Black Hawk Down - The Battle of Mogadishu 1993, Part 1 - Animated
Delta Force and Rangers launch a raid deep into Mogadishu to snatch two key members of the SNA faction. The plan is to be in and out in 30 minutes, but SNA leader Mohammed Farrah Aidid is not to be underestimated...

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  • Brandon Cheney
    Brandon Cheney

    You should do the battle of filluja

  • David Ramirez
    David Ramirez

    Watching this gives me a whole other kind of appreciation for the movie. I'm imagining all the scenes from the film as I watch the video, great animation work, can't even imagine the effort it took to put this together. More importantly though, it's a great way to rememberer the heroes from that day.

  • Thomas Strandberg Sørensen
    Thomas Strandberg Sørensen

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  • Thomas Strandberg Sørensen
    Thomas Strandberg Sørensen

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    Michael Aguilar

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  • Matan Cideed
    Matan Cideed

    One day I wish to have the confidence of the brother riding the cow. Pray for me

  • Ba Ab
    Ba Ab

    As a 5 year old I remember my area was controlled by Pakistanis and Italians and seeing helicopters flying over, also lost my causina and uncle 😢coz of you Americas thans

  • TV Nostalgia
    TV Nostalgia

    The mission planner arrogantly made a critical mistake. He/she underestimated the enemy.

  • Constantine Saligan
    Constantine Saligan

    When will you post part2?

  • John Whittaker
    John Whittaker

    Loved this but been waiting for part 2, how long will it be, thanks

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    Its Venditti

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  • I Believe In Gaming
    I Believe In Gaming

    Comparing this operation to dessert storm, it's incredible how bungled the command and planning was during Blackhawk down

  • Joe Burns
    Joe Burns

    Amazing video! we need a part 2! great stuff man.

  • Craig Young
    Craig Young

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  • Lance L
    Lance L

    Should have never been there in the first place

  • AlwaysPushing Buttons
    AlwaysPushing Buttons

    Ha damn I don’t remember All these unarmed civilians getting wasted in the movie 😅

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    Andy Stevens

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    Big Iron

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    nonya business

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    Nada Nada

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  • Hayashi Shirou
    Hayashi Shirou

    lost helicopters in rescuing.. kinda bad strategy. it is better to insert rescue team through ground route than air since enemies will use rpg to shoot down any flying aircrafts in open air. on ground, at least u have buildings obstructing u and as well as enemies.

  • Hamster

    Whoever armed the Somali people with AKs and RPG should go to hell.

    • Eridanie9

      @Hamster I agree, it's unfortunate because I believe they went there to help. But they made that big mistake and then everything turned into pure chaos.

    • Hamster

      @Eridanie9 I agree - our military sticks it's nose where it doesn't belong a lot. Arming the population just made a bad situation worse it all.

    • Herr Helix
      Herr Helix

      @Hamster hehe RPG go nyoooom

    • Eridanie9

      @Hamster didn't they actually kill 200 people thinking the president was in that building ? Maybe y'all should think about that too.

    • Hamster

      @Herr Helix Poor people are dying and you go "brrrrrr"? Really human of you (unless you are a troll).

  • Lead

    Where is part 2? I saw a comment mentioning it was already out but I cannot see it.

  • Floyd_jones

    Awesome video, just an aside the CSAR team had USAF pararescueman Tim Wilkinson on board whose life saving efforts throughout the night earned him an Air Force Cross

  • MonkeyStank

    This proves why the US should never sub to the UN. Besides, it's unconstitutional. The fact armor units were not considered as support assets, proves the mission was underestimated. The US never goes into combat without superior forces/firepower. Either this was underestimated, or politics controlled the mission. Going into a combat situation without Spector gunships/aircraft support, or armor was a bad call on leadership.

  • river 17
    river 17

    Neeed the next oneee

  • S

    I think the most startlingly and surprising aspect of this extremely well made and documented video is the fact it quite truly brought me to tears. Seeing the site of Super 64 being overrun after fighting so desperately, with all allies doing everything they can to save them. It really resonates deeply in a way the movie and personal recounts simply can't. Thank you.

  • Khali Pascal
    Khali Pascal

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    Benj Llamera

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    Rest In Peace to all who lost their lives on this day. Breaks my heart to think about these 18 year old kids going in to battle

  • Wulfredo Lanz
    Wulfredo Lanz

    The obsequious jumbo initially bubble because grease eventually double of a languid betty. cautious, scattered double


    Man...imagine being those 2 Delta Snipers being overrun by that mob...terrifying

    • andiamo cclash
      andiamo cclash

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  • squealpig

    phenomenal job with the video. As for the operation, i can only imagine, but seemed like absolute hell every second of it.

  • A MaC
    A MaC

    I never realised America is still in Mogadishu, even recently American personal have been killed and injured. November 2020.

  • A MaC
    A MaC

    A serious question.why did America never do anything like this to help out the British with their conflict in Northen Ireland .Even toady British intelligence can tell you the names and addresses of know and some previously convicted terrorists. How about using the pin point bombing by drones in Northern Ireland, taking out terrorists still active today.

  • Andy Flo
    Andy Flo

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    M Kusairy

    Incredibly well presentation and production.

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    Leon 600RR

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    Yes let’s form a circle around a gunfight then get mad when we get hit in crossfire 👍🏽

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    Matt Lemmons

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    Thineus Thaddeus

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    Sammy Trout

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    CP 100

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    Harold Hollingsworth

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    Jonathan Blair

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    Jaxon Bill

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    Sims J

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  • MR no one
    MR no one

    With the power of hindsight this seems like an awful plan right from the start.

    • UzuMaki NaRuto
      UzuMaki NaRuto

      @Bullet-Tooth Tony I think the Rangers and Delta were perfectly fine in taking care of themselves against the Somalis. The only problem as it often is in warfare is supplies. Give the Americans unlimted ammo, food and medical supplies and they'd probably have no problem holding off the Somalis indefinitely even without air support.

    • Bullet-Tooth Tony
      Bullet-Tooth Tony

      @UzuMaki NaRuto It should have been a quick snatch and grab mission, delta troops going in and taking the HVT's and get straight out. Instead it became a long drawn out battle with lots of urban combat with units that were not equipped to fight such warfare.

    • UzuMaki NaRuto
      UzuMaki NaRuto

      The plan wasn't necessarily bad, just that it seems like they significantly underestimated the Somali response to the operation and also didn't take extra precautions for unforseen circumstances.

  • john cole
    john cole

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    The Shadow

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    Red Vines

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    pyro glitches

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  • Comfortable

    Rent the movie, you'll see a lot more that went wrong and right. The UN forces sucked, big time. No different today. Good piece, thanks.

  • banditBoy943777

    Never underestimate your enemy, I'm sure it's in that Art of War book hey

  • Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg
    Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg

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    Siciid Ali

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    Jose Rosales

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    Tanaka Muhyiddinho

    Can't wait for part 2. Amazing content.

  • Olz Dee
    Olz Dee

    There seemed to be a distinct lack of the 'what if..?' factor in the planning of this operation. Paid for with some very brave lives.

  • Muhammad Rayhan Firdaus
    Muhammad Rayhan Firdaus

    My guy, immediatly release the next part. This was much more fascinating that watching text lectures or even the movie itself.

    • Clarence Boddicker
      Clarence Boddicker

      I'm hoping a part 2 will be made

  • Olz Dee
    Olz Dee

    Only in Somalia do you face an attack led by a guy on a Cow with an AK. Bovine Blitz. Moogadishu.

  • titanfall fun!
    titanfall fun!

    2:14 you idiots! -US high command

  • P. Tiesti
    P. Tiesti

    First Congressional Medals of Honor awarded since Vietnam. First true fight in the Global War on Terror. Also interesting how nothing went to shite until Bill Clinton and his ghoul Les Aspin took over, pi55ed everyone off then denied us armor because they didn't want a war to look like a war. Perhaps if Clinton hadn't been pushing the TF to get things done asap they wouldn't have abandoned doctrine and done things during the night? 🤔🇺🇸 #wehappyfew #alwaysoutfront #weownthenight #democratincompetence #

  • P. Tiesti
    P. Tiesti

    The warlords just didn't appreciate not being able to starve their opposing clans into submission. That's all it really came down to. 🇺🇸

  • P. Tiesti
    P. Tiesti


  • P. Tiesti
    P. Tiesti

    Got to Mogadishu in Feb 93.

  • rodrick 1009
    rodrick 1009

    my parents said they remember seeing on the TV the 2 dead delta force operators being pulled around the city, is that was true?

    • Know Yourself
      Know Yourself

      They were like trophies 🏆 them Somalis don’t play with their food lol

  • Israel Ojerinde
    Israel Ojerinde

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  • DKTGSupport

    Ilaria Alpi & Miran Hrovatin. "At the time of her murder, she was following a case of weapon and illegal toxic waste traffic in which she believed also the Italian Army and other institutions were involved." How many guns at Operation Gothic Serpent can be viewed as Italian ?

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  • ʙɛɴɴʏ


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  • Abdullah Zulfiqar Awan
    Abdullah Zulfiqar Awan

    Almost non of the US forces made it out of the city, the very few that made it out were because of the UN (PK/ MYN) forces on the ground. It was one of the biggest cluster fuck mission of all times.

  • WASD

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  • Me S
    Me S

    The planning of this operation leaves a lot to desire.

  • Canab Axmed
    Canab Axmed

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    Daniel Pang

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