Day In The Life of A Michelin Star Chef
Go behind the scenes with Alvin as he spends a day with Chef Jane of Jeju Noodle Bar, the first michelin-starred noodle bar in America. From meticulously preparing fish to preparing endless bowls of noodles, being a chef might be harder than it seem.
Jeju Noodle Bar:

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  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    Wow. She puts in a thirteen-hour day.

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    I work as a cook in a small pub and its so interesting to see the contrasts between this and that. Some things are the same, but others are so different it is crazy. The place I work is kind of chaotic and the team does not have much synergy together so it makes me remorseful but impressed to see such a well oiled machine in their kitchen.

  • Mystic Rocks
    Mystic Rocks

    I love how throughout this entire video everybody's just feeding Alvin, like giving him little treats, it's great.

  • fatima tahniath
    fatima tahniath

    I bet that after the army the most intense and demanding work is being a chef qnd having an restaurant at this level ....the amount of work and perfection takes to put that on a table is fabulous. I agree what he says at the ending of the video and we should appreciate it

  • Bridget is Jonesing
    Bridget is Jonesing

    Thank god for Asian people, hard working people with excellent quality. I cannot wait to try this place out. The food looks amazing!!!!

  • Life After Adventures
    Life After Adventures


  • Gwynne Virts
    Gwynne Virts

    I miss the dance.

  • Super Samoan
    Super Samoan


  • ToxicMako

    15:43 is the famous moment for those looking

  • Tehreem Nadeem
    Tehreem Nadeem

    Major respect!

  • Franklin Antony
    Franklin Antony

    This is a well shot film 👌

  • Khai Pham
    Khai Pham

    It'll be great to get the perspective of front of the house too!

  • Khai Pham
    Khai Pham

    Please give us more a day in the life of (insert restaurant industry job)

  • ScruffyGaming

    When does doug get his Michelin star?

  • Lunch

    You know how they say you eat with your eyes, well if my eyes could only eat 1 meal for the rest of my life.. 14:14

  • horatio kim
    horatio kim

    These Day in the Life videos always cheer me up so much. They are therapeutic, it is so wonderful and inspiring to follow the daily life of highly talented workers. Makes me want to do my best in my own job. 🙂 🦋

  • Lunch


  • Monica Myers
    Monica Myers

    This was great insight, thank you!

  • Rasa Food Truck
    Rasa Food Truck

    Hey Netflix, check this out! She should deserve an episode on the next Chef´s table for sure!

  • Cara Carcass
    Cara Carcass

    Why is there no shouting as gordon teaches us is inescapeable?

  • hellFire_leart

    are we going to talk how they give alvin free food that cost alot

  • Nyangath Lual
    Nyangath Lual

    Let’s be honestly, we all clicked on this video because of Felix 😌✋🏿✨ “Cookin like a chef👨‍🍳 I’m a five star Michelin✨”

  • Pontus Israelsson
    Pontus Israelsson

    I need more 😍❤️ love from Sweden❤️

  • Dark Mojo
    Dark Mojo

    Noodles Galore!

  • Abigayle Recio
    Abigayle Recio

    when I tell you that I got a little emotional after watching this, I am NOT lying. Chefs are sooo underrated as an artist. Their precision, passion, consistency and hard work is everything. Food is a form of art and expression.

  • Cathy Fajutagana
    Cathy Fajutagana

    it is fun watching it. so so clean and organized lots of respect

  • think food
    think food

    Very stressful live.

  • BlackJackT

    she deserves another michelin star

  • David Levine
    David Levine

    as a chef who has had to accommodate someone filming in the kitchen, well done. great video.

  • Look I'm Zexy
    Look I'm Zexy

    As a person who has had a ps5 since launch, I feel legendary knowing I can trade it for truffles.

  • Honu B
    Honu B

    This was wholesome video :')

  • Nommo Hunzuu
    Nommo Hunzuu

    Michelin chef - slicing meat on a green fruit and veg board

  • Rishi J
    Rishi J

    This is the opposite of a typical indian(dot) kitchen. Rowdy, disorganized,chaotic lmao

  • Peter Abild
    Peter Abild

    Very impressing. Hard and precise work without room for mistakes. Day after day.

  • Immani Howe
    Immani Howe

    This was beautiful

  • シlanni

    I’m very convinced that Alvin only came to document just to get free food 💀

  • juno6

    That looks pretty much like a morgue. Go vegan.

  • Ruth Wright
    Ruth Wright



    man I work at a restaurant and the part where she's crouching in the corner and eating a sushi resonates with me so much...Imagine serving five star meals to people all day and then you end up eating food in a rush or while standing or you go home and you eat mcdonalds or something. I feel like you cant enjoy food the same.

  • wddwilliams

    A lot of hard work and a lot of love goes into that food. Everything looks fantastic!

  • Jason_M

    Wow, I almost can't believe it. Not even a single pan thrown?...

  • Peyton Sutherland
    Peyton Sutherland

    Doug is so precious oml

  • V Leaky
    V Leaky

    "Daug and I will tag team the fish" We're judging 👀

  • James August
    James August

    love to see all the passion for food and how all the footage is made

  • Jonathan Moteram
    Jonathan Moteram

    that’s amazing. I cried when she says about the Michelin star. Your work and their work it’s just amazing!

  • Douglas

    Mmm! - Indeed, Indeed buddy!

  • old duffer
    old duffer

    I wouldnt do what Jane is doing even if you paid me in gold bars. Its not a life I could live. She works so hard from morning till night and I suppose she gets one or two days off at most. No way

  • Another Random
    Another Random

    congratz to people who are willing to work so hard

  • Another Random
    Another Random

    That is a really good video. Way better than shows on TV!

  • Clae Crawley
    Clae Crawley

    These are the type of people I need to surround myself with, straight dedication to their work and it’s done with such expertise. There’s no shortcuts, slacking, or laziness just pure passion and that’s something that’s beautiful

    • Rishi J
      Rishi J

      But how do they have it man? I am so lost, low energy, cant focus, procrastinate and fantasize all the time. It has to be genetic and biological. Nothing else.

  • Asma Ahmad
    Asma Ahmad

    .....👀 cooking like a chef i’m a five star Michelin

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama

    not good for the planet ! fish local or dont fish ! thank you for not killing us √√√

  • Si Ro
    Si Ro

    Stop eating fish. i love it too but its about time!

  • Kerstin Claire
    Kerstin Claire

    I loved this thanks

  • Nigel Golightly
    Nigel Golightly

    in these environments the team is so tight that if someone calls in sick you can't find a worthy temporary replacement. this team overcomes that with chef doug behind the scenes and in the mix. god forbid two people call in sick :D

  • Nikhil Sharma
    Nikhil Sharma

    ayy we use that same black bean chili sauce in HK. Lowkey so good!

  • Erin Eclair
    Erin Eclair

    That's a lot of prep there but it helps ease down the workload at the actual meal arrangement and cooking. Salute. You had a lot of munchies there haha. Kudos to Jeju team for the awesome treats.

  • Rosalyn Kang
    Rosalyn Kang

    F&B is a hard life and long hours kudos to them 💪🏻

  • Bao Anh Nong
    Bao Anh Nong

    I cant believe that there's a kitchen that calm and collected during service. Maybe because they are extremely well oiled and geared together, or maybe the author does not want to show the side. Either way, I will definitely want to try the food when I have a chance, looks super delicious!!!

  • Tobias Lord
    Tobias Lord

    Nice doc Alvin 🤙💕

  • Stewart M
    Stewart M

    Fascinating. I would love to eat here.

  • merve aslan
    merve aslan

    "Cookin like a chef ima five star Michelin "

  • H O O N
    H O O N

    Rad insights 👏

  • Georgina Nyirenda
    Georgina Nyirenda


  • Avicii is my god
    Avicii is my god

    huge respect for 'em 🙂🙏💜

  • Shane Taffy
    Shane Taffy

    Doug is honestly the soul of the whole operation. I just love Doug

  • asmodeus

    Just love how suprised Alvin was, when he was allowed to eat food.

  • The Tall Backpacker
    The Tall Backpacker

    Subscribe to me pls :D

  • loseranie

    I wanna see more of Jeans & team.

  • Alam Jim
    Alam Jim

    i watch these videos as therapeutic solutions...

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson

    Nice vid but restaurants need to stop with the extra service charge for health care. That's not my responsibility as a customer. Want a living wage? Get a better job.

  • Lex Braxman
    Lex Braxman

    Asian culture is best

  • Vinuchakravarthy Shanmugam
    Vinuchakravarthy Shanmugam

    @2:20 Your green tea….. Oh wow, thank you! @5:12 Wanna try? ……Sure! Mmm! @7:52 Are you going to grab one?…….Oh shoot, thanks! @15:44 Oh, what’s this?……snack @15:54 What are you doing? …….. dude, get lost @16:46 Hokkaido uni……wait, for me? Woohoo

  • Legoon

    Was a KP for a good long time, what you didn't capture was teh time she utterly destroys a underling. I thinking she never has, she seems like a proper boss.

  • Jlfitnessmiami

    What a nice staff. So nice to see.

  • silent5

    Doug king of snakies

  • david Alex
    david Alex

    who the guy with grey beanie on?

  • MrFortz

    9:38 "another day another dollar" famous quote by Jane

  • Dawson Landis
    Dawson Landis

    As someone who’s been a busser sense 15 years old and to the age of 20 I have nothing but respect for chefs where ever I go and restaurant workers

    • riK

      ... and the other way around. I've worked in kitchens and on the floor for over a decade and bussers & dishwashers are underrated members of the team, they can make or break an evening. Much respect 👍

  • Jesse Martin
    Jesse Martin

    I made chicken burritos tonight...

  • Candy Lowen
    Candy Lowen

    Love Jeju noodle bar!! Making me hungry, it's been a few months since I've been there but need to go backkkk *stomach grumbles*

  • Genalda Silva
    Genalda Silva

    Everything looks so amazing 😍Great to see how things work behind the scenes

  • hyunjins red hoodie
    hyunjins red hoodie

    "Cooking like a chef I'm a 5 star Michelin" -felix 2020

  • Tanay Chaudhari
    Tanay Chaudhari

    This is one of the neatest video presentations that I have come across, in a long while. The editing is sublime and I can't appreciate enough the integrity of a simple narrative without over-decorating the finer details. Thanks to such clarity, I already appreciate the labour and the meticulous concern put behind every preparation at that noodle bar. No wonders they have their Michelin star. Wishing both the best :)

  • Dwayne Stewart
    Dwayne Stewart

    Where’s the coke

  • Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem

    Asian people was born for work and not for life.

  • Дмитрий К.
    Дмитрий К.

    Отличное видео, спасибо!

  • VeLo RAAGE
    VeLo RAAGE

    To be very honest Japanese people are some of the most down to earth people they will treat total strangers with the uost respect its part of their culture



  • Nyla Kahn
    Nyla Kahn

    cookin like a chef i’m a five star michelin

  • Derek Cortez
    Derek Cortez


  • Travis Free
    Travis Free

    Very well done. I’m a fan

  • Kishan Dai.
    Kishan Dai.

    Wow Super.. 🤩🤩🇳🇵🇳🇵👍👍

  • Katrina H. Chen
    Katrina H. Chen

    Ahh, miss NYC so much. So happy to see a bunch of fellow Asians making such great food and succeed.

  • A

    Do people still think that women are not capable of running a business???

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez

    I would reach far lengths be able to study such a chefs skills. Everything looked delicious

  • Leonard G
    Leonard G

    Me just sitting here, being super jealous over that Takamura knife

  • dsg cloud
    dsg cloud

    Great video! Very real, fun, compact, and informative. Nicely done!

  • Stephanny Collantes
    Stephanny Collantes

    The dedication of being a chef is indeed a super selfless

  • DOC Ohm
    DOC Ohm

    That was a really well made documentary! They work so well and so hard together as a team and you can see it in their dishes!