Formula 1 Theme Live in Concert by Brian Tyler
Presenting my complete #Formula1 Theme that I conducted live in concert to commemorate an amazing F1 season. Thank you #F1 for having me be a part of the family! Congrats Lewis Hamilton on a brilliant championship & #GraciasFernando for years of greatness! Orchestra: Philharmonia Orchestra of London
Royal Festival Hall, London
Composed by Brian Tyler
Conducted by Brian Tyler
#Formula1 #FernandoAlonso #LewisHamilton

  • Nnaemeka Omeruo
    Nnaemeka Omeruo

    fucking chills

  • Steviewonder c
    Steviewonder c

    The best sound is when they show max

  • vikastest

    2:29 goose bumps

  • ________________

    This is better than any Hamilton vs Verstappen battle😍🔥

  • george papas
    george papas

    Nice animation!

  • Rohan Rag
    Rohan Rag

    This would be the best theme for 'humans vs corona'.

  • COTTö

    Ah yes, 2018, when we really thought it was going to be Fernando's last year.

  • David [DNK]
    David [DNK]

    Epico en realidad (EPIC)

  • marcelo santos
    marcelo santos


  • gerardo dominguez
    gerardo dominguez

    Y de repente habla Fernando, Chacho y Juan Fossarolli

  • Adriana Laia
    Adriana Laia


  • Gabriel Rodrigues Morais
    Gabriel Rodrigues Morais


  • JoshStephen

    What better music to listen to waiting for your driving test :D

  • Poeta Vinícius Gabriel
    Poeta Vinícius Gabriel

    best music

  • Patrick Sivertsen
    Patrick Sivertsen

    Conan is the conductor 🤣

  • Tah Sin
    Tah Sin

    this should never be changed!!!

  • Tah Sin
    Tah Sin


  • Marcio S
    Marcio S

    Ah nananaaaa ahaananannnaaaa

  • Rakı Dostu
    Rakı Dostu

    UEFA Champions League and Formula 1 theme... when i hear these two the blood flow in my body accelerates

  • Nemanja Radovanovic
    Nemanja Radovanovic

    I can't be only one slowly turning my head looking at the (invisible) camera, as if im part of the intro 😂

  • Ssasabe

    2:27 epic moment

  • Lugaya Mukti
    Lugaya Mukti

    I was playing this anthem while driving slowly my Toyota on the Street. Suddenly I Heard someone said: *"Is That Glock, Is That Glock?!"*

  • Jonas Gabriel Vieira
    Jonas Gabriel Vieira

    F1 É na band

  • Personne lambda
    Personne lambda

    For the baguettes eaters "Montez le volume, et rendez vous au premier virage"

  • geezyX 333
    geezyX 333

    I randomly find myself humming or whistling to this. I’m so glad the building manager allowed us to change the elevator music to this song 😆


    Here we Go The oficial Again

  • Naveen Shaik
    Naveen Shaik

    Best 3:27 of my life.

  • foued 38
    foued 38

    Vive la Formule 1 🏁🏆

  • Fernando Gabriel Silva
    Fernando Gabriel Silva

    fijense que con el 7 se activa el DRS

  • Edward Wong
    Edward Wong

    Quite dramatic. Makes you almost want to watch F1.

  • Baldo Norris
    Baldo Norris

    My Mitsubishi Mirage turns into an F1 car when this song plays

  • Lu Vdnik
    Lu Vdnik

    I played this in my Audi A6... Now it's Audi RS6.

  • Scarlet

    oh yeah......this is masterpiece

  • leandro wilker
    leandro wilker

    Very good! A great presentation!

  • Turgut Tellioğlu
    Turgut Tellioğlu

    Muhteşem her hafta sonu özlemle bekledıgım muzık Fonda bu muzık serhan acarın pıstı anlatısı of offf

  • Shelley LR
    Shelley LR

    I put this music on my Opel Corsa while I was going to work. Now, I'm in prison... BUT I GOT POLE!

  • リhir

    The Imola's practice is tomorrow.

  • Milton Imhoff
    Milton Imhoff

    por dios que buen tema!

  • Rodrigo Feitosa
    Rodrigo Feitosa


  • Nestor Daniel Sequera Muñoz
    Nestor Daniel Sequera Muñoz

    Esto tiene que ser lo que escuchan los pilotos cuando andan con audífonos justo antes de empezar las carreras!

  • Vikram Vain
    Vikram Vain

    Can we get a anthem for MotoGP too by Brian Tyler please?

  • Panagiotis Dasios
    Panagiotis Dasios

    Wow, it is so exciting!

  • Alexander Tonucci fans
    Alexander Tonucci fans


  • ฉัตรวัชร์ ฉัตรราศีโรจน์
    ฉัตรวัชร์ ฉัตรราศีโรจน์


  • J Z
    J Z

    Checo Pérez had to be listening to this anthem when passing everyone in Bahrein!!!

  • Jason

    Up there with The Champions League Anthem

  • Mourad aiboud
    Mourad aiboud

    Magnifique Je peut utiliser ou ces avec des droits ?


    Espetáculo de musica amei

  • Tim-Cedrik Schmitz
    Tim-Cedrik Schmitz

    I listened this theme in my car and my car starts spinning around and my unknown uncle Mazepin called me.. wtf

  • DWW

    Love that hybrid engine sound in 2:55

  • remy ollivier
    remy ollivier

    monter le volume ! rendez vous au premier virage !!!!!!!

  • Boyke Masdoeki
    Boyke Masdoeki


  • Lil Homo
    Lil Homo

    played this in my kia and now i dont have any wheels

  • saravanan mt
    saravanan mt


  • saravanan mt
    saravanan mt

    At 2:30 i get goosebumps.

  • Vittorio Gelmini
    Vittorio Gelmini

    1900 E piu malati mentali . Lol

  • Willen Favarin
    Willen Favarin

    Essa musica é tão boa que até me arrepiei

  • Lounge Camera
    Lounge Camera

    Good afternoon everyone, welcome along from Imola for the 29th time in the formula one world championship we're racing in the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari

    • BPRG

      cant wait, i need this as alarm for race day

  • Bastman-_-

    Welcome to Bahrein, today's the race and our pilots are ready for this Gran Price after 2 long days of preparation, let check the starting grid...

  • jazzj2

    pov: it's rawe ceek

  • safaa Z 13
    safaa Z 13

    l love this 😍 Ferrari fans forzza Ferrari

  • Toasty

    i heard this in my tractor, it now has a green Missionwinnon logo on it, and it´s checking

  • JS Net
    JS Net

    For centuries this will be the PERMANENT THEME for our hearts....

  • Felix Jose Lucas
    Felix Jose Lucas

    0:14 Valtteri it's James

  • Alex Sánchez
    Alex Sánchez

    CHETASÓ 😃 100/100

  • nando alonso
    nando alonso


  • deepan vanitha
    deepan vanitha

    Hearing 20 30 times a never gets bored....each time..... Wow.... Wow.... Brian Brother.....👍👍👏👏

  • brawls today
    brawls today


  • András Péter Jetzin
    András Péter Jetzin

    Ez egyszerűen lenyűgöző zenei élmény volt! Thank you very much! 🙂❤️👍👍👍👍

  • Dhrutube

    I was listening to this in my toyota prius it's faster than the silver arrows now

  • Ch33z3 Fr!3z
    Ch33z3 Fr!3z

    I wake up to this song in the morning and face my F1 flag in my room just Ike I would for the national anthem this song’s... sorry anthem... is so good!

  • LucasCampi

    Imagine playing this song while driving in a empty straight road with a Ferrari.your ticket would be like $5500

  • Javier Aviña
    Javier Aviña


  • Thomas S-F
    Thomas S-F

    Honestly, this music is amazing, even after hearing it so many times it still gives me goosebumps and Brian as well is such a great conductor, you can tell he is obviously enjoying it.

  • Thomas S-F
    Thomas S-F

    "Classical music is boring" Changed your mind now???

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro

    Wow, it must've been hard to time and record those formula fly by's at the right time for this live performance. Much respect

  • Rupesh Kumar
    Rupesh Kumar

    Listen this in 2×

  • Lucy Masinde
    Lucy Masinde

    When hearing this song jus love Daniel Ricciardo

  • Vinicio Medrano
    Vinicio Medrano


  • Vinicio Medrano
    Vinicio Medrano

    So beautiful song.

  • Tomas Kuvik
    Tomas Kuvik

    This one is the best f1 song forever. No chance will make some better. This show how is f1 of all sides. Great one :)

  • Sprites4Ever

    I love how the Conductor is visibly having the time of his life.

  • Ann Austen
    Ann Austen

    Goosebumps can't wait for next weekend

    • Toasty

      Feels like waiting for the new season in my opinion

  • Pasta Lover
    Pasta Lover

    and Lewis Hamilton wins 2021 season and he is now 8 time champion of the world!

  • RR19996

    If no work has been done to alter the sound of those drums, my god they sound sooooo bloody good

  • Cristiano Rimar
    Cristiano Rimar






  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    This theme is great, but I preferred The Chain...

  • elektr1fyy

    DRS enabled.

  • metin kılıç
    metin kılıç

    2:28 my favorite part hold your breath and wwwwnn. Also this is my ringtone

  • skifru

    2:13 Mark Zuckerburg plays the bass. Didn't know he was into that.

  • Mr. BARB
    Mr. BARB

    Theme song of my life 😂🤣🤣😂👌

  • Lucas Elias
    Lucas Elias

    Quem veio por causa da F1 na BAND?

  • De Vries
    De Vries

    who's here before Italian GP?

  • Rifqi Naufal
    Rifqi Naufal

    I'm not crying... You're crying

  • Ulyajna Gabriella
    Ulyajna Gabriella

    1:37 not me crying

  • Ulyajna Gabriella
    Ulyajna Gabriella


  • Carlos Faria do Santos
    Carlos Faria do Santos


  • henrymills

    Heard better fiat advert soundtracks jesus this is the greatest motorsport in the world hats off to the talented musicians