Smashing a Lamborghini on the streets! #shorts
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  • Serpex

    Its literally foam

  • Demareo ProGamer
    Demareo ProGamer

    Am I missing something here

  • Arun Mathew
    Arun Mathew

    It's plastic

  • A Jay
    A Jay

    He's the type of guy that would look for the "may contain nuts" allergy advice on a Snickers bar

  • Lemon Tree
    Lemon Tree

    never seen a guy can throw 20kg fitness weight without backbone cracked, hilarious

  • j nupp
    j nupp

    Next he’ll film a workout video pressing 8 of them

    • j nupp
      j nupp

      Fake weights

  • Terreqrue

    he's the tipe of guy that carries 20 gram weights to the gym

  • Karime Hosseini
    Karime Hosseini


  • erhem ŽÂŸÃ
    erhem ŽÂŸÃ


  • farhaN Drive5th
    farhaN Drive5th

    It's not real weight like a thermocol

  • Luis Iglesias
    Luis Iglesias

    He is the type of guy who owns a Lamborghini

  • Candelaria Bunongzki
    Candelaria Bunongzki

    His a type of guy that he never discipline himself.

  • Özgür Bulut
    Özgür Bulut


  • Alex

    How bout that hobbits? Schwarzer Turm Angmar frägt sitzend wo früher das Badehaus an Schicksalsquelle war

  • Faudzee Mokhtar
    Faudzee Mokhtar


  • Kania xd
    Kania xd

    Pewnie guma jakas

  • An NguyenDepTrai
    An NguyenDepTrai

    I know is soft

  • B's GTA Online
    B's GTA Online

    He's the type of guy that makes a video that gets 100s of us to comment on.....



  • carl hewitt
    carl hewitt


  • Nevan Talwar
    Nevan Talwar

    Every1 talking abt:he's the type of guy .... Lol

  • Keepin it Real
    Keepin it Real

    He’s the type of guy to get hit by a parked car

  • Maxenswel

    Everyone : " *HE'S THE TYPE OF GUY* "

  • Замир Сердаров
    Замир Сердаров

    Резиновая шляпа как и он сам 😁😁😁

  • Atanu Ghosh
    Atanu Ghosh

    Does this makes any sense?

  • Gaming World
    Gaming World


  • people don't coco
    people don't coco

    Just a fake one

  • Uroš Vrbaški
    Uroš Vrbaški

    but y? you are gonna ruin a 300k+ car that prob. isnt even yours and you will have to pay for the damages, and if it is thats an extra reason not to destroy it like???

  • Levi CapeTrap
    Levi CapeTrap

    He’s the type of guy to call u to ask if he can call u

  • Gamer Gio Capone
    Gamer Gio Capone

    Truth : its actully 5lb

  • DIAMOND man
    DIAMOND man

    I already know what gonna happen

  • Raul Laureles
    Raul Laureles

    RIP lambo

  • verlend dumm
    verlend dumm

    That's styrofoam


    All the comments are full of "type of guy ..." 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mohamed Khazuri
    Mohamed Khazuri

    Its fake weight

  • Jacob Whalen
    Jacob Whalen

    Literally a plastic weight

  • Sebastian Manzel
    Sebastian Manzel

    You can’t through a 45 that easy especially as weak as you look

  • Zach Escoto
    Zach Escoto

    Dislike this video now

  • Zach Escoto
    Zach Escoto

    It didnt even smash

  • Reality Allah
    Reality Allah

    He's the type of guy that gets out of the pool whn it starts raining, bcz he don't want to get wet

  • ANDI

    He's the type of guy who has a comb on him at all times even though he's bald

  • Hockey365

    This flubbery schmuck would get out of breath saying 45lbs let lone lifting and tossing it.

  • alok kumar singh
    alok kumar singh

    Fake weight It is made from plastic

  • Toasted Waffle
    Toasted Waffle

    For the Nubs who think it real it’s styrofoam

  • Video spot
    Video spot

    It'😮😯 fake

  • Apart Tester
    Apart Tester

    Well fake

  • The Diamond Tortoise
    The Diamond Tortoise

    Hes the type of guy to steal a free balloon and then turn himself in to the cops

  • Karthik

    He is a type of guy who can smash my head with rubber fake weight

  • Andrew Kim
    Andrew Kim

    If it was actually 45 pounds he wouldn't even be able to pick it up

  • The Intentional Man
    The Intentional Man

    He’s the type of guy that everyone blasts with he’s the type of guy that..

  • Seek3n

    Wow tesla should get this windshield for his cyber truck. 🤣

  • Ricardo Paulino
    Ricardo Paulino

    That’s not a real weight it’s fom fake just look at the way he throws it not even an once of strength he uses

  • WhaleShark

    Literally everyone in this comment section is mad that they dont have as nice as car as this guy.

  • CORTEX 17
    CORTEX 17

    Its a balloon i have seen it on tiktok

  • Thomas the train productions
    Thomas the train productions

    He’s the type of guy to get so many comments about he’s that type of guy.

  • Klastube

    How do I block someone on youtube

  • Zilla-man


  • NICKEL081179

    He the type of guy to use the real weight on accident because his two brain cell were taking a nap. 😆

  • Erik 420
    Erik 420

    I bet he got that from Brad

  • Xxx TentacionFF
    Xxx TentacionFF

    Es obvio que es un plastico de 20 gramos.

  • Samuel Centamore
    Samuel Centamore

    He's the type of guy to have a meme made of him

  • Munkhbaatar Buyandelger
    Munkhbaatar Buyandelger

    Plastic 🤣

  • Nøt_ STØRM
    Nøt_ STØRM

    He's the type of guy to leave a bow outside while its raining to see a rainbow

  • ツim happy
    ツim happy

    Did anyone see it bounce off at the end

  • кลя†ђเ

    He's the type of guy who vlogs on their wedding night

  • Ondong TV
    Ondong TV

    Fake weights

  • Adrian Flores
    Adrian Flores

    He's the type of guy who invested in AMC and not GameStop 🧐

  • pax maponga
    pax maponga

    He’s the types of guy to eat breath mints just to have fresh breath in a picture


    He is the type of guy who stays on the phone to hear what the telemarketers actually have to say

  • Riddle me this Just being honest
    Riddle me this Just being honest

    It's not a real weight leaves his hands to quick and light

  • Heartless

    I hope both sides of his pillow are warm

  • Yulianus Zhong
    Yulianus Zhong

    Fake weight

  • Tanay Raj
    Tanay Raj


  • Al Joud
    Al Joud

    He’s the type of guy who dies laughing before he tell you the joke

  • Yoshighomi

    He's the type of guy that got us all to leave a comment, while saying nothing while we watched.

  • Stiff Selles Duarte
    Stiff Selles Duarte

    Es más falso que me vida

  • Ethan Ragin
    Ethan Ragin

    It didn’t smash the glass at the end, it’s a fake weight :/

  • Rugadaisse

    Omg, im ready for the he is the type of guy comments, grabbing some popcorn rn.


    Disk fack

  • Derek Tumsuden
    Derek Tumsuden

    He’s the type of person that says “every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes”

  • Alex Sandro Silva de Souza
    Alex Sandro Silva de Souza

    Fake dmss


    He’s the type of guy that tell everybody to stop spamming the the first 5 words 24/7

  • Jara Media
    Jara Media

    He’s the kind of guy who Dutch ovens himself

  • Dixsi Liliana Romero ulloa
    Dixsi Liliana Romero ulloa


  • Gabriel Perozzo Gajardo
    Gabriel Perozzo Gajardo

    I reported the video for terrorism

  • luisito Mel
    luisito Mel

    Quien se cree eso

  • Ahyan Yeasin
    Ahyan Yeasin

    He is the type of person to take a ruler to bed to see how long he sleeps.

  • ToN 2K
    ToN 2K

    It’s a fake weight

  • Matt G
    Matt G

    He’s the type of guy to throw a fake weight at a Lamborghini

  • juanma piedrahita
    juanma piedrahita

    Para empezar no podrías no levantar ese peso así flipado

  • Tofe Alwerfaly
    Tofe Alwerfaly


  • teacup3000

    Looks like the „weight“ is of foam or some light material.

  • Randall Carter Anderson
    Randall Carter Anderson

    He’s the type of guy that pisses sitting down

  • timon raccoon
    timon raccoon

    That’s styrofoam hahaha, the weight bounces of the windshield

  • Dachshund

    It’s made out of foam

  • Nate Devilin
    Nate Devilin

    He’s the kind of guy to get circumcised at 80.

  • Thomas Barlow
    Thomas Barlow

    Never lifted a weight in his life and thinks we're dumb enough to believe he can handle a plate that easy. Such bullshit!😂

  • Alex Lemus
    Alex Lemus

    So fake 😂

  • ran mail
    ran mail