motivational speech you give is amazing, hope to try to make my own home some day, keep doing videos about your projects please, greetings from Barcelona, Spain

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    Carolyn Pilcher

    Great job, looking good man.

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    darius davis

    keep it up brother . love your channel. you inspire me. buying my own lot soon

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    that was brilliant, well done.

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    doen johnjo

    Nice work and commentary thanks