Thought I would give a detailed explanation of how to replace the core of your boat. In this example we use a balsa core, but the princple for other core materials is the same. Watch the previous episode (94) to see us removing the core.
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  • Harry Buthelezi
    Harry Buthelezi

    That was too short, waited for the whole week for 11 minutes come on man you can do better than that, where are the Spanish chicas I thought they are going to take care of filming and editing

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      @Sailing Parlay Revival - You’re a fucking machine Colin!

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      James Birkin

      @Sailing Parlay Revival you dont want grey hairs - at 64 I have too many of those

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      @Mr. Finance prolly too late by now. damage done

    • Mr. Finance
      Mr. Finance

      @Sailing Parlay Revival It can't be good to breathe all the dust and gases from fixing a boat like that! Should be wearing a mask at least.

    • Ima Crazy Guy
      Ima Crazy Guy

      @Sailing Parlay Revival You are doing amazing, man! Hardest job of a solo youtuber is to try handing the reigns off to someone else to provide the quality content. Its a struggle, but the end result is most important! Keep kicking some ass! Heck of a lot of hard work, anyone who has had hands on work with this process knows just how it fills your entire day sunup to sundown!

  • Gregory Delozier
    Gregory Delozier

    You do amazing work glad people like you restore these boats instead of junking them

  • Ивайло Иванов
    Ивайло Иванов

    Absolutely beautiful repair job!

  • Yorkazuna

    A rubber mallet goes along way in helping seat patches like this.

  • Island Mike
    Island Mike

    Epoxy is NOT waterproof.. All resins take on water in more or lesser quantities...Btw hope you let that balsa dry out completly..

  • David Tweddle
    David Tweddle

    Great job. Your" Can do" attitude is infectious. The yacht is coming along very nicely. Good luck and keep safe.

  • nicholas sanfilippo
    nicholas sanfilippo

    Great vids man. Love the intro especially so true about looking back in 20

  • Godfathers

    Glass party

  • James Birkin
    James Birkin

    so helpful - thank you for this - love the tech side of boats -

  • james aughton
    james aughton

    When the students become the masters! Best and most inspirational on SVsoft by far. Much love brothers x

  • Oliver Heyer
    Oliver Heyer

    I wonder where the Mast went - or isn’t it a sail catamaran ?

  • Graham

    At least it's a balsa core, although extending it below the waterline is madness. Foam cores are a nightmare when they go wrong, which they usually do.

    • Graham

      @James Birkin David Pascoe from 'yachtsurvey' goes into some detail, including how the hydraulic loading of a soaked core (causes by battering against the waves) causes chaos as the boat is used. It ends up with two think GRP sides with a smelly mush in the middle, and an astronomical bill to fix it. It's only really used to save resin, 1970s boats are generally a bit tougher! For me however, steel is the winner: strong and easy to fix!

    • James Birkin
      James Birkin

      @Graham thank you

    • Graham

      @James Birkin They always end up waterlogged. Balsa is stronger, sticks well and resists rot. Foam is a lost cause, never buy a boat with foam below the waterline: or anywhere, if possible. The proper way is no foam below, and only balsa above. Oh, and the use of roving everywhere with strength or water: chopped mat is hopeless for osmosis (the short strands have many ends) and strength.

    • James Birkin
      James Birkin

      what are the foibles of foam cores v balsa?

  • Robert Tanas
    Robert Tanas

    I have a boat on Lake Michigan I mean they have to get me a SVsoft channel and make money to spend my Summers out there

  • Joe Robilotta
    Joe Robilotta

    Great work

  • rivercarplife

    Great channel, you guys do a thorough job. Looking forward to the final product ✌🏼💚👍🏻

  • john Kemple
    john Kemple

    Okay I have a question....the perfectly square corners on the area to be repaired..They used to make airplane windows square but found the sharp corners were a structural weakness due to the cracks and stress on the sharp angled corners. Why not make those corners round or with a radius? at least on the hull part of the equation. Easy enough to do with a hole saw. Just curious like the channel and everyone. But I had to ask this question..stay afloat..

  • Chris_R

    Lovely job, any reason you dont use a vacuum and peel ply? you would get a far more even repair.

  • Ronald Hess
    Ronald Hess


  • Kurt Adams
    Kurt Adams


  • AC Cowie
    AC Cowie

    She had a great question at 6:35 "what happens if you get air bubbles?" Colin ya didn't answer properly. Why do you have to sand them and get them out? I'm binge watching this.

  • Ian v Curtis Fine Art Sculptor.
    Ian v Curtis Fine Art Sculptor.

    A bit of advice for future repairs, Because the material you are bonding too is well cured grp, Ideally you would have brushed on a primer coat of well catalyzed 2 percent MEKP epoxy vinyl ester resin to really bite into the old material, I was in sxm in the 90s after hurricane Luis as few of my mates were rebuilding hurricane boats, and they had issues with delamination after major hull repairs, It might have been prep, or maybe poor resin, but you cannot beat epoxy vinyl ester, I used to make RTM molds for a US boat builder (sea ray) and was a superyacht chief engineer, in the states. good luck fair seas, and keep it wet side down.

  • david aharon
    david aharon

    Love your video my name is David and I'm looking for cheoy Lee ketch 45 to 53 project is okay to if you know any please let me know

  • WSario

    Great job...Thanks for sharing...

  • Mike

    When's the next video update on this project?

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    Nick Twaddell

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    Dj Boogieboy


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    coco Boo

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    jose guerrero

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  • James Lanier
    James Lanier

    Hats off to you.. Fiberglass work in a tank and shorts..

  • Till

    Hi, Unfortunately, you made some serious mistakes in your repairs. especially with the large fiberglass parts, the transitions are too sharp-edged. You should have sanded the transitions much more gently so that a large-area connection is created between the old and the new laminate. This way, there are no weak points. In your approach, you built a predetermined breaking point into the boat. I am sending you a link that tells you how to do it right. The video is in German, but just in the pictures you can see very well what I mean. So it's done right. And above all, the hull retains its stability. Greetings from Germany.

    • james Bard
      james Bard

      Also should have used a vibrating roller on the balsa core to imbed the resin through the core

    • Sadnoize

      @Island Mike the guy is right, you can say “ok professor” and make fun of what he said all you like, but the fact is, the guy in this video just snapped his boat in half and is in hundred of thousands of dollars debt because he didn’t do the job right the first time I’d reevaluate your dumb ass comment lol

    • Island Mike
      Island Mike

      Okay professor

  • Adam Spees
    Adam Spees

    You put the layers of fiberglass on in reverse. The largest piece goes down first. The smallest goes down last. It is the opposite of common sense. If you imagine the layers there is a small air gap at the very edge of each piece buried under the next layer. The non strucutural resin fills that little void. However if you do the correct order(largest to smallest) there are no edges. They blend seamlessly when you fair. Look it up.

    • Adam Spees
      Adam Spees

      @Sailing Parlay Revival Another technique we use to save time is to cut all of the patches the same diameter. Imagine a hole that is 10" round after its ground back. We cut 4 pieces (or whatever the original laminate was) at 11" diameter. Lay down the first one. We it out until it hits the good gel coat. 1/2" of dry fiber is sticking out all the way around. Each layer is added more dry fiber is left, only wetting out what needs to be wet. When its cured you can quickly grind off the dry fiber, leaving the proper amount of wetted out glass. Keep in mind that the 1st layer covers the core and all of the ground glass. The rest simply lay on top. When you grind it flat it looks exactly as if you cut different size circles putting down the largest 1st. Cheers, Adam

    • Sailing Parlay Revival
      Sailing Parlay Revival

      With all due respect this is just not true.

  • Xbox SeriesX
    Xbox SeriesX

    Hire an artist to paint your boat. Crowdfund it! I’ll throw 50 in the hat

  • Steve Turansky
    Steve Turansky

    I'm no expert but from my experience building a boat (and being a landlord repairing wall holes), it's far easier to fill a low than to sand down a high, on a surface. Nowadays when a tenant is moving, I tell them I'll fix holes free, please don't touch them. Because once the filler is dried, it's really hard to knock down a high w/o causing much more work.

  • Steve Turansky
    Steve Turansky

    Boy boat repairs are so freakin easy when you are doing them. Reminds me of a saying - "I Love work, I could sit and watch it all day". Great job documenting this difficult procedure - Can you imagine how much harder it would be on the bottom of the hull, applying these layers overhead? Enjoy your beer tonight for tomorrow the fun part starts - Fairing...

  • pangrac1

    Vinylester is alsou more nasty to ypor health and enviroment than nasty polyester.

  • Atlantis Atlantidas
    Atlantis Atlantidas

    Colin I just saw you in BELOW DECK SAILING at the BRAVO Channel. When did you film the series??? Apparently this was just film in CROATIA. It is supposed to be coming out in MARCH 2021.

  • Laird Of Dunstan
    Laird Of Dunstan

    Sorry about the Argentina ,all blacks result , Scotland beat England at Twickenham :-) Love the videos , lots of clear guides on how t work balsa code and fiberglass

  • Brody Barrett
    Brody Barrett

    Awesome work!! Great camera crew! Very inspiring

  • Tom Dall
    Tom Dall

    Saw you in the trailer Below Deck Sailing, I guess we’ll see you twice a week when the show airs.

  • Adam wood Life.sunsets .sunrises
    Adam wood Life.sunsets .sunrises

    Nice edit as always, glad its all coming together. Wish i was there to help

  • steve whitacre
    steve whitacre

    I like your videos but, you should be wearing mask when handling the fiberglass mates . Fiberglass in the lungs is a serious safety issue you should be stressing that better safe than sorry when playing with lung health. Also fiberglass doesn't dry it sets. Still I love the videos, and understand there is a learning curve you are dealing with.

  • Rune Martin Guldberg
    Rune Martin Guldberg

    Put in balsa bit by bit. Large parts will always get some pockets of air behind them....

  • Philip Morehouse
    Philip Morehouse

    A big difference in your presentation - much easier to follow and the background music is easier on the ears. I feel as if, by following your directions, that I could easily fix holes in boats, hereto seemly impossible. I really like your show and feel as if I'm shoulder to shoulder helping you along.

  • Brian G
    Brian G

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    Austin Garrett

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  • Maritime Museum San Diego
    Maritime Museum San Diego

    Great video, but I'm curious why you didn't stop once you had the balsa core in, let it dry, sand, then put the final outer layer of glass on?

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  • Sailing Citrine Sunset
    Sailing Citrine Sunset

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    Neville Williamson

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    Mark Mul

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  • Pete Bernhagen
    Pete Bernhagen

    Great job with the repairs. It really looks like professional work. Guys are really working together. Getting prepared is key and working with good product and nice weather for the procurement of fiber/filler/balsa/three glass coats and gel coat finish and so.e sanding. REALLY NICE JOB

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    Good vid Colin, very well explained mate. Im a brit and mad on rugby also, remember the 2019 RWC semi lol Soon after a great win we got our asses handed to us by the SA boys in the final so you cant win them all. Keep it up and ignore the keyboard warriors!

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    Robert James

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  • Steve 1961P.
    Steve 1961P.

    I agree, the short videos are tooooooo short... I fully understand why, but the work you do is really cool and fast. Someone asked what happens if air gets trapped in the glass, I assume they were asking about the type of roller you were using, but you didn't explain that to your viewers.... I don't think everyone understands the puzzle pieces you made for these repairs. Maybe for the next ones, show making the the filler wood and how you size the glass cloth and why the filler along all the edges. Then the dry run and the actual repair. I know I could watch it all day long!!! And don't forget to name the video something very catchy with FIBERGLASS REPAIR in it so it will catch millions of sets of eyes!!

  • Sailing Divergent
    Sailing Divergent

    I'm curious, I'm doing fiberglass repairs myself and it said to mix the the hardner in the epoxy before the silica, is vinylester different? It was explained to me to mix it that way because the silica absorbs the epoxy, if it's not mixed first and absorbs just resin then the hardner wouldn't work properly, now I'm asking a question here so no dumb comments from all the experts.... j.s.

    • Adam Spees
      Adam Spees

      You are correct on the epoxy. It would be a 5:1 or 2:1 ratio by volume.Mix them together stir well and then add your fillers. Polyester & Vinylester are 98.5 % resin 1.5% hardner. The hardener is watery and instantly starts the reaction. You mix the fillers into poly/vinyl resin before adding the hardener.

  • Randy Walker
    Randy Walker

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    j rain

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    Bull Hippo

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  • Darryl Ellison
    Darryl Ellison

    Awesome job, I am doing a huge project on a NZ designed Ross 650 yacht, replacing the core for about 4.7m2, I use a multi tool to remove the old core (9mm), from the inside - as the boat is about 16 years old, was recommended to use epoxy, rather than vinylester (originally used) so far so good, not difficult, just all takes time. Great job guys.....

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    Philip Meads

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