Ferrari Enzo vs McLaren F1 - Fifth Gear
In this classic Fifth Gear clip, Tiff gets to see which car is best. The Ferrari Enzo or the McLaren F1!
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  • King Leung, RA, LEED AP
    King Leung, RA, LEED AP

    F1 $30k pounds every 6k!! Nut!!!

  • Jesse Hitchcock
    Jesse Hitchcock

    Remember seeing tiff near Woking pulling out of that shell garage in the F1 LM.. the noise was biblical.

  • D M
    D M

    Why not line them up?

  • Alex

    That intro when it says the two cars have a value of 2 million pounds 😂😂😂

  • neoqueto

    Enzo > LaFerrari, by a long shot, there's no contest. Same story with F1 > P1.

  • Eloy G
    Eloy G

    What's that soundtrack in the beginning though

  • Ollie

    Mclaren F1's go for £20m plus these days. That guy bought one at the right time!

  • Doru Vioara Constanța
    Doru Vioara Constanța

    how have the McLaren F1 that

  • ForestGump12

    this is a nostalgic video

  • Mesut Doyurucu
    Mesut Doyurucu

    Stuck up english guy talks up the mclaren when we all know that it's got a German engine in it.

  • Ivan Edonide
    Ivan Edonide

    Epic Battle...!!! It's very hard choice...Two of the greatest car ever made!!!

  • Alex K.
    Alex K.

    "A combined value approaching 2 million pounds" Now the Enzo alone is worth 2 million pounds and the F1 LM around 10 times as much.

  • JB95

    My god that Enzo is beautiful, what an era for supercars, this and the Carrera GT, and the Zonda!

  • Oussama Baich
    Oussama Baich

    0:53 a ticket for the gentelman in the golf for crossing the line

  • Vojin Vujadinović
    Vojin Vujadinović

    Dont copy top gear

  • Stephen Boulton
    Stephen Boulton

    Enzo sounded like a fiat tipo

  • CRAIG5835

    Just watched Dougs Garage on YT and he and Jay Leno were featuring Lenos' F1, it was 2019 and Doug reckons $20 million might get you one.

  • Suvro Sawon
    Suvro Sawon

    McLaren F1 - The Greatest road car evermade!

  • dio arya
    dio arya

    "The F1 will exist forever as the McLaren's flagship" - Tiff Needell *Few Years Later* McLaren : *Creates MP4-12C, 675LT, 720S, 765LT, P1 and Senna to replace the F1*

  • Roger Rolex 69
    Roger Rolex 69

    Values aren’t even close, would never let that moron anywhere close to my geo metro!!!!

  • Christoforos Paphitis
    Christoforos Paphitis

    i wonder how many fines did tiff acquire just by this footage :P

  • sotosboi

    Thats a tough one, maybe the Enzo just because it makes that click on my brain.

  • Big Tom
    Big Tom

    I(n my experience, if click bank is involved - it is a scam

  • ProfessorFATE

    There is no comparison sorry, the F1 is and will always be in a league of its own

  • GD F
    GD F

    He is great in Malcolm in the Middle too

  • Alpzepta

    First time seeing the Mclaren F1 on Fifth Gear as a kid I thought this is was a brand new and original model but nope I was wrong. It's an LM and it's from 1995 and Enzo from 2002. look modern as hell! I LITERALLY THOUGHT ALL THE MCLAREN F1 CAME WITH A DIGITAL RACE GAUGES AND STRAIGHT CUT GEAR.

  • mosfet amplifier
    mosfet amplifier

    The Enzo is just stunning

  • Lan Ba
    Lan Ba

    I love McLaren F1

  • BldgWha7

    $ 2 million pounds? LMFAO!! More like a combined value of $40 million pounds

  • MrHarith

    Anyone in 2021?

  • Dino Bentivegna
    Dino Bentivegna

    La Ferrari è tutta Ferrari, la mc laren no ha motore bmw

  • Tom Woy
    Tom Woy

    Remember watching this when it came out. I wonder if this chap has held onto these two beauties ever since. Very smart guy if he has, what an investment.

  • jean jean
    jean jean

    I don't care I got better things to do , only beta males needs to own expensive cars.

  • Senna De hond
    Senna De hond

    That’s not a normal F1 0-0 that’s an F1 LM :0 so that 2mil would actually be 20mil for the F1 LM alone

  • Borys Mądrawski
    Borys Mądrawski

    McLaren F1 is a masterpiece. I wonder if any car get ever close to it.

  • Sai Vardhan
    Sai Vardhan

    8:35 is that guy from ea!?

  • Handsome Rob
    Handsome Rob

    “The F1 will forever live as Mclaren’s flagship” P1: *Hold my beer*

    • bron lebron
      bron lebron

      P1 doesn t hold a candle to F1; (P1) did not achieve anything on race track or broke any records. It is inferior to its 20 year old predecessor in every single way except for acceleration and comfort. Many don't even consider it true successor to F1. Gordon Murray T50 is real successor to F1 and probably only car that has chance to beat it as the best car of all time.

  • Leo Timtom
    Leo Timtom

    What is the built quality and panel fitment on that F1?

  • Massimiliano Meneghesso
    Massimiliano Meneghesso


  • عبد العزيز بن جبريل
    عبد العزيز بن جبريل

    Enzo is far more beautifull than the F1...the F1 looks like a sport shoes from the end of 80s

  • Mugdha Devnani
    Mugdha Devnani

    It's still damn good even in 2020

  • Abdulabad Kumbati
    Abdulabad Kumbati

    The McLaren F1 LM is the Michael Jordan of all supercars, its still a legend even for years to come.

  • Hugo Sequeira
    Hugo Sequeira

    Such a shame comparing a Masterpiece with a POS like the Enzo...

  • Ronstoppable

    The MCL F1 is the most exciting road car ever built !!!!

  • Albert Manzo
    Albert Manzo

    Porsche.... no gimmicks just reliable driving machines! There is STILL no substitute:))


    Why did they horribly pjotoshope the enzo in the thumbnail lol, they have the enzo. Just take a picture of both cars togethet.

  • Aluand Jalal
    Aluand Jalal

    Cringey dude couldn’t continue to watch

  • RidiPwn

    This is such a great video. The passion displayed for those two cars is unprecedented. This is two birds with one stone. Congratulations

  • Touchofgrey53

    At my age, I'd take the Ferrari! Not too keen on climbing into a vehicle. Just open door and sit.

  • Granturismomh

    I go for McLaren F1 LM because it's the cool road going Le Mans hypercar. 😀🏎🏁🏆

  • kaan balkaya
    kaan balkaya

    it is easy to choose, mine is mclaren f1. but if the alternate was clk gtr, hmm, that would be tough

  • Sam Sagar
    Sam Sagar

    The McLaren F1 is legendary, but the Enzo was my childhood dream car. It’s absolutely stunning.

  • Fabian King
    Fabian King


  • Fabian King
    Fabian King

    F1 McLaren is the fastest

  • Mostly Penny Cat
    Mostly Penny Cat

    2 million!? 🤣 This was a long time ago wasn't it's?

    • suresh s
      suresh s

      Well obviously


    Forza Horizon 4 - McLaren F1

  • Lawrence L.
    Lawrence L.

    20 million for a McLaren F1 could buy an actual F1, Formula 1, Race car for a fraction of that. And nothing tops that! Market values of some items in life...Don't necessarily add up to the value you're getting for the're paying for the faux, bs, hype, demand, ego and vanity.

  • jeffv103

    A vice cheaper than gambling .... I'm using that!

  • Lil AngeLz
    Lil AngeLz

    These guy gives great insight on the experience not gonna lie. But The F1 Is So Beautiful The Only Car That Exist 2 Me

  • Mark C
    Mark C

    The Enzo was £507k new and is now worth £1.6m The F1 was £540k new and is now worth £16m

  • Mark C
    Mark C

    Enzo has not aged well , it looks like a transformer , F1 still looks great also surly a versus should mention speed Enzo 218 mph, F1 240 mph .

  • r k
    r k

    Tiff's obviously a much better driver but Jeremy is a massively better presenter. His review of the Ferrari Enzo was absolutely magical. It conveyed the passion which creates an icon like the Enzo. Tiff's review did nothing of that sort.

  • Daniel Gomes
    Daniel Gomes

    Tiff, you’re a legend mate. Love watching you drive these cars. Your descriptions put us right in the drivers seat.

  • rafaela ferreira
    rafaela ferreira


  • rafaela ferreira
    rafaela ferreira


  • Stoatsack

    Theses cars have aged really well. The Enzo hazo has really grown on me because it's so odd looking.


    If they had both cars, why did they photoshop the Enzo with the F1 in the thumbnail.

  • 1x2x3xdk

    Must be 30m+ now?

  • Colin Wood
    Colin Wood

    My first introduction to this car was Need For Speed Highstakes on Ps1, I took it so fast the car actually lifted off the ground.

  • Ken Soon Tan
    Ken Soon Tan

    Wasn’t the F1 replaced by the P1?

    • suresh s
      suresh s

      Yes but no

  • lee nevin
    lee nevin

    Fuck you Chris Palmer. Made a mint he has

  • Mohd Fazdli Yusoff
    Mohd Fazdli Yusoff

    I have mc laren f1

  • Enrique Armstrong
    Enrique Armstrong

    CAN'T HELP IT! ...every now and then I go back and watch this video over and over again...

  • bogdantora

    Pure pleasures-Enzo &F1: proof that simpler is better.Today is all about numbers (O-60 ,Top speed etc a) and not much about driver experience.I prefer the Enzo. The F1 is too savage for my taste.

  • Antonio Lira
    Antonio Lira

    3:22 what are thoooose

  • Harris Braton
    Harris Braton

    Tiff was the best on fifth gear

  • brv002

    That's a smart man. That McLaren is worth $4.5 mil today and I'll only go up in value.

    • BLAKEY

      That LM spec F1 would go for north of $25million at auction. The video was made in 2006

    • Mark C
      Mark C

  • Joe Turner
    Joe Turner

    6 MPG?????? holy shit, i hate it when my car drops down around 30-32 mpg, i couldnt imagine 6.

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee

    The F1 has aged beautifully, while the Enzo looks pretty aweful now.

  • steve O
    steve O

    Nothing sounds better than the F1

  • Single To Taken TV
    Single To Taken TV

    What area was this filmed in?

  • Soundfilet

    The ensooohh

  • S B
    S B

    Tiff is epic

  • PepePew FromTheFuture
    PepePew FromTheFuture

    Great Bumblebee limo has landed in Australia

  • Artu Mormar
    Artu Mormar

    No race here dont waste yall time

    • suresh s
      suresh s

      Who said there was a race

  • mitchtavio

    I used the like the looks of the Enzo, I dont think it has aged well though. The McLaren on the other hand is timeless. So beautiful.


    Now £30million

  • Fadil Sherrif
    Fadil Sherrif

    I'm here to say that the Mclaren has finally found a spiritual successor in the GMA T50.

  • Francisco Oliveira
    Francisco Oliveira

    The F1 will forever be mclaren flagship 😂😂😂😂

  • Murray elliott
    Murray elliott

    TIFF is like Kenneth Williams long lost brother

  • Bernard H
    Bernard H

    Not impressed

  • Charlyferrari

    Amazing sound 2:56

  • Kenneth Bjerknes Ellefsrud
    Kenneth Bjerknes Ellefsrud

    Two million ? Not today!

    • suresh s
      suresh s

      Well this was filled, not today!

  • Joe VAN DIJK
    Joe VAN DIJK

    What a shame this video and comparison was done by 5th Gear.

  • Gursameer Singh
    Gursameer Singh

    Boy, was that guy right that these cars are an investment. The F1 alone goes anywhere for around $20 mil today and the Enzo goes for around $3 mil 😂😂 The sheer appreciation in value is breathtaking

  • Hidden Culture
    Hidden Culture

    He said the “Enzo will be replaced”... yes correct the LaFerarri.... and then he said “the F1 will remain mclaren flagship” wrong you have Senna, P1, 765LT, and many more!

  • George H Gordy
    George H Gordy

    At 3:24 It's a car that gives your goosebumps, goosebumps.. ;- )

  • Daniel Johnston
    Daniel Johnston

    Looks blimin dangerous through those streets

  • Moe Sab
    Moe Sab

    This Mclaren F1 LM is now worth $35mil . Let that sink in. The owner bought it as an investment