My 50 Cal Exploded
“Just Put A Thumb In It Shirts” -
In today’s video I explain my freak accident that occurred on April 9th 2021.
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  • Kentucky Ballistics
    Kentucky Ballistics

    Hey everybody! I am doing great and I'm going to make a full recovery! God is good! Thank you for your support! Kentucky Ballistics is still going to keep rolling! I appreciate every single one of you!

    • Been Washedup
      Been Washedup

      Check your weight of your bullet grain if it is grossiy over grain you'll know it's a hot load

    • Paul Alejandro
      Paul Alejandro

      I'm glad you're okay, but I'm sorry I was laughing when you were explaining what happened. Hope you keep the videos coming though.

    • theyetirulrs

      That was scary as ****! Glad to see you pulled through! May God continue to bless both you and your family!

    • Fanie Smit
      Fanie Smit

      Good job keeping cool! Wish you a speedy recovery

    • Tim Meijerink
      Tim Meijerink

      We all wish you a speedy recovery. I love your videos and hope you be shooting again soon. Ps. Thanks to your dad for the quick response. Greetings from holland

  • TheLimeyShooter

    God bless you and your fam Scott🙏🏻❤️

  • Warren Neeves
    Warren Neeves

    Yeah and I bet you still think guns are a good idea.

  • AMMO

    говори по Русски, заебал нихрена не понятно 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jemand

    so wait, god is the reason he's standing there? Wasn't he also the reason, the gun exploded? Or was he the reason all those great doctors went to medical school and did their job to fix you? I'm confused. Oh wait, there's no god, it was just luck and great doctors. Now I get it.

  • thelittleguy

    Things smart gun owners never say! I bought ammo I have know information about! Should be titled: Lessons on being a dumbass!

  • Andrew Searancke
    Andrew Searancke

    Great to see you are healing well. Was shocked to hear what happened. Love your videos. Glad to hear you will be continuing. All my best wishes and prayers 🙏🙏🙏

  • vikram nehre
    vikram nehre

    Glad you made it from such a serious injury. May you recover soon.

  • phineas jonas
    phineas jonas

    Well this is a sign to tell you stop doing guns...glad you are alive

  • Marcus Duvefjord
    Marcus Duvefjord

    You’re very lucky to survive❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Wellensalat

    Thank you for sharing your story! Best wishes for a speedy recovery from Germany!

  • devvildogg1775

    Man, when you explained who was behind the camera that got me. Thank god for dads. That’s awesome you have that, I’ve got a 4 yo boy and man that has got to be the hardest thing for a dad to go through but sounds like yours performed as an excellent father. And I know you would do the same for yours. God bless and keep the videos coming!

  • ISAAQ's Vlogs
    ISAAQ's Vlogs

    Oh my gosh! You are still lucky man!

  • 1life1batle Cj
    1life1batle Cj

    You have an angel on your shoulders.

  • Woozimu D
    Woozimu D

    I respect you Scott

  • Shreddah

    Good thing you weren't alone shooting!

  • Marctoonz

    That shirt is sending mixed messages

  • Magicien Rouge
    Magicien Rouge

    Woooo you very very big luck

  • thepowerbill1

    Wow dude. Crazy story and so happy that you are still of this earth. Great story telling and Godspeed to you mate.


    i hope you get heal in fast time bro

  • Bobby Hayek
    Bobby Hayek

    God bless man!! Gotta get back to watermelon time asap!

  • The Modern Man
    The Modern Man

    I’m glad you survived mate, your a strong man. That’s was a hard watch. Must have been even harder for your dad.

  • Personalize Customs
    Personalize Customs

    God Is Good & to God be the Glory I'm Glad Your Ok Scott bless up Oh Hey Family 🤗 follow my Ig for Custom cut &sew 1of1 pieces I make 100% Sustainable Fashion re-Worked upcylcled Vintage repurposed fabrics & Re-Claimed Materials I'm the Future of Fashion @Personal_ize ⚡⚡⚡

  • Marctoonz

    Anyone else cringing in imaginary pain trying to watch the video?

  • Patrick Ugga-Booga
    Patrick Ugga-Booga

    noice example why you should wear saftey glasses

  • tmright18

    dirty round from some civil war in some poor country ?

  • Dalvin Thomas
    Dalvin Thomas

    Gambling with your life for some content 😞

  • Pegasus Garage
    Pegasus Garage

    Get well soon

  • Joeblack35703

    The construction of the .50 cal rifle is just criminal - sorry!! A screw on cap like a plumber cap even if heat treated and from quality steel is absolute nonsens if the threads are not 100% tight they are prone to get ripped of. Calculating the locking area in relation to the pressure - distribution on the flanks on such a thread is horrible. I wonder if the producer of this dangerous system gets sued over this absolutely desastrous design.

  • Joe Tobin
    Joe Tobin

    Wow.u.shoot a breach loading 50cal.andnthat wasn't scary

  • Mike Sullivan
    Mike Sullivan

    Glad your still with us brother

  • aldrin Mac
    aldrin Mac

    Happy you’re ok

  • Standout Music Official
    Standout Music Official

    Glad you're good. just became a supporter of the channel and I'm glad you're still with us. Blessings

  • Ken Schauer
    Ken Schauer


  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones

    I'm happy you wore PPE (instead of trying to look cool) and still in good spirit!!! Shout out to Pops for the quick combat medic response!!!

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius

    4:16 - the rifle explodes

  • Lumber Fox
    Lumber Fox

    Man, you’re so lucky Brother!

  • John Adams
    John Adams

    God bless you and you didn’t sneeze. You’re a very blessed person! Love the thumb logo! Slap that on the back with the KB logo on front and I’ll buy in.


    Why so many dislikes? Stupid anti gunners prolly wish you didn't get off so easy or summin. Stupid people

  • maejimayuki

    I think it is not a good design to try to take the pressure of such a powerful explosive with just this screw.

  • Josh Anon
    Josh Anon

    God clearly has his hands upon you. You’re testimony is is going to change many lives if you allow God to use you. The dreams He is going to give you are for a reason. Please heed His call and share what He leads you to!

    • Josh Anon
      Josh Anon

      Praying for you and I am so glad you were spared! 💝

  • Barry Bb
    Barry Bb

    Glad you are relatively ok. Gotta watch for that rex slipping in those super hot rounds.

  • Eddie Hitler
    Eddie Hitler

    Why are you thanking god more than the surgeons???

  • Teun

    Bless your dad!

  • I want to eat chicken • 150 years ago
    I want to eat chicken • 150 years ago


  • Pavel Plšek
    Pavel Plšek

    Stay MURICA :D :D :D ... glad I live where I live and this aint happening to me anytime soon

  • Achilles

    Damn man that’s absolutely scary

  • Mr Pink
    Mr Pink

    I thought I was gonna pass out hearing about events from the explotion until you got t9 the ambulance.

  • David H.
    David H.

    he forgot to say, "oh BTW i have an onlyfans account and a gofundme now to pay for my hospital bills"

  • Dr. Charles MFAE Fox
    Dr. Charles MFAE Fox

    The Forward part of the Gun committed front flip

  • trabelshuter


  • Gage Chandler
    Gage Chandler

    i should not have watched this high im terryfied and cant breath right

    • i dont exist
      i dont exist

      As long as your not shooting a 50 cal sniper, your fine

  • steve naylor
    steve naylor

    13 million views the hard way. Jesus that explosion is hard to watch.

  • Andrew Ihle
    Andrew Ihle

    Glad you're "OK" you lucky lucky B'stard.

  • Ramiro Trevino
    Ramiro Trevino

    God is good brother , amazing you fought so hard and pulled through. God bless and stay safe

  • Tony Vang
    Tony Vang

    I'm just so glad that you're still alive! God bless you! God prepared you well for this moment in your life and I'm glad you made it out alive and recovering well. God bless you again. What brand safety glass is that btw? I love to know, please. Thank you so much.

  • Whatistruth7

    You’re one tough sob. Keep lovin’ that family!

  • Babo FN
    Babo FN

    God this makes me greatful to still be here living life

  • Kiltmaster

    05:59 - That's a great advertisement for protective glasses. The glasses broke, your orbital bone broke, your face broke... But you kept your eye. Let this be a lesson to everybody to remember to wear the right protection when handling their firearms. Heck, it might have even been a good idea to reach out to the manufacturer and ask them if they would like to sponsor the vid. As a side point - there is no way I would have been able to remain conscious if I sustained an injury like this. This fella is cut from tougher stuff than the rest of us. Kudos.

  • Emergency Room Andy
    Emergency Room Andy

    Oufff a conscious chest tube, that's insane man I'm glad you're here to tell this story.

  • GunrGunston

    It's an Artery not a vein. Arteries squirt out oxygenated blood and veins ooze deoxygenated blood.

  • Brian

    and this is why they should illegalize guns

    • Nelson Green
      Nelson Green


  • cosmicwebsurfer

    F men

  • OsceolaLongBeard

    You said in the end of the video "there is no way I would have known about the pressure of the round". Bro, even store purchased ammo for 30 cal and up, I take the pill out and measure the powder.

  • Tóth Bálint
    Tóth Bálint

    you was very LUCKY man! it's not a f.....n game... :(

  • Vlad Stefan
    Vlad Stefan

    Hope you get better soon!


    Blessings !!! 💪🏿💯

  • Dale Gribble
    Dale Gribble

    I’m not sure how you’d feel about this, but I’m a very knowledgeable cnc lathe programmer and material specialist. I’d like to fix the threads and build a new cap for your gun

  • Karl Jensen
    Karl Jensen

    Much love, brother. Praise Jesus! He wants you still on this earth for a reason. 👍✌

  • ツThumpdawg719 TM
    ツThumpdawg719 TM

    Man bro I’m crying right now and prayed to god that you will have a speedy fast recovery

  • Dave Linihan
    Dave Linihan

    You’re doing good! Not your time yet. He has something for you.


    That is horrific! Glad your still up and runnin ! Keep safe brother

  • Nasir Khan
    Nasir Khan

    U r one lucky man

  • Cullen Smith
    Cullen Smith

    This guy is well trained and super lucky that sucks thought😕

  • Geo T
    Geo T

    Reminds me of that popular mock Russian guy who shot all the time without glasses. Just stupid. Playing with guns isn't funny, as is often portrayed on SVsoft. This culture is far too obsessed with firearms.

    • Nelson Green
      Nelson Green


  • J Tapia
    J Tapia

    Jesus mann

  • Alkaline 7.62
    Alkaline 7.62

    I would definitely not quit my passion but I don’t know if I would ever get behind a 50 Cal ever again I hope if you have any of those rounds live they were destroyed

  • Folk KTM
    Folk KTM

    Good luck and stay safe 😁😁

  • Cornfed E85
    Cornfed E85

    Google Vietnam booby trap rounds you probably got one

  • Cameron Applegath
    Cameron Applegath

    That scar is fucken ruthless. Good god.

  • Domba Garut
    Domba Garut

    Idk why this is on my recommendation.. But gaddamn I feel dizzy now cuz I imagined it.. Hope the best for u

  • K J
    K J

    Crazy cowboy. and still fearless

  • NoobDanielCZ

    That's crazy. Never seen that happened. I am so happy you are now fine 👍

  • Wizzelben Kasklinger
    Wizzelben Kasklinger

    Be careful.


    Keep shootin there Tex👌🏻🙄

    • Nelson Green
      Nelson Green


  • Seizedcarcass 84
    Seizedcarcass 84

    I can’t express how happy I am to hear how good your doing from that surgery and the weapon accident. Btw that left thumb needs to be in the smithsonian.

  • Lautaro Gonzalez
    Lautaro Gonzalez

    Saludos y Bendiciones desde Argentina paa!! Que te mejores 🇦🇷❤🇦🇷❤🇦🇷💪

  • Andrew HLL
    Andrew HLL

    Be safe bro . Scary situation. Glad that you recovered at the best conditions . Take care bro.

  • Jeesh hseeJ
    Jeesh hseeJ

    Man your story is amazing glad your kids still have their dad

  • Billy Big time
    Billy Big time

    Wow Scott glad your ok.

  • Jonah Hartnett
    Jonah Hartnett

    God bless!

  • J doe
    J doe

    hey what flys out of the bottom of the gun when he closes it? there is a brass looking piece that flys out at 3:17

  • Friend of the One-Eyed Ladies
    Friend of the One-Eyed Ladies

    Jugular vein does not supply oxygen to brain. It's the return line FROM your brain. Carotid artery supplies the brain. Arteries are the supply lines, veins are the return lines. Arteries are high-pressure, veins are low pressure... which is why jamming your thumb in the hole worked. If you'd taken out your carotid artery, yeah you'd be done.

  • Brandon Nothwood
    Brandon Nothwood

    Ya ain’t my daddy. Daddy’s my daddy.

  • Tylen Byrd
    Tylen Byrd

    New subscriber 🙌🏿 this was amazing

  • Tony

    You lucky bastard haha

    • Nelson Green
      Nelson Green


  • bubbles

    what happened to your right arm this is my first time on your channel so did that happen when the gun exploded or a previous injury

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor

    Glad you’re ok brother God is good

  • G33K

    Thats one hell of a scar that comes with one hell of a story. Never watched your videos but if this doesn't deserve a sub and a like I don't know what does! What a trooper, take it easy boss.

  • Elliot Gutierrez
    Elliot Gutierrez

    I like that you have a lot of faith in god. New sub

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