Top 10 Best Races Of The Decade | 2010-2019
The votes have been counted and we can reveal that the best race of the last decade is...
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  • dreadalex

    Most of them have a lot of crashes. Kimi's last win in Austin was a nailbiter, Monza Leclerc win over Hamilton was a great race too, the Turkish GP where Hamilton and Button put a fight was a great race, the Austrian GP where Rosberg Hamilton crashed on the last lap, Silverstone battle between Verstappen and Leclerc there were better choices for that top ten

  • bernardvoss

    Man! Those Brittish commentators are really hysterical!

  • DJYosisoY

    All Vettel crashes 2010-2019

  • TheLordsOfDogTown

    Ahora debe de estar en ese top 10 la carrera de Bahrain dónde checo salió P1

  • Máté Herold
    Máté Herold

    FIA be like Hamilton breaks in front of Vettel: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that Vettel goes into Hamilton afterwards: he can't do that, shoot him or something

  • Art Adhyay
    Art Adhyay

    That look from Fernando at Brazil 2012 is the stuff of movies...

  • New_user24 1010
    New_user24 1010

    This was actually a crash conpilation..

  • TheDrumvader

    No one: Sergio Perez in every race in this video: S🅱️IN

    • HKF1

      Not every race, he wasn't reaching in 2010 and he was on the podium on that 2014 Bahrain GP, and then there's the squeeze from Ocon that left both cars with damage.

  • Ghost Heart
    Ghost Heart

    OOOOOWWWAAAAA 2021. ♥️

  • Nathan 659
    Nathan 659

    It sounds like roblox theme Park 2 at the start

  • Paul Sayman
    Paul Sayman

    3:28 Valterri looks like me when I'm presenting on stage

  • Megan Mackey
    Megan Mackey

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    Relaxxxx Racing point will be Champions

  • Kyto 203
    Kyto 203

    Nobody: Not Ken Block:

  • Pamir Baran
    Pamir Baran

    In Brazil 2012 Alonso's face at the end is priceless

  • Dale Denton
    Dale Denton

    New to this. So do the teammates race each other as well?

  • qwe qwe
    qwe qwe

    4:50 this car looks so big

  • fdsjlaf

    going to ferrari is a career-ender

  • Batalion VR
    Batalion VR

    My Updated Top 10 10: Hungary 2014 9: Abu Dhabi 2010 8: Australia 2016 7: Britain 2013 6: Monaco 2010 5: Russia 2015 4: Monaco 2014 3: Azerbaijan 2017 2: Brazil 2012 1: Canada 2011 This comment will keep being updated

  • Tristan Tedeschi
    Tristan Tedeschi

    They dont love vettel in every races he goes out

  • Jose Yaruro
    Jose Yaruro

    Button 1st, Comb 2nd and Belt is 3rd.

  • Levity

    4:55 VETTEL!

  • Karan Vinod
    Karan Vinod

    Canada 2011 is the greatest GP of all time. Argue all you want.

  • Driver Nephi
    Driver Nephi

    6:18 Why are we still here? Just to suffer....

  • vicTTRS

    Germany 2019 the best race of the decade?, Who made this ranking?

  • JJ4824

    What a season 2012 was

  • Alen Aljić
    Alen Aljić

    Best races 2010-2019 1. Yas Marina 2010 2. Brazil 2012 3. Europe 2012 4. Hungary 2015 5. Germany 2018 6. Hungary 2014 7. Bahrein 2014 8. Malaysia 2013 9. Brazil 2019 10. Belgium 2014.

  • Fabian Haikal
    Fabian Haikal

    Botta and Lewis wheel to wheel:Valtteri its james

  • drewe G
    drewe G

    I know that everyone has a different view on everything but Canada 2011 has always been the best gp as a spectacle I've witnessed. Maybe it's simply as bias as I'm British 🤔.



  • Thomas Daintree
    Thomas Daintree

    Anyone else get nervous when they see the cars without halos?

  • Deanna Kelly
    Deanna Kelly

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  • Deanna Kelly
    Deanna Kelly

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  • Matthew Amaya
    Matthew Amaya

    Is it just me or is Hamilton getting punted off the track in half of these?

  • THEssSFM

    The worst season of all seasons: 2020, Mercedes only

  • Manu77

    Turkish gp??

  • A A
    A A

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  • Miszlai Márkó
    Miszlai Márkó

    I wanted to skip the 2018 German GP, and I accidentaly scrolled to that part when Seb is in the wall...🥲

  • lee mellor
    lee mellor

    This video should be called, video proof lewis is a fraud and proves to his fan girls he has no skill

  • D.S.

    '19 germany was the best race of the history of f1 no doubt

  • Kofeikel

    That should be the best the of Formel1 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Thomas Redden
    Thomas Redden

    Lol I think whoever made this doesn’t like Sergio too much, he seems to have such bad luck or just gafs in every one of these😂😂😂

  • Jelle Smid
    Jelle Smid

    Whaaat no brazil 2016?

  • M N
    M N

    Germany 2019 was one of the first races i watched. Needless to say i was hooked ever since

  • All in one
    All in one

    Congrachulation si 5m subscriber 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Jason rushton
    Jason rushton

    Great selection of races.

  • Guillermo Paz de Sierra
    Guillermo Paz de Sierra

    Bottas at 3:27: 👁 👄 👁

  • DJG1410

    Nice races, terribly annoying music

  • Ferdy Kieboom
    Ferdy Kieboom

    7:43 What type of bird is that..?

  • André Schneider
    André Schneider

    Man I forgot just how manic those earlier cars were!

  • Femi barry Fagbolagun
    Femi barry Fagbolagun


  • Harvey

    What's the song ?

  • Robert Andrews
    Robert Andrews

    Hold my Sakhir Grand Prix

  • O Dawg
    O Dawg

    That Fernando, Kimi, Schuey podium must have been one of, if not the most world championships on a podium at one time no?

  • Faishal Perwez
    Faishal Perwez

    Vettle was not harmed while making this video

  • MVedamo_23

    Where is Austria 2019???

  • LJ14W LJ Films
    LJ14W LJ Films

    Ngl Germany 2019 was not the best race of the decade. It should've been Canada 2011

  • Foxes Morgan
    Foxes Morgan

    2010 races Australia : Hamilton hit Webber and Webber out of the race. Singapore: Webber hit Hamilton and Hamilton out of the race. Revenge mode

  • Tom Beattie
    Tom Beattie

    Hamilton has a bit of a thing for ruining drivers' chances at a first podium

  • ALEX 3-1
    ALEX 3-1

    6:18 the face of deception

  • Maxim Delaet
    Maxim Delaet

    Always happy when I see Ricciardo win the first race in the video.

  • Noah Karb
    Noah Karb

    I mean in the first 15 seconds of this video you can see how a mercedes is out of the race... doesnt this explain it all ?? ;D

  • RB-WTF

    Brazil 2016 1️⃣

  • Bruno D Alfonso Ramos
    Bruno D Alfonso Ramos

    Here in 2021 and if 2020 was here again u could put the Turkish GP and the Italian GP and the Sahkir GP

  • Willy Rivero
    Willy Rivero

    Where's Checo Perez last to first win? That was one of the best races of the decade!

    • BFB-DanceySteve

      New decade. He did it last year

  • Marco Cremaschi
    Marco Cremaschi

    Bahrain 2014? Ahahahahahah

  • Joseph Jumonville
    Joseph Jumonville

    Why do people cheer when vettel wrecks? Bunch of As* Holes.

  • Alain Michel
    Alain Michel

    I would have put Canada 2011 in first place. Someoneelse noticed that Button won three races out of ten?

  • Alexey Savanets
    Alexey Savanets

    So nobody gonna complain about the thing that this decade was 2011-2020 not 2010-2019?

    • BFB-DanceySteve

      The teen years of this particular century is the decade they are highlighting. 2020 will be part of the Twenties. So no, nobody is complaining

  • Bimo AA
    Bimo AA

    In the Brazil 2012 one did crofty literally say, Hulkenberg takes the lead of a race for the first time, has he not seen his pole position in 2010

  • Neil Simpkins
    Neil Simpkins

    8:44 we all hate 1 stops but I think button took it too far with the 7 stop

  • Erwan Parcelier
    Erwan Parcelier

    Grosjean: beautifully overtake hamilton new F1 fan: impossible

  • Pedro Mtz
    Pedro Mtz


  • JJ


  • Kevin David
    Kevin David


  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan

    2019 German GP always in number 1.

  • Mr.screwy Gaming
    Mr.screwy Gaming

    Every single entry had something bad happen to vettel except for number 1 where vettel went from 20th to 2nd.

  • Nick Barnes
    Nick Barnes

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  • Ties Gras
    Ties Gras

    Brazil 2016 was inzane

  • Femi barry Fagbolagun
    Femi barry Fagbolagun

    wow all races

  • Elvira James
    Elvira James

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  • C M
    C M

    Formula 1, the art of single file racing.

  • Art Adhyay
    Art Adhyay

    I kinda expected USA 2018...well, anyway...

  • Carla Butler
    Carla Butler

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  • Ondra Kutílek
    Ondra Kutílek

    I dont want to upset anyone...but didn't Button crash into two cars pretty hardly.. eliminating two rivals? I mean, Hamilton was faster up to that point. Or we dont talk about that?

  • Hassan Nawaz
    Hassan Nawaz

    At the 6th min of this video the Music any idea which one it is?

  • บ้านนี้มีนม


  • part of the group called people of the internet
    part of the group called people of the internet

    5:14 the golden trio of the first decade of the 21st century

  • Jonki Pastramki
    Jonki Pastramki

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  • Eric Duran
    Eric Duran

    F for the podium if Carlos Sainz. In the RACE number 3

  • Vidit Jain
    Vidit Jain

    3:28 Bruh Bottas's face :(

  • Scarface90GER

    5:12 three legends


    Are you serious guys how on earth can hockenheim 2019 is better than Canada 2011 this was probably the best drive ever button was 2 laps down on lap 39 and within 30 laps he came back to win. Germany 2019 only had midfield battles and was unpredictable. Shame

  • PA551ON

    You can rename this list as Top 10 times Vettel Influenced a Race and nobody would notice

  • Fall Bicycle7061
    Fall Bicycle7061

    So where is Brazil 2016?

  • WL21

    I personally would've swapped the top 2 round but I get why they put Germany first

  • den525

    The best moments in F1 is when Hamilton crashes!

  • Lukas Ray
    Lukas Ray

    Apparently the top ten races of the decade all end with Vettel wrecking, getting wrecked, or making a mistake lol. At least they got his 2012 WC in there.

  • Mr. CarGuy
    Mr. CarGuy

    No2 is a waaaaay too overrated race and the fact it has made it up this high in the rankings shows just how uneventful the sport has become.

  • Adam Banks
    Adam Banks

    I still can't believe Hamilton took Albon off :(