Full Diablo Presentation | BlizzCon 2021
Blizzard gave us the scoop on all things Diablo at Blizzcon 2021. Here's every segment on Diablo IV, Diablo: Immortal, and Diablo II: Resurrected!

  • Todd Dominoes
    Todd Dominoes

    I was honestly hoping they would never bring the rogue back after d3. I'd rather just play an Amazon. I don't want overdone visual effects with skills. I want d2 v2.

  • Richard Bob
    Richard Bob

    7:34 is what you are really here looking for

  • Thomas

    So we're just pretending Diablo 1 never happened?

  • The Old Warrior
    The Old Warrior

    Diablo 1, Warcraft & Warcraft 2 remasters now please, i fear that I'm going to die before seeing this happen...

  • Teddy Wahyudhana
    Teddy Wahyudhana

    I want that diablo ii so badddddd

  • Logan Pseudonym
    Logan Pseudonym

    Every time I see Brack's face, I assume there's some kind of lie coming.

  • Lyle Burlingame
    Lyle Burlingame

    Wasn't diablo 4 supposed to be released in 2020. They have been working on it for years already ..now shifting back to regurgitating D2? Wtf

  • Swiftmind

    The sound is way too low on this

  • Jerry Atricks
    Jerry Atricks

    I've been a fan of Blizzard cinematics from the beginning. Always thought they were the best at creating them and I always look forward to seeing them. But this one? This one feels like they've digressed back to the old Diablo II cinematic style. It doesn't seem as polished as some of their other cinematics, or like 'By Three They Come'. The game is looking brilliant though. Can't wait!

  • Jose Such
    Jose Such

    Oh my god, please do not revive diablo 2. Make new games

  • Harry Kuo
    Harry Kuo

    Seeing that combat demo reminds me of the eternal nightmare Diablo3. I have a bad feeling in my stomach

  • Julian Olivas
    Julian Olivas

    After the backlash of a the phone game a couple years ago. Blizzard finally listened

  • Jack Banister
    Jack Banister

    Time to start the old D2 account up again! Yeah buddy!

    • Jack Banister
      Jack Banister

      Necro! :) (My favorite class!)

  • Doria Arlin Ortega Michel
    Doria Arlin Ortega Michel

    I want to play...

  • Krasimir Gedzhov
    Krasimir Gedzhov

    I don't know about you but diablo has lost it's character. The art looks good, byt absolutely generic, as well as the combat. It seems Blizzard itself lost it's soul.

  • Ken Choo
    Ken Choo

    Why is the damn volume so soft?

  • miku1983

    Diablo 1> rest

  • Lethal_trap 2
    Lethal_trap 2

    I can't understand why they introduced a character that looks like a copy and paste archer from diablo 2. It looks like just a combo of the monk and demon hunter. I wish they brought back the Druid instead.

  • Алексей Бутин
    Алексей Бутин


  • TammyGresham930719 2
    TammyGresham930719 2

    The ripe hose possibly park because cast ethnically heat next a unsightly vulture. puzzled, special carriage

  • babyrobot

    The Diablo 3 cinematic was way better

  • Brian Thomsen
    Brian Thomsen

    Lets hope all that meat cutting in the game isn't influenced too much by some guy with a Vegan tattoo

  • Motherfudger 666
    Motherfudger 666

    Worthless company that needs to go under.

  • Charles C
    Charles C

    Can create the rogue you want except you cannot change their sex. No thanks.

  • John Stadler
    John Stadler

    The comments are nothing but toxic people spewing toxicity. There has never been a better time to be a diablo fan. I grew up playing D1 & D2. I played D3 and am looking forward to playing immortal, remastered D2, and D4! Blizzard continues to deliver and continues to be the best at delivering rich gaming experiences. From a long time diablo fan keep up the great work!

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    Cannot hear a thing. Then the advertisements pop up and blasted my eardrums.

  • lycanwarlord

    dude has a vegan tattoo

  • atiendoboludos

    Diablo 2 only matters babe.

  • JVP VP
    JVP VP

    Why does a the diablo 2 remake look like a pizza hut arcade game?

  • Myztkl-Kev

    so the Rogue is basically just a cross between the amazon and assassin.

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      Andariel was a nice surprise in D4.

  • polyhistor

    Couldn’t get through to the end. Bracks smug face makes me sick.

  • SINasTER75

    still and always will be a "tap and bash" game... children's game

  • HAnime

    Favorite game comeback 👌👍🥳🥳

  • lickmyassoff

    D2 only

  • Sergio Vieira de Souza
    Sergio Vieira de Souza

    Great if Diablo have a open world pvp mmorpg. I hope blizzard transform wow into mmrpg like Diablo graphic type like, is way more deep as an RPG , would be great!!! camera would be the thing ??? Fans what not so happy with wow ending to make the classic...

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    She would get 10-15% less physical damage if she kept the ears and tied them around her hips as a chain.

  • The Faz
    The Faz

    New class????? Sooooo demon hunter?

  • ‘So You Win Again’
    ‘So You Win Again’

    Hmm. Is this Diablo lV or Diablo 3 reskinned?

  • Andrew Parker
    Andrew Parker

    Necro better be in 4

  • K Davis
    K Davis

    So my main question with D2... 90 day window to log in or character forever deleted? I had some sweet characters and gear back in the day. then Iraq happened. I deployed and came back to nothing... no characters exist with my account. Such a loss. I quit playing that day and haven't been back to D2 since.

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      I wish there was a mobile diablo

  • tru tube
    tru tube

    So when's that Russian 999.999.999.999 sword coming out? xP

  • mekans -
    mekans -


  • Ashir

    NOPE, I'm NOT giving you again my HARD earned 60 bucks. After the Diablo III fiasco I swear I will never buy another Blizzard produc EVER.

  • mintycbo

    Andariel was a nice surprise in D4.

  • Badi Bado
    Badi Bado

    Go in hell blizzard

  • Shirley Whirley
    Shirley Whirley

    The D4 flashy effects just makes the D2 remake look so much better

  • FoxHoundV

    Remember when Warcraft is all these dorks would talk about? Ebbs and flows. 😆

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    I hope they don't fuck up Diablo 2, like they did Warcraft 3😅

  • Cecile Bousselat
    Cecile Bousselat

    Honestly take the cinematics away I'm not ready to give them my money yet.

  • MuGenKai

    .... I thought it was an Assassin from D2

  • Fang Jin
    Fang Jin

    this video is lame.

  • Prodigy 8 infinite train
    Prodigy 8 infinite train

    Viking class hopefully

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      No mentions on how this douche has "vegan" tattooed on his arm? hahah!

  • Mateus Ledur
    Mateus Ledur

    I'm a fan of Diablo 2 since i was 10-12. I am not gonna buy this. Diablo is dead in their hand. Fuck all of this. There is gonna be another game that will be much better than that.

  • Brett

    I wish there was a mobile diablo

  • ADITLO_Chillen

    a good name for this class would of been amazon

  • Upt3mp0_K03ntj3

    Presentations and announcements but when is the game coming 🤬 give us the freaking release date... preordered 1y ago and still no news 😔

  • Chleczi Ferryn
    Chleczi Ferryn

    Hell yeah! That mandolin sound is Diablo's trademark music :).

  • Dachu Dach
    Dachu Dach

    Diablo 4 may be even worse than Diablo 3 :D

  • Jojo Wakzz
    Jojo Wakzz

    Oh my God, this is it, Diablo 2 resurrected i love it,

  • Tobias Funke
    Tobias Funke

    Y’all think this guy is a vegan or what?

  • George Antonopoulos
    George Antonopoulos

    when after 20 years of "discussed" CGI cinematics you don't give a damn about CGI cinematics or graphics in general. I was an addicted fan. Now RIP Diablo

  • Reforged Criterion
    Reforged Criterion

    Blizzcon with no crowd to boo.. Just how activision planned it.

  • Taz Nasti
    Taz Nasti

    fuck Diablo mobile

  • jakeman025

    I can’t wait for rouge I played demon hunter as glass cannon it’s so fun trying to dodge but hit like a tank.

  • TheSerLus Rus
    TheSerLus Rus

    Why so many Diablo? I want play in both games

  • Daneil van den Berg
    Daneil van den Berg

    No mentions on how this douche has "vegan" tattooed on his arm? hahah!

  • Marion July Lopez
    Marion July Lopez

    Y'all saw that frame drop on the Daiblo II Remaster spotlight? They better not bring that into the game, that aint no damn feature

  • Richard O
    Richard O

    I forgot why I hated Blizzard. Thanks for the reminder.

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    I hope they don't fuck up Diablo 2, like they did Warcraft 3😅

  • Here We are
    Here We are

    This guy sounds like me trying to give a book report.

  • Fl!pside

    super edgy with his vegan tattoo

  • Xrilson Wxe
    Xrilson Wxe

    Atleast diablo games don't destroy your processors like PoE

  • Oytun Özen
    Oytun Özen

    The guy talks like Tim Cook. I felt like I am listening to an Apple Event..

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt


  • laddy420k dirty
    laddy420k dirty

    blizzards gone to shite.....

  • Kumtael DemonLord
    Kumtael DemonLord

    diablo II remastered?! im owner of old original copy soo i will have to buy new one :(

  • Dana Bragg
    Dana Bragg

    Volume levels? i have to max out my volume just to hear it lol

  • Chad McGee
    Chad McGee

    Nice VEGAN tattoo loser.

  • Rand00mThing

    This looks the part but underneath the surface their lies betrayal. I'll let the blind fanboys spend their money on it and when they cry online... I will know my decision to wait was justified.

  • Flavio Pepi
    Flavio Pepi


  • Justin Keef
    Justin Keef

    Ganeplay Looks so mediocre

  • Justin Keef
    Justin Keef

    Why do they always have some dweeb talking for 10 min? Just show us the game and zip it scrubs

  • Stephan Seibert
    Stephan Seibert

    Why does D4 look like it was created 10 years ago? Looks no better than D3 in any way.

  • Jay McAlister
    Jay McAlister


  • Mario Midas
    Mario Midas

    Andariel at 5:13?

  • Richard Tipton
    Richard Tipton

    I'm so stoked for the Diablo II Remaster!

  • Dead End
    Dead End

    Horse animations look weird.

  • Ballinonabudget

    This is Diablo IV? It looks literally just like Diablo 3.... why the fuck can't they make anything half way decent thats actually new instead of regurgitating the dame characters and gameplay

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    They are fing up , they will never be able to live up to all the hype, same thing happened to guild wars 2.

  • Khaasie Gapuzan
    Khaasie Gapuzan

    Is it me or audio's too low?

  • Giorgio Desideri
    Giorgio Desideri

    Where is the Necromancer ? We have to wait other 9 months, or new expansion set? However, diablo 2 is cool and I am still play on pc.

  • Z O
    Z O

    I really hope Blizzard opens up for modders if they are serious about the statement: "It belongs to you". Happy ro see they went away from the total toon fest of damage splashing the screen on Diablo 3 that was too arcadic.

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      another religious game and not a diablo really! those are all god minions who betrayed him because he was a little crazy, cursed by diablo himself!

  • martin chenier
    martin chenier

    Lure you in with Diablo 4, talk about mobile Diablo Immortal... bye.

  • Andrew Pfeifer
    Andrew Pfeifer

    why does it look like diablo 3? this is sad ...

  • Hambo325

    As someone who wants to get into diablo but hasn't had time too at home, a mobile game would be amazing. It's made for the casual audience yet the fanboys won't shut up and let the rest of us have nice things. Really makes me wonder if it's worth getting into the games. The community seems pretty toxic.

  • Pepsi Max
    Pepsi Max

    They are fing up , they will never be able to live up to all the hype, same thing happened to guild wars 2.

  • David DR
    David DR

    What blizzard needs to do is bring back the Diablo 2 crew. Graphics is great but gameplay is more important. That’s why people still play Diablo 2 loyally. You punks from the new Blizzard ruined a great game due to your greediness.

  • Lollipop Gaming
    Lollipop Gaming


  • Steven Ricketts
    Steven Ricketts

    Hurry up I can't wait

  • Dianite Daemon
    Dianite Daemon

    I was born a few months after Diablo II came out but still quite literally played it growin up cause of my brothers. We're all hella hyped for this Remastered and if they somehow mess it up idk man

  • Subadude

    Why dont they think of a whole new class... For example a char who is a ghost that has unfinished business or you are a demon who has turned on diablo via an old deckard kane spell or something. Really not that hard....