BOAT TOUR: On Deck, Before and After our 5 YEAR REFIT - Sailing Uma [Step 220]
▸ Watch our story from Step 1 :
▸ 1:24 Bowsprit
▸ 2:46 Anchor Chain
▸ 3:00 Windlass &
▸ 5:40 Bow Pulpit &
▸ 6:47 Precision Sails (How to order new sails)
▸ 7:19 Deck Paint
▸ 9:32 Dinghy 8'8" (Coco)
▸ 11:05 Lifelines
▸ 14:00 Wood Stove
▸ 15:07 Hand Rails
▸ 16:04 Dodger / stackpack
▸ 21:35 Helm Pod (Details Drawings coming soon)
▸ 24:10 Cape Horn Windvane install
▸ 26:06 Solar Panels (Power video)
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  • Timothy Gillespie
    Timothy Gillespie

    That was fun. I did notice when Kiki was explaining the paint, one of the shroud turnbuckles was visible, and there were no cotter pins helping to prevent the turnbuckle from loosening under tension. I admit that I don’t always use them for my Rhodes 19, but I’m not crossing oceans. Just sayin’..

    • Samuel K. Tennis
      Samuel K. Tennis

      I learned to sail on a Rhodes, I was young, early teens, and cannot recall the length but it was (I was told) "rigged for racing" and I think that meant a lot of sail. We had so mych fun sailing around Key Biscayne, Government Cut, the Upper keys and the Gulf Stream. Lots of scary storms, lovely night sails, lazy summer afternoons drifting in light wind with my cousin playing guitar - many of my favorite memories. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Correction "Rhodes bantam" We migrated to a Columbia Contender later on.

    • Scott Powell
      Scott Powell

      @Sailing Uma oh so lame

    • Joann Shuttleworth
      Joann Shuttleworth

      I understand your position, but I tend to keep tuning and double checking. I twang the shrouds every day. As far as cotter pins, I have never seen one straighten out from being wrapped around the shaft. I also have sweeps for my dink. I tried to find the copper tips for them, everyone replied that the wood splits when you mount them. I used them as a boy, use them today @ 73 never had a sweep split. Sailing gives you freedom. Thanks for you input, sharing ideas is a good thing.@Loanword Eggcorn

    • Loanword Eggcorn
      Loanword Eggcorn

      @Joann Shuttleworth Why risk potentially losing a mast particularly under way? Just because one may never need a seat belt in a car or a fire extinguisher doesn't mean you should't use/have them. Turnbuckles should always be secured with clips, pins or wires (except perhaps while actively doing rig tuning). It's a very important safety item. In addition the pins should be taped to prevent them from working loose. Again the risk of not properly securing turnbuckles is to potentially lose a rig or mast. That in turn can lead to the loss of a boat and/or lives.

    • Joann Shuttleworth
      Joann Shuttleworth

      @Loanword Eggcorn Never use them,20 years sailing. Yes, if your rigging is loose and you hit a certain harmonic you might back them out but tough to back out a fine thread.

  • petec9686

    For your chimney,take it off, knock all the rust off nd paint it with a hi temp flat black wood stove paint. It should stand up pretty well. And for the long stretches you don’t use it, make a canvas cover.

  • Costas Lambropoulos
    Costas Lambropoulos

    I love your self-sufficiency and off-grid energy attitude...l love yourself-steering vane and your electric motor! Well done guys!

  • Coyle

    Dan, I expect an architect to know a patentable product upon sight. Am I ignorant?

  • Joseph Charles
    Joseph Charles

    Charming channel.

  • Great Horned Owl
    Great Horned Owl

    Love your channel, such a great mental escape from landlocked Minnesota. Cute couple. Oh to be young and seemingly carefree, Can not imagine anyone I’d want to be couped up in cramped quarters so long with without killing each other

  • jay etebari
    jay etebari

    When 2 engineers go to Hatie and help ppl?😂🍻

  • Michael

    great video, thanks a lot!

  • Vincent Aubourg
    Vincent Aubourg

    you have redone your sailboat super well, what a difference from the start ... !! well done, great job! I have to redo my dodger, I will find out how to change the windows ... !!

  • Nomadic Life
    Nomadic Life

    Tank you for sharing, you had a lot of work there!

  • Michigan Skinny
    Michigan Skinny

    "Don't buy a couch," I read, as I watch my laptop screen whilst sitting on my couch.............

  • Klaus Jensen
    Klaus Jensen

    Awesome work guys with plenty of great ideas . Love the work on the dodger wings and the choice of the auto pilot. Keep up the good work .

  • petec9686

    You should cover the dodger with flexible solar panels.

  • Salmon Paw
    Salmon Paw

    Do you use the salt collected on the ship to cook with?

    • Sailing Uma
      Sailing Uma


  • Polymath At Large
    Polymath At Large

    We are refitting a Newport 30 MKII and really drawing a lot of inspiration from your refit and videos. Aloha from Hawaii!

  • nic_von

    Still waiting on that sail video... hahaha take your time! I am just saying that we want to see all your sails and how you trim them

  • Michael smith-lascano
    Michael smith-lascano

    Do you guys have a video of how much money you've invested enough to sail after your purchase, and a price tag on total renovations?

    • Michael smith-lascano
      Michael smith-lascano

      @Sailing Uma thank you for the response, i watched the entire video, definitely gives me more hope to get started, especially since I'm currently making less than 30k a year

    • Sailing Uma
      Sailing Uma

  • melvin dong
    melvin dong

    love your show

  • Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
    Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    Great video,keep it up!

  • Sabi KISS
    Sabi KISS

    Absolutely love this video.

  • Nick Deakin
    Nick Deakin

    Hey, love your videos. You should be able to electroplate your chimney top, you can use 'wand plating kits' for small areas. You can pick them up on ebay for about $120 US. You would likely first flash coat it in copper, then Chrome coat it. This would also allow you to make less expensive metal parts ship shape. Happy travels.

  • Dennis Myers Rosario
    Dennis Myers Rosario

    Great video!! Bless you both.

  • Nayo Tawken
    Nayo Tawken

    Congratulations you two. Your improvements to your yacht are a lesion to any marine architect on important details. Nothing to beat trial and error eh?

  • Darrell Pugh
    Darrell Pugh

    WOW Nice to see the In-depth look at what you have done to Uma and your thoughts and Ideas going forward. Thank You ! Fair Winds :)

  • Roald Iversen
    Roald Iversen

    Thanks for your great videos. Have boat myself, a Gladiateur 33 (1980), in Trondheim, and I am also looking after a boat from Holland (van de Stadt 34), lying next to to yours. Roald

  • Mike Moxley
    Mike Moxley

    OMG, what a super video. The span over the early years to the more present time was nice. Enjoyed! Thanks

  • Penny Hutton
    Penny Hutton

    Hi, we are in the process of renovating our Irwin and we took a lot from your video. We are also considering dyneema for our guard rails and wanted to ask how did or what did you for attachment and tensioning? Thanks!

  • h lynn keith
    h lynn keith

    14:18 Does your wood heater truly dry out the boat? Just the salon or the salon, head, and v-berth? 23:14 How often do you use your hydraulic autopilot vice the Cape Horn Wind Vane? PS Pearson boats came out of the factory overbuilt and strong, but IMO yours is the strongest Pearson I have seen (and I lived on one). You two made so many significant mods to the structure that you can say you sail a Kika-Pearson. :-D

  • Jorge Malave
    Jorge Malave

    Keep on sailing 🐠

  • Martin Johnston
    Martin Johnston

    You two are my favorite sailing couple! I recently recommended you channel to a work colleague and her comment about you two was "they're super sweet and smart and just amazing" I conquer :) keep up the great work.

  • Heidi Fritz
    Heidi Fritz

    Wow! Impressive rig! You make living on a sailboat look easy. In my next life, I want to be as adventurous as you both!

  • Gabriel Matthews
    Gabriel Matthews

    Good Show!

  • Gabriel Matthews
    Gabriel Matthews

    Rooting 4 U 2!

  • Gabriel Matthews
    Gabriel Matthews

    Myself. Land Lubber. Dirty do.

  • Gabriel Matthews
    Gabriel Matthews

    New too you. As a son of a sailor. I can dig you.

  • Atlantic Tarry
    Atlantic Tarry

    Hard working people and still laugh at the end of the day. Encouraging.Greetings from Tomas (AtlanticTarry)of the Canary Islands

  • Dan McBride
    Dan McBride

    You guys have made Uma your own. She is so efficient and workable. Seriously, you should contract yourselves to a Sailboat Designer. You have workable real world ideas that can’t be dreamed up unless you have practice experience. Next would be to partner and design sailboats. With all of your connections you could sublet various components and bring it together for assembly. Just thinking of spin-off for the future. Final Assembly can be called Uma works !

  • Raphaël

    You have grown her to a beautiful solid boat

  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones

    Started following you thru covid quarantine . "Binged watched". Kept me from losing my mind. Thank you. Impressed with what you can do with hard work and determination. Motivation for people to try sailing for sure. I've always been a motor head and had a goal of building an all electric cruiser. After watching you, it seems that sailing is a much needed tactic to keep you actively involved in your environment and a positive way to spend your free time. Great job on everything you have accomplished, again thank you for sharing and the inspiration you bring to people that have experience and for people who do not. Great couple not only living the dream, but built it one step at a time....

  • M. W.
    M. W.

    You summed it up well Kik

  • StephenJayGoodman

    Just watched this whole video and loved it. I wasn't going to watch it because I am not into buying a big project boat like you did, but I'm so I did. I learned so much to help me as I am looking for the boat KI want to cruise on. I'm looking forward to viewing some of your other videos. I agree with Dennis Fetterman who said you are a breath of fresh air. Love your delivery.

  • Luiz Hair Salon
    Luiz Hair Salon

    Wow I learn so many with that episode :)

  • Görkem Güzel
    Görkem Güzel

    Çok başarılı!

  • Joann Shuttleworth
    Joann Shuttleworth

    I carry a 40 gallon flexible tank, and a dedicated pump to transfer the water into the tanks- in addition to jerry cans we use for wash. The flexible tank saves trips to the water source, pain of pouring water into the tank manipulating jerry cans.

  • Joann Shuttleworth
    Joann Shuttleworth

    You might also think about wearing a hat. Take it from me, you won't like the results down the road if you do not.

  • Joann Shuttleworth
    Joann Shuttleworth

    Fix your charlie noble by having it electro polished, GET A PRICE first! Takes the iron out of the 304

  • Knut Botnmark
    Knut Botnmark

    I liked a lot of how you organized the cockpit, except where you placed the chartplotter. I use the card lottery when I am out sailing. I have AIS attached to it, so I can see all boats that have AIS. And then especially those that one must steer away from, commercial vessels. When I have it standing so that I can reach it, when I stand at the helm, can click on that vessel and see all the data about the boat. And to get CPA / TCPA. And when I sail at night, I can click on a lighthouse / lantern, on the screen, and see how it flashes, to check if the course is right.

    • Sailing Uma
      Sailing Uma

      We really only stand behind the helm when docking. The rest of the time, we’re tucked in behind the dodger with the windvane or autopilot set. That’s why the plotter is there, so we can use it on watch. Also, with the helm position so far forward, it’s easy to reach the plotter from the helm position if needed.

  • Brian Smythe
    Brian Smythe

    cool I would of liked to see below but I suppose Thats on another vid

    • operator0

  • Drew

    You guys are not only inspiring, fun, smart, skilled and tenacious but you are tough as nails. I don't know how long I could sail even in local waters without lifelines! And that upside-down tender at the bow ... wipes out deck space in case you need to get up there. Fantastic work !

  • Mike McDougall
    Mike McDougall

    Hey Dan, if you haven’t dealt with the chimney yet, use a bbq or engine paint. Easy to maintain and can withstand the heat well!

  • Not On A Diet Dani
    Not On A Diet Dani

    The sharp amount intrinsically travel because melody preferentially wrap save a limping camp. ossified, sticky candle

  • Dean Groom
    Dean Groom

    Clean, to the point, great tips and refreshingly not a “you tube” couple trope. Thanks.

  • jonpalmpalm

    who was the man from Norfolk that did the dodger? I have some work coming up id love to hire him for on my boat. Shes docked in Norfolk as well. Thanks

    • Sailing Uma
      Sailing Uma

  • Bill Hunsinger
    Bill Hunsinger

    You have added cotter pins to the turnbuckles to the standing rigging, right?

  • Seize Change
    Seize Change

    You are both so amazing, inspiring and intelligent! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us.

  • Leo Joseph
    Leo Joseph

    You two have done an amazing job and turned Uma into a beautiful boat!

  • HV G+ Pilaat Kaiken
    HV G+ Pilaat Kaiken

    Food for selective hearing: 25:16

  • John D Liu
    John D Liu

    You guys are great. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us all.

  • th3rdeyeopen

    What about the toe rail? Didn't you replace/remove the wooden toe rail?

    • Paul SJ
      Paul SJ

      They disappeared between 7:30 and 7:40. Two years and an ocean later, out of mind... Removed in step #113 ;)

  • Paul Hellewell
    Paul Hellewell

    You folks are truly super intelligent (it explains your quirkiness there Kika aka Moana, all intelligent people are, goes for you too Dan Da Man) LOL. Your videos not only make me smile and sometimes snort when I laugh, but you really think your way through a problem and then share it with us. Great job you two. May all your breezes be to your liking and send you gently to where you need to go. Keep up the great work folks.

  • Alex Gladkiy
    Alex Gladkiy

    Helo of Russia

  • Paul Adams
    Paul Adams

    Have you thought of building a holding frame for the dingy that would allow you to load the dingy on deck face up keeping the motor on the dingy during passage?

  • Alex Gladkiy
    Alex Gladkiy

    Привет, бродяги) Вы ребята ваще чёткие, вместе с вашими видосами.. Удачи и здоровья Вам

  • Bruno Paula Cardoso
    Bruno Paula Cardoso

    sail to portugal. cascais. this is my number +351 912615083. one meal is on me. :)

  • Wanessa Soares
    Wanessa Soares

    Uma means one in Portuguese, it's wonderful!

  • Floki Newton
    Floki Newton


  • Angelo Mania
    Angelo Mania

    you guys are media literate, great sailors and very informative, enjoy your program very much.. Thank you!!

  • rotechs

    You guys are amazing!

  • Hans Johnson
    Hans Johnson

    I'd still consider modifying how you run your rigging for the mainsail. If you were to move your main winch to the cabintop (to starboard of your companionway), along with the main halyard and a reefing line, you could have reefed your main without leaving the safety of the cockpit. This is how we have our boat rigged, and it makes things so much easier and safer for single and short-handed sailing. Halyard comes down the mast (internal to it in our case), through a snatch block at the base of the mast, then a line organizer on deck to line it up properly, and finally a 3 position rope clutch so we can use the one winch for main and spinnaker halyards, and the clutch also holds our vang line. The liens themselves just pop under our dodger (we did sew in a little mousehole to reduce chafe).

  • Thomas Wieser
    Thomas Wieser

    Who needs cable/satellite TV when you've got ⛵Uma?

  • Mister Bee
    Mister Bee

    Hand steering the first two years made you better sailors, made you understand your boat and sail trimming better. I'm so jealous! I love the cockpit layout and everything you've done to your boat! Congratulations! You've earned every joyful moment you've experienced:)

  • Ed Ferculo
    Ed Ferculo

    Is the location of the helm standard layout of 36 ft. Pearson’s. Many thanks, it’s awesome learning from you two.

    • Sailing Uma
      Sailing Uma

      Of the 1972 Pearson 36, Yes.

  • Cal Martin
    Cal Martin

    Guys I enjoy watching each episode , but I am a late commer and I would like to review the other episodes that I missed. I am considering obtaining a leopard 48 and I need to lean a lot before I make that plug. Please send me the Link to you website . You guys are great. Love you both and be safe.

    • Sailing Uma
      Sailing Uma

      It’s just

  • justin lowe
    justin lowe

    Good stuff! I’m very picky about what has me staining at screens.

  • Unstoppable Zone
    Unstoppable Zone

    You guys are so lovely and inspiring and fun!

  • Leifur Thor
    Leifur Thor

    I have a 1972 Ericson 35-2 that came with a wood stove. During the refit, the compression plate between the deck stepped mast and cabin was replaced and in the process some wood between deck and cabin was cut out. Well a scary find in the process was all the wood within 18 in of the chimney exit through the deck was charcoal. Nothing visible from the interior or on deck, and it wasn’t blackened wood from minor heat exposure, it was plywood that had been so burned it had become charcoal. Just a heads up about that. Love your extensive refit!

    • Sailing Uma
      Sailing Uma

      That's intense. Our cabin top doesn't get anywhere near that hot. We check in with a hand touch and sometime IR Thermometer.

  • Marcio Malagutti
    Marcio Malagutti

    I am a fan of you, come to know Brazil you can stay at home in the city of Ubatuba, you will like it.

  • Mister Bee
    Mister Bee

    I came believe Dickinson makes such a piece of crap chimney. I mean...they're a huge brand for marine heaters, why the hell do they make a chimney that corrodes so fast?? That's a rhetorical question..maybe I'll leave them a review citing your video and ask them. Maybe I can guilt them into getting you a new one. Your dodger is SO nice! Who duff the work? Something like that is way beyond my skill level..I can make covers, hatch covers, sail covers, nothing mechanical and super precise like your dodger. What kind of windows did you use in it? The glass kind or regular, whatever the typical material is? There's a material called Top Gun that's way way better than Sunbrella. It's much more water proof and durable. But canvas people hate working with it because it's so stuff, it's rough on tools and sewing machines...and hands and fingers! But it will last 2 or 3 times longer and stay water proof almost it's whole life. No spraying silicone water proof spray on Top Gun!

  • Mister Bee
    Mister Bee

    I see the non skid is nicely around the washdown fitting on deck. Did you do the non skid after you installed the w/d fitting or was there something already there where you put the w/d? I love what you did to the boat, very intelligent approach, extremely nice boat you have now! Congrats you two!!! I've been sailing my whole life..windsurfing, Hobie cats, etc. Never had a yacht but I've been looking for about a week now. I'm going to take my time, it's okay if my search takes a year, I'll going to find the perfect boat at a great price and do what you've done. God gifted me with the ability to fix absolutely anything except computers! So I'm not afraid of motors, engines, transmissions, winches, anything. I can weld, fiberglass, painting..have a nice hvlp gun, do carpentry, trim wood work, wood finishing, upholstery..yes, I own a sewing machine! I think I'd let the experts do most sail work except patches though. So I'm ready to go. One last thing, I'd like to enjoy the boat with a significant other, so hopefully I'll meet a nice woman with the same dream. Keep up the wonderful videos, I know they're time consuming! I really like your rear frame..can't remember what you called it. The way you mounted your solar panels so you can pivot them...elegant solution. Good work guys!

  • Eddie Lammers
    Eddie Lammers

    Amazing couple with awesome tenactiy, vision and persistance. Kudos to you two.

  • Found at Sea
    Found at Sea

    Amazing. Would be cool if the stern lazarette had a faux carbon-fiber or maybe faux bamboo covering/wrap on the underside of it (when you open it)

  • Captain Q, Yacht Hunter
    Captain Q, Yacht Hunter

    Very nice very crisp and always an opportunity to pick up a new tip or trick to fix an old boat this couple is done very good job from what I’ve seen so far. One comment: as long as I have owned my own boats and then the captain in charge I have insisted that our crew always wear top siders or facsimile while on deck and the boat is underway. The rationale as simple moving forward to adjust a halyard or some other immediate need while the boat is healing and bumping through waves it’s all too easy to suddenly kick one of the stanchions with your toe step on something with a barefoot that causes immediate pain enough so that you let go of the safeguarding hand and can be prone to fly over the side.If the boat is moving please put on your top siders and stay with the boat. Good luck with all your cruising

    • Sailing Uma
      Sailing Uma

      We've become quite used to walking barefoot and often find the feel and grip we get while barefoot on deck to be much better than in clunky shoes or boots. That is, when it's warm. In colder waters, obviously the boots come on. But the makes quickly and effectively moving on deck much more difficult. I guess to each their own.

  • Old Mad and Kiwi
    Old Mad and Kiwi

    Wait till you open your anchor locker to see sea snake ,all good fun .great vid

  • John Coppola
    John Coppola

    good one! i made the same decisions for my topside and deck paint.

  • Scott Powell
    Scott Powell

    No cottor rings on turnbuckles or turnbuckle guards. I like your dodger. Great vid.

    • Sailing Uma
      Sailing Uma

      That’s because we were adjusting and fine tuning our rigging when we made this video.

  • Anonymous Journeyman
    Anonymous Journeyman

    Can you drop the contact info for the norfolk va canvas guy?!

    • Sailing Uma
      Sailing Uma He's the BEST!

  • Christina Simpson
    Christina Simpson

    You rock! May you always have fair winds and happiness, peace and love. Thanks for sharing. I'm binge watching.-C-

  • Ruben Sola
    Ruben Sola

    This is my favorite video... first time seeded, I fall in love with you guys..! And I’m from PUERTO RICO, Thank for all the love you spread 💪🙏🍻

  • jclements65

    Amazing job!

  • Joann Shuttleworth
    Joann Shuttleworth

    The stack for your stove is or used to be called Charlie Nobel, cadets on a sailing ship would be pranked by sending they to look for Charlie Nobel. As far as your 304 stainless, you could have it electro polished $$$ or you can keep polishing off the rust, eventually reach a steady state as the iron on the surface diminishes. I like the way you think- unconventional. too few do it.

  • Paul Judge
    Paul Judge

    Love the sailing lifestyle, and dream of being out there someday. I watch many many youtube videos. But I always return to Uma and think wow. These guys are a cut above the rest. I think the reason is they approach every aspect with a professional mindset. Sailing, cinematography, story-telling, presenting. And unbelievably, as they hone their talents, well they just get better and better! Truly they deserve all their success, so inspiring and so likable. Uma is number one, in all ways!

  • Jim Alexander
    Jim Alexander

    Nice job you brought the old gal back to life!...your hard work has payed off!

  • Stars of the Streets
    Stars of the Streets

    Thank you for explaining everything with so much detail, I love watching your videos, and learning.. I'm saving money to buy my own boat one day, and you two are great inspiration. Much love!

  • coug96fan

    Such functional and elegant updates. Thanks for the description of your motivations for design changes. For this land bound sailor, it is amazing to see your built environment evolve. Uma has a whole new life.

  • Pete McDonald
    Pete McDonald

    This is the first video of yours I've watched ~ very very good, looks like I've got plenty to cruise through. I promise not to do it from a couch & I look forward to see what you made of UK waters esp Cornwall n Devon :)

    • Kusta Kuties
      Kusta Kuties


  • Vishal Hasotikar
    Vishal Hasotikar


  • Tim Ellis
    Tim Ellis

    WOW! What a great video. So inspiring.

  • Gary Bode
    Gary Bode

    If the anchor will self-launch shouldn't you use a mechanical locking device so it doesn't launch of the windlass malfunctions? Someone will still have to go up to the foredeck to secure it.

    • Sailing Uma
      Sailing Uma

      We tie off the anchor while sailing. But the locking device on the windlass is mechanical and not really prone to “failing”. Unless used improperly..

  • James

    This is such a nice boat. I'm jealous.

  • 657BIueArmy

    Wow, the Cape Horn Windvane is around US$4000/€4000/£3850, probably a fair bit more if you have it fitted. It always surprises me that no smalled engineering firm has made something similar to the Cape Horn, Hydrovane etc. I'm going to have a bash at making the Mark Three that Canadian Alan Mulholland of Wave Rover fame made for a few quid, and which has seen him safely on several very testing passages, and which has survived a knockdown in the Atlantic without damage.

    • 657BIueArmy

      @Sailing Uma Yes, the safety aspect is huge, especially as I'll be doing the same solo passages as Yves and as yourselves, and will be quite dependent on the self-steering. I'm on a very tight budget though, so will have to try my hand at making the 'Mark Three' as Dan's Alan Mulholland calls it. The first videos of yours I watched (and those that inspired me to want to start sailing at 62 years of age) were your west to east passage ones as you headed across the somewhat irate North Atlantic to Southampton, England, minutes from my home. As a total greenhorn I was interested to learn of these marvellous wind-powered self-steering devices, and was amazed that you could shelter blow deck while the self-steering did the business outside in the madness! Those videos were also my first sight of AIS, another absolute 'must' as far I'm concerned! It felt so good seeing you cosy in the cabin, dry and warm from the North Atlantic turmoil outside, but able to check the AIS to see who was around you, and the compass to see that you were still headed this way! My warmest wishes to you both. Please stay safe and happy always (Port Au) Princess Kika and Mountain Man Dan. Mike, Southampton, UK.

    • Sailing Uma
      Sailing Uma

      The price of most wind vanes out there are all around the same range. Sure There are cheaper options out there but when it comes to the windvane we see it as a safety equipment and we wanted to get one we knew we could trust. And trust me it was worth every single penny. We did a lot of research to find the right vane but we fell in love with the cape horn, because not only its a simple and beautiful design, its a beast and so powerful. On our North Atlantic crossing it was steering 99.9% of it. Also the guy who designed and built it (yves) took it for a non stop circumnavigation as his shake down, And rarely ever had to steer. He made a film about his journey. And each vane is specifically built to each boats measurements, so you don’t have to add all sorts of metal Tubes just to make it fit.

24K - 100
24K - 100