Top 10 Infamous Black Flag Moments
Driver disqualifications are rare but they are always dramatic - we take a look back at some notorious examples.
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  • CrF1nge

    Fans then: He was black-flagged? Oh man, I'm sad :/ Fans now: He didn't get a 5 seconds penalty? Cheating! MaFIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dezpotizmOFheaven

    Exiting the pit lane while the red light is on: black flag. Entering the pit lane PAST the red cone, and your name is Lewis Hamilton: nothing.

  • Frank III
    Frank III

    Montoya was having an amazing race with an spare car that wasn't tuned for him at all, shame he got disqualified after all the effort he made.

  • ApfelTee Remix
    ApfelTee Remix

    just waiting for mazespin to get a black flag

  • dirtjumper23

    Does this narrator mean "wrath"?

  • Miguel Montenegro
    Miguel Montenegro

    Teams: Hurry mate, if we get the spare car quickly FIA won't... FIA: THE EYE OF SAURON SEES ALL

  • Exceta

    The look on the stewards faces when they are ignored is the best thing. "Black flag for you!" Drivers: ..... Naa

  • Skratta Oppar
    Skratta Oppar

    wait this isn't Assassin's Creed

  • Milky Way Galaxy
    Milky Way Galaxy

    Schumacher is so ridiculous. He ignores the black flag and steps on the podium. He should be stripped of his 1994 title anyway because he only won it by crashing Damon Hill out of the race. But Mansell was incredibly awful too.

    • Ahmad Danish Aqeef
      Ahmad Danish Aqeef

      I believe it was Benneton's decision to let him go on for whatever reason

  • Lokra

    We all know why there were "spooky" black flags. Because the mafia was going to loose millions if that driver was to stay and finish the race.

  • Kevin Gordon
    Kevin Gordon

    Not qualified, not finished and be disqualified.

  • 99SamIAm99

    Getting black flagged for having your car slightly out of position at the start is really harsh. I think it's a 5 second penalty today.

  • The Cleaner
    The Cleaner

    That last one was disgraceful

  • Justin Sacks
    Justin Sacks

    "The only driver disqualified for being too slow." Nikita Mazepin: "Hold my Smirnoff"

    • 99SamIAm99


  • Eric Cimic
    Eric Cimic

    This video can be summed up as: Racer disqualified but wipes out before even noticing or Guy brings spare, uses spare, gets disqualified for using said spare

  • P4F Elton
    P4F Elton

    F1: "schummacher you have to stop... listen to me schummacher you have to stop it... SCHUMMACHER YOU ARE BREAKING THE CAR schummacher..." Schummacher: "Shatap, dont tell me how to drive" :D

  • 1337Turbogurke

    Spare cars actually have no engine in them, they are just there to launder money.. thats why they always get blackflagged

  • RonaldMcweasley

    video not available?

  • Prashant Soni
    Prashant Soni

    You will be missed Senna 😢

  • Mozard

    I don't understand, why Montoya get black flag for driving the spare car?

    • Ahmad Danish Aqeef
      Ahmad Danish Aqeef

      Apparently it's because he only started the spare car after the race officially started.

  • Ayush Vispute
    Ayush Vispute

    They did Al Pease wrong. The poor guy just wanted to race

  • Nicholas Santoso
    Nicholas Santoso

    F1 online Trying to connecting the server FIA: BLACK FLAG THE SERVER!

  • DcU

    Mazespin will get the next Black flag 😂😂

  • Random Task
    Random Task

    Uses the bathroom before the race. Black flagged.

  • Riko Nata
    Riko Nata

    my favorite black flag moment is that time where both Haas got black flagged in free practice because the radios didn't work iirc

    • Ahmad Danish Aqeef
      Ahmad Danish Aqeef

      Wait imagine if this rule was applied during the race where every team's comms didn't work. I can't remember which one but during the free practice session nobody could communicate with the drivers, and the broadcast team also can't get onboard cameras to work.

  • Nathan Eller
    Nathan Eller

    Why does every video I try to watch on here say “This video is not available” soooooo frustrating

  • tickle fan
    tickle fan

    how come it takes so long to make these decisions formula one why not tell them int he pits don't go out you'll get black flagged all you did was waste their time and money on a set of tires

  • Não Sei
    Não Sei


  • Umar Haneef
    Umar Haneef

    "let's wait 100 laps before we flag him hehe"


    personally I remember the Portuguese Grand Prix when Nigel Mansell's rear right wheel came off while exiting the pit's. His mechanics ran out replaced the wheel he rejoined the race a lap down and clawed his way back up too 5th place and then the black flagged him

    • Rick Haavisto
      Rick Haavisto

      Well, if he wasn’t in his pit box, they should have...

  • TheZizikia

    Ahh yes. The wroth of the officials.

  • brendan roach
    brendan roach

    This why people think F1 rules are bs

  • Fraser McArthur
    Fraser McArthur

    Rules are we make them up half way through the race...

  • Drew S
    Drew S

    "No, no, Kimi. No. You will not have the black flag."

  • Prince Solomon
    Prince Solomon

    5:50 Miko ? MIKO ? I´ve never heard the name Michael twisted i that way during pronunciation

  • Drea Fekety
    Drea Fekety

    I always wondered why they chose the hardest color to see for the (arguably) most urgent flag you can be shown in F1. > be careful, no overtaking = bright yellow > race is stopping = bright red > you broke a rule, you are disqualified, and need to pit immediately.... literally the least high-visibility color in the known universe? alright then.

  • traida111

    schumacher black flags but finishes race, stands on podium and gets a money fine. I think he will take it. lol

  • pollaski

    Why did they even let them on the track if they were just gonna black flag anyways?

  • AA Collectibles
    AA Collectibles

    Hamilton with have a story to tell, oml

  • Fearwell HC
    Fearwell HC

    Not qualified + disqualified. Double negatives so... He's in right? :)

  • cs512tr

    why do they wait so long to bring the black flag...

  • iLópez

    If spare cars were ilegal, why did temas bring them to the GPs?

  • OrphanCrippler

    retirement has a diff meaning in my neck of the woods

  • Chrysus

    I don't know a lot about F1, but it seems ridiculous to me that you can be given a disqualification order, still be allowed on the track, allowed on the podium if you refuse to leave the track, and not be officially disqualified until weeks later if you refuse to leave the track. If a black flag truly means disqualification, that should be the end of that person's race right then and there. Off the track, no podium. Obviously if a driver refuses, that's one thing -- there would be no safe way to force a resistant driver off the track. But they should be immediately disqualified after the race and barred from the podium. I also don't understand why it takes so long to issue the flag. I'm sure there's some deliberation behind the scenes, but if a driver running off the track to a spare car after some specific "lock-in" or "green light" event is a clear violation of the rules, why does it take dozens of laps for them to be flagged? There have to be at least four examples of this in the video, and each one took several laps for the flag. A driver who is clearly disqualified and no longer a legal race participant should not be on the track affecting the race of other drivers.

  • thenotorious rsky
    thenotorious rsky

    james will make flag bottas flag,, "valteri its james

  • Zerinho Fiver
    Zerinho Fiver

    _i accuse you_

  • Young Ripo
    Young Ripo

    Is talking a woman or a robot? From where is that accent?

  • Victoria Eide Berg
    Victoria Eide Berg

    I’ll need a spare ca- A B S O L U T E L Y N O T

  • Zekke

    Mansell was being paid by Prost to ruin Senna's chances in 89...

  • Shanathan Raikonen
    Shanathan Raikonen

    How bout 10 times the black flag was actually called for

  • Juan Irving
    Juan Irving

    I'm not really familiar with F1, so my question is why do they wait so long to give the driver a black flag?

  • Seth999

    Heyer: "They can't disqualify me if I'm not qualified"

  • Arthur Severgnini
    Arthur Severgnini

    this video made me angry

  • Arthur Severgnini
    Arthur Severgnini

    what's the point of having a spare car if you can't use it ffs FIA is unbelievable

    • calibrazxr750

      What is the point of commenting on something, of which you have no knowledge?

  • Daniel White
    Daniel White

    So why was montoya DQ'd at Indy?

  • Sabiki Kasukō
    Sabiki Kasukō

    Black flag: * exists * Schumacher: it's… free real state?

  • vale garcia
    vale garcia

    Las hizo todas mansel en ese gran premio

  • Bret McGonigle
    Bret McGonigle

    I can't believe how many times somebody hopped in the spare car at the start and it took half the race for the flag to be shown

  • mariokarter13

    "I'm giving you the black flag." "I'm not French, it's gonna take more than that to make me wave the white flag."

  • S H N
    S H N

    Senna gets a black flag Commentators: This is amazing 😂

  • Razeen Carelse
    Razeen Carelse

    I hated Nigel Mansell, cos that's the sort of driver he was.

    • calibrazxr750

      And Senna was a perfect gentleman who never once committed such a dire act, right? Perhaps if you had watched F1 over the years, instead of just a 10 minute highlight video, you would realise how dumb a comment that is.

  • Progamer1013

    Hans being disqualified from a race he couldn’t finish because he was never qualified to be in said race to begin with is the funniest trifecta I have ever heard of in any sport.

    • skyguy1230

      Might be the funniest thing ever in general, not just sports 😂

  • KpnKirk64

    Zzzzzz. Wake me up for the highlights.

  • Game-F-UN-Limited gamer
    Game-F-UN-Limited gamer

    WTAF! If you know that the driver has changed cars why not black flag him at the start. Why do they have wait for half of the race to finish to black flag him?

  • Wes

    9:18 The guy was already disqualified and managed to end another pilot's race instead of going to the pit stop, bruh

  • Ryoichi Watanabe
    Ryoichi Watanabe

    Mansel one's such a meme

  • Slinky_Malinky

    Honestly, why are they disqualifying drivers who were forced to change cars? It's not their fault that the cars wouldn't work.

  • Tianyi Zhang
    Tianyi Zhang

    Strange rules about those spare cars... Just black flag them at the beginning if that's when they did it wrong but not in the middle of a match.

  • Fatherless Flavid
    Fatherless Flavid

    my bad yall 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • MrMotherfuck123

    I came here for the Punk Band...

  • Mikhail Man
    Mikhail Man

    Mazepin taking notes right now!

  • canadiancatgreen

    ok it maybe makes sense to black flag for changing cars. but what doesnt make bsense is waiting several laps or even half way through to dq them I mean if you need to dq them just do it right away

  • Streight Wharf
    Streight Wharf

    So what’s the point of having a spare car sirs?

  • Charlie Whittaker
    Charlie Whittaker

    Wait why can’t you use the spare

  • Adam Robledo
    Adam Robledo

    Why tf did they disqualify Montoya

  • Night Hawk
    Night Hawk

    I don't know any rules but "black flag" in racing sounds cool

  • Sean Vale
    Sean Vale


  • 麻王AlanStryman

    Idk why but I called that Bruh-Flag

  • Enter text here *Unknown
    Enter text here *Unknown

    Wait this isn’t assassins creed.......

  • Crab ken
    Crab ken

    “Black flags are a rare sight” “The first of Elio de Angelis three black flags”

  • Jett Marsterson
    Jett Marsterson

    I never knew that you can get a black flag for being to slow

  • Spi Triple-Seven
    Spi Triple-Seven

    Everyone's hero, Schumacher is on here. Can't say I'm surprised

  • Liam Raven
    Liam Raven

    3:51 yes ok ok but why tf are those cars on the circuit

  • Mari400 4L
    Mari400 4L

    whats the point in the spare if you cant use it😐

  • Kendall Smith
    Kendall Smith

    Seems like f1 only black flags the driver for switching cars if they’ve fought back to the front. Why wait so long to disqualify ????

  • Luke_ ao8
    Luke_ ao8

    Gal rly said "awarded"

  • Luke_ ao8
    Luke_ ao8

    Gal rly said "awarded"

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    i have not a single clue about f1 and ruling and stuff. but just from watching this video, what is the point of a spare car when u get disqualified as soon as u use it?

  • shara30000

    Drivers: *exit pit lane during red light* Stewards: Black flag Lewis: *enters pit lane during safety car phase* Stewards: 5 second penalty

  • Rhaegal 117
    Rhaegal 117

    Sooo...why did example no.1 get that black flag??is running to the spare so bad?

  • Marek Ceľuch
    Marek Ceľuch

    What are those cars at 3:50?

  • Musaddiq Ali
    Musaddiq Ali

    If changing to a spare car at the start of the race earns them a black flag, then why even let them change to a spare car? Don't they know the rules?

  • Nick Barnes
    Nick Barnes

    The kindly cost bacteriologically face because bathroom ganguly belong round a glistening glorious poet. busy, abounding calf

  • NorthernZeus

    F1... Black flagged for minor breaches of one of the million regulations. Classic European racing. Rules over competition. Manors over winning,

  • ragequitify

    How many black flags do people think Mazespin is going to get in his career?

  • Brian Su
    Brian Su

    So nice hearing Murray's voice....

  • Mahmoud H. Ahmad
    Mahmoud H. Ahmad

    Why do they disqualify drivers for using the spare car ?

  • riley fair
    riley fair

    Why does it take them so long to get blacked flagged after they get into their spare car?? Why even let them leave the pits?

  • J&A T
    J&A T

    Should we black flag him? Well, let's think on it for 40 laps, they came all this way after all.....

  • MAC cranston
    MAC cranston