NLE Choppa - Beat Box “First Day Out” (Official Music Video)
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    • Ashton Evans
      Ashton Evans

      You are a.rule model I will pop out wit rapping #lilly icy

    • Brenda Martin
      Brenda Martin

      @ItsMikey bp

    • Gabriel Kruger
      Gabriel Kruger

      @Bradon Williams lil pumps old songs are decent but his new music sucks A$$

    • lin boale
      lin boale

      Ok haha to go you go be

    • Krown TNF
      Krown TNF

      Point 'em out, shoot 'em out, I spot 'em, I got 'em He started runnin', so I caught 'em (Ayy, ayy)

  • ッTable

    is he out?

  • DogPhood Aka ColdSoup
    DogPhood Aka ColdSoup

    Choppa Have The Cartoons Characters Dissing Each other

  • NoLoveDamion

    22 m choppa

  • Tbone h&h block H&h
    Tbone h&h block H&h

    fire this song is a 100 hood song

  • Davion Robinson
    Davion Robinson

    this beat getting passed around more than "Holy bread" at church

  • Jayshun Powell
    Jayshun Powell

    That just hard

  • Thomas Amanuel
    Thomas Amanuel

    Yoooooo my nigga getting bop at 1:05

  • kubota kyou
    kubota kyou

    this nigga actullay getin head 1:05

  • iixdrxppy32

    the best beatbox remix yet yea i said that bitch

  • Micael Ayoung
    Micael Ayoung

    If you're on blue

    • Micael Ayoung
      Micael Ayoung


  • Krazy ?
    Krazy ?

    You accidentally make this

  • Cesar Garcia
    Cesar Garcia

    This beat getting passed around more than my ex wife

  • Hunter Kealiher
    Hunter Kealiher

    This song gets better and better the more I listen to it

  • Donnie Primeaux
    Donnie Primeaux

    am i the only one that seen he got some head

  • Mason Bural
    Mason Bural

    this song came out like a week or 2 ago and already 20mil

  • Christian Sidi
    Christian Sidi

    head? in the the vid?

  • McBoyz11

    So she really was like that in the parking lot 😂

  • Jackson Children
    Jackson Children

    Nle choppa beatbox is a ok

  • Patrik Sarnyai
    Patrik Sarnyai

    The Edit and the song is amazing tho

  • Isaiah Jackson
    Isaiah Jackson

    This song makes me want to go to Walmart and play this song on the loud speaker 😂😂💜

  • Mr.robandz

    we back on gangggggg

  • Jayden Lee
    Jayden Lee

    ngl i think the girl that was going him head had to be skai

  • Artticjoe

    Why is nobody talking about 1:04

  • Kristopher Walker
    Kristopher Walker

    nappy ass dreadlocks black forces black socks that shit was hard

  • Marktt Lampe
    Marktt Lampe

    just fire thats it

  • Faze_dani___

    choopa omg she was really giving you head omg am dead

  • Thatgoatjeremiah

    nle get good head 1:06

  • Hunter Abner
    Hunter Abner

    So are we just gonna ignore the fact that at 1:05 he was getting some head

  • Tin0 Official
    Tin0 Official

    This beat getting passed more then the Kardashians

  • Vambat Mario
    Vambat Mario

    I hate you

  • Pedro Vinicius Gomes Fernandes
    Pedro Vinicius Gomes Fernandes

    THE BEST beat box EVER

  • vax_luvs_ u
    vax_luvs_ u

    ayannabling15THiS GOES HARD

  • Cheater Razor
    Cheater Razor

    Choppa is such an inspiration like he motivated me to meditate and become a better person. This man is the goat

  • Cheater Razor
    Cheater Razor

    Choppa is the goat icl

  • MasterGoat

    Lmao I was like why was the song called first day out then I remembered that he was in jail

  • DARk

    i just remembered hes only 18

  • Giovany Ospina
    Giovany Ospina

    mans was gettin head loll he a true savage

  • Keyaunna Love
    Keyaunna Love

    0:23 💀💀

  • Mary angless
    Mary angless


  • Joshua Fitz
    Joshua Fitz

    This beat getting passed around like my step sister

  • T Ot
    T Ot


  • Coleen Carlysle
    Coleen Carlysle

    Free choppa

    • Coleen Carlysle
      Coleen Carlysle

      And no cap he want hard by the way Im a Huge Fan also number 1 fan!


    NLEs music made the cops walk him out the jail!!!

  • João Victor
    João Victor


  • Elijah Johnson
    Elijah Johnson

    nle if u see this create a gaming channel

  • GAMINGdayzz

    good shit 🔥 just a random freestyle

  • Papa Bear
    Papa Bear

    1:06 he actually got head in the video lol

    • Im Homophobic
      Im Homophobic

      LOL FRR

  • The Legend King
    The Legend King

    Now choppa the type of person to shoot up Las Vegas for having more bars than him

  • Riley Finnerty
    Riley Finnerty

    what happened to bryson

  • Lilbro Keon
    Lilbro Keon

    Lit🥵🥵🐍 walk him down

  • Fantasy TM
    Fantasy TM


  • heyy yourmom
    heyy yourmom


  • Life With K2 !
    Life With K2 !

    the video editor had too much fun with this one

  • AngelDerv 20
    AngelDerv 20

    the thumbnail kills me😂😂😂

  • Sg Swaggy
    Sg Swaggy

    So I’m guessin enlightened NLE gone 🤣🤣🤣

  • SuperLuka


  • Hunter McDonald
    Hunter McDonald

    Do a music video with kyrie

  • Trill Zae
    Trill Zae

    This beat getting past more than Steve Harvey daughter

  • Nakia Young
    Nakia Young

    Once you hear NLE Choppa’s version, the other ones no longer exist 🤞🏼✋🏼😂 man listen this shit so mFn 🔥 dawg ‼️

  • Esemgee


  • lilnigga

    i'am dead the old nle woke up 🔥🔥🔥🕺

  • insane

    We all love nle choppa

  • rap songs
    rap songs

    Old choppa back

  • Abood vlogs Bkheet
    Abood vlogs Bkheet

    Fuck ya nle chopa get it on

  • ستوريات برهوم معراوي
    ستوريات برهوم معراوي

    0:53 sooooo hard bro🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Lenise B
    Lenise B

    Nobody gon talk bout how he getting head in a music vid

  • Dazayveon Goldsmith
    Dazayveon Goldsmith

    Nle when u made the song done somone commented u 18 just wait till u 28 and someone said u gon die in like 2024

  • TheHacker

    do you want to meet your new friend? -Who? - that one there 0:48

  • Macky


  • NeXiS

    pls play cs go

  • noah db
    noah db

    This song is so hard even mi grandma is vibing to this song💯💯💯💯💯🥶

  • Stefan Stevanović
    Stefan Stevanović

    Chop went hard in this one 👑👑💜💜

  • Kevin Ding Zheng
    Kevin Ding Zheng

    1:06 choppa really got head

  • EMMA MKL 92i
    EMMA MKL 92i


  • Dnash Tha Rapper
    Dnash Tha Rapper

    My comment got deleted 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Markuss Polis
    Markuss Polis

    help pls nle choppa get 10 mil subscribers coz BRUH HOW GOOD MUSIC I JUST CANT HOLD I CANT BUT VIBIN POWER ACTIVATED

  • stacey quin
    stacey quin

    he went from shotta flow to this smh

  • Vontavious Harvey
    Vontavious Harvey

    I keep playing an vibin to this 🌿🐐🐐,, bro straight pressure 💪🏾😤🔥

  • Teresa Castillo
    Teresa Castillo

    Did u really crash

  • Daniel Meshioye
    Daniel Meshioye

    Like hell dude actually crashed the🚘🚘 🙄🙄🙄 that some reckless shit 🤧🤧 well cool beat tho😎

  • fede ricci
    fede ricci

    how to kill a beat, tutorial by NLE CHOPPA

  • evelina petrovska
    evelina petrovska

    Hardes one out of all of em sheeeeeeeeesh

  • kefe ufa
    kefe ufa

    so we not talkin bout NLE getting head while making the music video

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James

    Young shoota back 🔫

  • Trye-Noe

    Again ruined cause of tiktok maaaan

  • I'm leGiits subBbings to everyone who subzzs to me
    I'm leGiits subBbings to everyone who subzzs to me

    Iɱ SυBႦιɳɠ ƚσ ҽʋҽɾყσɳҽ ɯԋσ ʅιƙҽʂ ƚԋιʂ ƈσɱɱҽɳƚ αɳԃ ʂυႦ....

  • Telvin Jackson
    Telvin Jackson

    Man get head

  • Mahmoud Kiswani
    Mahmoud Kiswani

    nobody saw that he got hes thing sucked in the video

  • aidan chua
    aidan chua

    we just gonna ignore him getting 🧠

  • Ahmed Bullock
    Ahmed Bullock

    Did he go to jail just to come out and make a first day out🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Jake Mac
    Jake Mac

    This is the best beat box remix ever hands down🔥🔥🔥

  • Patrick Ebrahimi
    Patrick Ebrahimi

    He literally hoped a fence to the tow yard im expecting they either as NLE said that they hoped the fence or just him since its his car n went to as police said to get his ring with diamond VVVS's but the camera or place had motion cameras and either sent an alarm to owner and police they came n say they had two handguns with extended mags also a drako i think also in the not sure if it was illegal the weapons but most likely since he's 18? barely age to get your rifles.. BUT he's not 21 to get handguns sooo not only hes being charged for trespassing, robbery, unlawful weapons in possession.. which is scary not a joke.. 10+ year charge, probation probably also maybe ankle bracelet.. he did correct job getting bailed ASAP! Now he needs best attorneys and lawyer/lawyers to fight in court and pray🙏🙏🙏 it's not a small issue sadly 😪😢

  • Channel Chaney
    Channel Chaney

    Beat getting passed around more than the infamous thot getting passed down to the all homies

  • ChromaX

    Okay 👌

  • Exotic Hyper
    Exotic Hyper

    Lets go old choppa hits different

  • CerealNoMilk

    Who here from tik tok after we found out he got 🧠 in the music video

  • Skelie series S
    Skelie series S

    Best one so far

  • Lededrick Williams
    Lededrick Williams

    Who else notice 1:07

  • amia bryant
    amia bryant

    How y’all Carsh 😳