Mixing Every Hand Sanitizer From Bath & Body Works Together
Hello friends! Bad makeup science is back! Wait no, not makeup -- just bad *general* science, I guess. Here is a weird video we made where I mix one of every hand sanitizer from Bath \u0026 Body Works together!! Bath \u0026 Body Works is notorious for having a ton of different hand sanitizers, so I thought it would be fun to mix them together to see what the midpoint color \u0026 fragrance will be - and to try and spice up my ~hand sanitizing~ routine.

Just a quick disclaimer - some of the shots in the intro/buying segment of this video are shots from our Franken-candle video from 2018, which is why everyone is ~unmasked~. Also, any extra sanitizers that we still have after this video will be donated! And, as always, do nothing i do ever -- please don't overly inhale sanitizers, lol.

This video is NOT sponsored!!

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard

    HELLO FRIENDS!! bad science is baaack ✨i hope you guys enjoy this bizarre deep-dive into bath & body works hand sanitizers! just a quick disclaimer - some of the shots in the intro/buying segment of this video are shots from our franken-candle video from 2018, which is why everyone is ~unmasked~. also, any extra sanitizers that we still have after this video will be donated! and, as always, do nothing i do ever -- please don't overly inhale sanitizers, lol. xoxo, saf

    • Rman Nayr
      Rman Nayr


    • Rman Nayr
      Rman Nayr

      YES BAD SCIENCE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thunnaree Sirapiromthakoon
      Thunnaree Sirapiromthakoon

      @about you U

    • enasoja

      This is what healthy love looks like..tyler completes you both amazing personalities the atmosphere in your videos is like HOME. Hope you two always feel blessed and happy.

    • Emil Hund
      Emil Hund

      I love it, now when it is just the two of you. So much less noise around. I love to look at you two. You are so funny

  • Edits ect.
    Edits ect.


  • Katherin Nugent
    Katherin Nugent

    I’m surprised you missed the Halloween sanitizers

  • hello my name is Michael
    hello my name is Michael


  • tilly west
    tilly west

    imagine being allergic to hand sanitizer during a pandemic …..that's me....

  • emma bb
    emma bb

    these are my comfort videos

  • Katherine Sierras
    Katherine Sierras

    Safiya should mix every body spray and make a monster body spray

  • jaedyn applonie
    jaedyn applonie

    Honestly i love that my favorite youtubers interact with each other. I love that safiya knows matpat & cristine

  • Mrs. Komaeda
    Mrs. Komaeda

    I love the smell of alcohol weirdly and I wish I could buy some but I am broke af.

  • Doreen’s wondrous journey
    Doreen’s wondrous journey

    Nobody: Corona: I’m gonna get you Government: use hand sanitizer Us: 👁👁 👄

  • Annabelle

    The smell of this video gave me a headache

  • Akaashi Keiji
    Akaashi Keiji

    You should mix every perfume from bath and body works 😁

  • S M
    S M

    I’m playing this video to comfort me while I get rid of a massive spider from my room, wish me luck Edit: still alive (barely) :)

    • S M
      S M

      @Puffer Fish saskfhskajjahahah have a nice night/day! 😭😂

    • Puffer Fish
      Puffer Fish

      @S M omfg the stuff of nightmares right there. At least it's outside and now everyone is safe 😁 enjoy your reward videos, you've earned it from your fierce battle lol

    • S M
      S M

      @Puffer Fish I procrastinated and tried to enlist help. Help was denied. Attempted to approach very large spider on ceiling. The bitch jumped. JUMPED. I’m now traumatised but I managed to throw the bugger out the sloped window. I then binged 2 more Saf videos ahaha 💀 Thank you so much for checking in! 😂

    • Puffer Fish
      Puffer Fish

      It's been two hours, did you get the spider? Or did it also get sucked into binge watching Safiya content? 😂

  • cringyselfinsert

    Ok but the unmixed sanitizer mixture looks like what "Fruit Roll Ups" by Waterparks sounds like. Does that make sense?

  • Kɪᴛ Kᴀᴛᴀsᴛʀᴏᴘʜᴇ
    Kɪᴛ Kᴀᴛᴀsᴛʀᴏᴘʜᴇ

    Have you done a mixing soaps? Like gel and foaming soaps from bath & body works? You should do that if you’re interested! :D

  • Deven Thomas
    Deven Thomas

    A month later and I had to come back to this video

  • Sarah Speer
    Sarah Speer

    I’m dying to see her mix perfumes!

  • yianxa

    Try mixing different colognes or perfumes and see which scent doms 👁️

  • Rhane Mahingen
    Rhane Mahingen

    Forbidden pudding 😭

  • Ivy Elizabeth Music
    Ivy Elizabeth Music

    This is so cool!

  • -Cute Cupcake-
    -Cute Cupcake-

    I had a Christmas one it was called ‘on Christmas we wear pink’

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    Angela Chen


  • Brandy Nix
    Brandy Nix

    Are you giving any away? Ide love to get one 😁

  • Jessie Parker
    Jessie Parker

    Do you want to build a demond🎼🎶

  • Charlotte..Zuzuarregui..

    U sound like u would be a news reporter

  • Midelbia Santana
    Midelbia Santana

    This would kinda kill my sister, i think she might be allergic to hand sanitizer

  • epik gamers
    epik gamers

    it kills 199.99% of germs

  • L ø t u s
    L ø t u s

    Lol it gives me nostalgia from mixing chemicals without knowing i might kill me- ngl it was fun tho

  • Kinley Lyons シ
    Kinley Lyons シ

    You should do mixing every lotion or hand soap from bath and body works!

  • madison deren
    madison deren

    Bro had major crazy eyes in the thumbnail

  • Addy

    The sanitizer.. I want to eat it.

  • Mister GlitterBoo
    Mister GlitterBoo

    I don't understand, oranges are Christmas? There's always oranges in the stockings and stuff

  • Glen Mayne
    Glen Mayne

    Or… you could just read the labels.

    • Puffer Fish
      Puffer Fish

      Ah, yes, because it's so obvious what scents like Crisp Morning Air, A Thousand Wishes, and Sweater Weather are going to smell like.

  • Tara Kirkpatrick
    Tara Kirkpatrick

    Spiced fruit cake?

  • lilac and stitch
    lilac and stitch

    I have the urge to go watch game theory now 🎮📚

  • xkasssidyy

    When she said sweater weather I started singing all I am is a a man lol

  • Thunnaree Sirapiromthakoon
    Thunnaree Sirapiromthakoon

    Cool but looks like slime

  • Yephom Upabit
    Yephom Upabit

    Nice sharing!

  • Elizabeth Short
    Elizabeth Short

    "Oh my word"

  • Atrice McCary
    Atrice McCary

    I’ll take a couple sanitizers off your hands.

  • Tracy Noronha
    Tracy Noronha

    one might say that she had a watermelon sugar high

  • Catherine Nelson Rise Dance Team
    Catherine Nelson Rise Dance Team

    9:22 do you want to build a demon

  • Alexis Ryanna
    Alexis Ryanna

    i’ve never watched you before but i am crying laughing! you’re hilarious

  • Paisley Beck
    Paisley Beck

    1:30 2020 did suck

  • Doll Stop motion
    Doll Stop motion

    Can you do a new house tour pls

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  • m a d e l i n e
    m a d e l i n e

    Safiya makes her videos so re-watchable, I've already seen this video three times.

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    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Silver comet
    Silver comet

    your voice is beautiful- deep and melodious.

  • frostykidney

    you've gotta do a body spray one

  • sunnyside_up

    Beautiful hand pose 13:22

  • Melanie Magolan
    Melanie Magolan

    I'm mainly interested in your decision to not categorize citrus and berry as fruit???

  • Ashlandish

    I love Matpat’s reaction.

  • Michalena Farinella
    Michalena Farinella

    Fun fact! My sister is anosmic which means she can’t smell and doesn’t have 80% of her taste (she doesn’t have and hasn’t had COVID she was born like that)so she can’t enjoy bath and body works

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    King Octava


  • abby king
    abby king

    OMG Safiya you should totally make a franken perfume!!!! And if you and up selling it i would 110% buy it, even though i don't wear perfume alot. :D

    • abby king
      abby king

      (Idk if Bath and Body works makes perfume. If they do, and you know that they do, please let me know.)

  • Gossard

    She has like a news anchor voice

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    Trinity Wr



    Don’t loose it coved might come back

  • Let Me In Please
    Let Me In Please

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    Nikki Mooney

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    Black Tiger Lilies

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  • dingoesatemymotivation

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  • Victoria Correll
    Victoria Correll

    This nonsense is so beautifully, scientifically analyzed and I really appreciate it.

  • Briley Norland - CEM Student
    Briley Norland - CEM Student

    Sweater weather... Only bisexuals and the neighborhood fans will understand.

  • adriana modaff
    adriana modaff

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    Teele Finne

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  • J F
    J F

    Saf has used both the words flavor and taste, and I just want to go on record as saying, Tyler, please stop letting her eat things she shouldn't be. First candle wax, now sanitizer. 😂

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    Sera Gibson

    She sounds like a news lady

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    Kharys Lyndon

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    Dagmara Węgrzycka

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  • • t a y l o r •
    • t a y l o r •

    3:56 ✨hand sanitizer flavors✨

  • Tyler Black
    Tyler Black


  • Tyler Black
    Tyler Black

    Saf: *Walks into mall* Beauty store employees: *senses incoming danger*

    • beezinfed

      *Senses over loading paycheck*

  • Odin

    Everyone:do you wanna build a snowman ⛄️ Saf:do you wanna build a demon 👹


    Semangat semoga selalu sehat😊🙏🙏

  • jelly bunny
    jelly bunny

    safiya is really good at describing things

  • Pumpkin Bunny
    Pumpkin Bunny

    When I was younger I used to mix all the liquid soaps and Sanitizers. And now my family doesn’t buy liquid soap or sanitizer anymore. Just bar soap

  • Aleksandar Kitanovski
    Aleksandar Kitanovski

    you should mix all lip balms

  • Dayelynn Salinas
    Dayelynn Salinas

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  • Luar D'Andrea
    Luar D'Andrea

    I don't think sniffing that much alcohol and chemicals that close is good for your...life.

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      @Luar D'Andrea oh my bad 💀💀 proceed with ur day

    • Luar D'Andrea
      Luar D'Andrea

      @beezinfed That's not a MAGA hat. I get that a lot.

    • beezinfed

      I don't think being obsessed with a politician is good either

  • Alice Harris
    Alice Harris

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  • Tobio Kageyama
    Tobio Kageyama

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  • Ethan Satas
    Ethan Satas

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  • • Hey_ItzZoie •
    • Hey_ItzZoie •

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    Mad Hatter

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    Ele Plays

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    Cate Jackson

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    Amanda June

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    Amanda June

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    Jennifer Thompson

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    • beezinfed

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    Tyler Bonafede

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    dolita windo

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    Bet she’s gonna make her own hand sanitiser from scratch 👀👀👀

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

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  • Scarlett Holinshed
    Scarlett Holinshed

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  • Dana Fulla
    Dana Fulla

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