CBum on Breon "Go to 212" + Phil Heath Downsized? + Michal Krizo Calls Out Blessing Biceps Battle
#PhilHeath #ChrisBumstead #Olympia
0:00 Intro
0:08 Chris Bumstead Speaks on Breon
2:13 Charles Griffin Prepping for 3 Shows?
5:17 Labrada
5:42 Hunter Prepping for Chicago
7:35 Biceps Battle
9:15 Phil Heath is downsized
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  • Nick's Strength and Power
    Nick's Strength and Power

    TIMESTAMPS BELOW 0:00 Intro 0:08 Chris Bumstead Speaks on Breon 2:13 Charles Griffin Prepping for 3 Shows? 5:17 Labrada 5:42 Hunter Prepping for Chicago 7:35 Biceps Battle 9:15 Phil Heath is downsized

    • Steven Roberts
      Steven Roberts

      I'm not a fan of Blessings, but personally I prefer his biceps to Krizzo's. Better peak and shape imo.

    • Big Mac
      Big Mac

      When are we getting Nick’s strength and podcast

    • karan patel
      karan patel

      I think u should start facecamp with video

  • Jeremiah Bachmann
    Jeremiah Bachmann

    212 guys are funny looking in person if you don't know they are 212. "Hello, little man. Are you going to the gym after school?" hehe

  • Frank Fonseca
    Frank Fonseca

    What if Phil fixed his mid section by downsizing and rebuilding off of that! Maybe he wanted that aesthetic look again! Could be genius or could be the end and driving off to enjoy the rest of his success! I never sleep on Phil! Because we all know he’s still and will always be “The Gift” 💪

  • Afonso Sancho
    Afonso Sancho

    Nick I think you need to check a Brazilian monster called Ramon. U can check in max titanium SVsoft channel. In a couple years he will smash Cbum. 😉

  • jim damas
    jim damas

    Phil don’t need to do anything he already did what most won’t

  • NGDGaming

    I think for phil he's going to get back with big surprise

  • Colton W
    Colton W

    Phil making the slow transition to being a fitness influencer lol

  • Jonny Chase
    Jonny Chase

    Phil He@th going Classic

  • BrokenFang

    what is 212?

  • HP P
    HP P

    Check out the Austrian Classic Physic guy Fabian Mayr. I think he has a lot of potential to come close to cbumb

  • that.retro.chris

    I dont know about the overall size but I think blessing has better bicep peaks. Krizo's arms in a DB are thick and full but almost too much that they lose definition and peak.

  • Andrew Yung
    Andrew Yung

    Nick, Blessing A has a higher peak bicep while Michael's video is closer up making his appear bigger. Blessing wins that one. Phil Heath legacy is over imo. He can never win another Mr Olympia. 7 wins is impressive enough and can never surpass that.

  • Daniel Salina
    Daniel Salina

    One interesting fact, both Sergio and Hunter's father were cuban

  • howard condoman
    howard condoman

    Breone should have been #2. Was robbed badly

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones

    I wonder how many pros in body building or lifting didnt compete at all last year bc of covid or restriction and just spent the time juicing their heads off getting more jackes than ever and are coming back this year. Seems to be a trend in other sports but I dont know the names here as well.

  • Mr. Wednesday
    Mr. Wednesday

    Blessings bicep looks better his biceps has better feathering and peak

  • William B.J. Blazkowicz
    William B.J. Blazkowicz

    Good to see cocky Blessing got some tough competition, hope he lives out his words in response to recent heated rivalry on social media. You see that's why you need to be kind and respectful to everyone and especially when you love a sport you should always respect your fellow sports men cause if you don't.. it only shows how much you respect the game itself. No matter where you are, who you are.. you'll always find someone significantly ahead of you. So be kind.

  • Jackson Holland
    Jackson Holland

    Bro, look at his post in the hoodie. He is competing THIS year

  • Royal Rider
    Royal Rider

    Nick !!!!!!!! I can see you criticising blessings in all your videos. Legs biceps and what not! Can you please stop.

  • Jared

    Breon definitely belongs in 212 over classic but he is getting older so he better get a move on before it’s to late


    miss Luke.

  • C I
    C I

    Hunter is not looking too good


    Even if Phil thinks of coming back , it's not going to to be a cakewalk at all now onwards. Ramy has found the formula, Brandon did edge past him but the greatest of all threats is Hadi . Imagine if he comes in a week early minus the visa pressure . That makes a hell lot of a difference to a physique.

  • dominic ervin
    dominic ervin

    I just phil would be what he was. Phil at his best is RIDICULOUS and i want to be excited over body building like i was then

  • Bdawg02

    Phil is done....7time Champ is enough

  • C.Rowe

    Breon’s suited for a bank teller. And Nick... bumstead started as a bodybuilder also.. so that has nothingggg to do with it

  • Silas Yallknow
    Silas Yallknow

    Blessing has far nicer peaks you are a goof

  • blakkpatron

    Phil Heath will be competing again, and downsizing is the only way to bring that stomach back in.

  • Al Bino
    Al Bino

    Phil looks good, it’s possible he is just off cycle or he is actually retiring. Either way he has done a lot in his career and it will be interesting to see what he does next.

  • Randy Allin
    Randy Allin

    Phil looks like he’s probably off cycle. Which good for him if this is the case. Take some time off and jump back on in a few months

  • 청각장애 보디빌더 훈피티 Deaf Bodybuilder Hun
    청각장애 보디빌더 훈피티 Deaf Bodybuilder Hun

    It’s really cool. I’m also watching the video. Next time I have a chance, I will work out with me once and I will cheer you on. Fighting.

  • Dd Dd
    Dd Dd

    Yeah michals is more full but blessings are huge enough too

    • Dd Dd
      Dd Dd

      Oh and the peak of blessing is more sharp and pointy 💯


    Breon should wake up, his streak is over now that the true epitome of "Classic" was born and that is Chris Bumstead.

  • MalseMan

    Bumstead is simply ruling the classic physique division

  • Edy Florescu
    Edy Florescu

    Nick: I think Phil is downsized Phil: Good luck with legal

  • michael mantinaos
    michael mantinaos

    I said Phil’s waist was only looking that way cause he’s slimed down

  • Price Rowland
    Price Rowland

    Breon's in his 40's, and probably would like to enjoy the rest of his career without worrying about going to a new division. Also it's not like the 212 title is just going to be handed to him without a fight, he's not guaranteed anything there.

  • Michael Gidea
    Michael Gidea

    “The era of the Gut” has ended. Finally !

  • Turgay Bozbek
    Turgay Bozbek

    Blessings Bizeps moore shredded

  • Anton Keiser
    Anton Keiser

    Phil Heath to mens physique I'm here for it

  • jhoe1upGuy

    99% of your followers wish they could have those "downsized" Phil Heath arms. Crazy how big open bodybuilding is.

  • joe Horton
    joe Horton

    I love how nick always says blessing is huge at 280 and yet nick is 5"7 weighing in almost the same as blessing 😂

  • sküll düggery
    sküll düggery

    INJECT his name into that conversation...no pun?

  • JAircraft Engineer
    JAircraft Engineer

    I gotta go with blessings biceps, you gotta factor in the peak, I think a bicep is more impressive when the peak height is noticeable, size too but having a good peak development show precise work to the bicep

  • SnacKing

    I hope Phil is done. He’s about my age. Would be good for him to move to promotions and maybe training. But he may want to back off of the stress that he has to put his body through to compete on that level at that age.

  • João Marques
    João Marques

    Cbum should be looking out for Péter Molnár! He's gonna make top 3 in this year Olympia for sure, bet you that!

  • RJ Gaming
    RJ Gaming

    Breon is 212 we all know that man

  • Rocky Waters
    Rocky Waters

    Breon should retire, he's too old to make any serious enough improvements to cause damage in both classic and 212, ego is just blinding the reality of his career slowly going downhill due to age.

  • Anthony Price
    Anthony Price

    Phil is def just cruising right now. Def still looks good but def just cruising.

  • AnticsDesigns

    What show did Regan qualify through?


    You know it’s impossible for Phil 2 blast tren and deca with a test base forever !

  • Maxon Karnes
    Maxon Karnes

    “And now a word from labrada nutrition” Labrada nutrition: “urgghhh” “Aaauuhhgggg!”

  • R Banner
    R Banner

    Calm down Nick, we know Michael makes you excited but his biceps aren't really impressive. It's not even defined

  • yannick willems
    yannick willems

    Breon to 212? Nahh man

  • Mr Blonde
    Mr Blonde

    Phil Heath is looking awesome

  • J B
    J B

    Crazy how Phil is currently one of the biggest people on the planet, and he’s looking downsized

  • Hugo Lopez
    Hugo Lopez

    Phil getting rid of that bubble gut

  • John Porterfield
    John Porterfield

    Phil is gonna jump down to classic to challenge Cbum.

  • Bad Weatherfreak
    Bad Weatherfreak

    Phil is prepping to enter 212.. maybe!

  • Neo*UPR*2022

    Phil need to completely disappear, he's the worst thing that happen to bodybuilding in the last decade.

  • Bryon Albright
    Bryon Albright

    Breon is built more for 212


    Cbum side chest gave me strong Arnold vibes, hes going to do awesome!

  • chefyo

    4:40 holyyy synthol


    I Hope Phil And Ramy Do The Arnold Classic.

  • Francis Diet TALKS
    Francis Diet TALKS

    Michael is 24” arms no one in the world in shape has arms his size haha

  • jodada97

    If Chris had not made any improvements to his back then I would say Breon can stay But Chris literally transformed his physique for the 2020 Classic O Chris is only getting better and considering Breon can’t really make any significant improvements because of his age, he already got the density, and weight cap etc

  • Nick Trivett
    Nick Trivett

    Breon should totally be in 212 he just has that structure

  • James Xavier
    James Xavier

    Breon is not really classic. 212 is a better fit for him. Classic seems to be the ticket for the taller (6'0 and above) bodybuilders.

  • Michael Omari
    Michael Omari

    Nick is the best. He's so chill.

  • DzFromDetroit !
    DzFromDetroit !

    Phil still looks like a fucking monster lol

  • loukas garefalakis
    loukas garefalakis

    I am not sure if blessing will have enough size to compete with the best but i have a feeling he is going to bring the conditioning and make the difference.Cbum is obviously not comfortable having a consistent Breon at his back pushing him trust me,let’s see if he can repeat his mind blowing performance in 2021 then we will be sure let’s not jump to conclusions yet

  • Anmol Kumar
    Anmol Kumar

    Breon is too massive he belongs to 212


    Rolly is king of biceps

  • Wild Frames
    Wild Frames

    Phil is 41. (Dexter is 51). Jay and Ronnie was good till their 40`s. Ramy is 36. So it seems guys peaking from 30 to 40. I remember when Dexter said that when he fix his mid section he was able to compete 10 year more cause his other parts was so good. Phil is more or less the same. Phil is naturally superior than most. He was off due to mid section problems and conditioning/form problems. Otherwise in terms of genetics Phil is superior to mostly everyone. I thik he will blast himself one more time in the next 2-3 years. For him will be natural to try one more time before he quit. He have still have potential.

  • Jeremy Jazwinski
    Jeremy Jazwinski

    Stop commenting on no jumper

  • D Underwood
    D Underwood

    W.A.R.N.I.N.G DO NOT SLEEP ON HUNTER LABRADA I may not have Sir Nicks eye so I hope he agrees 🙏

  • Sebastian Suikowsky
    Sebastian Suikowsky

    Bro has Ronnie Coleman’s body

  • Eamon Conway
    Eamon Conway

    Breon should def move to 212 he wont be chris again he gets so big in the offseason and then has to cut and he loses muscle because he is smaller than chris height wise george realised it and he looks much better at 212

  • Reg Ford
    Reg Ford

    You can't compare dude and blessing when their not in the same shape. Blessing is in or near contest shape. Look at how stretchy dude's skin is between bicep and front delt. You missed it on this one Nick. But I'll help your algorithm and entertain this.

  • Joe Telometo
    Joe Telometo

    Nicks cbums’s & breons

  • shawshank4321

    Nick who do you personally think is better? Nick or Blessing...just based on what you have seen?

  • THE Evil
    THE Evil

    I see no shortcoming in either of the bicep shots

  • THE Evil
    THE Evil

    Has rolley said anything about a show?

  • FreshDougan

    There are a couple people who I think could bump arms with Cbum for the top spot(Terrence, Logan, even Steve). But that's when/if they get on his level. Few years down the line maybe. He's undisputed till then.

  • Scarlett Grey
    Scarlett Grey

    Phil's 3rd at the last Olympia was a complete gift in my eyes. I just think the judges didn't want to place a 7 time champion 5th or 6th. His midsection was so bad that 3rd was a complete ......joke.

  • Ams Gaming
    Ams Gaming

    Dude I like blessings bicep better. Just the shape

  • Audio Impact
    Audio Impact

    I hope Phil competes this year, he will always place high, even if he doesn't win. I also think the various federations should get together and an inter-federation show, or shows, in which any pro winner worldwide can compete in, that would be very interesting.

  • Indo Mbara
    Indo Mbara

    There should be a body building show for Old BBs.. U know.. Just them doing their thing. Id like to see em all come back

  • ZoltanoMoltano

    9:37 yes

  • ZoltanoMoltano

    1:12 when that hungarian guy Peter Molnar will knock him out next year then it will matter for him:) and will move to 212

  • Blair Monkman
    Blair Monkman

    This is going to be some year for bodybuilding, especially the Tampa Chicago and NY Pro

  • Chris Howell
    Chris Howell

    Hi Nick don't know iff you know an ex bodybuilder called mickey theo has challenged John fury Tyson fury dad it's been a feud for nearly 12 months it will happen the fight take a look in to Mickey theo it's all over you tube could be a Nick story

  • Jack O'Keefe
    Jack O'Keefe

    Downsized.... he’s massive

  • Alisson

    Cbum will not be the king for to long in my humble opinion

  • blountman747

    I could be wrong but I'm hoping that this is Phil Heath before and we will get to see his transformation Olympia after video I've been training for the Olympia but I could be wrong

  • Nicholas Woods
    Nicholas Woods

    Bumstead will never lose in classic ever again until he retires

  • Zachary Knight
    Zachary Knight

    I totally for got about Athletacon if I typed that out correctly.

  • Isadore sparks II
    Isadore sparks II

    Phil seems to have transformed into a whole new individual. Seems much more humble

  • Chris P Duck
    Chris P Duck

    Phil heath went from 1cc of test to 1/2cc 😬😅

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