Gordon Gets Served RAW FISH | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EP
FULL EP FRIDAY! This one goes out to Josh for winning the Josh fight.
And another one. Gordon visits Mojito's where arguments push Gordon to his limits.
#GordonRamsay #KitchenNightmares
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  • Kitchen Nightmares
    Kitchen Nightmares


    • Victor Ivanov
      Victor Ivanov

      Thanks :)

    • Clutten

      yo my man keep upload videos yesss....

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      W Buho80


  • Kyle Mardell
    Kyle Mardell

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  • sajheka hesebliq
    sajheka hesebliq

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  • Juste Dan
    Juste Dan

    please dont let kata make kids


    22.:33 "don't bounce around like a monkey here walk in the dining"😂😂😂

  • shakira linya
    shakira linya

    you can't tell me marcello isn't still in love with kata

  • Daniel

    15:44 put captions on, you won't regret it ;-)

    • Reid Reid
      Reid Reid

      It does sound like it to be fair 😅

  • John Boona
    John Boona

    Of all the times to fudge up, you chose when Gordon Ramsay is there in your restaurant lol

  • General Fr
    General Fr

    Always warms me how happy they look when the restaurant gets a new look shine2 ⭐✨

  • almog1910

    she is real life gloria from modern family!🤣🤣🤣

  • Keni R
    Keni R

    Singing "Im gonna bring it back" - server

  • IndigoViperLondon

    I hope they got back together 😭

  • Atlas Network
    Atlas Network

    I hoped the last two got it together there were a lot of very strong feelings between them.

  • Tommy RTE
    Tommy RTE

    I'm gonna bring it back 🎶🎵🎤🎧

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario

    Gordon Ramsay: *Gets Sushi* "It's fucn raw! Sushi master: Yes Chef. Sorry Chef

  • Elanor Allmann
    Elanor Allmann


  • Minty

    Mammmmmma Miaaaa MarCEllOO

  • K Law
    K Law

    Famous last words: "I don't think they could hit us from this dist..." - General Custer "Look at that water. Not a ripple!" - Lookouts on the Titanic "Chef Ramsay is gonna _love_ my cooking." - Every restauranteur in existence

  • Cre Henge
    Cre Henge

    More ads than Ramsay screams....

  • Fendron P
    Fendron P

    imagine when the owner of this channel hears about Sushi... oh boy...

  • charliemarqfj

    Let me feed the chief!

  • Leonie H.
    Leonie H.

    I became so invested in Kata and Marcelo’s relationship I literally cried in the end tf

  • Teacher FEBIE
    Teacher FEBIE

    I can see that guy really loves Cata!!!!

  • ItsOnly9Euros

    If youd have lvl 5 cooking in The Long Dark, youd still get food poisoning from the stuff they serve in that restaurant.

  • Trident Music India
    Trident Music India

    6:45 Got Me In Full xD

  • Chesco

    *She cheated on him while she went down to Miami, and that's what broke him. Something the show can't tell us. They are divorced now, she went hard into cooking.*

  • Juhasz Tamara
    Juhasz Tamara


  • Ray Bilverstone
    Ray Bilverstone

    I think the waitress need to get her a new hairstyle because the one she’s got doesn’t suit her at all .

  • Ribi

    15:46 best subtitles I’ve seen

  • Wilson Cloutoux
    Wilson Cloutoux

    damn i feel bad for the chef mans look like they about to commit sucide

  • Wilson Cloutoux
    Wilson Cloutoux

    He said 97percent will be good damn that guy luck is crazy gordon landed on the 3percent tuff

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      would love to see the two of them together again.

  • MsFukeneh

    This episode made me cry..I think they both love each other but don't know how to bounce back from all the harm they inflicted on each other..I pray something in them makes them see the past in new light and they rekindle the pureness of their original connection 💗

  • KenyX

    Buy a new camera?

  • JamesTavRule

    I swear, 90% of my knowledge of the US is thanks to Gordon going over there and making these shows.


    I like how gordon pops out on every location of the restaurant just to talk to the camera 🤣🤣🤣

  • Alz Gamer
    Alz Gamer

    How to Ruin Your Marriage: 1. Run a restaurant together

  • Rithvik

    Homie uses toilet water as a decoration material

  • Jaikay1

    They should just get back together

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    Head waiter: "im gonna bring it baaack~" A literal mood

  • Jaikay1

    Marcelo is one of the most obviously depressed people i've seen in a looooong time.

  • i ate my doodie
    i ate my doodie

    The waiter is such a vibe

    • i ate my doodie
      i ate my doodie

      @bcvbb hyui what

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      and suggestion you could ever get.

  • PureSimple XD
    PureSimple XD

    Nobody ganna talk about the waiter and how good his mood was lol

    • Rixi Shah
      Rixi Shah

      Right such good vibes

  • Motivation Exceeds Me
    Motivation Exceeds Me

    I want to be the cameraman that waits in the ally or out the window for Gordon to do his quick updates XD

  • Kelsi Parker
    Kelsi Parker

    Y'know what, credit to them for the pantry -- they may have had way too much food in, but it does stand out on this show when the worst Gordon found there was an avocado that had gone a bit squishy.

  • LEEchy?

    Description says it all

  • Rishav Masih
    Rishav Masih

    Marcelo seems like a very genuine and humble person. If it were not for emotional instability he would be rocking the place. Kata looks protective, smart but overly aggressive. I would love to see the two of them together again.

  • Trudy McKnight
    Trudy McKnight

    i need a Geo in my life

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    Me: Someone needs to help Marcello get a professional therapist Gordon: What am I? A roach?

  • iamu

    What an emotional episode. Damn, why did you do this to me. Was this an episode of marriage counseling or kitchen nightmares?

  • Sasha Farenyuk
    Sasha Farenyuk

    Never mix ur wife and ur business together. Ever.

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi


  • Tristin Baeza
    Tristin Baeza

    “Wow, meatballs wow!”

  • Two Strings
    Two Strings

    *_Let me feed the Sheep_* 🐑 Ramsey: You fkin Donkey. How dare you!

  • T1t4n1um Sh13ld
    T1t4n1um Sh13ld

    Its like there was a virus that had taken control over Kata and Marcello and Gordon came in with the Antivirus

  • 6_a7w

    gordon is a hidden therapist

  • Triantalex

    Dislike for the title.


    man i want gordon to be my psychologist.. i want him to scream at me to compose myself when i need it, but also to listen to my problems and give me the most honest opinion and suggestion you could ever get.

  • What the cinnamon toast fuck is this
    What the cinnamon toast fuck is this

    Ghetto Sushi✨

  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight Schrute

    Gordon has GOT to stop saying 'Fuck Me' bc... 🥴

  • BGB IG
    BGB IG

    Life lesson: dont ever work with your other half.

  • •Maya malinda•
    •Maya malinda•

    33:45 the guy in a background

  • Sahil Sanil
    Sahil Sanil

    *reads title of the video* Me: Is Ramsay disgusted by Sushi?

  • thebandcoca

    Who is Jeff Ramsay? 🙃

  • Angel of Rock
    Angel of Rock

    *5:28** Arnold: "Do it! Do it now! Kill me!"*

  • Saketh Reddy
    Saketh Reddy

    Ngl gordon looks so cute at 11:47

  • kids videos fun
    kids videos fun


  • Erica's SUV Travels
    Erica's SUV Travels

    After Gordon Ramsey exposing the poor conditions I eat out very little

  • mal big
    mal big

    Botox lips - tells you all you need to know.

  • Faisal H.
    Faisal H.

    Gordon is amazing.

  • Michael Clarke-Whittet
    Michael Clarke-Whittet

    Their story makes me very sad - things feel like they didn't have to go the way they did. This man looks like he cries 25 hours a day

  • Joanna

    The legend says that he has a farenheit scale termomether and he thinks the scale is in celsius 😅

  • Mr. Popo
    Mr. Popo

    Wait you could get worms from raw fish

  • V0r4xiz

    It's just baffling to me how in EVERY FUCKING EPISODE there's an owner who has never stepped foot in their own fucking fridge and doesn't fucking know that food's just rotting there. Money wasting AND health endangered. And then they go "I had no idea." WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN? YOU'RE THE OWNER!

    • Joanna

      I cant help but feel that Chief Gordon is somehow like Simon Cowell.....They are the best

  • YaAliMadad 313
    YaAliMadad 313

    The customers turn into right cunts when Ramsey is there. If the food wasn’t nice the restaurant wouldn’t be packed

  • The pieonedie
    The pieonedie

    Do you think they will get back together as a couple?

  • Harambe Catcher
    Harambe Catcher

    Marcelo needs to move on - he's clearly not over his ex.

  • Harambe Catcher
    Harambe Catcher

    Gordon, that's called sushi - it's a delicacy.

  • Joe Boo
    Joe Boo

    maggies clapped

  • TheHumanGerm

    Salty as f to get you to buy more beverages. Cheap tricks by cheap people

  • Earl Of Cumbrae
    Earl Of Cumbrae

    What Happened Next at Mojito? Thanks to the smaller menu Mojito buys less produce and have implemented a new promotion at the flea market to get new customers. Katalina and Marcelo are also fighting less. Gordon revisits in a Kitchen Nightmares Revisited episode and the restaurant is doing well. Business had increased by 30%, both owners are more relaxed and the fighting between the pair has stopped. Marcelo and Kata did give the relationship another go but the feelings had changed and it did not work out. Yelp reviews for the restaurant were very mixed after Gordon's visit, with a solid mix of 1 star and 5 star reviews. Trip Advisor reviews are also very mixed. Mojito closed in March 2016, posting the below onto on Facebook - "In behalf of our entire staff. We want to thank all our Patrons for 13 years of support and loyalty, Mojito Cuban Cuisine . Brooklyn location is Closed Stand by for our next Chapter. All the love #chefmkv" Mojito aired on February 25 2010, the episode was filmed in May 2009 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 3 episode 4.

  • Brady connell
    Brady connell

    my guy is still in love.

  • CHfan 21
    CHfan 21

    Marcelo is at the end of his rope and look like he may have an alcohol problem. I hope he can get help.

  • Phoebe5448

    I feel bad for Kata and Marcelo, but I'm glad they didn't bring a child into that mess. Sort out your own problems first before you inflict it on a child. Kids get messed up if they see their parents fighting all the time. They clearly both care about each other but communication is a big part of having a healthy relationship. (Speaking from exp.) Hope they're doing loads better now!!

  • SeanyC

    Why is this show so good?

  • star sparks
    star sparks

    1 minute in and I know Gordon has some therapy to do

  • Ugly Person
    Ugly Person

    Marcelo actually doing lots of work. From cooking to buying things and checking everything. And he looks so depressd and tired.

  • Joy Lebekwe
    Joy Lebekwe

    I cant help but feel that Chief Gordon is somehow like Simon Cowell.....They are the best

  • Tom Ruta
    Tom Ruta

    Wow almost as if someone will treat you differently if you move across state lines and cheat

  • CarryOnInes

    she looks like cardi b

  • Samjith Raj Bondla
    Samjith Raj Bondla

    Why? Just why does it look like a 2002 sitcom!?

  • Live With William
    Live With William

    wow meatballs wow 😂😭

  • Maethen Dias
    Maethen Dias

    how do you forget to cook your dish AS A COOK LMFAO

  • Dylan Gittinger
    Dylan Gittinger

    What's this haircut Maggie ? Like... Bruh

  • Clarissa Ranford
    Clarissa Ranford

    oh wow I'm not watching a kitchen nightmares episode that's several years old already

  • Hey Ya!
    Hey Ya!

    Gordon making side comments through the window had me dying 😂

  • Sean Cantley
    Sean Cantley

    Sadly, it seems the restaurant closed in March of 2016.

  • Jam 3250
    Jam 3250

    7:57 Marcelo kills me dude 😭

  • チェリー

    The Resturant closed in 2016 sadly but the fact that it lasted almost 7 years after the shooting of its episode makes me feel less sad

    • Stephanie JacindaArdernforever
      Stephanie JacindaArdernforever

      @ALYN lu Googling

    • ALYN lu
      ALYN lu

      Really? Have you gone there pal?

    • OptiGreen


    • NeXa Gaming Point
      NeXa Gaming Point

      How do you know pal ??

    • Anthonie Johnston
      Anthonie Johnston

      @Red Jhon Ah, so then went downhill?

  • Zana Yasmin
    Zana Yasmin

    It’s upto us ❤️

  • Himangshu Kalita
    Himangshu Kalita

    God bless Gordon

  • Himangshu Kalita
    Himangshu Kalita

    Feel bad for them..they are extremely relatable. God bless them.