Painting the rebuilt BMW M5 F90 - Episode 7
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►Hey Guys , In todays video we finish up body work on the BMW M5 F90 and then fully paint it !
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  • Matthew Bell
    Matthew Bell

    Great professional work there Paul especially on the prep 👍👍🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • Green Energy
    Green Energy

    You've spelled Paul's insta incorrectly. #JusSayinLike


    don’t know anything about cars but Paul is 😍

  • mfixingcars

    Nice job man ✌🏻 Greetings from Spain 🇪🇸👋

  • Michael Rumrill
    Michael Rumrill

    This kid belongs no where around the paint process.. Body work only.. You see how lazy and half ass he was wet sanding that bumper SMH

  • Łukasz Lipiński
    Łukasz Lipiński

    Bad quality of paint. Come to Europe to learn more

  • Mohammed Maharsi
    Mohammed Maharsi

    One week... no new video 😢?

  • Str88 Marr
    Str88 Marr

    What happened to the mustang!?????

  • That HOTGUY
    That HOTGUY

    When will it's another episode come? Waiting for years

    • vTuned garage
      vTuned garage


  • Conman Collins
    Conman Collins

    You always got awesome builds love this channel!

  • Salvatore Esquilachi
    Salvatore Esquilachi

    And the mclaren ???? Paint

  • camero ss
    camero ss

    I really like your videos keep it up boos

  • Ty’s Garage
    Ty’s Garage

    When’s the mustang coming back


    axxaxaxaxaxxaxaaxaxxaa look at this face so hilarious

  • Luke Barnes
    Luke Barnes

    So what happened to the Mustang? You ever gonna reply to these comments or just chuck a ❤️ up and ignore it every time someone mentions it?

  • Volc Watcher
    Volc Watcher

    You've made a mistake showing this car before the McLaren is finished.

  • Андрей Пушкарь
    Андрей Пушкарь


  • Quien Vive
    Quien Vive


  • bigben1986

    Broooooooooo why do you take so long to upload videos. ?

  • Robert Klasson
    Robert Klasson

    Watching this makes me want to ”refurbish” my early E46 325CSi to original 🙂 Maybe make a Nice workshop in my old barn.

  • Dean Wharepapa
    Dean Wharepapa

    Great job on the spray painting

  • Dave Johnston
    Dave Johnston

    Look great

  • Ralph Ruiters
    Ralph Ruiters

    Do you wetsand the car after this paintjob? I think I saw some dirt in the fresh paint. Nice result though! The only thing I don't like of this rebuild... The blacking-out of the chrome pieces. It made this M5 stand out from the rest of the M5's out there. I would love to see rebuilds where they keep the car to OEM factory spec sheet. All the rebuilds on youtube are just showing how they put on wider and bigger, more ugly rims, wider body parts, excessive big spoilers, etc.Just my 2 cents.

  • Amit13031990

    What a bad quality paint job, orange peel so blatantly existent, spraying technique very amateur! A BMW M5 deserves more respect!

  • Rick Bareman
    Rick Bareman

    never a dull minute with this crew thanks to all you guys you put out great video and great builds keep up the great work and thank you for taking us along.

  • 504 Owner Official
    504 Owner Official

    good work bro

  • Zappking

    "PUAL" ?

  • Chad Bmw
    Chad Bmw

    What a car 😍😍😍😍

  • mohammed ali
    mohammed ali

    M5 done lacetti here we come

  • duman2461

    What about the mustang and the e30

  • Almunjid Almaawali
    Almunjid Almaawali

    What about the mustang

  • 日光杉太郎

    Thank you for the Rising Sun Flag I pray that the kamikaze will blow

  • Mike Angelastro
    Mike Angelastro

    Great build and the channel is spot on 🇺🇸

  • Rolando laureano
    Rolando laureano

    Dnd esta el mustang????????

  • countrylifeisfine letsgo
    countrylifeisfine letsgo

    Just found you guys. Do you show how much profit you make from the rebuilds???

  • Thomas Mortensen
    Thomas Mortensen

    Paul is a good painter, what a team u guys are 🤩🤩

  • Tommy Cs.
    Tommy Cs.

    Szia. Nagyon ügyes vagy!! 👍 De kérlek húzz kesztyűt.!!! Rossz nézni hogy megsérülhet a kezed... Vigyázz magadra 🙂 Thomas in Hungary

  • Mohammed Hussein
    Mohammed Hussein

    The toolbox besides the paint booth is absolutely hilarious.... It has infidel on it and its Arabic translation! Absolutely hilarious...... Keep up the great work guys.

  • LD Bodyworks Luthando
    LD Bodyworks Luthando

    Satin finish on the grills would have been nicer

  • Ali Essam
    Ali Essam


  • Better Call Gatto
    Better Call Gatto

    What happend to The mustang project?

  • john kaimins
    john kaimins

    Lovely wet coat off the gun with the clear.

  • Jay DKB
    Jay DKB

    Dude really should use gloves with some of the chemicals he's using. That stuff can't be good for you long term 😕

  • Xavier Xi
    Xavier Xi


  • Dan King
    Dan King

    What color is the mclaren going to be?

  • Donald Lee Grim
    Donald Lee Grim


  • Joe Booth
    Joe Booth

    That’s gonna look sick 👍

  • Phill

    Whats up with the e30 project

  • Hugo Lång
    Hugo Lång

    Build a car from scratch

  • Dan Phelps
    Dan Phelps

    Sh×t looks so wet itz dripnn

  • Dan Phelps
    Dan Phelps

    This man dosn't mess around. Mabey he will by a house and do some vids... Nawww

  • Ryan Martie
    Ryan Martie

    Man, that swift wrist action by Paul when painting! Nice!

  • Your Fan
    Your Fan

    BLACK damn that's balls

  • Dane

    This video series makes me to fix and paint my old ass mercedes even tho is not worth much at all but works and is almost clean all around except for some rusts, dents and scratches from 28 years.

  • Roy Simmer
    Roy Simmer

    Super Chanel 👍😎✌️

  • JayinMI

    Did you misspell Paul's name in the IG shoutouts, or does he spell it with the U first? Nice work on the BMW!

  • Sergii Mazur
    Sergii Mazur

    11:15 in the background, the guy speaks Ukrainian, doesn't he?

  • Ruslans

    Why did you have to paint the hood again? Wasn't it painted when you first got it?

  • Brent Richardson
    Brent Richardson

    Man you yard is a disgrace dude , time for a clean up ?

  • Thomas Begaye
    Thomas Begaye

    I got two new finders for my car. They came to me black but my car is white.

  • Phil Tucker
    Phil Tucker

    What impresses me most about this and the Motörhead head channel is the apparent respect that is shown between all of you family siblings. Paul is obviously the senior of you but you have all pledged to work together as a family and this is where your potential and power really lies. Your Mum and Dad certainly knew what they were doing when they created all of you. 👍🆒

  • jafo jafo
    jafo jafo

    Actually u can just buy d black grills..... n keep d chrome ones. No need to sand down n paint

  • Peter Sutherland
    Peter Sutherland

    A pleasure to watch thank you

  • Saad akram
    Saad akram

    I love the m5

  • Alten Wahl
    Alten Wahl

    Who’s the cutie in the intro tho? 😂


    Start doing McLaren, bro😉

  • David Moskowitz
    David Moskowitz

    Dang son, I need a brother with your build skills and your brother's paint skills. Nice work, and fast!!!

  • James Adkins
    James Adkins

    When are you gonna jump back on the mustang?

  • Texas 325
    Texas 325

    That thing clean 😎

  • Erik Larson
    Erik Larson

    19:18. A crap ton of dust, or fisheye?

  • Kelly Hamilton
    Kelly Hamilton

    Yes 👏 it’s finished ✅ looks great and the paint job Pual did is sick his skills are top notch, yet step 2 never knew about, I actually thought it took the place of the good ole tack rag.. and again with sealer also new to me but it’s been awhile since shooting spray! So your M5 is ready so how long will you enjoy it for 😁👍🏼 Still need to see it finalized so make another video 😅

  • rolly doucet
    rolly doucet

    New shirts look terrific.

  • carl gruver
    carl gruver

    I just noticed how strong your channel has growing congratulations

  • jantodiq

    there's a lot of trash in the paint job. what happened?



  • Ethan Anderson
    Ethan Anderson

    Da those parts. When you sand by hand you create little grooves in the panel. Also scuff job doesn't seem to be up to par. When I prep panels I make sure there is no shiny spots to ensure good adhesion.

  • adam tilley
    adam tilley

    What’s happening with the ram

  • Mark Koloc
    Mark Koloc

    Paul what brand and model spray gun do you use?

  • Kurt Huck
    Kurt Huck

    Another great quality job!👍

  • Rob 351
    Rob 351

    BM,s looking sharp

  • pill wost
    pill wost

    Great video! Whenever I try to click the link for the merch it keeps bringing me to a blank page/404. Maybe you could help? Thanks!

    • Vincent James Voice
      Vincent James Voice

      Just type the address into your address bar and you'll be good. You are correct in saying it goes to a blank page.

  • Dekkuran

    The editing in this video is on point!

  • William Walsh
    William Walsh

    Man your videos are top notch and the background music is unreal!!! My favourite content on SVsoft!

    • vTuned garage
      vTuned garage

      Thanks man !

  • Garip Satin
    Garip Satin


  • Sebastian Denenfeld
    Sebastian Denenfeld

    Cant wait till its finished!

  • Dante Hooks
    Dante Hooks

    All the youtubers stopped the mustang body swap builds :(

  • shafik harb
    shafik harb

    @vtuned Hey Ben what's up we actually need some burnouts before changing the old tires Plzzz😊😊

  • Ffgdddf Ffhgg
    Ffgdddf Ffhgg

    Can’t wait for the 66 mustang to get finished

  • Mr Shadow
    Mr Shadow

    Please, chenge intake clean filter! lol!

  • Gerrie Grobler
    Gerrie Grobler

    Great Chanel enjoy your builds and Paul you can pull a gun absolutely great to watch you spray great JOB gents 🌟👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Mateo Matkovic
    Mateo Matkovic

    Paint from chrome grill will peel off

  • Davey May
    Davey May

    Great paint work Paul car looking nice n fresh 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Jordan Armstrong
    Jordan Armstrong

    Sikkens ... more like Slikkens ammiright?? 😂sorry, dad joke.

  • Ken Steen
    Ken Steen

    Are you able to get full automobile insurance coverage on these salvage cars when they are repaired?

  • Scraky mtb
    Scraky mtb

    Nice video 👍

  • latitude

    Crime grilled look good. Why you want 6o paint black. Makes it dull.

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    Black that thang all the way out 🌚

  • RJ Hawk
    RJ Hawk

    I notice in some applications you dry sand and others you wet sand... Is this due to the type of paint you are going to use?

  • D X
    D X

    Yeah I’d say get rid of all the chrome. Black it out or carbon fiber where it’s possible