Eminem - When I'm Gone (Official Music Video)
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Music video by Eminem performing When I'm Gone. (C) 2005 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records
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  • rue

    This is one of the most well put together songs ever

  • Davidtalks

    I got him ahead of 2pac, Nas, biggie, and Weezy for my number 1

  • sss ххх
    sss ххх


  • LiL Mighty
    LiL Mighty

    Home in L.An Asturias Sacred and studio

  • LiL Mighty
    LiL Mighty

    For life what

  • LiL Mighty
    LiL Mighty

    Social security check is what

  • LiL Mighty
    LiL Mighty

    I know what you meant gym 2

  • LiL Mighty
    LiL Mighty

    Testosterone mmm

  • Connor Jaggers
    Connor Jaggers


  • Tyrell Morgan
    Tyrell Morgan

    vanilla Rap

  • A.R.S 2990
    A.R.S 2990

    I’m here because I searched it. I don’t need a recommendation to tell me that I should check this song out

  • Tahmid Mahi
    Tahmid Mahi

    Damn I really wish I was old enough to listen to this song when this was first released...

  • hfuei39jx

    All I know is I'm ulstairs listening to my Will Smith CD

  • Miekkalakar Studios
    Miekkalakar Studios

    2021 april 21 im still here ❤️

  • Michael Kiosev
    Michael Kiosev

    this song is ethernal

  • Janovic

    still the best song ever in myy opinion

  • wag turbo
    wag turbo

    This is gonna hit different when em dies

  • Gio Villadelrey
    Gio Villadelrey

    April 2021? Anyone?🙋

  • davizin marinho
    davizin marinho

    O eminem retrata as histórias contadas na música de uma maneira muito séria. Séria mesmo, à sequenciação das cenas do clip, a letra, o beat, à qualidade.

  • Eneko Larrakoetxea
    Eneko Larrakoetxea


  • Spencer’s pet koala aka koala timez
    Spencer’s pet koala aka koala timez

    I’m not gonna leave my room for at LEAST two months when he dies I’m just gonna put my face in my pillow for 3 hours everyday and cry

  • Arif 1907
    Arif 1907

    That's a masterpiece 💯

  • Weedy Chap
    Weedy Chap


  • jaysarah70

    Danm I think I am going to be looking for eminem in America 🇺🇸Eminem macks me laugh 😅🤣😂

  • King of Shadows
    King of Shadows

    THE REAL REASON WHY EMINEM ( MARSHALL MATHERS ) KEEPS ON LOOKING DIFFERENT! "he is supposed to be dead, and a permanent clone that needs a new replacement body every 6 months to a year. Unknown if it is even his original consciousness running the clone. Could be a Vrill, could be a dead consciousness recorded on chip. It's why he was slurring his speech and acting mentally handicapped in a few of his interviews, His clone brain was degrading and he needed to get a replacement. They go to specific hospitals, like one near camp David somewhere to get the replacements, they grow multiples and choose the most similar looking one." - Donald Marshall [Websites in which you can read this info] -DONALD MARSHALL PROBOARDS -ASTRAL7 BLOGSITE (Website might be slow but its all worth it) Enjoy what you read!

  • PetAK BeduGeL
    PetAK BeduGeL


  • aneer nazar
    aneer nazar

    I listen this in 2013

  • Dikeledi Mashilane
    Dikeledi Mashilane

    And still watching it in 2021 😥

  • Dan Mobbs
    Dan Mobbs

    Love you Elijah Taylor 👊👊nz from DUNCLE

  • Oliver Krilov
    Oliver Krilov

    This song still brings tears to my eyes. Marshall you beautiful creature!

  • Lost 98
    Lost 98

    I love so much this song, listening since I was a kid.

  • Stacey Harris
    Stacey Harris

    2021 am here love Eminem

  • Henk

    Best song ❌ 🧢

  • ArdenCF

    Never forget

  • Seane furture
    Seane furture

    2021 april we r here

  • Даня маленький бомж
    Даня маленький бомж

    Я Украинец

  • Lily Ngo
    Lily Ngo

    I listen to it more than any song before

  • Onelast 21
    Onelast 21

    can we talk about the plane crashing thing? was he supposed to be in the plane of 9/11 ?

  • Mamad Pangcatan
    Mamad Pangcatan

    Who's here 2048 ?

  • Hayle Mathers
    Hayle Mathers

    I’m a kpop fan so everyone expects me to listen to it but Eminem is amazing and speaks the truth I am pursuing my dream to rap because of him he was a big part of my life and I hope that continues

  • Bruh iTz Joe
    Bruh iTz Joe

    4/20/21 Will always come back to this one

  • MartinJensen Andersen
    MartinJensen Andersen

    Maybe in 7-10 years time this will change, its not to be negotiated.. I/My-Self OR My-Feelings", was in "Negotiation-Mode" 5-7 days ago, now its totally over and it will be negotiated in 7-10 years time.

  • MartinJensen Andersen
    MartinJensen Andersen

    Try me...

  • MartinJensen Andersen
    MartinJensen Andersen

    Im not joking btw...


    5:03 is the part that made a smile on my face 🌝

  • Juan Gidoni
    Juan Gidoni

    12 years now ... I keep looking and listening to Eminem ... Jesus, I cry in every song. What a legend! He marks my life!

  • goth gurl
    goth gurl

    I'll give you one under dog and you gotta swing by yourself why do I feel like that would make a good quote

  • Tallis Hawes
    Tallis Hawes

    Someone wish me a happy birthday

    • Unique

      Happy late birthday

    • xXxXx-----xXxXx

      Happy birthday

    • BGMinion

      Happy birthday bro

  • Tallis Hawes
    Tallis Hawes

    I'm still here on 2021 whs with Me

  • Kali Boyy
    Kali Boyy

    For anyone who still uses that ridiculous argument that Eminem is not the greatest or one of the greatest because he don’t get no airplay on the radio, ain’t no one in the hood bumping, and he isn’t on rotation in the clubs, bring your ass on over to this track and prove to me that this isn’t one of the most gifted artists of all time in any genre of music. Fuck all y’all haters and I’m not a STAN. I’m someone who has been listening to hip-hop for over 30 years, I’ve Heard every artist in this genre of music, and the only one that has the same sort of intact was 2Pac. Em is the greatest, it doesn’t mean that he has to be your favourite but you have to respect the fact that he is indeed the best to have done it to this point. The problem is people can’t handle the fact that a white person does it better than the rest.

  • Joshua Gomez
    Joshua Gomez


  • Cant Deliver
    Cant Deliver


  • Superstar

    😭💔song got me in my feelings

  • Hawkeye

    just awesome... no more words

  • Angela Cavon
    Angela Cavon

    1:42 - 1:58 This is exactly how I feel in online school it's like...it's like I'm cutting everyone else out of my life, and focusing on one thing and I get no breaks at all. It keeps going around and around and around it's like I'm gonna lose my mind soon. XD

  • Ross Rossiter
    Ross Rossiter

    the second 'A' in NA or AA stands for anonymous, not advantageous. Here a celebrity who's lost touch serves up this self indulgent slice of 'look at me. im troubled and complex, me.

  • mus hummels
    mus hummels

    2021-4-19 im still here

  • FBH ManMan
    FBH ManMan

    I always been a fan of you since I was 4

  • Shami Fouzi
    Shami Fouzi

    He the true rapper he told about his story to us and give us life lesson

  • Evoker Gaming
    Evoker Gaming

    His Daughter Should Be Proud At HIm

  • revengeAIK

    was here sense a baby

  • Logique Rationnaliste
    Logique Rationnaliste

    the moonman version is better

  • MGC -Mobile Gaming Centre
    MGC -Mobile Gaming Centre

    I'm actually crying When em actually leaves It's really going to hurt He's actually 48 already now! He has so much emotion in his voice Like he's singing a movie!! We will always love you em

  • shayan bidabadi
    shayan bidabadi

    and ill pass Eminem to my children. Never will get old.

  • írfαn

    Comment session is live from last 11 years

  • írfαn

    As a kid i enjoyed this song so much but now As an adult i understand em

  • dascalu bogdan
    dascalu bogdan

    this song is nothing short of genius

  • Benii

    first song i cried from, an eminem song

  • S Andrew 594
    S Andrew 594

    Let’s get this masterpiece to 1B ! 2021 April .

  • Spectre

    I'm so glad i lived in era where eminem creates and lives

  • Muku Memmedov
    Muku Memmedov

    It's the year 2021. Is anyone still listening?


    I'm literally crying 😭 listening and watching to this

  • Kshitij Pagare
    Kshitij Pagare

    We're all crying because this isn't Shady. Marshall wrote this song.

  • super boy
    super boy

    its 2021 and still love this 😍 Love from nepal slim saddy 😍😍

  • Esin Beyhan
    Esin Beyhan

    This song made me cry they are so freaking cute togheder........

  • Xavier francis Maneja
    Xavier francis Maneja

    i cant believe that eminem's dauther followed him to sweden

  • Verena Verena
    Verena Verena

    Me too after 20 years!

  • pasxalis piperoudis
    pasxalis piperoudis

    I start thinking that youtube puts by its own dislikes automatically in masterpieces like this

  • Scars

    eminem va a ser mas eterno que el universo

  • Basic Tech
    Basic Tech

    RIP to all those who think this song is only 11 years old...

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku

    "And when I'm gone just carry on don't mourn" "Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice"

  • Asta Is A Beast!
    Asta Is A Beast!

    *Classic Eminem song and glad the MV is almost at 1 BILLION VIEWS* 😊

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku

    Here before 1B views

  • TheycallmeLyl

    I still cant believe gen z tried to cancel THIS MAN. This man right here... the disrespect. We love you Em♥️ you gave us soooo much to hold onto and come back to. This song never fails to make me cry.

    • Nope SSME
      Nope SSME

      I’m gen z I will never do that. My parents passed him to me. He is apart of my childhood. I don’t want to throw my childhood away. I love his music.

  • Simon Bo
    Simon Bo

    Just wow slim shady! & i said that in 2021! It's still a wonderfull song!

  • Ritz Car
    Ritz Car

    I remember the first time I was here

  • Miguel Angelo
    Miguel Angelo

    2021 still ⬆️ #Legend

  • Nicholas Rowe
    Nicholas Rowe


  • Matheus Martínez
    Matheus Martínez


  • Zack Nelson
    Zack Nelson

    God bless eminem's doughter and Eminem you raised her well and you made rap good

  • Loup Blanc Officiel
    Loup Blanc Officiel


  • Taktik Beast
    Taktik Beast

    Who ever listening to this in 25 years this guy was a legend^^

  • Соитяollin' zToNes
    Соитяollin' zToNes

    I listening that when my girl was 14 and i was 16

  • R4W4 16D
    R4W4 16D

    Still legendary

  • MLGDrou 9
    MLGDrou 9


  • 300_spartan soldier
    300_spartan soldier

    2021 and beyond!

  • Elbeyi Novruzov
    Elbeyi Novruzov

    2021 Im here🥀

  • Omair

    This guy is the greatest storytelling rapper I've ever heard

    • Spencer’s pet koala aka koala timez
      Spencer’s pet koala aka koala timez

      ❤️I agree ❤️

    • Niklas H.
      Niklas H.

      "this guy"

  • James G
    James G

    Em Nation let's get this to 1B

  • Mario Hoxha
    Mario Hoxha

    2022 im still here😂