SABATON - Defence Of Moscow (Official Music Video)
The official music video for Defence Of Moscow by Sabaton.
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========= Defence Of Moscow LYRICS =========

As the Wehrmacht overrun, Russia 1941
They don’t belong, we stand our ground, a million strong

We are ready for their strike, face the army of the reich
A million strong, this is our land, they don’t belong.

Hear Marshal Zhukov’s, and Stalin’s orders
Defend the motherland
Moscow shall not fall

Stand and follow command, our blood for the homeland
Heed the motherland’s call, and brace for the storm
Moscow will never give in, there is no surrender
Force them into retreat, and into defeat

Face the volleys of their guns, for Russia’s daughters and her sons
All the brave, who stand against the typhoon wave

From the mountains and the plains, come in thousands on the trains
Day and night, they're rolling in, to join the fight

From Kazakhstan to Magadan!
Call of the motherland
Russia shall prevail

Recorded and mixed at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - Los Angeles - CA - USA .
Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.

  • Sabaton

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    • SCPdemon CZ
      SCPdemon CZ

      Greetings, Sabaton, i want to use your songs in my videos, i am from Czech republic 🇨🇿 and i want you to agree with me adding your songs into my videos, thank you for respond

    • SCPdemon CZ
      SCPdemon CZ

      Greetings, Sabaton, i want to use your songs in my videos, i am from Czech republic 🇨🇿 and i want you to agree with me adding your songs into my videos, thank you for respond

    • Edvards Krumins
      Edvards Krumins

      @Bartosz Olek 9999900000

    • Антон Черников
      Антон Черников

      @Hartaever - хх

    • Flash

      That’s good i like that 👍🤟👌🤙🏻

  • Tdogg

    1:28 that guys beard is epic

  • Jack Rucinsky
    Jack Rucinsky

    That was definitely one of the bloodiest battles in WW2 and this song is truly epic.

  • Faezya Aqela Mahera
    Faezya Aqela Mahera

    me like

  • Frej Lindqvist
    Frej Lindqvist

    this makes me so prowd of being russian even although im accualy Swedish:)

  • mick

    I learn to never judge a book by it's cover because of sabaton.Thankyou

  • Neccar Czarmagne Basaca
    Neccar Czarmagne Basaca

    Is that vladimir putin? 1:42

  • Sharpvic Is not here
    Sharpvic Is not here

    play this when your base is under attack by an enemy in a game.

    • Sharpvic Is not here
      Sharpvic Is not here

      @Sabaton Affirmative!

    • Sabaton

      Does it improve the performance?

  • Carlo fan
    Carlo fan

    For the motherland,love from India 🇮🇳❤️🇷🇺😍😍😍😍

  • Valengar Septum
    Valengar Septum

    Probably not the place to put a suggestion but, for a song the plot would be amazing. The story of the rescue of the Czech Legion by Britain, America, Japan, France and the White Army during the Siberian Intervention after the madlads walked though the entirety of Russia - nearly half way across the world from home. One of my favorite conflicts in history because it's so cinematic in my eyes.

    • Sabaton

      Did you know you can send your specific song topics to our website?

  • MatriksGTA

    Привет от Радио Тапок/Greetings from Radio Tapok :) Кто из России +

  • Adam

    This isn’t a power metal song. It’s a pOUR metal song

  • Adam


  • Thiago Fernando
    Thiago Fernando

    É triste pensar que os USA levam a maior parte do crédito por uma vitória que não conseguiram sozinhos.

  • British Spy
    British Spy

    Mfw Germany attacks Moscow in the winter

  • tim the skeptic
    tim the skeptic

    Regardless of what US and Russian national relations are today I would gladly stand with them against the fascist assholes of yesterday.

  • Katie G
    Katie G

    I'm Canadian. I have French, Scottish, Maltese, and Italian blood in me, and yet this song made me 1000000% proud to be Russian.

  • TheSolarGamer97

    Damn Sabaton You Nailed It! Your music makes me feel like a king when I listen to it, it lightens up my day and makes me enjoy learning about history! You Are another breed of music and I hope you keep going strong just like Moscow! Sincerely Michael Sent all the way from Newfoundland Canada Edit: deleted half my comment by accident lol

  • kalexoo

    Is that Rowan Atkinson? What is he doing here?

  • Рик Санчез
    Рик Санчез

    Радио Тапок стал на столько популярен, что какие-то шведы делают кавер на его песню XD

  • Dave Vysoudil
    Dave Vysoudil

    Now this is what we needed!

  • Nikolas McCollin
    Nikolas McCollin

    Шведы куда большие патриоты этой страны, чем официальная говноэстрада. Ничего из отечественного, из того что на слуху тут, и близко похожего нету. Низкий поклон и уважение. .

  • Марина Осина
    Марина Осина

    Ребята, вы лучшие!!!

  • Андрей Щербинин
    Андрей Щербинин

    я был очень уставшим чтобы посмотреть после реакции на канале тапка еще и оригинал, вот только сейчас посмотрел, но эмоции автора бесценны! Спасибо Сабатон за кавер и за эмоции автора!!!

  • Кто-то какой -то чеовек
    Кто-то какой -то чеовек

    Как Иоким проговаривает "Магадан",из него точно бы получился хороший шансонье

  • Andrew Gudov
    Andrew Gudov

    особенно прикольно звучит "фром Казахстан ту Магадан", это вызвало реальный смех.

    • DRONsssss

      А как перевод дословно?

  • Jens Kosch
    Jens Kosch

    I did commemorate the 80th anniversary of the German invasion/assault of/on the Soviet Union by listing to this and Panzerkampf.

  • Wolfgang Strecker
    Wolfgang Strecker

    If america never joined ww2 germany could have won


      America had to throw 2 nuclear bombs just to deal with Japan

  • Homie Creeper
    Homie Creeper

    The way he spinned the stick at 3:27 ... was so Cool!

  • Nikita SaVin
    Nikita SaVin

    Radio Tapok Top

  • 7 7
    7 7

    clip is low quality need make new :(

  • марго мюллер
    марго мюллер

    Именно в таком стиле НУЖНО петь о Войне!!! Спасибо за песни,Сабатон! Спасибо за каверы,Тапочек!!! За эту песню отдельное спасибо!!! Мне 59...если у меня в машине не слышно Сабатон,а следом кавер....или,как сейчас,наоборот)....значит меня в ней нет)))Олег,попробуй в подобном стиле про "Вяземский котел"! Целые армии!!! Местные рассказывали,что земля еще пол года истекала сукровицей!!!ОПОЛЧЕНИЕ!!! Даже мои ровесники не знали,что в 41м было ополчение!!!С одной трехлинейкой на двоих,с гранатами,времен до Гражданской!!! Музыканты,студенты,местные жители!!! Дать время собрать армии!!! Записка от деда,который отправился окопы рыть "Встали насмерть под Вязьмой,не жди,береги детей"И...как в воду. Каждый год откапывают.....там миллион без вести((( Не меньше. Они знали на что шли. Но...если они не герои...то я не знаю(

  • ima human
    ima human

    “The real men are those who die for there home” -someone somewhere

  • Lunar Tears
    Lunar Tears

    Sabaton, I will be using your music to teach my future kids history. And possibly to aid in teaching use of language as your songs are basically living poems.😎😊👍🤘🔥🎸

  • Кирилл Шакиров
    Кирилл Шакиров

    This song is very powerful, one of the most powerful songs I have ever seen for the last time. Thank you, Sabaton, for the creativity and power You give this world!

  • Buzdovan

    it was today, 22. june 1941, 80 years ago! greetings from serbian living in germany. pomaže bog, braćo i sestre ORTHODOX 🤟

  • Christian Burns
    Christian Burns

    In my opinion, the Battle of Moscow was the turning point in the Eastern Front. It ended Operation Barbarossa, boosted Russian morale, and caused the Russians to advance while the Germans weren't ready for the Russian Winter. This battle deserves to have a song about it.

    • Mesimarch

      I would go further and say the turning point of the war was the 22nd of June 1941. Invading the USSR in the first place was a doomed project. German high command was not ready for the supply and fuel issues. Even if they had early victories the German army was already at pretty much half strength when they reached Moscow.

  • Олександр Панасюк
    Олександр Панасюк


  • Justin Green
    Justin Green

    in 1992 i sat on the toilet, i slipped and my head fell in the bowl, the turds were attacking me, and then a hero stood up to save my soul, it was 1992. (this is what happens when sabaton goes to a nursing home)

  • Úy

    ultimate bass solo

  • joan catalan
    joan catalan

    Me and the boys defending Roblox kids from Zero Two simps

  • Вот Иклмн
    Вот Иклмн

    Спасибо от немца из России.Правильное дело делаете!!!

  • Gamerworks

    I can never quite hear the USSR anthem

  • KampfPanzer

    Круто, можно ещё сделать только про оборону Парижа в первой мировой войне

  • TotorLePorc

    You should do a song for the Blue Division, 6000 Spaniards who fought against 40 000 Russians, 100 tanks, and won.

  • toomanytaps

    Happy 80th anniversary of Operation Barbarossa

  • BestiaPardaka 07
    BestiaPardaka 07

    I love the metal version of the Soviet anthem. Simply epic

  • Нафанька

    чуток бы переделать клип ! а так Саботон молодцы красиво исполнили !

  • Brother LEANDROZ
    Brother LEANDROZ

    Unlike most bands sabaton actually has the balls to use swatsticas because it’s historically accurate thank god for sabaton

  • Sabin Rai
    Sabin Rai

    If Russians had listened this song back then they would have pushed back Wehrmacht to Berlin in 1941

  • Cuervo Killmister
    Cuervo Killmister

    Defending the motherland hurra¡!!!!

  • Syed Anas
    Syed Anas

    sabaton du är fantastisk kärlek från Indien

  • rainz6869

    I been a fan of you for 9 weeks

    • rainz6869

      @Sabaton holy shit i never been noticed by a comrade 😳

    • Sabaton

      Welcome on board!

  • Eric Mastenbrook
    Eric Mastenbrook

    Man, you guys are good at making music.

  • Bruce M.
    Bruce M.

    May God Bless Russia and all her people!

  • theodore hazel
    theodore hazel

    sabaton been going strong since the earlier 2000

  • RGG88

    You think the president of Russia seen this?

  • Дегтярев

    Pozdrav iz republike Srpske, za nasu brać u rusee volimo vas ! 🇷🇸❤🇷🇺

  • Matthew Webster
    Matthew Webster


    • Sabaton


  • Matthew Webster
    Matthew Webster


  • Matthew Webster
    Matthew Webster

    This song was awesome

  • Zilan DJ
    Zilan DJ

    They should have it in music playlist hearts of iron 4 when this song is play 100 percent attack buff 👌

  • uditt lamba
    uditt lamba

    3:02 is something else.

  • Александр Косенко
    Александр Косенко

    Moscow will never surrendered? А то что немцев просто трупами завалили? Да там сотни тысяч остались! Потом разгребать задолбались

  • Sergey Krasilnikov
    Sergey Krasilnikov

    Thanks, its 💣, 💥🧠, 🔥. 👍🤘. Sergey, Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Metal forever!!! Признателен Олегу(radio tapok) и ребятам из SABATON! Класс!!!! 😀👏👏👏👏

  • GamerEdgar YT
    GamerEdgar YT

    2:10 обожаю этот момент

  • Boris Strunx
    Boris Strunx

    3:02 USSR Anthem, Man lovely Music, keep up the great work ;D

  • wilko188

    Why so anti Germany?

  • Alexandr Konovalov
    Alexandr Konovalov

    За гимн СССР отдельное спасибо группе Sabaton

    • Tina

      Гимна там конечно не должно быть. Интернационал уместней.

  • Андрей Губин
    Андрей Губин

    И вроде правдиво, но... Хуйня

  • Karl .Siegrist
    Karl .Siegrist

    damn that was so much long time ago ... the years of real mens ...... german soldiers fighting against communism with courage , but dominate by a mass murderer , and brave communist mens fighting for an ideal , but dominated by a mass murderer who lie to them too .........

  • The red gamer
    The red gamer

    I lived through this siege not very old was I

  • Максим Сергунин
    Максим Сергунин

    USSR anthem has copyright rights

  • Ulrich von Jungingen
    Ulrich von Jungingen

    ZSRS= III Reich, Devil=Devil

  • Salem Solomon
    Salem Solomon

    from Russia with love :_:


    давай на Москву)))))

  • Abhay Bhatt
    Abhay Bhatt

    That national anthem from 3:03 to 3:18 hits different.

  • borbo23

    At Stalingrad, I know that high-school aged girls handled anti-aircraft guns, turned on approaching Nazi tanks. They fought and died to defeat genocidal fascism. I have no doubt the same was true at Moscow.

  • Bernardo Lacerda
    Bernardo Lacerda

    i love how other metal bands generally sing about darker themes and stuff but then sabaton is just "HISTORY!!"

  • Nuggetek CZ
    Nuggetek CZ

    I don't want to hate the song but the video isn't good like others here's explain 1. The scenes where is only sabaton: it's very nice and thhat effect how you look pretty dirty is nice 2.The actors quality: oh well it's not that good but still pretty good 3.That Panzers III : O_O that is one big fail why have all panzers the cannon up? and why are all of them same? 4.The tanks overall: why are in all soviet T-34/76s that red star behind the driver? and the driver actor........... but i say i'm not hating the song sabaton is best metal capel ever but i'm hting the video

  • The Pirate Bass
    The Pirate Bass

    👆 BASS cover & tab!! 😊

  • Alexandr Che
    Alexandr Che

    Best of the best!

    • Sabaton


  • Влад Шеховцов
    Влад Шеховцов

    Вот почему у нас только радио тапок подобные выпускает,а больше никто

    • Slavkin

      Блоггерам нужны просмотры, а такой контент не всегда дает хорошие просмотры. Но почему-то полное говно, например, Моргенштейн, набирает миллионы

  • meow juv
    meow juv

    learning russia history from this band.

  • tim lee
    tim lee

    82nd airborne here. 84-86 aatw

  • CG Petalcorin
    CG Petalcorin

    Guten tag my friends raido tapko I am Gustav Klimt hoslt fuher of Finland declare war men like laurï töurni where heros on the Soviet union

  • Michael Hotchkiss
    Michael Hotchkiss

    I'm feeling pretty patriotic for russia even though I'm Welsh

  • World Economic Forum Barbie
    World Economic Forum Barbie

    I love Russians!

  • MohdDmalaysiaYT

    I'm Malaysian but after I heard this, it makes me want to go Russia

  • Nathan Ess
    Nathan Ess

    Saboton you are mind blowing

    • Sabaton


  • Dmitry Chernokozov
    Dmitry Chernokozov

    Glory to Russia!

  • lovepeace

    And then Stalin killed 6 million of his own people and starved another 3 million. Can we stop pretending the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Stalin was a monster. Not a hero. It's kind of like Thanos defeating Satan. You're fcked either way.

    • Xerius

      Dude, the same goes for america. They killed millions of natives, redskins, blacks and other minorities, in inhumane ways. Matter of fact, Nazis were inspired by the genocide of indegenous people in America.

    • Ваня Базанов
      Ваня Базанов

      Значит Гитлер был хороший парень?

  • H Mises
    H Mises

    Russia AGRESOR

    • Mother Elizabeth
      Mother Elizabeth


    • Ваня Базанов
      Ваня Базанов

      Давно пора уже!!!

  • Berkut IS
    Berkut IS

    Кто больше из музыкантов на нашей эстраде делает чем Сабатон для России? SABATON is true friends

  • Серёга Васильчиков
    Серёга Васильчиков

    За гимн,большое спс

  • Nikolas Urzhumtsev
    Nikolas Urzhumtsev

    With all my respect, Red Army in 1941 yet didn't wear epaulets, as the latter were still considered a "tzar's heritage". Only in Jan. 1943 Comrade Stalin had granted epaulets to his Army back.

  • Intruderok

    чому ви є совкі.....

  • Miles

    В 1941 году не было России ) Очередная пропаганда и милитаризация быломасы, по сути годный трек, как обычно.

    • Miles

      @Ваня Базанов на уроках истории, иди китайский учи, пАбедитель, скоро будешь грядки рисом засевать, если тебе разрешат, а лучше бухни и расскажи о победе г

    • Ваня Базанов
      Ваня Базанов

      Российская Советская Федеративная Социалистическая Республика! ...где-же вас клепают-то таких недоделанных???

  • FleetingRain

    The song is good but the video just hits all the right spots: the blotch spreading over Europe and then retreating in Moscow, nazis getting rolled, Zhukov's smile at the end.

  • Mihailo Čabarkapa
    Mihailo Čabarkapa