2018 Koenigsegg Regera - Jay Leno’s Garage
Christian von Koenigsegg brings Jay the latest hugely-anticipated, luxury megacar which features over 1,500 horsepower and his patented Direct Drive Transmission. If that wasn't enough, the Regera is joined by the World's Fastest Production car: the Agera RS! Tune in to CNBC on September 13th, 2018 to see Jay and Christian drive the Agera RS!
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2018 Koenigsegg Regera - Jay Leno’s Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

  • SkyrimInMyPants

    Is the new porsche faster than this? Or broke the record??

  • Rell G
    Rell G

    Koenigsegg insinuates perfection

  • oogabooga Man
    oogabooga Man

    jay did not care what he had to say. lolol

  • quinn foley
    quinn foley

    still the best CEO ever. He knows ever single thing about his product plus a little extra. Also seems like a genuinely good guy

  • erepsekahs

    They are all beginning to look exactly the same. I guess aerodynamics dictate it. Bit boring really.

  • Marko Chamber
    Marko Chamber

    Jay, what about Rimac? Not sure if Elon would allow....

  • Crooked Clown
    Crooked Clown

    Did Jay placed an order of ones of these cars after the review?

  • GoldunProjects

    That dude must be so smart. Elon musk can't measure up to this brotha

  • Malorix

    A real humble genius man..

  • 3dgar 7eandro
    3dgar 7eandro

    Man that car looks good 😎😁👏👌👌

  • Andrew

    11:58 The look on Jay's face is priceless

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson

    Seems slow......seems like it's missing too

  • Kim Jung Un
    Kim Jung Un

    I have a nice idea for mr (or lord ?) Koenigsegg ; make a 2 liter version of that engine an a 4 seater , and sell it at the price of a vw golf gti . So I could buy a Koeningsegg too :))

  • Inzanecookie

    32:53 Jeremy is that u? 😅

  • Nobody

    Gamers love this man!

  • Quit Seven Six
    Quit Seven Six

    Like a humble Mad Scientist

  • Kristian Lager
    Kristian Lager

    Very cool car indeed, and from Ängelholm Skåne👍 The sound do not match the look, sounds like an old musclecar from the 60:s....

  • Félix Côté
    Félix Côté

    No one: Litteraly no one: Jay Leno: *RIGHT*

  • Joseph

    What a car. I had better work a few more hours this week if I am going to buy that amazing car! But it would be worth it!

  • Jeffrey Saloka
    Jeffrey Saloka

    This gentleman completely undersells his vehicles, they should start at more like fifty mill to keep the ownership down to only exclusive few that *should* own 'em... as probably more than 50% will be stored. There should be some type of clause where the owner must drive approximately 7500 kilometres a year. I guess when you build the fastest car on the Planet, no one will want to have issues with your country either... there ARE actually persons in the World that appreciate something that's NOT disposable, imagine that?

  • Lynx

    Quote of the day... its so simple that it is difficult to understand

  • name_ less
    name_ less

    28:20 wait for the cop lol

  • Jason Revell
    Jason Revell

    The worlds best car consumer with the worlds best manufacturer, great video

  • Verbal Vertigo
    Verbal Vertigo

    let me honor your spirit by saying it looks like a cartoon chost

  • Clarke Foco
    Clarke Foco


  • docbrockyt

    I'm struggling to plants crops to feed myself, how is this feed me

  • Dreia

    He looks like my uncle who is one of the best mechanical engineers in the world, so humble you can't tell he earns a million dollar monthly

  • notfiveo

    How can they afford to make all their own parts, and yet sell the car for only a couple million bucks?🤣

  • Punnya Chakraborty
    Punnya Chakraborty

    Imagine a black suit ceo from one of the Detroit brands come down and talk such technical stuff. I cannot imagine the amount of satisfaction and engagement someone would get working for this little company.

  • shaunjeff45 pillar of light
    shaunjeff45 pillar of light

    If one had to maintain the car every year, it would cost thousands in maintenence fee. Fully paid off, this car cost thousands to even having one around.

  • TheFrenchMC

    1420 kg is 3131 pounds

  • David Goff
    David Goff

    Did you buy it Jay? 😉

  • Dave Henderson
    Dave Henderson

    No one with a lisp, deserves these cars.

  • Wand'rin Star
    Wand'rin Star

    Now get rid of the mirrors

  • Jesse Davila
    Jesse Davila

    Lol jay would just punch it when koenigsegg is about to talk to try to get a reaction

  • rolf78

    Jay is truly the best host ever! Whether you're Koenigsegg or an everyman with a passion for cars, he makes everyone feel welcome.

  • RaavMedia

    I’m loving driving this at the moment .. on NFS Heat 😄😄😄

  • Vulcan1022

    Jay has encyclopedic knowledge of cars, but this guy knows every nut and bolt of these cars.....jay looks a little intimidated.


    You can tell this guy is passionate about these cars. I wonder how fast we're gonna be able to go before fast is too fast. 300?

  • Michael Ledford
    Michael Ledford

    Holy Jesus,280 mph with only 2,800 lbs of weight ,i own Harley & Honda full dresser touring bikes that weigh half the weight of this beast .

  • Kypris Dragonscale
    Kypris Dragonscale

    12:40min Who wanna park close to another car anyway? They just blocked a road to do a test drive lol...

  • Mark Bottcher
    Mark Bottcher

    That guy is so cool, can you imagine what kinda lawnmower he drives. Lol


    Perfectly created car by Koenigsegg and another flawless episode as always expected from Jay. But the only thing I don't understand Why that CHP moto cop tailgating with his BMW almost all the time. Interesting!!

  • matt gammell
    matt gammell

    that's fast but a 2000hp dodge viper is just as scary

  • Stephen King
    Stephen King

    (17:00) Already time for Jay to spend another $50k on new tires for the Regera.

  • Jay S
    Jay S

    Christian Von koenigsegg has been my idol since the cc8s! a true innovator in engineering 😱

  • Kshitij Garg
    Kshitij Garg

    Show me another car company owner who knows this much about their own cars.

  • Trey Curran
    Trey Curran

    Must be nice to be so famous you get a police escort around the city, and they let you speed around dangerously on open city roads lol

  • DangusPrime Gaming
    DangusPrime Gaming

    Koenigsegg is the most badass- in all aspects, and unfortunately expensive, as well as statistically best hypercar on the planet IMO

  • Parker Varin
    Parker Varin

    this is basically just 40 minutes of Christian showboating and bragging about how his cars are literally the best in the world

  • NiceGuysFinishLas100

    I’ve heard the first thing you get to do when you die and go to heaven is driving one of these vehicles at top speed. Then you meet God.

  • Is There Anybody Out There?
    Is There Anybody Out There?

    Shame petrol is running ot....

  • Tim Liao
    Tim Liao

    Most likely already pointed out, but 2.2 mil and all that tech and you still have to take the roof off by hand. The Corvette and Miata does the job automatically but much cheaper

  • Garry Dale
    Garry Dale

    I could listen to Christian Vonn Koenigsegg talk about his cars all day long. So involved with every aspect of his cars right down to grade and size of bolts used and engineering. Shows his love for cars as a kid and took it to a level that no one has ever done. An inspiration to all.

  • Hamza Malik
    Hamza Malik

    He doesn't have eyebrows.

  • Bryan Escalona
    Bryan Escalona

    Wow, Awesome engineering right there on the Regera! 🔥💯

  • Mitch S
    Mitch S

    I would be very surprised if Jay doesn't have one of these cars on order or has one already. This is just simply amazing and most could only dream.

  • Dewaldt Fourie
    Dewaldt Fourie

    Jay Leno can't even build a bicycle.

  • Ashraf Othman
    Ashraf Othman

    someone : where his face ? me : his whole head

  • ditto1958

    Guy seems to be a genius. He’s charismatic, too.

  • Jason Campbell
    Jason Campbell

    the car runs better on alcohol, anymore questions

  • TroystonB

    No gears = No fun

  • Harry Aubrey de Lavenu
    Harry Aubrey de Lavenu

    Fantastic! I am only saddened by the visual of both of these chaps, they are clearly both Cancer patients, and obviously unaware of their fate.

  • Keith Procter
    Keith Procter

    If I close my eyes I hear Arnold..

  • John Powell
    John Powell

    Wow...wow..wow. Speechless.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I did... not expect Koenigsegg to look like that. I don't know what I expected him to look like, but it's not that.

  • Chrisuk 1960
    Chrisuk 1960

    Sounds like the first daily driver Hypercar!..

  • Paypal Services
    Paypal Services

    The rough price extraorally hum because chef largely fence toward a handsome army. thick, chubby sentence


    No relation to IKEA.

  • LULU J R Laulom
    LULU J R Laulom

    Love the fact that the cop is behind them.

  • jbeard82

    If I was rich id buy a car from him simply bc he's a super nice dude.

  • 1hugeturdsundae

    The build quality on these cars are amazing. Form and function beautifully flowing together.

  • heltunikt

    Does it always come with your own motorbike cop for safety? :)

  • Richard Gugelmann
    Richard Gugelmann

    Small point: 1,420 kg x 2.2 = 3,124 lbs. Sorry for splitting hairs. Richard Gugelmann

  • Александр Гранкин
    Александр Гранкин

    Я хочу... написать хорошую светлую книгу... о том, как один мальчик... совершил... А тот как к этому подходит - и раз его под дых! Тот - А-А-А!! А этот ему по кумполу! Тот - У-У-У!! А этот - с катушек! А тот - ему по чайнику! А этот - по кумполу! Раз!! Гах!! Ах!! О-О-О!!!"

  • MrGordonjames

    Wow.!! What a car.!!..luv it!..No other words to say.! except..WoW.!!

  • Billy Williamson
    Billy Williamson

    This guy is the man

  • Ace

    Every koinegsig will be worth 10 to 20 million in 5 years time

  • Todd Aulner
    Todd Aulner

    I just learned how special these cars are. In love!

  • Nisemono Yarou
    Nisemono Yarou

    Hmm...Viper...with a Scania Turbo...

  • Big Dipper
    Big Dipper

    That guy deserves an Oscar as a car manufacturer. Wonder how many patents this company holds. Mind blowig...love that guy.

  • bassicuk1986

    Nice guy, nice car but not sure about that gearbox

  • PositiveKarma

    Basically, this car is a hybrid with an electric parallel drive.

  • Jaime L
    Jaime L

    Elon should get Christians input for rocket building ! Probably produce a rocket that gets to Mars in a few weeks !😎

  • Jordan Cailes
    Jordan Cailes

    The stopping record is impressive, but, I want to know who makes the tires, as that’s the most important part

  • ntblood

    Fascinating engineering.. $2.2 million... Tax the rich, and corporations

  • 1020 inc
    1020 inc

    At low revs, that thing sounds like a helicopter engine

  • Rowan Geerlings
    Rowan Geerlings

    I find it odd that Jay wasn’t blown away by the worlds fastest car, I guess it’s just so dam powerful he couldn’t really appreciate it on public roads . I still watch that record breaking run in amazement. Jay says the hp race is over well I don’t think he would agree as building 1:1 has kept the race going IMO

  • Katie Wennerberg
    Katie Wennerberg

    I never even knew about the transmission! I just knew about the top speed record. Also I’d like to take a moment to point out that jaw droppingly gorgeous paint. I’ve said for years now I’d love to see a Tesla Lamborghini collab. This is that car! Also as I’m part Swedish, Koenigsegg gets extra points for that. I feel like these cars are a little overlooked. I’m definitely going to learn more about these now

  • angel fernandez
    angel fernandez

    He was out of breath after taking the roof off LMAO

  • Debopriyo Mandal
    Debopriyo Mandal

    Jeff Bezos of the Automobile Industry

  • BajaMike

    Good sounding exhaust

  • Stoorie65 MOT
    Stoorie65 MOT

    What an honour to hear these to chatting about an amazing car !! Very humble indeed

  • bustermot

    Is that a Rockmount shirt?

  • docbrockyt

    C8 is just as good with normalman prices.

  • Red Baron
    Red Baron

    I would love for Tesla and Koenigsegg to collaborate just for fun.

    • BoyOnCrack

      I wouldn’t believe so since they already did a video starring Polestar

  • Elias Håkansson
    Elias Håkansson

    14:58 I love that Jay Leno uses jet turbine and steam references in an attempt to clarify what it feels like. As if any of us know wtf any of that would feel like in a car. But the funniest part is that Jay Leno literally _have_ jet and steam cars in his garage lmao

  • ahsan habib
    ahsan habib

    J Leno seems to be offended by the fact that Mr koenigsegg know a lot more then him when it comes to anything about cars.

  • Fredde Andersson
    Fredde Andersson

    Christian lives in my neighbour town. Top guy!

  • Максим Семенов
    Максим Семенов

    Джей ланос красавчик у него даже Волга 21 есть